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Leon Lai and Gaile Lok Issue Separation Statement

By on October 3, 2012

Leon Lai and Gaile Lok Issue Separation Statement thumbnail

Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok (樂基兒) officially announced the end of their marriage on October 3. After seven years together, including four years of marriage, the couple’s once passionate relationship fizzled. The couple’s joint statement cited “differences in their philosophy in life” as the reason for separation. Leon Lai’s manager denied that there was the presence of a third party leading to the couple’s divorce.

In 2005, Leon Lai fell passionately in love with model, Gaile Lok, despite his reserved personality and her lively disposition. In 2008, the pair got secretly got married in Las Vegas, in which their marriage was exposed by the Hong Kong media one year later. Since July 2011, divorce rumors were rampant. In April 2012, Leon reportedly attempted to salvage their four-year marriage by bestowing $100 million HKD in gifts to Gaile.

With the media’s speculations continuing over the reason for the couple’s fizzled relationship, including citing Gaile falling for another man, 45-year-old Leon and 32-year-old Gaile issued a joint statement on October 3 clarifying the reason for the end of their marriage.

Below are the full contents of their press statement:

Paciwood Music & Entertainment Limited, on behalf of our artists, Ms. Gaile Lok and Mr. Leon Lai, announce to the public that although they have spent a lot of beautiful moments together and still care for each other, they have serious differences in their philosophies of life. After careful consideration, both parties decided to officially break up. During this difficult time for the two of them, hopefully the public will give them some personal space, allowing them to quickly adapt to their new lives and remain focused on work. On behalf of Ms. Lok and Mr. Lai, we express our heartfelt thanks to the media for their support and love.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (61)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      That is not a good picture of Leon. And not a good picture of his wife. Looks rather like a very beautiful young man.

      • hcfoo says:

        I thought Leon always look that ugly

      • Gar says:

        He looked really good in the early 90’s.

        • bizzybody says:

          Yup… then he started having puffy eyes… and then puffy face…. and now puffy body…. guess all of it comes with puffy wallet.

      • shu says:

        he does looks quite good for someone of his age(46)i think he and andy had the best love songs of the ’90.

      • EkinFan says:

        Clearly, Jayne isn’t a Leon fan

      • Josie says:

        Maybe Jayne didn’t want to go back 10 yrs to find a good pic of Leon. Plus, it ain’t her fault Leon always looks terrible lately.

      • Funn Lim says:

        With posts like yours, Jayne probably had to delete them to keep some classiness here.

        • sky says:

          classiness about what? i say y jayne keeps posting ugly pix.

        • Jayne says:

          I don’t intentionally post ugly photos of an artist. Ugly, neutral looking, or even good looking is subjective. I choose the photos that I think are suitable, which would be a subjective choice.

          You’ve made your point on numerous occasions and your point has been heard.

        • old reader says:

          It takes a lot of effort to keep translating news and articles FOR FREE.
          If you don’t like the article, go elsewhere.
          Don’t carry out personal attacks on somebody who spends his/her own money to pay for the domain and time to translate for others to read. This is Jayne’s domain. She paid for it. She has the right to delete your comments. Dont like it? Go get your own domain.

          Keep up the good work Jayne & team!
          I’ve been reading since 2006 (i think, or even earlier). I really appreciate all your hardwork to bring news to Chinese-blind people like me. Been a silent reader for years but lately there are a lot of haters who attack on personalities. That is the lowest of attacks. Haters should just go create their own domains and hate there. Period.

        • Jayne says:

          old reader,

          Thanks for your support of our website through the years. It is meeting appreciative lifelong TVB fans like you that makes maintaining this site meaningful.

          We will continue to do our best and publish the hottest entertainment news.

        • bizzybody says:

          Without having to type everything out, I fully support all that old reader says. Being unable to read chinese, i rely on Jayne’s website for the past few years whenever I have the time or feel the need to catch up on gossips.
          For the nitpickers, go pick on yourself instead of others. You won’t be missed.

    2. looooooooooooo says:

      good leon. move on with illustrious life. she will perform to square one with no fame and respect

    3. happybi says:

      Never thought she was pretty.. always thought she look like a she man.. actually similar to Kate Tsui…

      Didn’t think they match to begin with anyway so it’s good that they finally went their separate way instead of wasting more of each other time.

    4. Gar says:

      I personally don’t think she’s all that. Obviously she has already moved on as shown in the recent pics of her so hopefully Leon will find himself someone with the “same philosophy in life”.

    5. sky says:

      looking at her pix online, i find her to be above average.

    6. Alana says:

      She is way better than Kate Tsui

    7. Jenn says:

      Erm not that great looking, but way better than Kate!

      • kiki says:

        hahaha..lol i am w/u on this one. sometimes this gaile can be cute but kate i never thought so…

    8. elin says:

      emm yhy bth dont look tht good honestly…

    9. elin says:

      thy both..sorry typo

    10. yinnie says:

      It really does seem they couldn’t overcome their differences in their personalities, she was brought up quite westernized so her outlook in life is probably very different from Leon. While she may think she feels young at 32 she actually isn’t and the next few years will make a big difference to how old she will feel because once you hit 35 time will really tick by and she will not only notice lots of younger models around she will notice her peers will have settled down with kids. It’s not so easy to start again. It’s a shame their marriage didn’t work out…I still remember being infatuated with Leon back in the day. Seeing recent articles about him brings back memories of my teenage crush on him.

      • kiki says:

        i do agree that LL used to be quite cute in his days but lately all pics of him he does look a bit haggard but then again, who does not get uglier as we aged? i mean yes, some do aged beautifully but some it’s really the other way around. but what

        • kiki says:

          This girl sounds like she is fluent in English and ABC sort of personality on functions when you hear her talk and they say LL is the quiet kind so it might be true there are conflicts for opposites as such but still celebs make too fast or too easy an excuse to say how they are TOO DIFF and thus SPLITSVILLE. If for normal couple who depend on each other for support, they will certainly prolong it as long as they could IMO of course haha

      • picklehead says:

        Excuse me but as someone of that same age, I beg to differ. maybe it’s because alot of asians consider 35 to be too old to have kids or whatever but sometimes it’s not about reproducing.

        I by no means like Gaile. But I beg to differ regarding your comment that life seems to go downhill at 35 if you don’t settle down and reproduce. There are plenty of people that are that age and older that don’t need a relationship to define who they are, nor feel the need to quantify themselves with a child.

        • kiki says:

          completely understandable of your point 2 that men/women dont need to be in a relationship to define who they are but i think majority of ppl will to differ.
          i’ve noticed that alot of in the work force, if they are over 30-35 and still not married or in a relationship they will automatically think they must be gay or lesbian and that they must be in a relationship in order to be called NORMAL. i dont find anything wrong w/ppl who does not feel the need to get married and have kids n still have a fulfilling life of their own and fully enjoying it i do notice that most ppl are still being peer pressure to think ppl should be married or in a relationship in order to be happy. the mindset of such people you can never change them; overall they think everyone should be married because that what everyone is doing and should be doing. sigh….

    11. HeTieShou says:

      I had a feeling that this was true since the rumours just kept reoccuring… I guess they have no choice if things don’t work out…Best of luck to both of them.

    12. Cloud says:

      I didn’t think their marriage would last past 5 years due to their complete polar opposite personalities and lifestyle. Gailie could now go find a boyfriend that loves eating at McDonalds.

    13. Michael says:

      Don’t give her any money and let’s see if she would still leave for another man.

    14. Applelim says:

      I just watched her denying any problems in their marriage a few days ago!! Boy can’t she lie. Goes to show no smoke without fire. Media has sniffed something out ages ago, so they can be believed after all. Its just they magnify and add extras etc to their story!!

    15. Gia says:

      No one really knows the real reasons except these two.
      If you are no longer happy within a marriage and can’t
      work through it, might as well separate. Life is too short
      to be unhappy! Good luck to both of them.

    16. JJ says:

      Well everybody saw this one coming.

    17. jk says:

      They don’t match she too westernized and he looks boring as he ages—he Shouldhave stuck it out with shu qu–to be able to catch a heavenly king gaile should appreciate it and try to make things work cause it ain’t easy for a guylike him to marry her look at Lynn and Aaron and Andy’s wife never acknowledged till her dad passed away…Leon seems like he didnt want kids -but if I was gaile I wouldnt divorce but try to patch things up cause Leon is trying and her looks aren’t100,percent there anyway

    18. Critics says:

      Some females shark will hovering around Leon now since he is available. They might be queuing “oops” to hug him.

    19. Danny yan says:

      Poor Leon. Hope he can get into new life to have kid on time. 45 is old :)

    20. aptos says:

      If it is well planned, it is not too late even at 45 years old to have a child albeit it may be difficult during the older years. Financially, Leon can do it but I am not sure if he could raise a child physically as he does not look to athletic to raise a child hands-on but only with hired help.

      • coles says:

        seriously looking at him..doubt he’s that much into sex and does not look like he’s good in bed as well!! young wife how to keep up…

        • bizzybody says:

          LOL! Didn’t know we can tell sexual prowess/interest through face. Ha, ha, ha…
          P/s Can you tell that David Duchovny is a sexaholic by looking at his face?

    21. JDub says:

      Everyone remember when Bernice and Moses had already broken up in 2008, but she still became a cheating gold digger in 2011 because she dated someone else three years after the fact? Galie………….don’t let that be you.

    22. Grace says:

      Wonder who will he date now.

    23. kittyluong says:

      leon lai was very good looking when he was young . but now he old now . hope u can found someone that love him as he who he was and not. what he look like from the outside.

    24. Grace says:

      All he need to do is lose some weight & he’ll be fine. As a person ages, the extra weight tends to make one looks older.

    25. kathy says:



      此外,莊思敏前晚在《爆足一周》節目中表示做模特兒時已認識樂基兒,她知道樂基兒是個愛憎分明的人,名模Lisa S。也曾說兩年沒見樂基兒,暗示黎明不愛樂基兒上街。至於樂基兒的好友劉晨芝就否認雜誌指她爆料,她說:“全部都是假的,扭曲我的話,我沒說過樂基兒半夜哭着打給我、沒說過黎明不讓她上街,也沒說過黎明黑面。;

    26. decode__ says:








    27. clamine says:

      I have always found Tsui Yong Yong’s articles in her column to be very perceptive and fair to her subject. Here’s her take on Leon and Gaile’s marriage breakdown. And Ms. Tsui is a Leon’s fan. This article changed my opinion of Gaile.

      Leon loves Gaile dearly but Gaile felt like a bird with clipped wings imprisoned inside a gilded cage. She wanted Leon, the person by her side, not what he can provide for her.




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