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Liza Wang Jabs At CTI’s Qualifications; Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui Point Out TVB’s Strengths

By on February 26, 2012

Liza Wang Jabs At CTI’s Qualifications; Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui Point Out TVB’s Strengths thumbnail

As “TVB’s Top Treasure,” Liza Wang (汪明荃) defended TVB’s strengths and challenged the qualifications of new rival television station, City Telecom (CTI). The day before, CTI held a ground breaking ceremony to mark the construction of their production facilities. Liza stated, “CTI is a new company with nothing. Let’s produce some results before we discuss further! There is no need to talk about anything right now! TVB has come a long way and will not be brought down through slander!”

Liza continued, “Despite ATV’s long existence, they could not garner ratings! It is understandable that a new television station needs to recruit staff. I wish CTI well! Ricky Wong (王維基) said that there will be new dramas released at the end of the year. I want to see what kind of dramas they will be!”

Bosco Wong: “I Grew Up On TVB’s Milk!”

TVB’s biological artists, Bosco Wong (黄宗泽), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Michael Tse (谢天华) strongly supported their maternal home. Indicating that he found his first job at TVB, Bosco  said, “I grew up drinking TVB’s milk and have served TVB for over a decade! As a TVB artist, I feel absolute attention and respect from outside parties. There are numerous benefits, such as higher appearance fees for TVB artists! TVB’s reputation is quite renown! Last year, Myolie Wu (胡杏儿) and I filmed a mainland drama together; we have a high degree of freedom as well, with numerous opportunities!”

Kate Tsui stated, “From the point of no one knowing who I am, to entering the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, and to having numerous fans, these are all things which TVB bestowed upon me. I even had the ability to film movies! In fact, TVB artists have a lot of freedom!”

Michael Tse noted that without TVB casting him in E.U. <学警狙击> and Lives of Omission <潜行狙击>, his popularity would not have reached its current level.

Virginia Lok: “No Need to Reveal Mutual Scars!”

Regarding Ricky Wong’s ground breaking ceremony held inTVB’s Tseung Kwan O district, Virginia Lok (乐易玲) said sarcastically, “The stakeholders in the entertainment industry can flourish together and there is no need to reveal each others’ scars! The audience wishes to see good shows and not this (exposure of scars)! I congratulate him upon his ground breaking. I have a message for the cast and crew members: Without crossing the pond, the fish will not get fat; without competition, it will not get popular. I truly hope that they can get ‘fat’! I was especially happy to see Yue Mo Lin (余慕莲) sign with CTI and still have opportunities with her advanced age!”

Asked whether TVB would accept staff who left the company and decided to return, Ms. Lok said, “The world is round. We have the disposition of a large station and the heart for tolerance!”

Source: 21CN.com

Jayne: Ms. Lok was quite rude in what she said about Yue Mo Lin, who worked for TVB for 40 years and allegedly did not leave TVB on good terms.

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  • Readers' Comments (136)

    1. Nicole says:

      Jayne, what happened with Yue Mo Lin?

      • Jayne says:

        Yue Mo Lin signed contract with CTI. Allegedly she may have left on a bad note, as she did not want to talk about TVB any longer before the press. A press speculation that did not have too many details behind it.

        • Nicole says:

          When I read the news about Maggie and Yuen Wah, it seems that they have stated that when their contracts were up, no one in TVB bothered to commence any discussion about renewing their contracts. It’s really disappointing, as Yuen Wah is one of the more distinctive veterans on screen and I thought they might have actually tried to keep Maggie, as she was one of the earlier fadans.
          I wonder what TVB is doing?!? It appears that they are losing their staff as they didn’t even bother taking the first step in keeping them.

        • Vivien says:

          TVB must be dumb to ignore Yuen Wah and Maggie. Yuen Wah is a famous veteran who even features frequently in movies!

        • josie says:

          Maybe ms. Lok was being sincere. Yue mo lien is lucky to get a good contract b/c I don’t think she’s that great of a veteran actress. Law Lan is much better, although maybe typecast as the blind granny in ghost movies. And lee heung kum is funnier.

          Yuen wah is a definite loss for tvb. He is good at comedy.
          When the hosts asked him about his upcoming projects on the “5 senses” show, he was like “I’m just resting now.” What he meant was – I’m jumping ship the minute I’m done w/ your dumb show.

          Oh, I hope cti doesn’t steal benz hui too.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree that what 620 said was really rude. I wonder why TVB still keeps and values a person like her?? SHe is really bringing them down. I also agree with Nicole that it seems like TVB doesn’t care to keep some of its veteran actors and actresses. It really feels like they just wanted to let them go so I guess people can’t blame them for signing with CTI or any other company.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I almost forgot about Benz Hui, so will he still stay with TVB??? or will he sign with CTI???

        • Vivien says:


          620 only care about her 5 big fadan now. We all know who they are. Pity the ignored veterans and senior ones such as Maggie.

        • lol says:

          but the 5 top fadans now are the ones making most money and endorsement so it does make sense for 620 to pay attention to them.

        • exoidus says:

          @Nicole, the same thing happened to Lee Kwok Lun until a high respected executive solved the matter. What a loss that would’ve been for TVB.

          Hope Benz Hui can leave as well really good actor!

        • Nicole says:

          It seems to happen with many staff? Like even with Steven Ma, it had to escalate to Mona Fong level, before he was “allowed” to go act in that CCTV show?!?!
          I still think that TVB is not bad if the high level executives do try and solve the problems, just that 620 is the poison!!! If the middle management not working right, then the aims of the high level executives are not getting to those at the bottom!

        • exoidus says:

          @Nicole, With Steven is was another issue and not renewal of the contract.

          620 only allow her favorites to film mainland series. If the high level executives were doing their job they would’ve let 620 already. The flight of human capital is more serious than keeping an executive such as 620.

          It’s also obvious the “cancer” has spread to the department responsible for negotiating renewal contract terms. Who know where else the “cancer” has spread?

        • Nicole says:

          Yes I know that, but I’m just bringing it up as an example of how a simple thing (since other artistes had the freedom to film mainland series), had to be escalated to board level before it was solved.

          Regardless, the Artiste Management Department should be the ones to reach out to the actors on contract renewal.

        • exoidus says:

          Nicole, I see and that’s bc most of the executives esp. Mona according to the media wanted to keep Steven.

          It seems the opposite in TVB even for veteran artists, LOL. Think about promising young talents leaving the ship bc of that.

          Anyway can’t wait for more veteran artist of market value to jump ship such as Michael Miu. He is a smart one observing first and act later.

        • Nicole says:

          Youu mention that a high level executive stepped in when Lee Kwok Lun had similar problem? Maybe it’s the same with the other veterans, as the highly respected executive want to step in, but 620 and her minions may be doing some monkey business.

          Michael Miu is a business man, so I believe he can look after himself. LOL

        • exoidus says:


          Not sure if high level but higly respected among TVB artists see link:


        • Nicole says:

          It’s funny, Zeng Jeh is not in charge of artistes, and instead productions, but it seems that most of the artistes staying due to her, even Wayne and Ben mentioned her.

        • Fox says:

          @exoidus: Lee Kwok Lun solved the matter with 620 :P. He said in one interview that after he complained, 620 came to see him to deal the new contract and he was happy with it so he signed.

          @josie: I agree with you that Law Lan is a better actress than Yu Mo Lien. I hope Benz will stay because he is an actor I like much.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          Have you misremembered? I remember reading that it’s Catherine Tsang who talked to Lee Kwok Lun.

        • Fox says:

          I read in KATVB about Lee Kwok Lun and 620. For Catherine Tsang I also saw an article but it is before the one with 620.

        • Larry 3 says:

          Yue Mo Lin just had enough of TVB down grade her acting ability, and TVB just have no time bother to ask her renewal on her contract….. even though she is big star now on HK film, produced by TVB.

          CTI gain, TVB loss.

      • Vivien says:

        620 is bad

      • gizmo says:

        I know this is off topic but can someone please tell me why they call Ms Lok 620?
        Been trying to figure it out forever thanks for helping

    2. Vivien says:

      Liza Jeh’s makeup is too thick it looks scary!

    3. Vivien says:

      am I only one thinking Liza sound so cocky up there?

      • Nicole says:

        For as long as I known of her, Liza has never come across as humble, but since she’s senior citizen, we should forgive her!!!

        • Vivien says:

          ROFL double standard isn’t it. It’s ok if Sr. citizen called Ah Jeh act cocky but when young people citizen act cocky will be reprimanded. It sux.

        • Nicole says:

          No !! young people act cocky, they still young, must learn, old people act cocky, they senile, so must forgive!!

        • HeTieShou says:

          I think older people get forgiven more because it seems that older people get more cranky.My mom says that older people often change their personality, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better… Plus, they are the elders so they get more respect than the younger people do.

        • lol says:

          Actually Liza’s personality has always been like this so her response isn’t a surprise to me. I agree that the tone and words are a bit cocky.

        • Vivien says:

          Benz Hui should leave. I heard Felix was asking MMiu to join CTI too but MM don’t want yet. Silly MM letting go of good money and better opportunities.

        • Nicole says:

          Maybe better money for MM, but better opportunities? Actually I thought MM did have good opportunities in TVB since his comeback, tons of lead/character roles, which is much more than we can say for people like Benz Hui, who have to be small roles in cases.
          While we do not like how TVB operate, it’s actually pretty nice to the artistes they do like. MM is one of them.

        • Fox says:

          Micheal Miu has many reasons to stay with TVB. Look at the Grey scandal, only Felix continuously talked, MM kept silent.

        • Hannah says:

          Michael Mui still has a contract with TVB.

      • HeTieShou says:

        You aren’t the only one Vivien. I felt the same way. She not only sounded rude, but sarcastic as well. Yea, her make up really scared me too. Boy, I wonder how she would look without it??? I don’t even want to think about that…

      • Fox says:

        She is that and we all know, not the first day. However wat she said is quite true, although it sounds bitter to CTI too-soon supporters.

    4. whatisthiseu says:

      LOL Liza getting so obnoxious about tvb again, I can’t wait till this new company releases their new dramas. its about time tvb got some competition. they’re always dominating hong kong media/entertainment, it’s so saturated with the same artists promoted by tvb, completely unfair. tvb better up their quality, or everyone is gonna switch to this new company

    5. HeTieShou says:

      I guess TVB is lucky to still have some artists that are still so loyal to them.

    6. Lol says:

      Liza Wang is an idiot for talking like that at her age, I’ve lost all respect for her. As for 620 can someone please teach this woman some basic PR 101, I can’t stand her, she’s rude and obnoxious!!!

    7. exoidus says:

      LOL, if TVB didn’t feel any threatehed by CTI why would 620 or its artists answer in such a manner.

      I can’t want for CTI to bring the sinking ship down for good!

      • lol says:

        That’s too much hate exoidus. I won’t wish for TVB to fail. Remember that your favourite Linda and Ruco still have about a decade long contract with TVB. If TVB went down, so are they. What I want is for CTI to bring great work and make TVB pressured to improve their productions.

        • exoidus says:

          Talented artists will be rescued from the ocean by Mr. Wong :)

        • Funn Lim says:

          The artists won’t go down if TVB go down. The other companies can buy over the contract. What with new competition means clearly lke Hollywood golden age, no more studio controlled artiste but free agents. It will only benefit the actors as scripts will be better, talent can be discovered and those in demand can demand higher salary.

        • Fox says:

          @lol: And after that if CTI becomes second Txb, ppl will complain about it like now. Like Liza said, it’s too soon to judge that CTI can do anything or not. But exoidus simply supports CTI with no condition :P.

      • Nicole says:

        Exoidus, I think CTI and their staff started with the comments? It’s true that TVB did neglect some staff, but those whom are being interviewed (Michael, Bosco and Kate) can only speak from their own experience, and TVB did treat them well. To them, that’s honesty, not sucking up, as it is the truth that they see.
        Besides, the press do have to interview the more popular ones for sales, you think the front page splashed with Yue Mo Lian’s photo gonna sell the tabloids?

        • Vivien says:


          ROFL Agreed. This time I actually don’t fault Kate, Bosco and Michael because they basically just share their own experiences and of course you will defend your company LOL. Their comments are harmless.

        • Vivien says:

          @Nicole @exoidus

          but Liza Jeh’s comment is different. It’s jabbing at CTI and quite cocky ROFL

        • Nicole says:


          Actually I think that the most offensive thing Liza Jeh said was the first sentence, “CTI is a new company with nothing!”, which sounds insulting, but the rest seems pretty ok.

          However, I think that the mandarin translation from which Jayne translated from, was slightly off from what Liza Jeh said in Cantonese. The more accurate translation should be “CTI is a new company without anything yet.”, and I think that softens the insult.

          Please look at the two –


        • llwy12 says:

          To be honest, why do the reporters even bother interviewing Liza Wang anyway? To me, her comments mean nothing because it’s not like her status at TVB is ever going to be threatened anyway (come on now,they don’t call her “Ah Jeh” for the past 40 years for nothing!) I mean, even the management is scared of her, so of course they are not going to even try to cross her!

      • lol says:

        TVB is definitely feeling the pressure especially with Ricky Wong being so high profile about his every move which is getting annoying. He is clearly out to destroyed TVB and it is sad that some people/artists are cheering for that to happened. Had it ever occurred to anyone that CTI might as well be the next TVB if they destroyed TVB and start dominating the HK Television Industry? At the moment, CTI sounds mighty and great but Ricky Wong is still only preaching without a product. Also, it is too early to give CTI such hope “to bring the sinking ship down for good!”

      • Larry 3 says:

        Don’t be so quick to say CTI will takeover TVB, its still too early.

        What CTI should do is dont be like ATV back in 2007 when they try nearly the same plan as CTI’s plan to beat TVB.

        Yes 620 is a jerk. 620 needs a brain surgery or even TeeVeeBee management needs a check up to fully evaluate WTF went wrong…apply those lessons to repair TVB to be Totally Very Best.

    8. mito says:

      Bosco has a long way ‘contract’, if Bosco stays, Myolie properly will, nice play TVB. Unsure about Michael Tse thought, hope he get non ‘laughing’ stereotype characters more often

      • lol says:

        No mito you get it wrong. Myolie is an independent career woman. I don’t know how long her contract is but she won’t rely on Bosco. I think Myolie won’t renew her contract after it expiressince she’s getting many drama offers from mainland now.

      • lol says:

        I agree about Michael Tse. Even after he becomes the rich man in L’Escargot, he still has that aroma and cockiness of Laughing.

        I think he should get a comedy or family series to get rid of the chokiness of Laughing Gor.

      • Fox says:

        If Micheal’s Laughing still can be bought by audience, no reason for him to get rid of it :). He used to be a stereotype actor but did ppl notice him like with Laughing now?

    9. Funn Lim says:

      “CTI is a new company with nothing. Let’s produce some results before we discuss further!”

      True! It will take years for CTI to build up a portfoilio which is why the easiest way is to find already available talents which is why they’re actively recruiting. And even then it will take years to stabilise the company. TV studio is not cheap, and hard to maintain. TVB wouldn’t feel threatened by CTI, but they might feel threatened by brain drain. Remember, they didn’t die during ATV golden age and other competitions who were way better. TVB has a fanbase, not necessarily artist base but company base. That is CTI’s biggest challenge. When will they be able to move from selling products by way of artist to selling products by way of their company’s good name? And that will take years.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Yea, TVB has years and years of experience down their belt so CTI has a lot of catching up to do. I think TVB will still get an edge, at least for now anyways until CTI proves itself and that will only happen with time…. Lets see and I don’t want to have such high expectations and then get disappointed.

      • Vivien says:

        Now TVB got no scriptwriters left and desperate have to hire WCL as scriptwriter and actor for the same series but got not only CTI who’s attacking them but also Now TV and another one TV station. ATV we can forget, it almost died by now LOL.

        • Fox says:

          Why hiring WCL = desperate? If WCL has talent to do such thing, why need to waste it just because he is also an actor?

    10. exoidus says:

      Warning! Don’t ever return to TVB unless you want to experience the 10 most torturous methods of the Ching Dynasty, LOL.

      • llwy12 says:

        Hahaha…or unless you want netizens to confuse a bad script for bad acting and tell you that your acting sucks so much that you should get the hell off their TV screens (which is pretty much what happened with the “Born Rich” cast)…

    11. Rainbow says:

      I agree with Liza. Produce some series first and then talk. I find that Ricky is buying all the artistes. He’s going to go bankrupt soon

    12. ping0 says:

      I hope, pray and crossing fingers, maybe they will recruit Noel Leung and Fiona Leung! What a dream!

    13. llwy12 says:

      LOL…as much as I found Liza Wang’s comment annoying, I actually laughed more than I got upset…nowadays, I pretty much just try to ignore whatever nonsense comes out of her mouth…

      Actually, what disturbed me more than the TVB’s artists comments was the stupid HK Media calling the artists who joined CTI “traitors”…that ticked me off to no end. Glad Felix Wong responded the way he did on Weibo!

    14. Addy says:

      The one who needs to leave TVB is 620, not these people…

    15. sushiroll says:

      Bull f****** s***! I bet all these artists are dying to leave TVB!

    16. lychii04 says:

      Man, everything about this rivalry so far has been trash talk. Can’t wait for the official competition of ratings and series.

    17. lychii04 says:

      Actually finding it kind of… well, impulsive,that everyone is rooting for CTI out of dislike for TVB even though they’ve yet to prove themselves. All we know is they’re giving good options NOW because theyre the newbs and need to entice artists. Who knows whether they’ll turn out to be just as oppressive as TVB later. I mean, all this just reminds me of an election where both parties talk themselves up then reneg on their words later, and where people just flock to the side that talks better. CTI, while promising, hasn’t done anything yet. Kind of like a politician that is popular but policies are bleh. Dunno about performance yet though so will wait for that. One thing is, CTI don’t have that many compelling actors or actresses to me.

    18. gizmo says:

      I know this is off topic but can someone please tell me why they call Ms Lok 620?
      Been trying to helping it out forever thanks for helping

    19. Larry 3 says:

      Raymond Lam; now this an opportunity!!! jump the bandwagon. LEAVE TVB, go to CTI & save yourself! :D

      Outrage by the fans, lol!

    20. trish says:

      AM i the only one that wish TVB to still be number one??

    21. Jill says:

      I thought TVB did try to get Maggie Cheung to stay by offering her Great Eunuch, and even Empress Lui, would totally focus on her character. She eventually left because she caught them at a lie–TVB said that Empress Lui would be produced by Lee Tim Sing, but Maggie learned from Tim Gor that he would have already retired. And also Maggie wanted to make more money, with TVB she wasn’t going to make that, and TVB doesn’t give her that much freedom to shoot movies and Mainland series.

    22. Veejay says:

      liza is obviously jealous, we can tell from the way she answered the press. If she’s not jealous then why bother to care about CTI? I’m sure she’s jealous that some of her peers managed to get “more” than her in tvb.

      • Nicole says:

        Don’t think that her “peers” getting more than her at CTI. By peers you mean those in her age group like Yue Mo Lian and John Chiang? I highly doubt so.

      • Fox says:

        Liza’s peers only has Dodo Cheng, Damien Lau and Mary Hon? John Chiang, Law Lan, Yue Mo Lian are a bit older than her. BTW, I blv Liza is paid more than John Chiang, Law Lan and Yue Mo Lian, whatever their companies are.

        The jealousy seems not appear in her quotes. Somehow, wat she said is quite true. Let’s see wat CTI can do first then say about the change of replacement. Now all I can see is old wine in a new pot.

    23. cleo says:

      Just read news mentioned about Ricky approaching Sammul Chan. I don’t think Sammul will join CTI anytime soon. He’s doing extremely well in China now

    24. Kidd says:

      Grandmother Liza shall keep her mouth shut up ,if TVB are wise ,sack this old lady ,this grandmother in TVB too long ,more than 40 years ,come on grandma Liza,are you angry because CTI not hiring you with mega salary ,old liza shall go back to china and retire there,Felix Wong will give TVB a lesson ,watch my word.

    25. Ahsheh3434 says:

      Let see first before we can judge anything it too early right now.But it does sound like CTI is ready and confident.If CTI turns out to be successful then I hope they will invite the veteran actor N actress like Esther Kwan ,michael miu,Michael tao,lawrence Ng,Amy Chan,Flora Chan,Roger kwok,Joe ma,and Melissa Ng and a whole lot more to come.Cause that will be amazing!!!

      • tammy says:

        I like all of the actors/actresses that you named. The good old days when they were acting. Perhaps, Noel Leung, Wong Hei and a few more from the 90s :D

        • Ahsheh3434 says:

          Yes i like Noel Leung and Wong hei too.I hope that they will become successful and invite the artist back to hong kong.I would be very happy.

    26. someone says:

      How much damage other free stations are going to make will be determined once they start to broadcast for a priod of time (probably within a few weeks).

      We do not need to rush because we are audiences – more (free) choices are always better. However, I am sure TVB sitting on fire now: artists, producers, writers gone, salary increased,…but TVB has no choice other than prentending it does not care (TVB cannot say the other stations will be doing well). In a market share of 7 billion people with other cable channels, internet streaming, radio created a very competitive market. Two good stations are too many, 1 is goid.

    27. cinsin says:

      I still don’t see TVB heavily promoting him though….so much loyalty yet he doesn’t seem to get much work.

      • lol says:

        He seems to disappear a bit from tv screen after LOO. He only appear in movies and Uniqlo posters lol.

      • Nicole says:

        that means he’s more popular? if he’s getting movies
        but anyway, he filmed that show with Linda, and is filming a Mainland show, so still highly promoted. better than Kenneth who got his mainland opportunities rejected.

    28. Norika says:

      I hope it doesn’t end up like atv. Atv’s program not always bad: i used to like their news and spme shows. Their take in of former tvb people did made their drama bit more attractive, but they r doomed to low ratings coz most people don’t turned the channel on n the press won’t care the station. Even no fate with the music idols n music award show! They simply “disabled” not that they don’t have quality. Ricky seems to b an aggressive businessman with attitude. I guess when his dramas out it wil attract much media attention, but his drama must be continuoes

    29. Grace says:

      Hope this new company would not end up like ATV!
      If it does, I dont know what would happen to all the celebrities who went over.

    30. Bridget says:

      Why has 620 not been sacked yet? Probably because no one can be bothered with taking over her job with the sad state TVB is in these days.

      • Jayne says:

        “Why has 620 not been sacked yet?”

        While Ms. Lok’s Artist Management department has been blamed for not contacting the artists with pending expiring contracts and renewing with them successfully, Ms. Lok also has powerful negotiation skills and connections with many entertainment companies and brands as well. Despite losing some artists, Ms. Lok still brings in good money for TVB due to these endorsement deals.

        • lol says:

          Jayne may be right. I notice that some TVB artistes have also manage to endorse international brands lately.

        • lol says:

          Ms Lok also manage to bring another artiste into EEG – Kevin. Now TVB have Raymond, Wong Cho Lam, Mag and Kevin under one roof. I think 620 has a good connection with EEG’s boss.

        • Nicole says:

          In that case, she shouldn’t be heading the artistes management department but something else. Wasn’t it reported or speculated that Catherine Tsang was gonna take up a position of Artistes Management, but she prefers to stay in the Productions department? People should know their own strengths, and direct them to the right channels!

        • Jayne says:

          “In that case, she shouldn’t be heading the artistes management department but something else.”

          Based on snippets from the news, wasn’t the artist management department created in the late 1990s to faciliate better time management and commercial opportunities for TVB artists? In the 1980s, artists such as Felix Wong were left on their own to keep track of their own filming schedules, even keep track of their own costumes and what to wear for each scene. Which sometimes produced mistakes where costumes don’t match in consecutive scenes. Compared to current TVB artists, the artists from the 1980s did not have as many money-making opportunities. Filming salaries were quite meager just filming for TV and there were less brand endorsement opportunities for TVB artists.

          As the company and the number of managed artists grew larger, the Artist Department was created, where artist managers were assigned to help artists manage their filming schedules, negotiate endorsement deals with outside vendors etc. Apparently, these artist managers are given quotas as to how many deals or endorsement dollars to meet.

          In theory, Ms. Lok is suitable for heading the Artist Department as she has the commercial connections within and outside of the entertainment industry. Her department also handles the individual marketing of artists, such as helping them with their individual styles and strengthening their images for certain artists. However, there will be a conflict of interest as TVB wants to push certain artists who possess criteria to be successful commercially (due to great sexy figure, beautiful looks, great people skills to connect with advertisers and fans, etc.) but lack strong acting skills. While Ms. Lok wishes to push these artists of commerical value to a higher status, she will likely attempt to influence the Production department in their casting decisions of these artists. So their potential commerical value will impact their leading opportunities. The main criticism towards Ms. Lok is “select favoritism” towards certain artists who do not possess “strong or superior” acting talent.

          Ms. Lok is foremost a businesswoman and less of a talent scout. The producers and executive managers of the Production department, such as Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung, play powerful roles in deciding who to cast, but in recent years, Ms. Lok may have increased her influence.

          Did Ms. Lok contribute to improved operations at TVB? Despite glaring media critcism, likely yes, as she and her supervised staff contributed to additional millions (?) in revenue for TVB. The artists who have made millions in fortune thanks to Ms. Lok’s favor (Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, etc.) sing praises for her. Some artists made a fortune thanks to Ms. Lok giving them commercial opportunities, but this group will be small compared to the total population of artists at TVB of course.

          Due to the limited endorsement opportunities and the huge rewards, naturally a small group of artists who benefit monetarily will emerge and dominate TVB series. This is where criticisms arise that “heavily marketed artists are pushed down our throats until we see them everywhere” while known talents such as Wong Hei (great acting but difficult personality to work with) are ignored.

          Should Ms. Lok be fired? Unfortunately, for the people who are capable of making this decision, she will not be fired. Rumor has it that she may go work for Mona Fong at Shaw Brothers though.

        • Fox says:

          It is a win-win connection.

          In the beginning of 2000s, TVB also lost most of his artists out of the management contracts, and too bad there is no 620 to blame.

      • Fox says:

        I really doubt that TVB is tat pathetic :).

    31. Cecilia says:

      Personally, I think TVB has reached to international viewers better than any other stations(even in mainland China). The only channel attracts lot of advertising is the one showing TVB shows all day long……CTI is just speaking too loud at the beginning, making itself to be expected HIGHER AND HIGHER. Thus, when the series start broadcasting, they are going to receive more critics. One factor contributes to success is the financial ability. In this economy, spreading to spend big bucks on such and such is a risky decision, knowing thousands of banks are closing down, numerous companies are going to bankrupt. Let’s hope their financial department know their job. For sure, without comparison, people won’t know who’s the best. Let’s see what’s going to be, before discussing.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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