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Karena Ng Slept in Separate Hotel Room from Raymond Lam

By on February 15, 2013

Karena Ng Slept in Separate Hotel Room from Raymond Lam thumbnail

Returning from her Tokyo vacation with Raymond Lam (林峯), Karena Ng (吳千語) is glowing happily with love. Satisfying interest over the couple’s sleeping arrangements while traveling, Karena said they had stayed in separate hotel rooms.

Due to Karena’s tender age of 19, eyebrows were raised when she was spotted at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport flying to Japan with 33-year-old Raymond on February 10. However, Karena’s parents knew that she was taking a vacation with Raymond, and the couple was also accompanied by their friends.

Did Karena mind that others may be gossiping about her taking an early honeymoon? “We actually had several friends with us, but they flew from different locations. There were both girls and guys on the trip. I don’t want to talk about such personal matters…but we had separate rooms,” Karena clarified when pressed further.

Karena and Raymond had met on the set of Love is…Pyjamas <男人如衣服> and fell in love. Karena did not wish to reveal the details of how Raymond had pursued her, “We got together quite naturally and it was not a sudden occurrence. When we first started filming, we didn’t know each other too well. It was some time before we started dating.”

Despite their 14-year gap, the couple said that their age difference did not present any problems. Karena said that Raymond still acts like a “big kid” and they did not have any communication issues.

When Raymond announced last week that they were in a relationship, Karena was surprised and delighted. “I didn’t know ahead of time that he would announce it publicly,” Karena said. Raymond had hoped that his gesture would stop the slanderous rumors towards Karena’s family and wished to love his girlfriend freely– to be able to openly clasp her hand on the streets when out on a date together.

Raymond’s protective gesture towards Karena received applause, as he showed responsibility as a boyfriend and respect towards her family. “From the start, my impression of Raymond is that he is a very responsible person and knows how to take care of friends around him,” Karena said.

For Valentine’s Day, the lovers met their friends in Causeway Bay for a meal. Although the couple is passionately in love, Karena did not have the chance to visit Raymond’s family in Xiamen earlier and called with holiday greetings instead.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (33)

    1. Jayne says:

      For young people dating, vacations become an awkward situation when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

      It’s embarrassing and highlight Karena’s youth when the HK press asked her if her mom knew and how they slept in the hotel. Karena fumbled a little and should have stopped at, “It’s a personal matter” but the bit about separate beds was added to avoid controversy.

      If the girl really doesn’t want to sleep with the guy, then the safest option is to bring some friends or avoid vacations at all costs. And avoid going to his apartment too, just meet publicly.

      My Christian friend adopted the above due to her personal beliefs.

      • Crystal says:

        “It’s embarrassing and highlight Karena’s youth when the HK press asked her if her mom knew and how they slept in the hotel. Karena fumbled a little and should have stopped at, “It’s a personal matter” but the bit about separate beds was added to avoid controversy.”

        With the press, and netizens alike, I think her “personal matter” would cause more of an outbreak than “separate beds.” Since “personal matter” is left a mystery…we all know how far one little mystery can take the media to go off to many tangents. In contrast, her “separate beds” is direct whether people choose to believe it or not, that is their problem. At least now it proves that she isn’t naive and dumb enough to not know what the press was trying to get out of her, which was if they were together in one room.

      • Funn Lim says:

        They can sleep in separate room, which does not say anything. It could have been separate room with connecting doors. Point is what happened in the room or rooms isn’t really our business. But of course curious isn’t it? I will say not sleeping together overnight does not mean they haven’t had sex. Just because they have sex does not mean they are in the same room. There is nothing awkward about vacations with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can go vacations together, it suggests a certain intimacy. Of course intimacy doesn’t mean doing the deed. even if sleeping on same bed doesn’t mean doing the deed.

        But for this couple, one young, one hot blooded, both probably passionate, I think even before the vacation she is as the old fashioned ones may say, already his and his alone.

        “If the girl really doesn’t want to sleep with the guy, then the safest option is to bring some friends or avoid vacations at all costs. And avoid going to his apartment too, just meet publicly.”

        Better yet, don’t go on vacations where there is a need to fret over sleeping arrangements.

        • Jayne says:

          The HK paparazzi only asked whether they had stayed in the same room. They didn’t ask about whether they had done the deed, so Karena answered sufficiently.

          Since our eyes won’t be able to see that far, we can only base our deductions on their statements and what “insiders” reveal.

          Intimacy, at the right moment in a relationship and maturity and responsibility of the couple, is a wonderful thing.

        • sophia says:

          true !!!!!!!!!!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Yes, you don’t go alone on vacation with just any old guy,so going alone with him does show a high level of intimacy.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree with you and my mom would freak out if I went on vacation alone with a guy that was not my husband or soon to be husband. When you go alone somewhere far with a guy, then it is hard to not sleep with him and have sex. If you want to avoid that, then don’t go to his apartment alone or go on vacation alone with him. For her to say they slept in separate rooms was just to avoid the controversy but who really knows for sure?? If she really wanted to avoid all of this then she should not have gone alone with him at all…

      • Iris says:

        Well said, Jayne.

    2. onearth says:

      HK media is really funny sometimes. They always ask such stupid questions like they will give u their truthful answers.
      When Athena Chu was asked of this, didn’t she also preach how no intimacy before marriage? Look what happens, sure she’s married now but she still had a baby out of wedlock right? I mean, at this day and age, most ppl dont even care, not that its RIGHT but you know they never tell you the truth, why do these reporters keep on asking these stupid questions?

      • Crystal says:

        Because there are stupid people out there who actually gets worked up over it. I mean, how else did PR grow? Stupid questions –> Stupid speculations by stupid people –> More viewership/more readers –> Money

      • Jayne says:

        The costume fitting for “Rosy Business 3″ will take place on February 20th.

        Cast members:
        Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Sire Ma, Helena Law, Susan Tse, Yoyo Chen, Eric Li, Cheung Kwok Keuung, Li Sing Cheong, Yu Yeung, Lam Wai, Kwan Ching, and Lau Kong.

    3. what says:

      Stupid question or not…really, who actually believes that they slept separately? It’s like telling the public we live under the same roof/same house but I’m a virgin! Hell right!!! :P

      Weither they did or not it’s really none of our business. Stupid for News Pepole of ask and a retarded answer to begin w/!!!

      She dumped her old boy friend for LF…really do you really think she’s the innocent 19yr old that she’s playing to be?

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and I once had a friend who slept in the same bed with her “fiance” for over a year and STILL claimed to be a virgin… I can’t believe that I believed her at first while everyone else knew that she was lying…

    4. Lyle says:

      lol I don’t get why some ppl are so conservative, this is not a bit deal. I’ve had many friends that went to vacation with their other half. Besides news reported bybHK tabloids aren’t usually convinced true like how she dumped her bf for him.

      Can’t some of you see the pattern? Whenever two celebrities get together they will always claim one of them was in a relationship prior then dumping them or when a celebrity couple breaks up a third party is always the reason.

      Intimacy or not who cares, just because someone you know had lie about it doesn’t mean everyone else lies. It’s like saying if you’re married which means sleeping with your other half on the same bed doesn’t mean they have intimate connections every single night.

    5. WC says:

      This is news?

    6. notasaint says:

      I don’t know about you but I think many parents won’t be too comfortable letting their 19 year old ‘virgin’ daughter go on holiday with her 33 year old boyfriend.

      Whether or not she’s sleeping in the same room or not is really none of our business and i have no interest in knowing, so maybe karena’s response is to ‘reassure her parents and reassure the honey fans’. What – you think she’s really gonna say ‘yeh we slept in the same room’ —- fans will kill her!!!!

      She might not necessarily had SEX but i wouldn’t be surprised if they slept on the same bed.

    7. Lucia says:


      In the bottom of this article indicated that Karena agreed with Raymond before he publicized their relationship and now in this article, Karena said that she doesn’t know the announcement before hand.?.?

      • Crystal says:

        I think Karena meant it as “Yes, Raymond Lam and I are dating” not “Yes, I agreed with Raymond for allowing the relationship to go public.”

    8. sandcherry says:

      Who cares if Karena slept in the same room or same bed with Raymond Lam? They didn’t need a whole night to have sex. They could do it anywhere and anytime.

    9. AL says:

      Come on…..

      Does it really matter to say that she slept in separate rooms???
      Nowadays, a sexual activity can even take place in restrooms or in cars.

      When she is engaged to such a high profile guy in the industry, she has to bear the paparazzi and nasty stories coming ahead. In the living world today, no one will bother if she still remain as a virgin in the end. More important is the process of the relationship and hopefully they will end up as a strong pair.

      Sometimes, the more one explains and clarifies, the more suspicious the situation will be.
      What happened behind closed doors is only between him and her!

    10. advo says:

      LOL, of course they had separate bedrooms. Did anyone expect she would admit to sleeping in the same room, even if she did? Not that it matters, because she’s 19 year old girl who went on vacation with her much older boyfriend, and they haven’t even been dating that long. I think that already speaks for itself.

    11. zee says:

      I know love shouldnt be restricted by age but…. She’s not even a full adult..

    12. AL says:

      i am raymond’s big fans…of course….i prefer raymond has a better girl friend…but o-well…he choose whoever his like (or has feeling)…of course…i worry raymond might be hurted if this relationship endup not work out…but life sometime need experience…good luck…raymond…support you

    13. msxie says:

      More than likely, she cuddled and slept with her giant Hello Kitty

    14. j00ky says:

      lmao.. my first thought when I saw this header was that RL didn’t want to risk getting photographed while sleeping… AGAIN!! XD

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