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Kate Tsui Wins “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” @ JayneStars.com!

By on November 10, 2012

Kate Tsui Wins “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” @ JayneStars.com! thumbnail

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) has been voted as the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China”  by JayneStars.com’s readers! With her sultry lips, cat eyes, and confident moves, Kate mesmerized audiences and triumphed more than 100 female celebrities from Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan to win the Sexiest title!

Kate received 942 votes (or 8% of total 11,928 votes) in a closely marked race.  The 33-year-old ignited screens last year in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> with her passionate kissing skills, but it is recently broadcast Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> that has caused her popularity to soar. The 2004 Miss Hong Kong pageant winner is also this year’s hot contender for the TV Queen title. Although rocking one red carpet after another in her elegant gowns, Kate is at her sexiest when she is dancing onstage. When Kate is in motion and gyrating her hips to the beat, there are few that can challenge her hotness!

In second place in our online poll is Tavia Yeung, with 869 votes (or 7% of total votes). The 33-year-old beauty is on fire recently, dating muscular hunk, Him Law, and also the strongest competitor Kate Tsui faces in this year’s TV Queen race.

Linda Chung has an angelic face, but the body of a devil. The former beauty pageant winner recently shot a lingerie ad, pushing her inner sexiness to greater prominence. Fans certainly gained notice, placing 650 votes (or 5% of total votes) for the former Miss Chinese International winner.

The complete results of the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” poll at JayneStars.com are available here. Thank you to all the fans that voted and supported their sexy female celebrity!

Celebrate the Sexiness:
Kate Tsui Wallpaper Contest @ JayneStars.com!

To celebrate Kate Tsui’s victory, JayneStars.com will be holding a fan wallpaper contest. Celebrate Kate’s charm and sexiness by creating wallpapers to share with the fan community!

Rules: One wallpaper design entry per person. Fans can submit their own wallpaper design featuring Kate, with the caption, “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China @JayneStars.com” in it. Please also sign your work on the photo as well.

Format: Each person can submit one unique wallpaper design of your own creation. Please submit the wallpaper design in a “JPG” file in a total of three size formats: 800 x 600 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, and 1280 x 800 pixels.

Prize: One lucky winner will win two DVD copies of Kate Tsui’s hit dramas, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> and The Four <少年四大名捕> from JayneStars.com.

Judging Criteria: The winner will be chosen based on overall aesthetics and creativity in the wallpaper design.

Deadline: All wallpaper entries need to be submitted by November 30, 2012 midnight EST. E-mail entries to [email protected] The winning submission will be announced at that time.

JayneStars Media LLC reserves all copyrights. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. By using the JayneStars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.

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  • Readers' Comments (169)

    1. sandcherry says:

      Well, Kate Tsui definitely looks sexier than Tavia Yeung or Linda Chung!

    2. TN1 says:

      Wow! My delightful eye candy, congratulation Kate!

    3. Nicole says:

      finally! someone deserving. LOL

    4. random G says:

      I never really liked her in the past. But I do find her quite sexy and attractive ever since LOO, when she was Paris.

    5. Yorkz says:

      She is really sexy, her lips the BEST

    6. Fox says:

      Well, at least someone really sexy.

    7. Roxy says:

      Kate won? Is this a sign? Lol whatever happened to TY’s fans?

      • fez says:

        TY fans voted for Kate.

      • loop says:

        TY’s fans don’t comes to this site which is full of haters. -.-

        • Fox says:

          Who are you, fez, momo, 9393, fromsingapore and else? Invisible women?

        • fez says:

          how do you know? so admitting that jaynestars = haters site ?

        • momo says:

          Who are you, fez, momo, 9393, fromsingapore and else? Invisible women?

          Eh~ why’s my name brought up? o_O

        • loop says:

          fox- What the hell are u talking about?
          fez- yeah i did. problem?

        • kcabc says:

          Look at these names and you will see whose they are fans of.

        • Linnh says:

          loop you better look at yourself before calling other haters, if you go and sheck what you wrote about Kate in the review of HAL then you know what I am talking about.

        • Hannahh says:

          lol @loop

        • momo says:

          Lmaoz this is funny. I’ve never once admitted I was a fan of either Kate or Tavia.

        • Fox says:

          You guys dun need to admit or deny, ppl can see lolz.

        • momo says:

          Yeah ppl can see that you hate TY lols ~_~

        • Fox says:

          Yes and I admitted it openly many times, don’t have to cover it by fan of nobody.

        • Fox says:

          But it can’t change a fact that someone’s fans are still coming while saying of site of haters blah blah or “we won’t never come back”.

        • Linnh says:

          It’s unfair towards Jaynestars to call this site haters and this and that, they use their time to write to give us articles to read, people actually is using their efforts in here to give us who don’t understand cantonese nor mandarin to have something to read about. If it is to much for people to handle, then why not stay in asianfanatics or read those articles in TVB news. Jaynestars has open the freedom for us to comments as we wish so please have respect for each other and those articles. And most of all stop calling it a hater site.

        • loop says:

          ok i am a hater to towards Kate. But you guys should see what you wrote in every single news related to TY. 99% is insults. You guys say that you also insult other artist butlook at the amount of insults compared to TY.

        • Linnh says:

          lol hater of TY? hahaha I only dissed her one time and that was the car accident because I think she went far with the lawsuit and everything. But that was the only time I actually dissed her. If you look and scroll down this site and maybe on other news then i actually talk nice about her. plus you say that 99% of the news about TY is unsulling, then should I say 99% of what you write about in Kate articles is insulting too? it goes for the same.

        • loop says:

          dude! I am not talking to you man. I am talking to the people who kept on insulting TY. I never said it was you.

        • Nicole says:

          so it’s ok for you to bash kate but not ok for others to bash tavia.

        • loop says:

          u should see the amount of insults between kate and tavia. Anyway, it is useless trying to make sense on this site. Yeah, I am wrong you guys are right. Kate is the best. PEACE OUT!

        • Jayne says:

          Thanks for voicing your support for our site!

          I am also distressed by frequent labeling that our site is a “haters” site, which undermines our efforts to provide neutral-based news coverage of popular artists.

        • fez says:

          Look Jayne. Be realistic. Don’t be a saint. No matter how many times you stress that your site is not full of haters, that is clearly not true. Because you have users here who openly call this a haters site, and look at the comments that are written here. You got some pretty aggressive and out-spoken ppl.

          Face reality. You can’t control what is written here, so just let it be. You also can’t control who comes to your site.

          You’ve said it so many times, yet ppl still continue to do so, so what’s the point of repeating yourself. And I guess that’s what keeps your site running, this negativity is helping you rake in site visits – so I guess its a win-win situation for you?

          This is a typical day at Jaynestars.
          a) An article gets published.
          b) Haters make a comment about the idol which has nothing to do with the article.
          c) Idols fan come in to defend.
          d) Hater writes comeback about ‘freedom to express their opinion’, ‘not everyone has to accept your idol’, ‘fans can’t accept the fact that their idol is not good’, ‘site is open to both negative and positive comments’…..
          e) Fans write comeback about ‘haters are always haters’, ‘haters will always pick on the idol no matter what they do’, ‘don’t watch the series if you don’t like the idol’, ‘don’t read the article if you don’t like the idol’, ‘what you said is not true, because i have articles to prove it.’
          f) Haters respond, ‘the majority of ppl here think that way so you can’t stop them’
          g) Fans respond, ‘have you been to other forums, they’re not like that’
          h) the war continues and repeats….

          Some ppl even go to the trouble of writing an ESSAY to express their hatred or defend their opinion ‘how they’re entitled to not like the idol’ and ‘yes i don’t like her acting’…. WHO BLOODY CARES. Seriously. Go say something negative, you’re 100% gonna get another person who disagrees. OMG so stop complaining that ppl are complaining about you. Expect someone to disagree about your negative comment ok? You are not obliged to come here if you don’t like ppl calling you a hater or vice-versa. If you feel disturbed and cbb arguing, then don’t write a comment in the first place.

          And yes back to you Jayne. You keep on saying ‘Jaynestars do not support haters here’ … that’s TOTAL BS. You say that but you don’t act on it. So forget it. You’ve been saying that for years and your site is notorious for that, you never control or discipline those that break the rules and ppl just ignore you and keep going. Its happened over and over again. Ask yourself how many times have you had to repeat those words. But you can’t stop those ppl because they are the regulars that keep on coming to site and generate traffic so you need them at the end of the day………… guess its business over ethics.

        • Jayne says:

          Those are strong accusations you have thrown against our site: biased, unethical, and hateful.

          I ask you a simple question. Why do you continue to visit JayneStars? It appears that you are Chinese literate, which makes it possible for you to be informed of entertainment news through Chinese media sources. Because we are a site which offers a mixed medley of views, similar to Weibo in offering few limited control over expression. Aside from the actual news articles, we offer a sampling of reader views, which is rarely filtered, honest, and raw. Perhaps you are interested in gauging a sampling of reader reactions towards certain topics.

          I do not deny that our site posts frequent controversial topics, which may lead to polar views amongst readers. There are also many inspiring artist interviews, which are published with the goal to inspire fans, to allow them to learn of what types of struggles artists encountered before fame. We have stories of how celebrities found and lost their loved ones, making sacrifices for their children, the regrets and hopes they have in life. We publish stories of veterans and supporting artists, films, reviews, and mainland Chinese dramas to allow readers a diverse array of article topics.

          I recall earlier you had enjoyed exchange with some fans over Kenneth Ma related news. Yet, recently your comments have been increasingly strongly worded against other commenters and our website. You choose to focus on the handful of inflammatory comments rather than the whole picture.

          A rose has its fragrant petals, adorning leaves, and thorns. If you aim for the thorns each time, no doubt you will be hurt each time and thus forgetting what else is there ahead and the purpose of even visiting anymore. To enjoy our site more, there may be ways to navigate it without zoning in on the aspects you do not enjoy.

          Policing comments is not an action I enjoy doing, unless I feel that another major fan fight is ready to erupt. Repeatedly defending our site to certain accusations is not something I enjoy either.

          Our commenting guidelines are kept simple for a reason, so that people can voice their opinions without censorship if possible and to provide a social exchange platform for fans of similar interests. There are sites/forums that are quick to delete anything considered to be negative and if you agree and enjoy such commenting guidelines, you are free to enjoy them.

          No one is bound to visit a site they don’t enjoy. If you don’t enjoy our site for various reasons, I will not try to convince you otherwise. But your recent statements about our website is bordering on slander.

        • Josie says:


          U are such a shameless hypocrite. U complain about this being a haters’ site even though u are a huge hater yourself (of Kate, Charmaine, myolie or who ever else u think is competing w/ your tavia).
          U complain of ppl writing an essay and then u write a long-winded rant yourself.
          U tell Jayne she can’t control the ppl on this site so just let it be. Then u chide Jayne for not policing the comments and calling her unethical.
          If u don’t enjoy jaynestars, please leave. If u do appreciate the free news, then STFU w/ your smears already.

        • Kidd says:

          @ fez

          Jaynestars is not a haters site. Many people here praise Nancy Wu, Ben Wong, Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Eliza Shum, Kenneth Ma etc.

          Jaynestars is a site that give much freedom to visitors to voice their opinion, be it good or bad. This does not mean Jaynestars is a haters’ site who supporter haters.

          “You’ve been saying that for years and your site is notorious for that”

          This seems to be opinion of only one group of fans.

          ” You keep on saying ‘Jaynestars do not support haters here’ … that’s TOTAL BS. You say that but you don’t act on it. So forget it. You’ve been saying that for years and your site is notorious for that, you never control or discipline those that break the rules and ppl just ignore you and keep going. Its happened over and over again. “

          I guess that’s the reason why you choose to come here to spill your hatred and contribute to more hate here.

        • fez says:

          Its not slander if that’s the truth. This site has lots of haters, be it tavia haters, kate haters, linda haters, myolie haters. Each idol has a fair share of haters. Some of the people here have ADMITTED they are haters. Some have told the fans NOT TO COME HERE coz there are haters. Why – so fans are not welcomed here anymore because ‘they can’t hack the criticisms’?

          My point to Jayne is, what she is saying is so ironic because she keeps on saying this is not a haters site, yet the members here have openly declared they are one. How does a person’s nose get brought up in an article that has nothing to do with her? What’s your answer to that? If that’s not an act of an hater, I don’t know what it is. Don’t tell me its constructive criticism because its not. Stating the obvious over and over again.

          And ppl go and blame everything on a ‘certain idol’s group of fans’. Not only do haters exist on your site, but it is not very friendly. Border-lining cyber-bulling.

          Just stop pretending to be a saint and accept that more negative comments appear than positive. It is not a balance.

          Oh to those that said ‘don’t come here if you don’t like what you read’…. well, I can come and go as I wish since Jayne has made this site public access. I will comment if I want to, I can defend an idol if I want to, I can criticise and make fun of an idol if I want to – why? because everyone here is doing the same. Jayne should face reality. She doesn’t have a proper filtering system or control, so that’s why the site is like this.

          Everyone is entitled to an opinion. You can’t stop a hater from making hateful comments. You can’t stop a fan from defending their idol. But it goes around in circles: “don’t be a hypocrite coz you say ppl criticise TY yet you criticise kate.” Well, which came first – the chicken or the egg?

          Do you even know what the definition of hater is?
          A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.
          A person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealously and/or resentment. Individuals that make fun of, or “hate,” others for justified reasons cannot be legitimately classified as “haters.

          Hands up if you fit that description. Pretty much everyone here.

        • Jayne says:

          “My point to Jayne is, what she is saying is so ironic because she keeps on saying this is not a haters site, yet the members here have openly declared they are one”

          There are only a handful of applicable people who have openly admitted to such statements among the thousands of our daily visitors. Your definition of “truth” is grossly distorted. There are more fans here than so-called “haters”.

          Hate is a very strong word and again missing my earlier points of what you have chosen to focus on, while appearing to love the “hater” label and wishing to slap anything remotely negative with it.

          “Just stop pretending to be a saint”
          “Not only do haters exist on your site, but it is not very friendly. Border-lining cyber-bulling.”

          There is no need for you to slap unnecessary labels towards others that disagree with your views. I have been more than patient with you and your attacks have increasingly become personal and unwarranted. You appear to have become a cyber bully yourself, thrusting accusations left and right, acting upon that strong “hatred” that you claim to despise the most in people.

        • Nicole says:

          *rolls eyes*
          Is AF a haters site then? Please note that there’s even a forum specifically on AF for hating on others. There are people hating on tavia, myolie, linda, charmaine, etc. but does that make it a HATERS site?
          Look at TVB forum, is that a haters site? There are people who LIKE AND DISLIKE OTHERS EVERYWHERE. Get that into your head. It does not make any place a hater site.
          You TY fans are the ONLY ONES who keep calling jaynestars a haters site, but having haters here, does not make it a haters site. Among the general population, some like, some love, some hate, some dislike, some neutral. It’s the GENERAL CONSENSUS. It does not make it a hater population here.

        • Kidd says:

          “yet the members here have openly declared they are one.”

          ONE member openly declared she is one.

          “And ppl go and blame everything on a ‘certain idol’s group of fans’. “

          Because only that certain idol’s group of fans label Jaynestars as haters site. Others might called someone who said negative things a hater, but, none label a whole site a haters site except that group of fans.

        • Kidd says:

          “Do you even know what the definition of hater is?
          A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.
          A person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealously and/or resentment. “

          That sounds a lot like you.

          “Hands up if you fit that description. Pretty much everyone here.’

          Nope, not everyone. But, you are one of the few here who fits the description.

      • Kidd says:

        Tavia lost by a small margin only. So, Tavia fans were still here voting.

      • light says:

        TY (like linda, myolie and sharmaine) is anything but sexy…ew !

        • Linnh says:

          Again I think everybody has their own taste, Linda is actually pretty cute, Tavia if you don’t take her nose in the count then she is really pretty, Like in Dicey Buisness then she was pretty hot. Charmaine is really pretty in a mature way. So everything is depends on the taste you have.

        • Linnh says:

          Ohh Myolie have you seen her with long hair, she is really really pretty with long hair.

        • light says:

          Like I said this actresses -namely charmaine- don’t fit the word sexy to me -their flat body shape don’t help too.

        • skinnymocha says:

          I think the word “sexy” is a bit too specific. Perhaps more of an umbrella term would be more appropriate to cover all the different kinds of attractiveness. I don’t find Linda sexy either (nor does she possess the body of a devil… she’s just athletic). BUT she does have a very sweet face and the word “cute” would be more fitting. Charmaine in her early days was pretty; nowadays, her look is a bit more… severe. Less soft, shall I say.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          @linnh – as I said in the other thread… Linda is indeed cute. She’s the kind of girl you want to take home to mum… but Sexy? No. Same with Kate and Tavia IMHO… none of them are really “sexy” (at least as I see it as a male anyway…)

        • Linnh says:

          As i has notice, Women and men have really different taste when it comes to look. I remember that me and my guy friends used to have discussion with each other about who is pretty and sexy and handsome, and most of the time then we didn’t come to a common conclusion. TvbFanatic I can see that we have one thing that is in common and that is Linda’s cutness.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          Yup… on that I agree :)

          It’s funny… because I often tell me wife I think she’s sexy… and she doesn’t see it at all. but *I* see it – lol.

      • unkown says:

        Fox is mean.

      • Fox says:

        To all the fans:

        First of all, I admit that I hate your idol. So it isn’t a strange thing or you have to repeat it as everybody know. However, hating her doesn’t mean that I have to hate or dislike any of her fans because you guys are only fans. Different ppl, different taste and experiences. I don’t tell you to hate her like me but at the same time, you guys have to learn that your idol also can be hated like anyone else and you can’t request someone that hate her to say good about her. Can you say good about Kate (as I see most of fans here have strong dislike to Kate)? If you can’t, you can’t have the right to request others to say good about your idol if they don’t think she is good at that fields. Telling other people to stop “insulting” your idol when you are criticizing/bashing others’ idol(s) is definitely hypocrite. Just accept the fact that there is love and hate in this world, live with it and accept it.

        Secondly, please stop the comments “This site is full of haters” or “We won’t come to this site” while you are still coming because it’s also hypocrite. You yourself, being a fan, why you are still here to complain? If you really “won’t come”, please use actual actions to prove your words. However all I can see are lies. You say “won’t come” and “always come”. Hence, stop saying “won’t come” next time unless you really can do it.

        Thirdly, is it that ashame to be her fan? You don’t even dare to admit that you are a fan while all of your posts show it? You think it can make your posts being more fair and subjective? Lolz. Being more mature. People won’t care of who you say you are fan of, people care of how you behave. Consequently, be more confident and admit that you are a fan.

        Overall, you can support and defend your idol, nobody care. You can bash ppl you don’t like, fans will reply you back without thinking of you as cults. But don’t make yourself cults like you are doing.


        • Jadedreams says:


          Are you a big fan of Kate?

          Just wondering

        • Fox says:

          No I’m not. I like her but I’m not really that big of a fan.

        • E says:

          Going to point out a few disagreement:

          First, I do agree on about how people have different tastes and opinions, but if you says bad about someone once or a few times are enough, but repeating over and over will just cause fire with fire. And I get this is a site to express what fan/opinioner wants, but nevertheless, do not repeat the same over and over unless it’s a different evidence/proof/arguments to back it up.

          Second, “won’t come” comment is true, but when someone show someone else his/her hates toward a specific idol that person/fan/viewer will see the hate, and when they says “this site is full of hate” is due to lots of people keep bashing on their idol and not stopping.

          Third, “I admit that I’m either fan of Kate or Tavia;” however, I like Charmaine, but not to the point of knowing her birthday and etc… But, I disagree with having confident to admit to the fan of an idol because sometime when fans feel threaten when lots of viewers keep saying bad about their idol, and they do not know if they can says it without lots of the other idol jump to conclusion and bite them hence the not admitting.

          Lastly, to sum up, if you seriously do not have any good evidence about an idol of someone else then do not says it. Follow the golden rule at least, for being mature.

        • Fox says:

          @E: All of your disagreements are not disagreements but to make my statement clearer. Thank you.

          I just want to tell you that by your explanation of the non-admitting action, it means whoever use it is trying to play a safe game when bashing other artists and it is coward.

          Overall, I don’t think of criticism or bash are something too strange (the so-called evidences are up to each person, ppl can blv in this or that, but don’t blv in other things), therefore don’t make yourself hypocrite by allowing yourself to bash anyone you don’t like but nobody can bash anyone you like. When you can’t behave rightly, you can’t request anything from others.

        • E says:

          Your welcome.

          You think bashing is not too strange, wow. “When you can’t behave rightly, you can’t request anything from others.” Then you’re stooping to their own level. To each their own.

        • Fox says:

          Alright, it isn’t hard to see that bashing isn’t a strange thing today. But I’m against whoever allow themselves to bash whoever they don’t like but don’t allow other to do the same thing to their idol, simply so. It’s the way of behavior I’m talking about. If you still have trouble with it, it’s up to you. I don’t have any further explanation.

        • fez says:

          Fox feels very important so went to the trouble of writing a long essay. VIP wow. Must make a statement to clarify like those celebrities. Because this is BIG NEWS. ‘I don’t want ppl to misunderstand me etc’. Geez… why bother fox. You say the same crap all the time. Do you feel like you’re a celebrity and need to make a statement like this to clarify your actions? To gain support from your ‘fans’ LOL

        • loop says:

          i didnt bother to read everything but i read the part where why did we come back. This site has pros and cons. Pros is that this site is really updated and well many reviews to read and the cons are….. well we all get it. So fox, that is the main reason why we fans come back to this site as some are from overseas and doesn’t read chinese.

        • Nicole says:

          If you are only here to read the articles, then READ THE ARTICLES. No one is forcing you to read all the comments? If you are the type who will get all huffy and butthurt over comments, then choose not to read them? It’s your choice. But you can’t tell us NOT to criticise others, as that’s the commentor’s personal choice to do so. Anyway, you do it to other actresses like kate yourself.

        • loop says:

          Well, Kate will have haters, Myolie will have haters, Tavia will have haters, Linda will have haters, Justin bieber will have haters, Selena Gomez will have haters, One Direction will have haters, The wanted will have haters, U and I will have hater of our own. So Sorry for my previous comment if it had offended anyone.

    8. Rsy says:

      i also havent noticed kate but until recenly, she really is hot, old but hot

    9. VFC says:

      Knew it! Out of a majority of the nominees she’s def on the top list of “sexy” even that’s what her label is now. Congrats to her!

    10. b0nni3 says:


    11. Linnh says:

      Yes, my vote for her was absolutely deserving:D

    12. RLF Lover says:

      Well, certainly can’t deny that Kate Tsui is sexy!

    13. Larry 3 says:


    14. Mhjui says:

      Plastics surgery ppl all fake

    15. To nugget says:

      Not the best rape scene

    16. tracey says:

      Yay ! Kate Tsui won :)

    17. Agnes says:

      Kate is very sexy especially her lips.
      She has very beutiful body shape too.

    18. Vy says:

      Congrats Kate. You deserve it ;)

    19. fez says:

      kate, please don’t open your mouth and sing.

    20. meia says:

      I wonder why only TVB actors and actresses win these awards…o WAIT your site mostly provides TVB related news therefore your audience mainly consists of TVB fans. Not really an accurate contest for “in China”…

      • light says:

        You may be right but in my I have hard time to find a chinese actress sexy (they seldom have curves and their face features are just cute). Only few chinese actresses stand out with their body (Ady An who is even taiwanese) or their aura (Liu Tao, Fan Bing Bing, xu Qi, Eva Huang)

    21. yiz says:

      ying er and jess shum look a like

    22. 936 says:

      anyone but aimee chan

      • Daisy says:

        Omgsh if Aimee ever won, it’s probably cause she bribed people to get it!

      • Piggy says:

        But I think Aimee’s sexier than the 2nd place winner. I’d vote for her over that lady any day and any time. :)

        • 936 says:

          aimee might have the body for it but we all know her boobs are fake. Her face is nowhere close to being sexy. This is my opinion.

    23. apple says:

      Ha…Ha..I voted Kate no one else..happy she won !

    24. Alex says:

      Sincerelly, kate is not that beautiful, neither do tavia ad linda. they re not ugly for sure but this poll is supposed to select the sexiest woman alive in china and among ll the contestants, there was a lot more beautiful…

      • Linnh says:

        It sure depends on taste, you may find other more beauty while som may find Kate. It’s not possible to satisfied everybody.

      • Nicole says:

        Why so contradictory? You acknowledge that this poll is to select the “sexiest”, but keep going on about people who are more beautiful? Beauty doesn’t not equate to sex appeal.
        Kate might not be the most beautiful but you don’t need to be the most beautiful to be sexy. like Shuqi is sexy, but it doesn’t mean she’s beautiful?

      • E says:

        @Alex who would you choose then ?? ;)

    25. E says:

      aww, charmaine. But Kait is pretty lately :) Congrats!

    26. Gar says:

      Very deserving of my votes. Congrats Kate!

    27. light says:

      Yeah ! Kate won. Seriously I don’t get when people say Kate is ugly…I mean do you see this body ? These legs? Kate is thé “Bomb” ! I like her pulpous lips. Although she is thin one can see she is one of very few chinese actresses with stick out b*tt. Second I would choose Ady An. I think Ady An is a more-innocent version of Kate. God this girl has a killer Body :o (linda Big nose Cheung has nothing on her) ! And like Kate she has pulpous lips, and those Big eyes give her this innocent look. Liu Yi fei has pretty face with pulpous lips and pretty cat eyes but Kate and Ady beat her with their bodies.

    28. Eric Cheng says:

      Congratulation Kate, your sexy lips & eyes deserved you are the sexiest.

    29. Hannahh says:

      Not a fan of Kate but like to say congratz

    30. Munkimui says:

      I knew she was a hottie! Her lips and sexy eyes are very attractive! Those eyes can kill a thousand men.

    31. sukibus says:

      I don’t find Kate to be a good dancer, not sure why people always credit her for her dancing. In “wish and switch” Myolie had a scene where she had to seduce her husband and despite it being comical she still oozed sex appeal. Kate’s figure is also a bit too skeletal for my liking

    32. Piggy says:

      It doesn’t matter to me who wins, as long as it’s not the “unsexy” Tavia. I only voted for Kate because I had a feeling she would stand a chance against Tavia. And I was right! Haha… Now Kate beat Tavia. :P

    33. tatswee says:

      wow..She hot !
      Like the way she act since wining “Eye in the Sky ”
      She gonna win TVB best actress this year but NOT-My Favorite Female Character.

      Pat character on High and Lows a sad character who got rape, took drugs , became drug queen, force to sleep with her enemies , most of her love’s die

    34. M says:

      Women with a look like Kate are the best husband snatchers.

    35. Jack says:

      I still think the title should go to Gong Li but since she wasn’t an option, I’m alright with Kate. I can see why people think she’s sexy.

    36. TVBFanatic says:

      Would love to know the breakdown of votes female vs male. As a male I look at the top 3 and I scratch my head wondering “sexy? really?”

      Kate? Tavia? LINDA? lol… Linda is the nice type of girl you want to take home to mum – sexy?

      Women I myself considered sexy are further down the list (which just means my tastes are a bit different…).

      I think much of the voting was just done based on ‘fan favourite’ rather than actual sexiness. I also suspect that women have a different view on what is ‘sexy’ in a woman in comparison to a man.

      Kate, Tavia and Linda? o.O bizarre top 3.

      • momo says:

        You’re right on point~ I think everyone just voted for their favorites regardless they find them “sexy” or not~ That’s exactly why I didn’t bother voting.

        Well, at least the top 3 sexist men side makes more sense :P

        • momo says:


        • Piggy says:

          LOL Sexiest male makes sense?

          Ruco gives me the uncle feel. Him looks like a teenager on steroids. Kevin looks like a sleaze.

          Well, I can understand that some people are attracted to these types and think they’re sexy. :)

        • momo says:

          Yes, it makes sense to me.

          More so than voting for someone you might not view as sexy just so the “unsexy” Tavia don’t make it to the top :D

      • E says:

        @TVBFanatic what about charmaine?

      • Jayne says:

        Perhaps males find actresses with more pronounced assets to be sexy.

        Female fans may look for more subtle nuances, such as how she moves, how she dresses, and a certain sexy aura.

        I am wowed by Kate’s dancing. You really don’t find her dancing to be sexy at all?

        • TVBFanatic says:

          I always saw kate as more Sultry than sexy. She spun me for a loop in 14 blades. Assets can no doubt help in terms of sex appeal, but having assets doesn’t make one sexy.

          I do think a lot of it is still personal opinion. As an example, I voted for Christine, Kelly Chen, and Ella Koon.

          My wife understood Christine, but she totally disagreed with Kelly. She stated most women would probably disagree with my on Kelly because she has had two children and is seen in a different light :P Ella I see as sexy, but I know most probably see her in the same light that I place Linda. But there is something about Ella’s smile that is disarming. At least to me. :P

          I do think that men and women view sexy in different ways. As I mentioned in another post, I find my wife sexy – but she thinks I’m nuts – lol!

        • Nicole says:

          You are just playing around with words. Look up the meaning of “Sultry” in the dictionary.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          I know exactly what sultry means thank-you :P and it is a subtle difference from sexy.

          An example:

          Audrey Hepburn was more sultry than sexy. Chrissie Chau is more sexy than sultry.

        • Nicole says:

          Actually imho, “sultry” is a subset of “Sexy”, but you need not be sultry to be sexy?
          Sexy is a wide definition. Like men can find women in school uniforms sexy, that’s more like a child like innocence kind of sexy. Or someone in black leather thigh boots sexy? I think they are all sexy, it’s just a different type. Sultry is a “wilder” kind of sexy, but it’s still sexy.
          Get what I mean?

        • TVBFanatic says:

          yeah, I know what you are saying, I think we just have slightly different perceptions of sultry. I don’t see sultry as ‘wild’ sexy. Sultry to me will always be a sophisticated more refined version of “sexy” if you will.

          Sultry is the ability to stand before me in a dress suit, look at me, and make me think intimate thoughts. Sexy is the more overt “Chrissie Chau wearing a bikini and jumping on the beach” type thing :)

          But yes, I would agree that sultry is a subset of the term ‘sexy’ overall.

        • Nicole says:

          Well, since you agree that sultry is a subset of sexy, then overall Kate will be suitable for being called sexy? :P

          Chrissy Chau is more of a in-your-face sexy. But I disagree with you on Kelly and Ella being called sexy. What kind of sexy are they classified under? Audrey Hepburn is someone I really don’t find sultry or sexy though. She’s more a kind of untouchable look.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          Well.. that goes to my point that each person has a different definition to themselves. And that men and women have different ideas on the terms as well. it’s a good thing, otherwise we’d all be in love with the same people. Wouldn’t that make an interesting TVB series!

          My wife agreed with you in regard Kelly. but Kelly (http://myac.asia/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/kelly-chen-04.jpg) has eyes i can lose myself in, and Ella’s (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Lp5Tpkvp4q8/TakryHd6e1I/AAAAAAAAEm8/3A94qZ4RIvE/s1600/ella-koon-+go+daddy.jpg) smiles make me melt. Christine is a whole package deal.

          If this was 2009 I’d agree with Kate. I thought she was rather nice in 14 blades and even in Short Of Love. But something has changed with her since then… I can’t put my finger on it though :(

    37. Aiya says:

      Well done trolls…..again! The true sexy women will never win this because the trolls are always out in full force to ruin it.

    38. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy says:

      I vote for FALA CHEN

    39. Kurama says:

      Kate looks like she’s had work on her lips, and Tavia’s nose has been well documented, so what happened to naturally sexy women?
      In the words of Darth Vader in ROTS when I saw the results ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’

    40. Wen Wen says:

      congratulation to Kate, she deserved the title. she is look attractive and sexy :-)

    41. P. Tan says:

      Kate is sexy, has the looks too. However, I don’t see where Tavia is anywhere sexy at all. I’m so happy for Kate and hope she goes far in her career.

      • purplepaw says:

        back then (like, 2008 moonlight resonance era), i would’ve picked tavia over kate..but nowadays it seems like tavia looks really old?…and i can’t stop focusing on her nose in SSSS LOL while kate has developed this sexy image

        • Linnh says:

          In Dicey Buisness then I found her to be really really pretty. Actually I think she is pretty anyways, it’s just her nose that is big, but all in all, then I actually find Tavia pretty.

        • E says:

          Love Moonlight Resonance!!! <3 <3 SSSS still does not capture me yet. I do not know, maybe not my cup of tea yet or I'm not into it yet though; however, the confidant is interesting.

        • star says:

          ” back then (like, 2008 moonlight resonance era), i would’ve picked tavia over kate.”
          Same. I really dislike Kate then, due to her Kamei role and her face, and was pro-Tavia. Now I find Kate to be quite pretty as she matures, Myolie and Charmaine too.

    42. Mike says:

      I feel make up can make someone to be sexy.

    43. Mike says:

      Kate deserves the win as she always give the sexy feel.

    44. shyn yuen says:

      Congrats kate, tavia, linda!!!

    45. irene says:

      Congrats Kate!

      U deserve the award!!

      She sure has a very good figure and looks. Has all the curves. She dances very sexily too.

    46. dude says:

      Hi can u include Korean female beauties in next year poll

      • E says:

        *high five* But it will be so hard to choose from all those female then >> *decision decision* And also Korean male also!!! RAIN Bi <3 <3

        Who do you feel in Korea is sexy?

        • Linnh says:

          I dont know why but I find those korean guys to be handsome and cute more than sexy lol

          But I go for Jay park if I have to choose.

    47. Ivy says:

      Kate is sexy, yet a tomboy. Awesome!!

    48. guwa says:

      I have no problems with Kate Tsui winning as she is certainly sexy, but the title “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” is preposterous.

      I also need to ask where’s Gong Li placed? Now, she is most sexy!

      And what about retired Gigi Lai – she may be retired but the title “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” didn’t exclude her because of her non-active status in films or TV.

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