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Lin Wei Ching Walks Free After Forcing 1,000 Girls into Prostitution

By on October 27, 2012

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Millionaire Taiwanese singer, Lin Wei Ching (林威成), with multiple criminal charges of drug rape and forced prostitution, is now back on the streets.

Taiwanese singer, Lin Wei Ching, was arrested several times in the past. He was previously accused of drug rape, forcing girls into prostitution, and running prostitution hotels. It is reported that Lin’s sex crimes involved more than 1,000 female victims.

Although the Taiwan police conducted a thorough investigation which led to Lin’s arrest, the district court of Kaohsiung allowed him go on bail several months later. Lin has resumed operating his love hotels, nightclubs, and karaoke bars. Lin reportedly continued his sexual assault spree, while forcing young girls into prostitution.

Lin Wei Ching Made Millions from Sex Operations

Dubbed as the “King of Sex Hotels,” Lin Wei Ching was a construction worker and later became a singer. Releasing one music album, Lin attracted a following with his grassroots background. After a brief stint in music, the singer-turned-investor went on to make more than $100 million RMB from investing in hotels.

However, with Lin’s involvement in drugs and gambling, Lin quickly racked up large financial debts. In order to pay back his debt, Lin reported resorted to using drugs to manipulate girls into prostitution for him.

Used Drugs for Forced Prostitution

In his prime, Lin owned drug hotels all over Taiwan. Not only did he tempt young girls with drugs so they would work for him as prostitutes, he reportedly even used date rape drugs to knock them unconscious and sexually assault them.

Lin even outrageously drugged and raped his best friend’s wife, and blackmailed her later with pictures so he could continue to sexually assault her. The couple ended up in a divorce, according to Taiwan reports.

Lin allegedly practiced gang rape with his hotel staff or shareholders, after drugging targeted female victims. The entire scene would be recorded and uploaded online. On one occasion, a mother of an underage victim reportedly showed up looking for her daughter, and both the mother and the daughter were drugged and raped.

Taiwan authorities launched multiple investigations revolving around Lin, but he was able to side-step them, while continuing to expand his profitable sex businesses.

As to why the court would release Lin on bail—allowing him to commit new crimes—authorities only sighed and said, “We have a daughter too. He was arrested again and again, yet the courts still believed in his pleads and allow him to leave. Maybe things will change if their relatives get hurt; only then they will feel the pain and perhaps do the right thing.”

Sources: Sohu.com, Netease.com

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  • Readers' Comments (30)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Sigh. Prisons too crowded, he was probably a model prisoner inside, hence his early release. This sounds like a serious case. Maybe a tax avoidance charge will yield a longer prison term than whatever he was accused and convicted with.

    2. Gia says:

      Wow what a unsavoury character, feel so bad for the victims.

    3. Cleo says:

      ” both the mother and the daughter were drugged and raped.” – that doesn’t remind you of the Japanese?

      This and the Justin Lin news when no one is making any noise about Japan’s “1000 Beheaded” voyeurs club that is doing the same thing is really weird.

    4. Daisy says:

      That is disgusting!! Ugh

    5. quynh says:

      the fact that he is still able to operate his businesses is baffling to me….sometimes i feel like there’s no justice in this world.

      • bizzybody says:

        There is justice… but only to the rich who can afford to pay for everything (lawyers, ‘buying’ of witnesses/judge/jury,etc…).

    6. M says:

      Wth…Castrate the son of a b*tch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. 936 says:

      why does he look like a girl?

    8. stance says:


    9. aptos says:

      Makes Edison and Justin like saints…

      • skinnymocha says:

        Why bring Edison into this? Like him or not, it worked both ways and the women gave their consent.

        Back on topic, this piece of news is an absolute disgrace. Sad to see such people walk free.

        • agreed says:

          agreed. edison doesn’t need to be mention in this.

        • Linnh says:

          Totally agree, to be fair to Edison, then he is nowhere near those two men. You can put justin in this boat but not Edison. Putting him in this is really unfair.

        • jane says:

          Are you trying to say that Edison Chen’s allegation was very light and thus he should be forgiven for all that he’d done to all his victims?

    10. Kwon says:

      There’s no justice in this world. It shows that if you’re rich you can get away with anything. These disgusting people should shipped to a deserted island to rot.

    11. EkinFan says:

      freakin scum!

    12. E says:

      Wow. I’ve been to Taiwan, but it’s such a nice country with nice people, who knows about such thing happen.

      Man, if he did such thing here in the State, he will be put in jail for so long. These judges are crazy to set him free grrr

      • HeTieShou says:

        Taiwan is a great country with good people, but there are also bad people as well just like anywhere.They are also very corrupt and you can get away with anything if you have money…

      • Mr.chow says:

        Don’t be naive, money can buy u freedom in the USA too

        • HeTieShou says:

          Not necessarily because many rich and powerful have had to do their time too. However, I do agree to some extent that there have been some cases where freedom was bought with money.

    13. Cloud says:

      This is so sad. They let him out only to ruin more people’s lives. This guy needs to stay in prison for good.

    14. exoidus says:

      Taiwan = paradise for criminals and rapists.

    15. Kidd says:

      Has anyone heard his songs? Was he good?

    16. Nadia says:

      They should just boycott his albums.

    17. iampheng says:

      What the heck? Where did this come from? I have become really depressed lately with the news of the world’s war on women in the midst of elections. This news may be coming from Taiwan, but in my heart, I am sympathetic to other women.

    18. Hannahh says:

      Haven’t heard of him b4. This jerk should get stones to death.

    19. Yakuzsa says:

      Hire som Mafia and have him beheaded.

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