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Margie Tsang Still Youthful and Beautiful

By on August 14, 2010

Margie Tsang Still Youthful and Beautiful thumbnail

Margie Tsang Wah Sin, Jacky Lui Chung Yin, and Shek Sau attended a modeling promotional event in Beijing . Among the stars, Margie was the most popular with the fans. This was due to the re-broadcast of ATV’s old series, Silver Tycoon <銀狐>, which was very well received. Many fans arrived to meet Margie and obtain autographs.

It was pointed out that Margie’s appearance has not aged in the last ten years. Margie was delighted by the comment and said, “Maybe that has to do with my good spirits!”  Margie indicated that she will stay in Beijing for several days for sight-seeing and admitted that she hopes to buy a house there.
Jacky Lui is currently living in an apartment rental in Beijing . He was glad to meet with Margie and Sek Sau at the event, as it was difficult to see each other even in Hong Kong . Since Margie became a mother, it has been difficult to meet with her.

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: Margie Tsang still looks beautiful in her 40s; it’s inspiration for women you can look beautiful at any age. Good to see Jacky Lui again!

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  • Readers' Comments (19)

    1. larry says:

      She needs to act more in TVB,

    2. MargieTony4ever says:

      She is still very beautiful…much better looking than Tony’s wife.

    3. pandamao says:

      i don’t think she’s got great acting skills but for some reason i’m just so attracted to her.

      tony had two great girls so either choices was a sure hit. i don’t think margie would have waited that long for marriage though.

    4. Jayne says:

      Pandamao, Margie came from a middle class background and was a little spoilt. I can see that when she was younger, she had a bit of princess attitude in her. I agree that her acting is mediocre, but she connected very well with the audience.

      Carina seems less high maintenance. She does seem to socialize and drink a lot, so the rumors are always about her warming up with rich men. I think she just networks very well and possess a wide circle of friends and older men find her charming.

    5. advo says:

      I’ve always like Margie since Who’s the WInner and the Silver Tycoon. Didn’t Jacky and her act together in the Silver Tycoon? What does Jacky do nowadays anyway? I haven’t seen him in anything for a while.

      I wish Margie would film more for TVB – perhaps her acting was never the best, but she’s still better than a lot of those upcoming fa dans that TVB are so fond of promoting nowadays.

      Btw, I had no idea she has kids?

    6. pandamao says:

      margie went through a divorce before she started acting again.

      i love watching her but it’s hard to pair her up.

      jayne – i love her princess attitude. those are her best roles!

    7. advo says:

      ^Felix again! LOL. Ahh, I know Felix is only filming that one TVB serie Cops because of Michael Miu but one can always hope :D. Otherwise, I’d love to see Margie and Michael Miu pair up.

    8. Kidd says:

      Advo, you can watch Jacky in ‘The Men of Justice’, airing in ATV now.

    9. HeTieShou says:

      I think Margie looks good for her age too. Which Jacky are you guys talking about?? Wasn’t she in Silver Tycoon with Felix? I did not watch that series so I guess I don’t know who you guys are referring to.

      Margie got a divorce in 2002. She was married to a business man. She has a son named Martin Lam. I also sensed a bit of a princess attitude and must say that a number of guys just don’t like the “da xiao jie” type of attitude. I have always liked Margie’s acting and hope that she comes back to acting…

    10. Kidd says:

      Silver Tycoon has many actors who are quite famous now. They were mostly new actors back then.

      Beside Margie and Felix, there are
      – Jacky Lui
      – Christine Ng
      – Sunny Chan
      – Nick Cheung
      – Erica choi
      – Jan Lau

    11. bluerainz says:

      Always love Margie Tsang… She very beautiful… Better than Carina… Only maybe her body lose to Carina…

    12. Pineapple says:

      I’ve always liked Margie also. Can someone tell me did she go out with her co-star in “Police Cadet II” – the guy who was chasing her in the serial but he got killed in the end. Did they date in real life and what has happened to that actor?

      • Jayne says:

        @Pineapple, are you talking about Nathan Chan Ting Wai? After breaking up with Tony, Margie did date Nathan for a few years. I think Nathan pursued her for a long time before she accepted him.

    13. Pineapple says:


      I’m sorry but I don’t recognise the name Nathan Chan Ting Wai – was he the guy in “Police Cadet II” and quite good looking in a careless kind of way. If that is the one, I did see him in a few drama series but he seems to have disappeared now.

    14. amanda says:

      in my opinion all those in the foto look alt/old. Zi has charm and not young. Beauty is not about youth but in the heart!! weaith is your good health!!

    15. mery says:

      I am a fan of margie. I admire her so much. The tony & margie romance is a deep remembrance until now if compared to the tony & other girl (s).

    16. mery says:

      Does margie have facebook?

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