JPM’s Prince Suffers Embarrassing Crotch Moment

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Above: JPM’s Prince (center) had an embarrassing stage moment.

Taiwanese Mandopop music band JPM was present in Hong Kong to promote their new album 365. Yesterday, avid fans had a chance to meet their idols at a marketing event. Over a hundred fans waited in line to get in to meet the band, and some of them even started queuing at 4 AM in the morning for a chance to see their idols up close.

After a brief introduction of themselves, the three members of JPM, LilJay (小傑), Prince (王子), and Modi (毛弟) performed several songs from their new album, including the fast paced “365 days” <365 天> and a ballad, “I Don’t Miss You That Much” <我沒有很想你>.

During the performance, Prince developed a noticeable arousal for 10 minutes. Was it due to the many passionate fans? Or from receiving too many female hugs? When asked by the media, Prince joked about how LilJay may have accidentally “pressed his button” a few times when they were dancing.

The press also asked Prince about his rumored romance with Rainie Yang (楊丞琳), and tried to get him to admit the two are indeed dating. Price expressed they are only good friends. As to whether the current relationship will develop into a romantic one, Prince said like all friends, it usually gets better with time. LilJay immediately said he likes to steal his friends’ girlfriends, and will consider doing it to Prince if Rainie ends up as Prince’s date.

The reporter asked Prince if the fans will approve of his romance with Rainie. Prince was not sure and said his fans are intelligent enough and will have no problem with them as friends. He believed his fans will not reject Rainie and vice versa. As for any marriage plans, Prince said some netizens wrote to him and asked him to hold off on getting married, while some fans prompted him to do it soon. Prince said, “I don’t know what to believe, or whether the fans really mean it.” When asked if he has any problem showing off his girlfriend, LilJay immediately interjected “They have to respect the other half” and Prince agreed.

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  1. Little fishy says:


  2. sushiroll says:

    the one in the middle?

    • HeTieShou replied to sushiroll

      yes, the one in the middle…

  3. Funn Lim says:

    That is a misunderstanding probably. Loose underwear, etc.

  4. trini says:

    Some people should be sued for being an ignorant, angry, belilegerent,backward, as*kissers of the the midget Eric. He is a corrupted peice of filth just like his father. Apple did not fall far from the tree.

    • trini replied to trini

      comment in wrong area,lol.

    • Hazel replied to trini

      Lol and I was wondering what you were talking about! But how can you comment on a different article?

      • HeTieShou replied to Hazel

        I was too since it seem so off topic…

  5. ap says:

    SERIOUSLY??? they call that an arousal?? he must have a really small pee pee then because that was barely noticeable =.=

    • HeTieShou replied to ap

      Well Asian guys are generally known to have a small bird…

      • Djojs replied to HeTieShou

        Speaking for yourself?

      • HeTieShou replied to HeTieShou

        No, I am not…

    • Veejay replied to ap

      Honestly, I don’t see any buldging at all, those papps just have nothing to write so tiny matter like that also they will write.. pure nonsense. those papps prolly had some sexual illusion on that guy huh?

      • Profile photo of jayne jayne replied to Veejay

        The camera panned a closeup and Prince didn’t deny his state. I’m curious to know if Prince was aware of his own state during the stage performance, because he has a proud look on his face. And in the interview, the guys were pretty cool about it and didn’t look embarrassed at all.

        I thought it would be a given for male stars to wear jockstraps during performances for precisely such embarrassing moments.

      • HeTieShou replied to Veejay

        One thing I wonder if you guys know already or not. Prince and Xiao Jie both claim to be virgins… I really don’t know if it is true or not. However, it is a bit hard to believe.

  6. RaySimpson says:

    What a bunch of ugly looking weirdos.

    • jane replied to RaySimpson

      that’s right

      • HeTieShou replied to jane

        You guys are mean.. if you don’t like them, then just keep it to yourself..

    • Profile photo of jayne jayne replied to RaySimpson

      JPM has tons of fangirls screaming at their performances. They’re pretty popular in Taiwan. “Ugly” is too harsh, although their fashion sense can be improved.

    • janet replied to RaySimpson

      @HeTieShou Why? Its ‘jpm’ choice of ‘getting money’ through this proffesion, shouldn’t they be better looking? Wong Jing once mentioned about cancelling Miss Hongkong Pagaent if the girls are not hot enough, ‘jpm’ group are only good enough to work in ‘7 eleven’

      • HeTieSHou replied to janet

        True, but to many, they are great looking. Once again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… However, I think that if they were shown to the general public, a majority would think they are at least decent looking and not that many would think they are “ugly”.

  7. hcfoo says:

    who are these guys with small pee pee? never heard of them before.

    • kixbaby replied to hcfoo

      he got aroused because the other two were fingering him.

      small pee pees impregnate easily. guys with big pee pees need their pee pees to be big in order to impregnate well.

      • trini replied to kixbaby

        You can only be joking. The size of a man’s pen*s has nothing to do with wheter he can impregnate a woman or not. Pee pee is what we go to the bathroom to do, a bodily fucntion. Are we still so backward and naive that the P word cannot be printed. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      • skinnymocha replied to kixbaby

        Oh, deary me. Pen*s is disallowed? Surely taking censorship a bit too far if the correct term can’t be used…

  8. Maggie says:

    Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam and Grace Wong will get aroused too when they see this guy

  9. trini says:

    IO thought the whole thing was funny. Yes, there was a noticable bulge in the pants. Crazy fans need to read and understand chinese before they go al mental and comment. Those paps are a darn pain, but they were right this time. The guy did not deny his state and they even made fun of it. fans need to read and listen before they get bent out of shape. Man such silliness. The problem with fans is that they want these celebs for themselves and they want them gooood looooking,. I see nothing wrong with the boys’ looks. Talent is what should be important, not looks. But the stupid society is brainwashed into looks. So pathetic.

    • Nicole replied to trini

      no looks and talents.
      That’s the problem.

    • HeTieShou replied to trini

      I agree with you Trini! It is not just them, but these days many are too focused on looks and don’t care much for talent. I personally think they have a lot of potential and decent looks. I think they are talented and have seen them perform and it isn’t bad. But talent just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  10. Xinn says:

    This is totally hilarious, with so many comments discussing about our anatomy…but Jayne is right about their fashion sense though. Anybody saw Chris Wang’s when he kissed James Wen? Ahem…..

  11. Kidd says:

    I’m so not updated on Taiwan entertainment scene. I still thought Prince is in Lollipop until I read this article. :P

    • HeTieShou replied to Kidd

      I guess you have been away from the taiwanese entertainment scene for awhile… He and Xiao Jie left and formed this group with his younger brother, while the other 4 formed a group called Lollipop F.

      • Kidd replied to HeTieShou

        Thanks for the info.

        I wonder how will a HK artist respond if this happen to him and him being asked such questions.

  12. sushiroll says:

    do these Asian boy bands actually make any money these days? like some have like 10-20 members, like how the hell they make money?????????

    • HeTieShou replied to sushiroll

      I don’t think any groups have 20 members do they?? Most don’t have that many. From what I have heard, they just split whatever they make…

      • 939393 replied to HeTieShou

        AKB 48, superjunior??

  13. pinkie says:

    where is it is? i don’t see it. hahahaha
    too small…

  14. Megamiaow says:

    Yep, thats definitely noticeable. OMG. Lol