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Linda Chung’s Embraces Happiness in New Album

By on September 8, 2012

Linda Chung’s Embraces Happiness in New Album thumbnail

After filming Blissful Ferris Wheel <幸福摩天輪>, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is busily preparing for her music album for year-end release. As Linda has been devoting most of her time in filming dramas, her music career has been left stagnant for two years.  Coming into the fourth music album, Linda hopes to seek a breakthrough in her singing career, and has been personally involved in the cover design and wardrobe selection for the photo shoot.

Linda’s Vibrant New Album

Often playing a fragile and sorrowful girl in TVB dramas, Linda will portray a different side of her, which is fun and cheerful. Her music album concept will be vibrant and joyous. To fit her vibrant image, Linda even painted her nails with multiple colors and drew a striking heart shape on her hand.

Indicating that her new album will reflect a change in her life philosophy, Linda said, “My mentality has changed a lot in these two days. I have become relaxed and smiled more often. Through the album, I hope to bring out my change and inject a positive energy. We have added colours and vibrancy in the new album, which were lacking in the past.”

Linda Walks Out of Stressful Mentality  

Revealing that she used to get stressed easily, Linda was often worried to be seen as a singer who did not take music seriously.

“As a singer who is from the television industry, I was afraid that people might think that I was only trying singing for fun and not serious about it, which is why I devoted wholeheartedly into music. I gave myself a lot of pressure. When I was on stage, my hands would shake and I would perform terribly.”

Linda further added, “My most unforgettable experience came from my first year of my music career. When I received the Best Newcomer Award, I could not handle the pressure each time I was on stage. I spoke with low energy and worried that I would not speak graciously on the stage. I would miss out a lot of things during my thank you speech. I would regret and reproach myself. I remembered that at the Jade Solid Gold Awards, I even cried because of this.”

As Linda has matured through the years, she has walked out of her stressful mentality. Now, she has become more relaxed and learns to deal with her hectic work schedule better. Linda said, “Maybe I am older, I have understood that the words have to come within the heart. Just let nature takes its own course. It’s more comfortable if you do not insist on certain things.”

Linda Hopes to Befriend Kelly Chen and Joey Yung  

As Linda comes from an acting background, she feels unsettled that she is not able to fit into the music industry as compared to the other singers. Due to her busy schedule, she often has to return to filming after performing on stage. Linda regrets that she is unable to interact with other singers to understand the industry better.

Taking the initiative to know more singers, Linda hopes to befriend Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) and Joey Yung (容祖兒). “I really want to get to know Kelly Chen. I like her very much and she is very straightforward and direct when she speaks. I also want to talk to Joey Yung as she is very hardworking. She is very strong in her singing, dancing and creating a high energy atmosphere. I want to know how much efforts she has put in behind the scenes.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2287 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (31)

    1. RLF Lover says:

      I have grown to love Linda Chung a lot now and I feel that she is improving heaps, not just acting but also in her singing. I wish her all the best, cannot wait to see her again! :)

    2. Hannah says:

      Not a fan of Linda, but I do like her off-screen.

    3. subtleness says:

      She can not sing, enough said.

    4. Melue says:

      I admit that Linda can sing. But her voice sounds nasally and is annoying after hearing so many songs from her album. There is no real uniqueness to her voice or singing quality. No wonder her music career is stagnant, same like her voice when she sings. I’d say give it up and stick to improving her acting, which she really needs to do.

    5. H says:

      I liked Bernice and her singing :/ but Linda has some decent songs…

    6. Fox says:

      If she wanna befriend with Joey and Kelly, ask her ex(rumoured) bf to introduce her to them. He knows both of Joey and Kelly very well, especially Joey who is very close to him.

    7. Hannahh says:

      Goodluck Linda!

    8. AC says:

      I really enjoyed her other cds, so I look forward to her new one.

    9. Koop says:

      Linda chung is very pretty. Acting has improved a lot lately. Singing: no comment.

    10. Stephanie says:

      Happy to see her sweet smile. Keep smiling because it was what attracted me in the first place~

    11. TN1 says:

      I prefer her singing in these rhythms



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