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Leehom Wang and Li Yundi Are “Brokeback” Friends?

By on November 6, 2012

Leehom Wang and Li Yundi Are “Brokeback” Friends? thumbnail

It’s no secret that Leehom Wang (王力宏) and pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪) are good friends. After all, they performed together in January, and Leehom invited Yundi to perform at his sold-out concerts in April and September. However, the two friends were spotted spending more and more time together lately, fueling assumptions that they are more than just “friends”.  Netizens were quick to label Leehom and Yundi as “Brokeback Partners” and even formed a “Leehom Yundi” fans club.

Last month, Leehom invited Yundi to his house in Taiwan to play the piano for him as Yundi was in town for a performance. A few days later, they visited Amei’s (張惠妹) bar where photos of them looked like they were holding hands, adding further speculation to the gay rumors.

When Leehom was seen spending over 12 hours at model Evelyn Lin’s (林筱筠) house a few days later, netizens claim that was a set-up by Leehom to direct attention away from his relationship with Yundi and used Evelyn as a cover-up.

Leehom visited Beijing recently and once again, spent time at Yundi’s residence. Leehom uploaded a photo on his blog showing mainland Chinese singer, Tan Jing (譚晶) along with Yundi and himself. Fans then left comments on his blog asking if Leehom and Yundi had something going on, and Leehom’s management company responded promptly, “They are just good friends.”

Leehom and Yundi Rumors Timeline

January, 2012: Leehom and Yundi were invited to perform together at the CCTV Lunar New Year Spectacular

April, 2012: Leehom invites Yundi to perform at his concert in Beijing

September, 2012: Leehom once again invites Yundi to perform at his concert in Hong Kong

October, 2012: Leehom invites Yundi to his residence when Yundi is in Taipei for a performance. The following night, Leehom and Yundi are spotted at A-Mei’s bar together. Photos which look like they were holding hands surfaced.

November, 2012: Yundi invites Leehom to his residence when Leehom is in Beijing for a performance.


Source: Appledaily.com.tw

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  • Readers' Comments (46)

    1. Summer says:

      Where is the picture that they are holding hands?
      What is wrong with staying at your friend’s house when you stop by the city?

      • Wahaha says:

        the “look like holding hands” photo is one on the article with Amei , it was shared by Li Yun Di on his weibo . Actually all the photos they used to make up a story are share by Leehom , Li Yun Di and Tan Jin on their Weibo

      • Claudia says:

        That “holding hands” picture is the one you can see here in this news report! The one with Amei in the bar. The Chinese media sees in this pic that there is Yundi’s hand behind Leehom’s back.. which is not if you look carefully! Terrible how things are spread with a picture that shows NOTHING!

    2. gold4canada says:

      not that there’s anything wrong with “brokeback” relatonship, but two ppl can’t spend some time together nowadays without being labelled as in a relationship

    3. hcfoo says:

      One thing I know is gay men rarely hold hands in public. Anyway, so what if they are gay and together. The speculation about Leehom sexuality is nothing new. Heard it for more than 10years now

    4. momo says:

      Leehom is so good looking and talented. Really a waste if he is a gay :( But well, still wish him all the best

    5. dd says:

      >The following night, Leehom and Yundi are spotted at A-Mei’s bar together. Photos which look like they were holding hands surfaced.

      Leehom: Yundi, hold my vokda
      Yundi: OK
      Reporters: They’re holding hands! They’re holding hands!

    6. Jen says:

      I think Lee Hom is bisexual.. but what’s the big deal anyway..

      • HeTieShou says:

        Exactly, what is the big deal if he is or not?? Many are more accepting of that now,but sadly many more traditional folks are still in shock of that…

      • mei says:

        i always though he was to, he just seemed very special, to be those ordinary men who like barbie looking girls and who are pigs.

    7. Ray says:

      So glad to know the people here are NOT homophobic. Great !

    8. E says:

      What blithering fools these rumor-spreading Netizens are. Why do they have to sexualize EVERY SINGLE friendship he has? For goodness sake, get out of your rooms, get a life, get some friends.

      • Wahaha says:

        First is Amei , then a secret boyfriend in NewYork who no one know how he looks like, after that is ShuQi , then Blackie ( they said Leehom was a third person in Blackie and Fan fan relationship ), then get back with Shu Qi , then in love with Jackie Chan ( so they have a gay kiss ) . Just few day ago day said that he stayed over night with a female model Evelyn Lin and now he and Li yundi is in a relationship .

        His sexual orientation is twisted everyday by reporter to gain the sale , whoever is close to Leehom is his lover . Well, think positively , the reporters believe that no one can stay away from Leehom’ s charisma , haha

    9. YangGuo says:

      it’s generally fandom at best, anyone can pair up any heterosexual males who seen hanging out together and blow it up completely out of proportion. Isn’t it odd nowadays that you can’t have close friends without it being intimate?

    10. Kidd says:

      This “Leehom Yundi” fans club is most probably formed by BL fans. :D

    11. Ita says:

      I always see that ppl comment that he is gay so what. I can understand if one can likely accept others but what happen if it really happen to be one of their family members?. would they still be so open minded. Not judging just curious.

    12. happybi says:

      Not surprised by this are always rumors that LH was gay. Doesn’t matter though as he’s still a very talented guy. Just be happy!

    13. gil says:

      Too many rumours about Lee Hom,not sure which is true but doesn’t matter. Unless is like one of the Tatt Ming pair whom admitted about his sexuality. No wonder so many leftover bachelorettes in this world ;)

    14. rei says:

      That means he like it in his ass…gross! I don’t care if he is gay but I hate the claim of gay rights. Just be gay and gross all you want stop bothering the majority of the norm, families and their kids forcing them to believe that two men f’ing in the butt hole is OKAY by trying your ass making it into law. Marriage is in between a man and a woman who can naturally make babies and it has been this way for thousands of years. If back in the old days a majority of the peoples are gay then our population would’ve been so small. The technology are here now help with our life not to abuse it by creating life and kill it because you gays want be normal parents when the truth is you’re Not!

      • Kidd says:

        Gay people will never be the majority no matter how much equal rights you give them because, according to statistics, homosexuals only cover 10% of the population. So, there’s no need to worry about our human population becoming small.

        As for bothering the majority. Well, if you give them equal rights, they won’t need to march on gay pride parades and fight for gay rights anymore. They can go on with their normal life just like heterosexuals and won’t bother the majority anymore. Win-win situation.

      • Nicole says:

        blaming the lamest stuff on gay people. What? With the threat of overpopulation looming overhead, are you gonna blame straight people now?

      • Iris says:

        While I don’t agree with blaming gay/lesbian people for killing life, I do agree that gay rights are getting out of proportion. In many places today, they are requiring children to be educated that being gay is “normal” in replacement of the majority’s heterosexual choices/lifestyle. As a Christian, I believe in marrriage the same way you do. But let’s not offend others with our words…instead, we could gently point out how gay rights are getting as imbalanced as the discrimination against them. I believe a homosexual lifestyle is immoral, but a homosexual person is still a human being loved by God.

        • mei says:

          I think it’s hard to believe in homosexuality when the individual never really had heart to heart understanding for them, like when you have kids and you start to notice from such a young age that you subconsciously knew that they could be gay but never wanting to admit it. then your son comes and tells you he is, it’s something very hard to deal with, but this is life and when having kids you dont get to pick and choose who they wil turn out to be. regarding immoral, the bible says alot of things and humans are all hypocrites, i perfer religion to not be involved in something this private and personal of others lives.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Have any of you seen a documentary Scott Mills did for the BBC? He visited an African country where you can be religiously persecuted for homosexuality. Towards the end, he exposed himself as a gay to the president/prime minister (or whoever was in charge), who excused himself from the room as he had “other things to take care of.” Turns out he was calling the police to catch Scott Mills. Sad.

      • mei says:

        he never even came out to admit it, and even if he is thats non of your business. even if he is, he’s done way more in his life that you ever will have. and thats alot to take in.

      • Miss China says:

        You are disgusting. How far up your ass have you stuck your uneducated head? I feel like throwing up. Newsflash sweetheart, there is nothing bad about being bad or gay. So don’t shove your heteronormative crap down our throats. I’m disgusted. Such a hypocrite. Guess what? Gay people ADOPT kids “normal” (huh) people don’t want. They can’t have children and that’s a natural mechanism to control the earth’s population. Wow! Women can orgasm without penetration. WOW right? Stay with me, you can do it. Wanna guess where the males’ G Spot is? Yup. Right there. Loving a person is not a sin. Hating a person just because they love another person of the same sex? Yeah that makes you a horrible person.

    15. gold4canada says:

      it’s ignorant ppl like you that gays are still marginalized and discriminated. gay relationships isn’t just about sex. what’s wrong with two ppl being together if they’re in love?

    16. msxie says:

      His being ‘gay’ is nothing but rumor and speculation by gossip-minded reporters. He and Yundi share a passion for music, so it’s not odd they would spend time in jam sessions.

      • Kk says:

        He is gay, but nothing wrong with it. As long as he’s happy I don’t think anybody has the right to judge.

        My friend works as a PA in the music industry and it’s an open secret that LH dates men. He’d be a good catch for someone!

        • msxie says:

          With his many good qualities, LH definitely makes a good catch. Only problem is, he’s impossible to catch with his crazy and hectic schedule. Unless he goes into semi-retirement, maintaining a relationship or getting married is impossible. What girl would be able to accept being second fiddle to his music?

    17. chantilly says:

      whenever someone is over 35 or around whether it’s men or women i think ppl automatically assume they dont like the opposite sex. i guess in general, no one believes ppl can be happy being single no matter how rich or poor you are. they have to be married or else they are a gay or lesbian. this is society’s mentality and since they are celebs even more of a taking point.

      • Iris says:

        This is one of the best comments I’ve read on this page yet. I agree that the root of all these rumors is disbelief that people can be genuinely happy when single. The truth is, one can be…but the media just doesn’t like that story because it is boring.

        • chantilly says:

          thanks Iris….
          thank you Iris.
          yes, i have an aunt who never got married and she is really genuinely happy that you know we know will say stuff like she is SINGLE like she is DOOMED for life n n they will automatically assume b/c she is single she is probably loner, selfish n hate kids. NOT TRUE, she loves and spoils other people’s kids like her own and has an amazing heart to most ppl I know but other ppl will just assume she is educated, picky blab blab blab… if she is picky what is wrong w/that right? if she wants to be single and be at her happily ever after on her own what is the problem in that? i just find it odd that ppl have a need to label themselves as LEFTOVERS or whatever those HKers call it these days just b/c he or she cant find a partner to marry to. But unfortunately, the world in general see it as MARRIED or HOMOSEXUAL hahaa..lol…sad but true.

        • mei says:

          what makes me sick to my stomach is when you dont think homosexuality should be talked about in school, when kids in our generation use words like “gay” and “fag” at such a young age with bullying, you will never understand that feeling to know your 9 year old son killed himself because of intolerance,prejudice and ignorance.

    18. Jack says:

      Netizens need to get a life.

    19. trini says:

      A gay man will no date every man he is seen with.WLH may not date this Yundi man and will have music in common wih him, but WLH is gay. LOTs and lots of gay entertainers in Taiwan. singer zhou chuanxiong, singer actors show lou and joe cheng. singer wu tsing fong. actor mike he and of course wong leehom, just few of many.

    20. Soggi says:

      Whether he is gay or not, is none of your business.

    21. menuiq says:

      Whether he is gay or not, he still makes awesome music and he is still Lee Hom. So it is not our business to judge him.
      But I have no idea why people assume a person is gay or les when the person if they do not have gf or bf when they are over 30?
      Is there a problem?


    22. trini says:

      you can’t fix smaddro. No one judge lee hom. lots of famous and not famous people do not have a partner over thirty and no one say they gay, because they are not. lee hom gay so some say he gay. is it so hard for some to accept he gay?. these famous guys and girls have their skeletons like the rest of the world. they have more than the rest of the world. Chinese too obsessed with idols and glorify them too much. wake up. they think their stars are sweet and perfect.

    23. Funn Lim says:

      My true feeling is he is gay or bisexual without admitting he is homosexual.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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