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Leehom Wang: “I Am Heterosexual!”

By on January 3, 2013

Leehom Wang: “I Am Heterosexual!” thumbnail

For months, pop singer Leehom Wang (王力宏) and pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪) were rumored to be more than just friends. Fans of both parties actively supported the couple, dubbing them as “Homdi.”

Both Leehom and Yundi did not speak out to deny the rumors when they first began circulating in October 2012. Last month, Yundi finally denied the “Brokeback” accusations in an interview, but admitted that he was not annoyed with them, which may be the reason for why it took so long for him to come out and clarify.

On December 31, Yundi performed Leehom’s “Falling Leaves Returns to Roots” <落葉歸根> at a New Year’s Eve concert in Beijing. Although Leehom was not a guest performer that night, his photos were pictured on the concert’s broadcast screen during the chorus of the song, sending fans into a frenzy. Some supporters of the Homdi relationship exclaimed that Yundi was finally confessing his love to Leehom. A netizen commented, “Artists’ confessions are really amazing and romantic!”

Leehom finally broke the silence on January 3, in a Weibo post, explaining that he and Yundi are not a romantic couple. Leehom wrote, “I originally did not want to write this Weibo post because I found it unnecessary! But there has been more and more news on it recently, so I’ve decided to write this myself so others will not be misguided. I am heterosexual. Li Yundi also likes women.

“Exactly how far does this ‘Homdi’ go?! Maybe it’s just a joke, just for entertainment, but I hope everyone will be able to tell the difference between truth and nonsense! Sorry, I am a very straightforward person. When it comes to my own news, I really value the truth.”

Source: Sina.com

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  • Readers' Comments (90)

    1. akari says:

      I think he’s just saying it to save his fan base and to continue having female admirers…..He still looks kind of brokeback and undoubtly gayish……

      • trini says:


      • Jen says:

        If you were on Weibo you’d know that 95% of all the Weibo users are PRO him and Yundi as a couple. They all force those 2 to be together. So your comment doesn’t make any sense! Sorry.

    2. hcfoo says:

      For over a decade friends from entertainment lines told me he is. But I guess the stake is too high for him to come out of the closet. The speculation is too rampant lately and the best way to shut everyone up is to say that he’s straight.

      • trini says:


      • Jen says:

        If you were on Weibo you’d know that 95% of all the Weibo users are PRO him and Yundi as a couple. They all force those 2 to be together. So your comment doesn’t make any sense! Sorry.

        • trini says:

          The comment make sense. The states are high as in not getting leading man roles in movies, dramas. Let us not forget Leehom is an actor too. Losing sponsors etc.

      • Jen says:

        Sorry, my first comment was meant for akari. Not you. Don’t know how to delete here. -_-

    3. Jen says:

      I am pretty sure that he is gay too and I have to totally agree with Akari’s thoughts.

    4. LyNN says:

      I can’t tell if he’s homo, hetero or bisexual. But he is really too good looking to be homo!

      • hcfoo says:

        Hahaha… I guess you haven’t been to any gay bar before.

      • LP says:

        A lot of good looking guys are gay like ricky martin, matt bomer, etc

      • HeTieShou says:

        Many manly and handsome guys are gay… You can’t tell if a guy is gay just by looking at them…

      • trini says:

        What an odd thing to say. A stupid comment really. Some of the best looking men with great bodies are gay. Notice how they dress, great sense of fashion , and they work out and look after their bodies. Expensive clothes, expensive colognes and they love good food. Reaaly silly comment.

    5. Jayne says:

      Why do many people say that Leehom gives off gay vibes? In what sense?

    6. wahaha says:

      Do you guys think it is quite ridiculous to say Leehom deny to be gay just to save his fan base ?? Did you read that “the Hong-Di couple” receive a very strong support from Netizens ??? Nothing can effect his status if he doesn’t deny. From the beginning until now , all the so all evidences purely come from wild imagination of people who want to believed that he is gay. People keep saying they heard so and so from people in the industry that he is so and so . Pardon me, who are those “people in the industry ” exactly ?? People in entertainment industry also like you guys , they believe in what they want to believe. He go with a male friend = he is gay. that’s all. None of them are Leehom’s friends in person. I’m pretty sure If they are His friend , they will know a very different story about his love life. Even oneday he get married and have children , people will say he tries to cover his real sexual orientation. And yes, none of them are close to him , none of them sleep in the same bed with him .

      • wahaha says:

        I was at least once spot him with a girl and heard his love story from his classmate. It’s more convincing than tons of rumor from those so called “people from the industry”. He can be anything he want, I’m fine with it but It’s so annoying when people keep spreading rumor just to satisfy their own purpose/belief/benifit. People keep saying “nothing wrong to be gay” as an excuse to misunderstand him. No one tries to step into his shoes. Have you ever known he scared whenever a strange guy approached him? Have you ever known that he had to pretend to be dead when hearing people gossiping about he going out with boyfriend just behind his back ???

        • trini says:

          The fans are very supportive of him and Yundi, which shows that fans in Asia are becoming more tolerant of the gay lifestyle. Thing is, Wang Leehom does not want to come out, or be forced out of the closet. He is very smart. By saying he and Yundi are straight, he is trying to shift the focus off the gay rumors when the two of them hang out in public, or are photographed together by the pappi. Smart thinthing, Leehom.

        • wahaha says:

          @trini :
          I agree that Leehom is very smart. But get your fact right first :
          1. All the photo of them is shared by Leehom , Li Yundi and Blackie, none of them took by paparazzi. If he does not want to come out of the closet , why did he share those photo and allow his friend share it at the first place ? They can keep everything in secret from beginning

          2. For the so called holding hand incident , the photo is shared by Li Yundi . Only people who intentionally want to mislead others or have no knowledge of human anatomy can say they holding hand

          3. Leehom have dinner with Li yundi family and a gang of his staffs. The photo is shared by Li Yundi

          4. Do you really believe the paparazzi will not follow them if he denies ????? Though Leehom didn’t admit anything with Shu Qi , paparazzi till follow them for 7 years. As a very smart person like you said, do you think Leehom think his denial will work to the paparazzi????

          PS. For people who believe in so called secret in the industry or even an open secret in the industry, build some knowledge about Leehom’s personality first before saying such thing. Whether he is gay ot not , only his very close and loyal friends know about his love life ( I even can name who they are ) As a entertainer himself , Leehom has never really get close to many people in the industry and he will never disclose anything about his private to them. They all just gossiping

      • trini says:

        Many celebs in the world do get married to cover up their sexual orientation, and asia n celebs are no different than the rest of them. Wang leehom is gay. I like him, I think he is handsome, well mannered, filial, educated, cultured and talented. That does not mean he is not gay. I am a fan. I see you are also a fan, but you are trying so hard to deny the obvious. He is gay so what. Live with it, love him for his his music, his acting and the sweet person that he is. when we try to put these guys and gals on angelic pedestals, we revert to living in a world of delusion and denial. .what a sad and angry world.

        • 939393 says:

          Everything you say doesn’t justify that he is gay either, just sayin’

        • wahaha says:

          The world is sad and angry when people force him to be gay just because it satisfies their wish or belief. If oneday Leehom say he is , then he is. Before that day happens ( I really doubt it will). don’t try to assume as if you share a same bed with him

        • 939393 says:

          Agreed @wahaha

        • HeTieShou says:

          It does not matter if he is gay or not. It does not make him any less talented or a bad person if he is.

    7. RaySimpson says:

      Must be a slow day… Another BS article… I feel sorry for the translators.

    8. Funn Lim says:

      Yeah yeah they like women but they LOVE each other.

      Let’s move on.

    9. tika says:

      LOL nope, still totally gay in my book. Not fooling anybody buddy

    10. msxie says:

      Poor Leehom is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He should just live his life and ignore the rumor mongers who have no life except to gossip.

    11. HeTieShou says:

      Honestly, no one knows for sure if he is gay or not… Time will tell..

    12. Lam Lam says:

      Hmm..sometimes we should just appreciate them for being the talented musicians that they are and stop using the excuse ‘they put themselves at limelight so we are entitled to judge them’. Take a chill pill everyone. It’s Friday (well, at least at my place :D)!

    13. cloud9 says:

      Is times Ang Lee produce a local movie call Brokeback Alishan Mountain staring Leehom and Yundi

    14. skinnymocha says:

      Just let them live their lives… Is there any point in people shoving “you’re gay, you’re gay” in their faces?

    15. iawnaek says:

      Of course he is gay! There are both gay, so obvious! Non issue. Move on.

    16. wahaha says:

      This rumor is good somehow , now people have to stop saying Leehom don’t admit he is gay to save his fan base and protect his career. The fans’ react showed that they support him no matter who he loves

    17. happybi says:

      He’s def. gay. Should just come out and admit it as I’m sure his fan will support him. He’s such a talented guy so shouldn’t worry so much!

    18. HOMegirl says:

      Gay or not gay true fans will still love him for his talent. So leehom dun worry too much :)

      • trini says:

        I still like him. He is a talented singer and not a bad actor either. He is also a great person. He is not arrogant. The Leehom that I personally know is cool.

        • Wahaha says:

          The person that you personally know… Well do you know that leehom is a very honest person . Whenever he is forced to tell a lie, he always come with some silly excuse ( beware that he is very smart) intentionally. He lied sometimes but whenever he come out himself to give a official statement it is a truth . The one you think you know def not Leehom if you didn’t know his characteristic dear.

        • Wahaha says:

          Sorry for making many typo and grammar error as i ‘ m typing on moblie. If you don’t have kids , then better spending time with your wife instead of follow closely to all leehom news related to his sexual orientation and keep saying he is gay in all articles. It is kind of weird for normal married man for doing that. I read a same story on asianfanatics in some related articles too. You was there too? It is hard to believe any mature man would care about those artist’s rumors that much

        • trini says:

          Spoken like a true 12 year old. You are so trying to convince yourself your object of desire is so straight. I actually pity you and your pathetic comment below. Keep dreaming, keep your delusions of granduer.

        • trini says:

          Do not tell me where I can spend my time kiddo. You might rule your parents and tell tem what to do, back off with me okay. You know that the celebs themselves read these forums. Even the married ones with children. Are they weird too. are all the ones who come gere who have kids weird too. It is not normal for you to say such stupid things. Grow up child. You really make me laugh. HEY KID, why don’t you go throwing a tantrum to Jaynestars asking that all married men and women be banned from coming here,lol, hoho, haha. HE IS GAY, KID.

    19. sky says:

      leehom can keep saying he’s not gay, but too bad it can’t change the truth….

    20. trini says:

      @wahaha, you totally took my comment out of context. Chill and take a deep breath.
      (1) My comment has nothing to do with the Yi Lundi photos. I made a thread comment for over ten years that Leehom was gay.

      (2) My comments have nothing to do with photos that the pappi too, or what is printed in the papers.

      Sixteen years ago, when my cousin said that Leslie Cheung is gay, this raging, crazy as* pathetic fan girl attacked my cuz because she wanted Leslie, I guess. My beautiful cousin is a skilled martial artist and gave that crazy idol possessed bit*h the beating of her life. To add to faan girl’s misery, the next year, Leslie publicly said that he was gay,hahaha.

      Even Leslie cursed out the media and said they were just looking for news when they implied in print that he was gay, and took photos of him and Daffy Tong together.
      Wahaha, I am aware these are pictures voluntarily taken of Yundi and Leehom together. with all the netizens pushing for a relationship between the two, the pappi will be watching them like a hawk. If the pappi does get photoes of them together, Leehom was smart enough to publicly say he is not gay so that no one will make a big deal.
      All of the asian celebs who publicly came out, had in the past also publicly and passionately denied that they too, were not gay.

    21. trini says:

      The world is indeed sad and angry, and may I add pathetic, when fans are so rabid that they have to put their idols on sainted pedestals. When they live in denial of of the flaws and human habits of these celebs. When they can’t accept that some of these guys and gals are gay.

    22. Woot says:

      Gay or not, why does it matter? Unless you’re planning to marry him or something, otherwise just support whatever he’s doing if you’re his fan or enjoy the songs if you’re not. I’m neutral, so I don’t care…but it’s crazy to see people going ‘definitely gay, definitely not’ everywhere, as if they’re a worm inside his stomach. Stop being silly.

      • trini says:

        I am man, married to a woman, I don’t want to marry him. Maybe someone does,haha. I am being honest, not silly. The silliness is for the fangirl/s who are trying so hard to debunk the gay truth about Leehom.lol. SO CHILL.

        • Wahaha says:

          I’ m sorry in advance
          Well, you know, i’ m young. I’m meet Leehom before amd i’ m def a big fan of him as a musician and as a human being . I have alll reason to be here to read his news , defend on what i know about him. But you, you are a straight man and alreafy had family . What make you come to this kind of website, care about this kind of news and trying soooooo hard to make people believe that he is gay?? No normal family man is interested in these kind of activity. I suppose if you are a mature family man , you need to spend more time for your kids , and don’t give a damn to help leehom telll the whole world his sexual orientation . It is his job, not you obviously

      • Funn Lim says:

        It matters to Lee Hom I suppose since he is now turning rather vocal. I do not know if he is gay for sure but looking at the many aspects of his relationships, I suppose there is always a possibility. I’d rather he not admit or deny. Be like Keanu Reeves let everyone keep thinking and his fans going May the best woman (or man) win! I mean come on, a guy having Lee Hom as boyfriend? Lucky right?

    23. trini says:

      @WAHAHA. You are right, kiddo. You must be young, about eight years old. Did I ever say I have kids, learn to bloody read. You ARE too young to be here. Go play with your hello kitties and make cookies with mommy. I am in my twenties, I am young too. So the site is only for eight year olds like yourself. Okay, now I know. I know Leehom personally, Junior. You need to grow up before you want the man, okay?. I guess Jaynestars should come with a sign, no married men or women allowed, or none with children. That was indeed a juvenile and asinine comment and you SHOULD be sorry. The man is GAY, kid, live with it.

      • skinnymocha says:

        So what if he is gay or not? Is there any need for you to shove it in people’s faces? The man, himself, obviously wasn’t happy with the rumours and finally decided to take to Weibo to publicly deny all this. Doesn’t mean it’s confirmation. However, if you knew him personally, why are you so persistent in going against what the man says? Why are we so fixated on his sexuality?

        • trini says:

          I am not shoving anything down anyone’s throat that his normal, sensible fans do not already know. It is the silly lovestruck fangirls who want to kill me for stating the obvious. He can say he is not gay, I can say that he is. Why are you so fixated about what I say about his sexuality.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Because he’s obviously uncomfortable with it. Shouldn’t we just respect his words and his decision? If he really is gay, just let him decide when to come out with it. Also, it’s his private life; we’re not entitled to anything, he doesn’t actually have to disclose any of this with us.

          What I really don’t get is (and this isn’t necessarily pointed at you) is why the need to single out “gays” and put a label on them?

    24. trini says:

      @WAHAHA, So many people who are older, way older than me go to these forums and make comments, some even with grown children. What the hell do you know about Leehom, you went to a concert and met him, big deal. I have known him since I was three. I too have a right to say what I know about him.

      • Claudia says:

        Trini, you are getting weirder and weirder.
        I guess you misunderstood Wahaha on purpose.
        And… So you know Leehom since you were three? So like an old neighbour or something?
        Shouldn’t someone like you support Leehom? You are doing the exact opposite by saying that Leehom is lying because “he doesn’t want to lose his fan base” (which is btw nonsense if you look at discussions between Leehom fans. they are fans because of his music not his lovelife).

        Did “bad Leehom” stole your lego when he had to babysit you or what’s your reason for always talking against Leehom’s own words?! Come on, nobody can take you really serious by the way you “discuss” with other people in threads.

        • trini says:

          Claudio, claudia, I am weird for saying what his fans with maturity and common sense already know. I guess that makes me Einstein compared to you. Coming from you, I take that as a compement. I would like you to point out exactly where I misunderstood Junior. Lee Hom can deny all he wants, that is okay. His true, normal fans know, that is why they are pushing for a relationship between him and Yundi. They are not living in denial and attacking me for stating the truth. You, who is weirder than me, have a nice day. I await yoour next compliment.

        • skinnymocha says:

          “His true, normal fans” will give him space and respect.

        • trini says:

          Claudio, you are weird. It is not a matter of Leehom lying. He is doing what he feels he has to do. How many gay men get leading man roles. Even in Hollywood, it is a rarity. China is even more conservative about gays in showbiz. maybe the younger fans will be accepting, but not the directors , producers etc. sponsors,etc.

        • Claudia says:

          I agree with Skinnymocha. True, normal fans leave Leehom alone and give him space. Exactly!

          (PS to Trini, my weirder-comment wasn’t meant as an insult. Just a fact. LOL)

      • Mazeltov says:

        ‘How many gay men get leading man roles’

        Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney Stinson.

        Not a leading man but hes quite a star in the show.

    25. Jack says:

      I don’t get why people insists he’s gay unless they mean to say he’s happy. Lol! xD

    26. trini says:

      I meant compliment. I have to quote the words of Funn Lim, do not deny or admit either. I wish these guys would indeed take the route of Keanu Reeves. There is a certain singer in Asia who over a year and a half ago, announced his marriage. He did it because his reputation is now more important to him than ever before. This man does have a partner who he made a commitment to, not in asia, but outside of asia. He may be married but not to a woman. He was heard by my buddy one night, having sex with his husband. My buddy knew it was him because the hubby was calling his name. My buddy knew already so it did not surprise him. Now, if I say this man is gay, a lot of lovestruck idiots will want to kill me.Before this man announced his “marriage”, a friend of mine had a weibo friend who says she wants to meet and marry this man. He asked her if she cannot see that this man is gay, his way of speaking, his body language, his way of dress and everything suggests that he is gay. She unfriended and deleted my buddy. Silly, silly girl from the mainland. A teenage boy is adamant that this man has a gentle, beautiful wife because he himself is very delicate, gentle and effemenite. Claudia and Junir, you see how thse idols mislead the fans. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO DENY OR ADMIT, Iagree with that statement, and I will stay weird. Hope I get weirder by the day,lol.

    27. trini says:

      @skinnymocha. Your comment is strange. You said, “why the need to single out gays and put a label on them”. It is not a label dear. A person’s orientation is not a label.

      • trini says:

        Everyone knows that no normal young lady will passionately try to convince herself on this thread that her idoland crush might not be gay. You sound like a 4 year old whing. THA is not normal.

        • trini says:

          I can and will follow anything I want and comment, especially when I have to put up with abnormal whiney brats like you, who make the most asinine comments. I love to comment after you.

      • skinnymocha says:

        Of course it’s only a sexual orientation. So why are you so intent on calling him gay, like it’s a fact? Do you go calling out people for being hetero?

        Leehom, himself, has stated he is not gay. (Whether I believe that or not is another matter.) So is Leehom being two faced? Acting like he’s misunderstood, but quietly sending out “true fans” like you as little messengers to spread the word about his supposed homosexuality? No? So you decided to take it upon yourself to spread the message instead? He’s kept quiet for a while, letting it go as a joke, but the fact that he finally spoke out means he’s clearly sick of the rumours. Shouldn’t you be more supportive?

        Right. Because you’re doing the job for him anyway. I have friends who are gay. If they have problems with coming out, I’d address the issue directly with them (if they feel up to it) – not go behind their backs and announce it to the whole world.

        • trini says:

          It has nothing to do with me doing a job for him. I am just sick of these celebs Iam not, I am not. They should just keep quiet. Leehom has said he is not because @skinnymochahe knows the pappi will be on his trail for pictures of him and Yundi. if such pictures surface, then it will not be a big deal because he has denied he is not gay. That was great PR work on his part. all the “””Asian idols who eventually came out, screamed from the rooftops that they too, were not gay.

    28. Wahaha says:

      @ trini: the more you passionate about leehom’ s rumor the more it makes what you say not convincing . Netizens can claim anything because no one know who they are exactly. However, everyone who has some common sense know that no normal man without any intention follow every single news about another guy’s sexual orientation and trying so hard to tell others he knows so and so about this guy .

      • Claudia says:

        Exactly, @Wahaha! I cannot agree more! That’s why I won’t talk to trini any longer. He had his chance to convince but failed badly. LOL.

      • trini says:

        You stupid abnormal child, I can follow whatever I want. i am not the only one here or on other threads who say Leehom is gay. Are they not normal either. Do not try to play psychologist here. Get the hell out of yoyr diapers or pull ups before you do that,hahaha. he gay, live with it, Kiddo. You too Cladia. I have no time for delusional fangirls like you either.

      • trini says:

        This comment right here from you wahaha, is the comment of a child complaining because someone dares to tell the truth about your role model, idol and crush. This is one whiney comment.

      • trini says:

        You are becoming more childish, Inow believe you are ten, not twelve

    29. Wahaha says:

      Leehom attended his closed friend wedding in Italia in 2011 with his girlfriend. It is a truth.

      • trini says:

        Keep fooling yourself kid. Leehom is gay, that is the truth.

        • HeTieShou says:

          How do you know for sure that Leehom is gay??? You are just guessing and speculating just like the rest of us…

        • Wahaha says:

          If i’m tell a lie so you are , dear. Are we all netizens? Whatever you said , it can not be a stronger proof than what i saw with my naked eyes . If you know leehom that close, call him and check what i said . Asked him about that event , ha ha . What did leehom do in southern italia in 2011 LOL

    30. trini says:

      @He TieShou,If I did not know, I would not be so persistent. That is why I am so pissed off at that brat wahaha.HeTieshou, it makes me sick that these fangirls are so lost that they cannot accept the truth. I was young boy when I saw the same with some of Leslie Cheung’s fangirls. It was sad to see and listen to. One even killed herself when he came out. She was whiny and adamant and living in denial and delusions , just like wahaha. he wealthy family tried to cover up the death but my brother found her dead and the suicide note.

      • trini says:

        wahaha, there you go with your childish babbling again. you really are making me laugh now. “If I tell a lie, so are yo”. You know how pathetic and whiney you come across. You are saying all this to debunk what I said. You can go on til the cows come home and sheep fly, it will not change the fact that Leehom likes men.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Sorry, but you don’t have any proof that he is gay or not. However, you go on and on about it saying that he is. Honestly, even IF I was a fan of his, it would NOT make me like him more or less if he truly was… I would accept it but NO ONE knows at this point if he is or not. But like I have said, does it matter if he is or not??!! You are making a bigger deal of it than me or anyone… Look who is laughing at who?? Geez…

      • Wahaha says:

        Don’t be angry , a typical fangirl doesn ‘t want their idol has girlfriend some even hope their idol is gay so at least they dont see him with other girls :D i’m pretty sure you even spend more time on him more than me .

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree with wahaha… I wonder why some people love to waste their time on people they don’t even like.. I don’t like or hate Leehom at all but I do admire him for his talent. However, that is it and nothing more. Also, what is the big deal if he is gay or not. That does NOT make him a bad person or any less talented.

        • trini says:

          You wahah are not a typical fangirl. You are a silly child who has visions of marrying leehom.

        • Wahaha says:

          Haha dont try to assume . Just want hv some fun talk bcz your behavior make me curious .Yes , i”m starting to talk in a more childish way bcz it suits with a big joke I saw here . However anything I said till a truth , nothing makes up. That is not something can make up, it provide enough information ( well , enough to not harm his private life ) unless you said Leehom had to pretend to be straight in font his close friend who has nothing related to cpop industry by hiding a girl to play a gf role :)) But that girl doesn’t easy to hide lols

        • wahaha says:

          oops… That girl doesn’t easy to hire :P

      • HeTieShou says:

        I am NOT, I repeat am NOT a fan of Leehom at all. I don’t even know how he sounds and have never listened to his songs before. Dude,DO NOT jump to conclusions like a mad woman… I am not even defending him but am just saying that you do NOT know for sure if he is gay. Geez, you need to get a grip on it before you go crazy…

    31. trini says:

      Hetieshou. I said to you I know for sure, that is why I am persistent. IO made one former post to you and was done with you. why are you getting your knickers in a twist. chill. Now look who is laughing at who,hahahha. Have a nice weekend. Geez.

      • dude says:

        trini is suffering an identity crisis.Maybe he is the one who is gay but doesnt want to tell his wife.

    32. notasaint says:

      well if he specifically said ‘he is not heterosexual’ then i guess his not because those gay rumors have been going on for long. If he is gay, he doesn’t have to say anything. So maybe he does have a gf or wants to pursue some girl so that’s why he came out to say his hetero

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    Andy Lau Reflects on Filming of “Lost and Love” thumbnail

    Andy Lau Reflects on Filming of “Lost and Love”

    Him Law Doesn’t Mind Buying Feminine Products for Girlfriend thumbnail

    Him Law Doesn’t Mind Buying Feminine Products for Girlfriend

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    Kevin Cheng Denies Plagiarism in “Blue Veins” thumbnail

    Kevin Cheng Denies Plagiarism in “Blue Veins”

    ATV May Shut Down before April thumbnail

    ATV May Shut Down before April

    Natalie Tong and Tony Hung Dating for 2 Months thumbnail

    Natalie Tong and Tony Hung Dating for 2 Months

    Him Law Flaunts Beach Body thumbnail

    Him Law Flaunts Beach Body

    Donnie Yen Plans to Step Down from Action Films after “Ip Man 3” thumbnail

    Donnie Yen Plans to Step Down from Action Films after “Ip Man 3”

    [TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episodes 18 and 19 thumbnail

    [TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episodes 18 and 19

    Nicky Wu Celebrates Cecilia Liu’s 28th Birthday thumbnail

    Nicky Wu Celebrates Cecilia Liu’s 28th Birthday

    Rainie Yang is Tired of Being a Workaholic thumbnail

    Rainie Yang is Tired of Being a Workaholic


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