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Maggie Shiu Congratulates Ekin Cheng on Marriage Plans

By on September 6, 2012

Maggie Shiu Congratulates Ekin Cheng on Marriage Plans thumbnail

While Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) announced his intentions to wed Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) next year, Ekin’s ex-girlfriend Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) also found her happiness with actor, Vincent Sze (施祖男).  During the charity premiere of French film, Intouchables, Maggie and Vincent publicly displayed their affections for each other for the first time, clearly confirming their love relationship!

Maggie is Happy Dating Vincent

Looking particularly radiant with her boyfriend that night, Maggie and Vincent showed up at the premiere in matching outfits with a white t-shirt and jeans.

When reporters asked if Maggie was happy dating Vincent, Maggie could not stop smiling and nodded, “We are just doing what normal people do.”

Maggie had heard that Intouchables was a more touching movie than Titanic, so she had prepared herself and brought three packs of tissues to wipe her tears.   Because of this, Maggie was teased by reporters advising her to use Vincent’s shoulders to wipe her tears instead.  She sweetly replied, “I could lend him my shoulders too.”

Maggie Congratulates Ekin

Regarding ex-boyfriend, Ekin’s marriage announcement, Maggie continued to smile and said, “Congratulations!”  As to her own wedding plans, the 47-year-old coyly responded, “Don’t ask me! You will have to ask the man!”

Vincent Focuses on his Career

Thirty-eight year old Vincent divulged that he met Maggie on the set of movie, Tactical Unit: Comrades in Arms <機動部隊—同袍> in 2008.  However, they did not start dating until a little over a year ago.  Due to the gap between the time they met versus when they had started dating, Vincent was asked if Maggie was difficult to pursue.  He stated, “It’s all about the right timing.  The most important thing is communication.”

Asked when he will wed Maggie, Vincent said, “It’s a step-by-step process. With living expenses so high these days, one needs more than just money to get married.  Properties in Hong Kong are also expensive. With so much financial burden, I want to focus on my career first.”

Vincent’s Promising Career

Vincent’s career outlook looks promising as he has been receiving recognition overseas.  Vincent recently won the “Best Individual Performance Award” at the 15th Annual Webby Awards for his performance in French film, Urban Wolf.  Vincent gained the appreciation from a French producer, casting him in a new comedy and action movie with Intouchables star, Omar Sy.

Maggie was asked if she brought luck to Vincent, in which she quickly replied, “No.  I wish that Vincent would bring me luck for awards.  I hope that we can work hard together!”

In terms of Maggie’s own career, she honestly admitted that Ricky Wong (王維基) requested for her to sign with his new company, CTI .  However, Maggie has a good relationship with TVB, who allowed her to have certain degree of freedom.  Maggie has already signed a new contract with TVB.

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (22)

    1. skinnymocha says:

      “I could lend him my shoulders too.” That’s so simple and sweet. I’m glad Maggie’s found her happiness.

      I know I’m just an outsider, but if I were in Yoyo’s shoes, I would hardly have any confidence in a man like Ekin. But I wish them all the best.

    2. elin says:

      maggie looks great..

    3. Gar says:

      I’m glad that Maggie has found someone and equally happy that she has signed a contract with TVB again.

    4. Ita says:

      Ekin look so old and haggard in the above pic….

    5. EkinFan says:

      man maggie doesn’t look good, good move ekin, good move

      • samantha says:

        What a horrible thing to say. Maggie is now in her late 40’s, of course she isn’t going to look like when she was 20s. I hope your wife or husband decides to stay with you when you grown old and not have your horrible mentality, “doesn’t look good” and trade you in for a younger, nice looking version of you.

    6. Anna says:

      wow she’s 47 already? I’m glad that she found happiness with someone else.

    7. happybi says:

      Love Maggie! One of my favorite TVB actress! May she always have happiness for sure no matter if she is single or dating!

    8. Lee says:

      Is it just me, or does Maggie look more Thai than Chinese?

      • hotingah says:

        maggie always look either thai or phillipino. wow 47 n so lucky to find a younger guy. Ekin is just disgusting. he’s got something done on his face. either through snipping, lifting or collagen stuff. don’t know any of them.

    9. ping0 says:

      Maggie looks mix with indian. Like Malaysian . I was such a big Ekin back when, he doesn’t age well, or could be the photo, haven’t follow up on his movies or his life. Glad Maggie found happiness, hopefully, regardless good or bad guy, I hope they both find happiness.

    10. blurjen says:

      maggie is enchanting!

    11. Grace says:

      I prefer Maggie in long hair. She has beautiful features.

    12. Tommy Lee says:

      At age of 47, Magie looks young & happy. If you look at Andy Lau & other celebrities at age over 45, they look old even they are all in financial secure. Glad that Magie finds her happiness and forget waste time she had on Ekin. Good lucks for YoYo. If Ekin does not tie the knot next year then poor her. Waste 9 yrs time on him.

    13. Jojo says:

      is it me or is it the photos? Maggie looks great for her age at 47 :D and Ekin looks so haggard, old and tired. Looks like he had some kinda botox or nip tuck done too as his face has that pinched tight look. He does not seem to age well..

      Maggie has moved on beautifully n looks like she has found her happiness. Wish her well n so happy for her.

      Ekin looks like he still has some growing up to do though..

      • Funn Lim says:

        It’s the photos as well. One is touched up with good strategic lightning and the other your usual normal photo. Generally MAggie looks great for her age, Ekin does look old these days.

        • josie says:

          Ekin probably didn’t use sunscreen enough. Also, bad karma might play a part… ya know, breaking promises and wasting a woman’s youth… twice. :P

        • clamine says:

          It is the whole photoshooting package vs candid shot. Years ago, there was a much ado over Jamie Lee Curtis purposefully unveiling the real her vs her glam-up photoshoot.

          In an age when divas often use their clout to nix unflattering photos in magazines, Curtis has demanded the opposite: Glam Jamie will pose only if Real Jamie gets equal time. See that worry line between her eyebrows? It exists, she earned it and she wants it to show.[..]I’m trying really hard to take the veil off the fraud, to be real, to start with me,


          a blog on photo retouching http://digitallybeautiful.blogspot.com/

          The purpose of this blog is to educate our viewers about the widespread use of retouching in print publications. Retouching implies making minor changes to photographs. However, modern advances in photo editing software allow photographs of individuals to be transformed into manufactured projections of reality.

        • clamine says:

          For some reason my post is not displayed. Wonder why?

    14. Primrose says:

      Just a few months back, the media reported that Vincent Sze was a loser who was sponging on Maggie. Seems like a different story now ?.? Nevertheless, wish Maggie finds her happiness. She is my favorite actress of all!

    15. Anon says:

      I hope Maggie finally found her happiness :)

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