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Kenneth Ma: “I Want an Award for Self-Assurance!”

By on December 14, 2012

Kenneth Ma: “I Want an Award for Self-Assurance!” thumbnail

Claiming the “Best Actor” title at the 2012 Astro Awards earlier this month, Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) popularity has been skyrocketing. Fans absolutely loved his performance in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, and it has been decided that the filming of a sequel will commence early next year.

As a hot contender for the Best Actor title at the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards, hundreds of fans surrounded Kenneth and asked for photos when they saw him yesterday in Causeway Bay. Kenneth appeared friendly and agreed to take photos with countless fans.

“I really liked watching The Hippocratic Crush and I watched it every night! I voted you for this year’s Best Actor!” a fan gushed.

Raymond Lam (林峯) was believed to have the winning advantage due to his large fan base. Kenneth said, “I have a lot of hidden fans! It is a one-person-one-vote system this year, so the award results are hard to predict!” Kenneth admitted that he yearns for an award, but he has not publicly asked for others to vote for him due to embarrassment.

“I will take the results of the awards ceremony easily, but it’s not that I don’t want an award. In fact, I really want to receive an award. Unstable artists like me would all want an award for some self-assurance.” He added, “Receiving the Best Actor at the Astro Awards has already helped pull more votes!”

Initially pegged as a dark horse candidate, Kenneth has now emerged as Raymond’s strongest competitor in the Best Actor race. In five days, we will know whether Kenneth will be able to pull another victory at the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, which will be held on Monday, December 17.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  • Readers' Comments (62)

    1. John says:

      Keep it up Kenneth, became his fan after watching THC. Really love his acting in THC and really hope he could win the BA award!!

    2. Nicole says:

      Between Kate and Kenneth’s respective style of “rallying” votes for them, I would more so admire Kate, as even though it may look desperate to some others, as she knows what she wants and actually tries for it in the spirit of things, compared to this dude who is embarrassed and afraid of even asking for votes. Gosh, man up.

      • JL says:

        agree…i am not Kate’s fans…but support her stand up for what she want..what she hope for…

        • pop says:

          What Kate is doing now is call selfish.

        • simplitee says:

          How is she selfish? Not like she’s using despicable ways to gain voters nor is she constantly comparing herself to her colleagues by subtly dragging others down to make herself look good.

        • Pop says:

          U call this not selfish meh?

        • 939393 says:

          @pop: how is kate selfish when she’s merely rallying votes for herself? do you expect her to rally for her contenders?

          @simplitee: kenneth doesnt drag others down as well. I think it’s just a mere misinterpretation of his statement.

        • Pop says:

          Forcing ppl to vote for her is not selfish?

        • Kidd says:

          @ pop

          She’s asking people to vote for her, not forcing. There’s a difference there.

          And please refrain from using vulgar terms here. It won’t make your argument stronger.

      • cchiki says:

        judging from Kate’s attitude when she asks for votes, it’s done gracefully with hints of humour, almost like, “Since the elders want me to do it, might as well do it happily!”

        Adorable, not desperate at all.

        • hey says:

          yup i agree with you
          also it shows her having confidence in herself which is the least she can do to get others to vote for her

    3. vann says:

      Even though his acting is not better than Wayne Lai I hope he will get TV King award this year. He is cool.

    4. KL says:

      Kenneth already got one in Astro…it is enough…he is not that good to win at every place…

    5. aptos says:

      Best Actor/Actress Award in TVB’s eyes does not have the same significance as compared to the Academy Awards or the Oscar Awards which is based more on excellent acting skills. TVB’s award is based rather on popularity and who TVB wants to promote. I can’t understand why fans voting for best actor is actually voting for most popular, most favorite or most promoted actor/actress.

      Wayne Lai is a more polished actor as he can play serious or light hearted roles whereas Raymond Lam is more one dimensional serious roles. Unfortunately, Wayne does not have the looks of Raymond.

      • sandcherry says:

        If Wayne Lai has the look of Raymond Lam, I think he will be the super TV King in TVB for many many years.

      • secretlone says:

        nor does wayne lai have the fans.
        but i agree. a prestigious award becoming a joke popularity contest…save that for high school, this is serious stuff…
        having citizens vote…psh. bs.

      • aptos says:

        I was watching one of serials about 10 years ago??? with Louis Koo as the G4 agent travelling back into time. Saw Raymond Lam play the son of a promiscuous widow. His facial appearance then definitely would have lost many of his fan base today.

    6. Veejay says:

      maybe is it just me or did Kenneth overly exposed in the media lately? Kenneth seems to be everywhere..Lol.

      • exoidus says:

        just u? or is it just me or is Kate Tsui everywhere hunting for votes lately? LOL

        Glad Kenneth isn’t that desperate. Kate is a boot-licking one for sure or perhaps she is making all the noises to get the advertisers attention?

        • Kidd says:

          I think Kenneth is as desperate as anyone in the running. He’s just not as upfront about it as Kate.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Kenneth gives me the impression of desperate for the award but desperately trying to hide the fact that he’s desperate.

          At least Kate does not hide her desperateness and shows her real intention upfront.

        • advo says:

          Kate probably has a better shot, whereas Kenneth is resigned to losing. So no need to embarrass yourself when you know your chances are close to nil.

        • Victoria says:

          Yea, would have to agree with RAYLEILAFAN.

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        I do feel not only Kenneth, but also Kate and Tavia are over exposed in media lately.

    7. AC says:

      I’m rooting for him to get the Favorite Character award if he doesn’t get tv king.

    8. Abigal says:

      I think he will get the favourite character thingy.

    9. sandcherry says:

      Kenneth Ma should also ask people to vote for him, similar to what Kate does. He will definitely get more votes if he does.

      • exoidus says:

        Well it seems Kenneth wouldn’t fall so low to ask for votes regardless of performance. He just couldn’t overcome himself i.e. “put a hand over his conscious” perhaps?

      • shu says:

        why do K.M. have the guts to tell the world that he looks porn and dont have the guts to ask the world to vote for him?? my vote go to kate!

    10. Kidd says:

      One day he said award doesn’t matter, another day he said he wanted the award.

      He’s flip-flopping between wanting and not wanting the award.

      Just make up your mind and be honest about it, Kenneth.

      • pop says:

        I think he wants the award but he doesn’t want to look desperate like Kate.

        • shu says:

          who doesnt want that award? it gives you many opportunity to earn more money. kate is sincere and comes up for what she want and kenneth is playing a fool of himself.

      • 939393 says:

        which actor doesn’t want an award?

      • cfy says:

        When he said he doesn’t mind about the award was because he had no confidence as his performance was not that excellent. But after hearing the forum ganging up to help him, he had confidence already. So quickly changed his words. Do not know how to describe him now. Destroyed his good good man image in my mind already.

    11. Ben says:

      I hope he can win a tvb award and after that he can look for girlfriend and get marry and settle down, wishes fulfil.Support him on one vote.

    12. simplitee says:

      LOL so the guy wants the award now?! I’ve said before that who wouldn’t want an award and I was sure that Kenneth wanted one but was acting humble and innocent because he thought he didn’t have enough supporters to win TV King, thus saying he doesn’t want it so fans would believe he’s humble etcetc (which he was successful). After winning the Astro and seeing some fans, he thought his chance of winning is high and now openly admits it as well as once again, comparing himself with Raymond and saying his fan base can be compared to Raymond’s but just that his own “hidden” fans don’t go out on the streets to rally for votes.. okay.

      Well i’m watching THC now and i’m liking Cheung Yat Kin. He performs his role well but again, i don’t find the role to be that hard to act..

      • pop says:

        Really? I can’t find another person that can replace KM. He have the doctor looks.

      • exoidus says:

        Not hard to act? I suppose LF’s were very hard, LOL

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          I say it’s hard for Ray. He never acts this kind of character before.

          I’m one of those who think Kenneth’s acting is ordinary and still full of his puppy eyes, only that his character is likeable and the whole THC drama has good storyline, maybe one of the best drama this year.

        • calin says:

          I agreed that KM just do a so so job in On Call. Is just that the character in the drama make people like him. I think if any other experienced actor act for the role, he will be well-liked also.

    13. advo says:

      I don’t know about THC, but Kenneth is horrendous in SSSS. No wonder why I found him, oddly so much more appealling guest starring in TC. He actually went outside his comfort zone and showed me he had range! Unfortunately, he went back to the trite puppy dog eyes in SSSS again.

      • Woot says:

        Yeah, he’s somehow better playing as a villain. Best performance before THC was that ancient series….hmm….what is it called.. The one where he acted as a Prince who wanted to usurp the throne from the emperor.

        • 939393 says:

          lives and times of a sentinel.

        • clamine says:

          For me, KM was even more horrendous in Sentinel than in SSSS. Especially in his all sappy scenes with Elaine Yiu, whereby he has on this excessive pleading sad puppy eyed look, and pouting plaintively or petulantly. So unbecoming to a mature man. And then there are his ott loud and bombastic scenes with Natalie Tong — ahh! terrible! And his ott villainous acting in the last few episodes. He was fine when his character is calm and in control of his emotions, but once he emotes I cringed to watch him. KM spoiled that prince character for me with his performance.

          But then it maybe because I skipped most of SSSS hence did not see much of KM’s scenes.

    14. Woot says:

      I’d vote him for THC but not SSSS. So sick of his sad, puppy crying face. His expression is always the same whenever he needs to portray a sad look.

      Anyway, my choice is WAYNE LAI. End of story.

    15. Ciara says:

      I don’t think he is ready to get this award, he needs to work on his acting for couple of years like everyone else. He doesn’t deserved it!

    16. aptos says:

      I was watching one of serials about 10 years ago??? with Louis Koo as the G4 agent travelling back into time. Saw Raymond Lam play the son of a promiscuous widow. His facial appearance then definitely would have lost many of his fan base today

      • exoidus says:

        We don’t know but his acing was def. good for a newbie back then. Now it’s all chok a, chok a, chok a maybe bc of all the plastics. Now his acting is at most average and should stop his bear dancing moves, LOL.

    17. Ric says:

      Finally Kenneth. Get out there and compete. Glad to see him actively trying to win instead of being down on himself over the past weeks. Hope he can pull in the votes.

    18. greed says:

      “i want an award for self assurance”? more like “i want the award so i can get more advertisement sponscors” haha

    19. cfy says:

      Start to feel that Kenneth Ma quite scheming. At first he said he did not care much about winning award because he prefer money. After knowing that a forum going to gang up and pull up vote for him, he changed his words. In contrast, I did not hear Raymond saying much about this award and not attacking any other competitors also.

      • sandcherry says:

        Raymond Lam is very good in public speaking. He has never said anything against other artistes. He is very professional in this respect.

        I think Kenneth Ma is a too-honest person. He does not know how to lie and make himself “pretty”!

        • sandcherry says:

          Moreover, Raymond Lam knows that he has a huge fan base in Hong Kong and does not have to worry about the number of votes that he will get (the most among all actors!).

        • cfy says:

          Honest person! Previously I like him because he is always like a “good good man”. However after his change in attitude, I started to feel just a bit cunning. At first when he has no confidence, he spoke like want some ‘sympathy votes’, when knowing the forum going to help him, he said he has confidence and want the assurance. Sigh!

      • exoidus says:

        Bc winning the award = increase earning power.

        Ofcourse he knows deep down inside that winning the BA doesn’t mean anything in terms of acting skills. TVB can even make Ron win it if they want to.

      • sure-lee says:

        I’m just wondering if he ever said he didn’t want an award before? Doesn’t everyone want an awardd??

    20. yoyo says:

      both looks equally greedy

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