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Lawrence Ng Admits Having Crush on Ada Choi

By on November 19, 2012

Lawrence Ng Admits Having Crush on Ada Choi thumbnail

Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) was perfect partners with Ada Choi (蔡少芬) in 1998’s Healing Hands <妙手仁心>. Lawrence revealed that he had real feelings for Ada at the time, but never told her since he was afraid of risking their friendship. Although Lawrence never confessed his love, Ada was able to catch the vibes, but never gave Lawrence a chance since she was looking for a Christian partner.

Lawrence revealed, “I was very compatible as an onscreen couple with Ada Choi. Many people asked whether our love also materialized off screen. Since both of us were not married yet, and she is a beautiful woman with good qualities, I truly considered it!”

Partnering in Files of Justice V <壹號皇庭V> and the first two installments of  Healing Hands, Lawrence was slow to warm up to Ada and did not talk to her socially until Healing Hands. When Lawrence fell for Ada, he had difficulty extricating himself from the feelings after filming Healing Hands.

Scared to Tell Ada

“I did not [confess my feelings] to Ada at the time…I was scared to do so! I had to clearly consider that we were colleagues and it was not that good to do such things. If we cannot become lovers, then it will harm the friendship. The feelings finally dulled with time,” Lawrence recalled.

Falling for Other Costars

Ada Choi was not the first costar Lawrence had feelings for. In the 1980s, Lawrence also had a crush on Margie Tsang (曾華倩), but the press linked him with Yammie Nam (藍潔瑛) instead. Lawrence denied that he had dated Yammie, while pointing out that she was actually more friendly with his elder brother, Ng Kai Ming (吳啟明).

In 2002, Lawrence fell for costar, Iva Law (羅泳嫻), after filming Fate Twisters <黑夜彩虹>. They dated for one and a half years, before Lawrence found a more suitable girlfriend in mainland China.  The paparazzi photographed Lawrence with his new girlfriend and claimed that he was with a mainland prostitute, a rumor that angered Lawrence severely and ended his relationship with Iva.

In 2007, Lawrence married his second wife, mainland model, Shi Yang Zi (石洋子). Although the couple have a 21-year age gap, this did not present any problems for them. Lawrence loved Shi Yang Zi because of her cheerful and vibrant personality.

Ada Had Many Pursuers

During their Healing Hands partnership, Ada felt that Lawrence was interested in her. Aside from looking for a Christian partner, Ada felt that their personalities were incompatible. “Actually, many people tried to pursue me in the entertainment industry. I am able to distinguish very clearly who are only friends; I will not gamble on any friendships!”

Lawrence was a Christian turned Buddhist, who impressed Ada with his compassionate personality and treating his friends well. Ada recalled that there was a production assistant who had asked Lawrence and herself to borrow money. “I felt that the PA was lying and did not lend him money, but Lawrence did. I asked Lawrence why he had to lend money to the PA; Lawrence said that it was important to help out someone. So I felt that he had a kind heart!”

Still Good Friends

Perhaps it was a good decision for Lawrence and Ada to choose remaining friends. Both are married to different partners with children now, but their friendship has remained for more than decade. Focusing his career in mainland China in recent years, Lawrence continues to visit Ada and her husband, Max Zhang (張晉), when he returns to Hong Kong.

Source: Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (24)

    1. aptos says:

      There is nothing wrong with having a crush…it is human nature!

    2. Pinky says:

      Didnt they also act together in the drama Fate Twisters?
      Because i remember loving that drama so much!

    3. Addy says:

      Didn’t Steven Ma also have a crush on Ada? It went pretty public from what I could remember…

      • Jayne says:

        Steven Ma also had a crush on Ada as well. Ada said that many people tried to pursue her in the industry. Wonder who else?

        In an old episode of Super Trio, Lawrence and Ada had paired up and they had to kiss. Lawrence acted very embarrassed and shy, so his feelings for her were likely very obvious for everyone to see.

        • Josie says:

          Lawrence and Steven’s personality were probably too boring for Ada so she put them in the friends zone.

          As for the super trio show, I loved the “catch the slices of bread” and “suck the ping pong ball” games. Lots of opportunity for accidental kisses! Too bad they don’t do that anymore.

    4. Jen says:

      Ada was really pretty in her younger days.

    5. Terminator says:

      Love Lawrence Ng in those classic films like Sex and Zen, Chinese Torture Chamber Story, Raped by an Angel, etc…

    6. NP says:

      Awww… I wish they got together.

      I wonder how actors and actresses can stop themselves from developing some feelings for their co-star. I mean, if the script is good and the chemistry is there, especially with physical interactions. It’s only human.

    7. Puff says:

      Now Ada is a true beauty queen who can act with great Cantonese pronunciation. Ada and Amy Kwok (Sean Lau’s wife) talents were really evident from the beginning, unlike those so called goddesses. No wonder so many actors like Lawrence Ng and Steven Ma fell for Ada.

      • sandcherry says:

        I watched Ada Choi’s first lead role in “The Romance of the White Hair Maiden”, and I could tell right away that she had acting talents.

        Ada would look prettier if she had braces for her teeth.

        • Puff says:

          Yes, she would look prettier. But i think the way she embrace her imperfection confidently makes her more perfect.

    8. Cindy says:

      Steven also admitted liking Ada during Healing Hands. I love their chemistry together

    9. ebbie says:

      Ada is still great NOW!!!!
      She’s so good, she click with all her co-stars, even Bobby :) !!!!!

    10. apple says:

      Really miss those true beauty like Ada, Gigi Lai, Amy Kwok, Cheong Cheng Yi always partner with Andy Lau, Lai Mei Han etc.. in the old days of TVB.

    11. Cara says:

      Awww darn, I really liked them together since Files of Justice V. They had AMAZING chemistry in Healing Hands, so it’s no surprise that Lawrence actually had feelings for Ada. Really liked them in Shanghai Legend as well, although their story there was nowhere as compelling as in HH.

    12. sky says:

      i wonder if Lawrence liked Gigi Lai Chi…

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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