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Linda Chung Brings Philip Ng to Vancouver Home

By on February 15, 2013

Linda Chung Brings Philip Ng to Vancouver Home thumbnail

The Year of the Snake is starting off on a very positive note for Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). With her work schedule planned ahead for the 2013, she also took a much-needed 2-month vacation. After filming Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, Linda returned to Canada to visit her family and friends. According to insiders, Linda’s rumored boyfriend Philip Ng (伍允龍) also took a 2-week vacation and flew from the United States to Canada to reunite with Linda and also meet her parents during the Lunar New Year.

The insider said, “Linda hasn’t taken a vacation in a long time. So she was extremely excited to take some time off and meet up with Philip in Vancouver and also introduce him to her family and relatives. Linda didn’t want to be caught together with Philip by the press so they arrived at the airport on separate days.”

The fact that Philip’s popularity does not to compare to Linda’s rising status does not bother her. For the past five years, the pair has maintained a low-key relationship, hoping to keep it under wraps from the public eye. It was not until earlier reports that Race Wong (黃婉佩) has come between them that Linda stepped out to clarify, “How funny! The media likes to report that we’re either dating or we’re breaking up. When in fact, we are doing very well, just like before and as always! Because Race recently broke up (with Jacky Heung (向佐), we spent some time with her to console her. The three of us are good friends!”

“My parents have met all my friends and Philip likes to show them around. He looks very strong and manly on the outside, but he is a very caring person. He’s a great guy and fits all my criteria, and he’s patient!” Linda said.

When asked if Philip is her ideal husband, Linda just smiled sweetly. For someone who wishes to get married before turning 30, the 28-year-old Linda may have her wish granted very soon!

Source: Next Magazine #1197 via kuangaitvb.com
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  • Readers' Comments (56)

    1. subtleness says:

      “he’s patient”

      lmao um now i know why raymond and linda bb did not work out

    2. Bubblez says:

      So happy for her! :P
      I wished she would host a meet-and-greet event in Vancouver since this is her hometown and she has tons of fans here *coughs*. hehe

    3. CocoPanda says:


    4. MT says:

      So Linda’s been dating Phillip for 5 years but she’s still a virgin and still pure. Either she’s lying, or he’s really really, and I mean REALLY patient.

      • sandcherry says:

        I don’t quite believe that any celebrities are still virgin these days. I think that it is a shame to be virgins these days for many females.

        • Bubblez says:

          why would it be a shame to virgin?:/
          It’s a personal thing in my opinion.

        • Hazel says:

          It’s not a shame to be an virgin. Some people just wants to keep it for their husband, better then sleeping with any guy they see(not one to judge. If they want to have sex with others is their own decision) They have the right to keep their virginity, is not a shame for any woman to be a virgin!

        • sandcherry says:

          I was only joking ………

          90% of the young females now are not virgins any more unless they don’t have boyfriends or they are ugly. I don’t belong to the young generation, but I can tell.

        • Bubblez says:

          Mhm okay (:

        • MT says:

          It’s really of no importance at all whether she’s a virgin or not. There’s no shame is being or not being a virgin. It’s her trying to increase her popularity by using this purity/virginity crap that’s disgusting and hard to bear. If she’s a virgin, that’s fine. If she’s not a virgin, that’s fine too. But keep it to yourself, stop using it as a tool to preach and boost your popularity. Look what happened with Athena Chu. She too preached about being a virgin and not having pre-marital sex and then she goes off to have a child out of wedlock. I really don’t care whether these celebrities have sex or not before or after marriage, but just stop shoving this crap in people’s faces. It’s unnecessary, irrelevant and sickening.

        • Bubblez says:

          I don’t think Linda Chung is trying to increase her popularity by stating that she’s a virgin. It has little effects on how she is viewed. Merely, it is through her acting skills and whatnot that is making her popular.

        • looooooooooo says:

          I thought she had lost virginity to LF?

      • Nelly says:

        I agree with you all. It’s ok to be virgin or not, but why reveal that in public is that necessary or for publicity? Just like the goddesses title and the other virgin goddesses is too much. Are they now immortal? Lol.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree. Virginity is a very personal and private matter. Celebrities should not reveal that in public in order to boost her popularity. People are weird and disgusting these days!

      • Fox says:

        Actually I don’t blv in the virgin band, maybe “like a virgin” is closest.

    5. Bubblez says:

      I agree with Hazel.

    6. Gar says:

      All the best to Linda and Philip.

    7. onearth says:

      I think she has great taste. He is hot and looks cool w/o even trying.

    8. Akemirhee says:

      Linda is a good role model for an actress
      Is nothing wrong to be virgin esp at this century most ladies set bad eg sex bfore marriage
      Is good to keep for yr husband than sleeping around

      Thank god she dont choose LF

      All the best Linda support you all the way

    9. Philip says:

      Where in the article it says she is a virgin or linda is using it to increase her popularity?? all it says is she is in Vancouver. Why suddenly start attacking her like that?

      If her religion is no sex until marriage then that’s her believe and nothing wrong with it. Don’t like it then read other artist that have sex! Go read about LF or Edison!! U guys make it sound like it’s a crime to not have sex. It’s her personal life and choice. Don’t need to be so mean to her.

    10. Jayne says:

      Linda never responded outright regarding her views over sex. Among TVB actresses, only Linda’s good friend, Grace Wong, has stated that she is a virgin.

      Leanne Li had once said that she will remain abstinent despite being in a relationship with Wong Cho Lam.

      The press just lumped the good friends together, along with Christine Kuo, Leanne Li and Eliza Sam as the “Virgin Band” should the women decide to form a music group.

    11. Akemirhee says:

      A good one Philip like your reply :-)

    12. Philip says:

      Exactly! Linda have NEVER mention anything about her views on sex before marriage. So just leave her alone on that stupid topic. Thanks.

      This article is about my BB in Vancouver spending happy times with her family and friends! Happy new year and Valentine’s day. Rest up, recharge and work hard again. Can’t wait to see linda again.

      • onearth says:

        I think it must be the media that always tries to group them together if Grace Wong is one of her closest friends who claims that she is one then they will say all of them are so they can sell more magazines. One of your friends who IS or NOT does not mean others are the same as she is but HK media has always been like this loves to label ppl …just like unmarried women; they will say they are leftovers and spinsters haha… u gotta hang it to them, will do anything to sell more.

      • Bubblez says:

        I agree :)

    13. Funn Lim says:

      I will be honest. I don’t like his looks. he looks like a brute. BUT looks can be deceiving.

      • kk68 says:

        Yeah, same here feeling lost and bored (sorry Linda) they are the same height and make he look short if Linda wear high heels..

      • Mr.chow says:

        What’s wrong withnhis look!? He looks good , like a real man.

        Thank god Linda isn’t dating a gweilo, like some other cheap Asian celebrities

        • onearth says:

          exactly, like alot of them are doing when they dont even speak english well hhhaha…she speaks well but she still picks this guy so good for her. he’s not bad looking imo…

    14. Observer says:

      Appearance could be deceiving. Martial art people tend to have rough physical appearance. Virtue & personality are more important and they find each other compatible

      • skinnymocha says:

        Like Shek Kin was always typecast in villain roles, but he was regarded as one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

        Does Philip really look like a brute or is it just his physique? He looks normal to me :/

    15. K says:

      linda is 28? this entire time i thought she was in her 30’s

    16. rei says:

      It is a good thing to save your virginity for your future husband I personally think all men and women should have that strong desire and respect towards their future partner. Society will be a better place if we all raise kids that way…but of course people are weak and give in to temptations. I believe there are reasons why so many divorces in this modern life we live in because people are not pure and real anymore. I wouldn’t like to find out later that my husband had slept with many women before me. There are too many messy relationships…this sleeps around to having children before marriage and letting the kids grow up without a father or mother model. Setting a sad-lonely childhood for the kids and before you know it mommie or daddy is dating a different person again. There are no structure…no moral no standard. I wonder why these kids grow up with depression, low self esteem or mentally crazy…so if you are a virgin don’t be ashame in fact you should be very proud of yourself. Don’t let those who couldn’t control themself to make you feel bad just so they could feel better about their false pride.

      • pino says:


      • sandcherry says:

        I support you, but I doubt that the young generation would listen.

        “I wonder why these kids grow up with depression, low self esteem or mentally crazy” because they don’t have the traditional family environments any more” …………….. It is an aftermath of casual sex these days.

      • Crystal says:

        “I wonder why these kids grow up with depression, low self esteem or mentally crazy…”

        Please look into Introduction to Psychology. It is a course that gives a full overview of what psychology is all about, included are the psychological disorders. You will find that depression, low self esteem or mentally crazy is strongly correlated to what kind of family background the child is in. Yes, kids now a days make some decisions that makes adults irk but you must look deep into their family background to fully understand why these children do the things they do. Some are linked to biological factors, genetics and such others due to psychological factors such as the parents/family member’s failure to understand their own child. Bottom line is, parents and care takers support is essential to how the child will be shaped into an adult.

        • Bubblez says:

          I agree with you that parents and care takers is essential to how the child would be shaped. However, it all comes down to personal choice.

        • Crystal says:

          I understand that, the problem with that is if someone is clinically proven to be psychologically impaired, they do not have the mental capacity to know what is acceptable or unacceptable. Therefore, choice is really not in reaching arms and that is why parents need to step up.

        • Bubblez says:

          True, I understand that.
          Once you reach a specific age, parental control has little effects. Like when we were younger, we would listen to everything our parents say.. But as we age into our late teenage years, we tend to listen to the stuff we want to hear and not the stuff that is good for ourselves. But in all, it really depends on how strict the parents are and personal choice. And regardless of their choice, they need to be responsible. (This is targeted at regular people with no psychological/mental disorders)

        • Crystal says:

          That is why parents from the beginning needs to establish a comfortable relationship with their kids. It very hard to reach out to them after a certain age, usually after 13-14. The beginning of teenage years is probably the most rebellious. If there is no clear cut foundation between parent and child since the beginning, I find it hard to put all the blame on the child for his or her failure to choose properly. After all no one is born knowing what is acceptable or unacceptable.

          The reason why I brought up psychological disorders is because the original poster mentioned depression, low self esteem and the sorts could be symptoms of psychological problems. Depression itself is a mental illness. People see children smoking, enegaging in intercourse and the first thing, as adults, come to mind is it is despicable. However, it is safe to assume the child maybe going through little, mild or even severe psychological issues but it is not evident by the naked eye.

      • Cloud says:

        There are couples who choose to not ever get married. So they shouldn’t be having sex at all? Having sex doesn’t make you mentally ill unless you were pressured into having sex.
        “I believe there are reasons why so many divorces in this modern life we live in because people are not pure and real anymore.” One of the many reasons people do get a divorce it’s because it’s easy to get a divorce, and the spread of women empowerment. Women nowadays feel that if they’re in an abused marriage or the husband goes out cheating, then they could file a divorce and leave. If we look back in history of China’s traditional society, where women have kept their virginity for their husbands, these same women were abandoned or cheated on by their husbands, but it was more difficult to file a divorce back in those days so they didn’t.
        My paternal great grandfather had more than three wives. My great grandmother, the first wife, would always tell us that we are lucky that we can easily file a divorce because if she had that choice she would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

      • onearth says:

        I agree w/this but let me tell you its NOT EASY esp for the newer generations and it’s like a totally different concept for them. I have cousins between the ages of 18 – 24 already living together at every relationship. It’s the way they are raised or the concept of wait have never cross their mind b/c everyone does it and that’s how they know it esp w/their parents never telling them its best to wait or they have but to them the waiting part is not even something they would even think about. They are born and raised in the US so to them their mind is the same as their caucasian friends or other races b/c everyone is living together already. To them, their mind has never been thinking WAIT for marriage, what is that? So i think for the newer generations or if they are really devoted christians then they probably will wait but highly unlikely for kids these days.

    17. pino says:

      “It is a good thing to save your virginity for your future husband” nonsense,

      in what time do you living in man?,its the 21 century,i think ppl should experiment with their sexuality,life is too short,do what you want enjoy life man.dont be hypocrite everybody is thinking about sex.

      • elle says:

        I disagree. If you truly love someone, you can save your purity for him or her. It’s like waiting to give your other half a special gift that no one else in the world will get to experience. Of course it’s a personal choice, and there are temptations everywhere, but trying your best for your future other half is commendable. Having said that, there is nothing wrong if you aren’t a virgin any more.

        • pino says:

          i disagree, you neednt love somebody to have sex,its two different things in my opinion. sex is for pleasure and love is love.

    18. Terminator says:

      Man, this dude looks like he has a criminal record. LOL!!

    19. Fox says:

      Now Linda finally half admitted, so it’s very good for Philip. At least some ppl can stop calling him “liar” when he happily announced the love and she said no after that.

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