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Michelle Ye Cozies Up to Raymond Lam on Filming Set

By on November 13, 2012

Michelle Ye Cozies Up to Raymond Lam on Filming Set thumbnail

Following the success of Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> and currently in the running for the TV King award, Raymond Lam (林峯) has not slowed down a bit. Currently filming mainland Chinese drama, Legend of the Purple Hairpin <紫钗奇缘>, Raymond was spotted enjoying the cozy company of costar, Michelle Ye  (葉璇).

Since their collaboration in 2002 TVB drama, Eternal Happiness <再生緣>, Raymond and Michelle finally have another opportunity to work together 10 years later. It appears that their chemistry since Eternal Happiness has not faded one bit. Although romantically rumored in the past, the pair only admitted to being friends.

As one of the producers for Legend of the Purple Hairpin, Michelle had specifically recruited Raymond for this project. Michelle admitted, “From the time we conceptualized the script, I already imagined Raymond to play this role. I can’t imagine someone else playing such a handsome and loyal character who can also fight!”

Immensely popular in mainland China, Raymond commands a price tag of $400,000 RMB per episode, which is even higher than Kevin Cheng’s $350,000 RMB per episode. Yet as a favor to Michelle, Raymond agreed to film at a discount rate.

Since he has become much more handsome since they last worked together in 2002, Raymond reportedly enthralled Michelle and captured her full attention. During filming breaks in Hengdian, Michelle and Raymond are always seen chatting up a storm, talking quietly but laughing and giggling loudly.

At the end of filming one day, Raymond and Michelle returned to the same hotel in separate vehicles. However, reporters noticed that Michelle’s vehicle was making circles in the proximity and not headed in any particular direction. Raymond’s driver was driving extremely fast, even speeding at times. After an hour of finally fending off the reporters, Raymond and Michelle were still nowhere to be seen near their hotel in the wee hours of the night.

Source: Next Magazine #1183 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (32)

    1. Pinky says:

      Feels like Eternal Happiness all over again!!!
      Omg! I missed them soo much!

      • Jayne says:

        Raymond and Michelle do not look 10 years older at all. They make a striking couple, although I do wonder if they truly dated.

        • Josie says:

          Hee… It’s not too late to start dating now! :D

          Anyway, the reporters are stupid. Since Michelle and ray are staying at the same hotel, why would they need to lead them on a wild goose chase? If they wanted to, they could just go back to the hotel room to get it on! :P

        • Starry says:

          I thought Michelle was dating that guy…ugh whats his name :/ wu jing?

          But please dating gods, let Raymond find the beauty of dating quality women like Michelle and not LGs… I wonder if they ever did date…

        • HeTieShou says:

          Yea, they don’t look 10 years older at all. I have a feeling they never dated but they might in the future, who knows?

        • Gar says:

          I agree Jayne, they really look compatible together and maybe something will spark between the two.

        • Pinky says:


    2. june says:

      10 years later…still one of the best looking couples
      completely agree, it’s like they haven’t aged a day
      didn’t know Michelle is one of the producers, wanna see how it turns out

    3. Soggi says:

      They had chemistry in Eternal Happiness??!!?? Hardly see it. Michelle Ye isn’t a good actress. Was happy to see her off TV, now she is back again?? Haih!

      At least Lam Fung looks good in this drama ;)

    4. RLF Lover says:

      If nothing romantic happened 10 years ago, I sure hope it does now! I definitely don’t mind seeing Raymond with Michelle as I absolutely adore her. I think they make quite a matching couple if they were to date for real. Agree? :)

    5. ALovesFung says:

      Support LF in all his works! LF Love FUNG!!!

    6. Kw says:

      It is a blessing to see them as on screen n real life couple..

      • HeTieShou says:

        It would be great to see them together in real life but on screen and real life are 2 different worlds. If they have the fate to be together, then it will happen..

    7. Mick says:

      I’m surprise with all the Michelle Ye fans. I thought she is the one that rich old men likes to ‘bao’.

      • Stars says:

        I’m a michelle ye fan. I like her acting and how she is hard-working trying to achieve her movie industry dream and now she is starting her own business.

        She left TVB and started playing minor characters in movie but she never stopped pursuing it. When she got her award her speech was “doesn’t matter if you are just a small nail or a screw..” to emphasis her part is small but still important in the movie.

        I think a lot of people are to scared to leave TVB since they help artist a lot (spoon feeds them) so they can act in big parts in movies and sing. All of that is arranged by TVB but Michelle Ye had to build her relationship with other people in the industry i.e. Wong Jing, Johnnie To.

    8. Anna says:

      Article makes it sound like Michelle is chasing Raymond like crazy…hehe. But at any rate…They have amazing chemistry. They look good together…at least we know they are good friends at the very least.

    9. elin says:

      thy look great tgther

    10. tom says:

      if karena see this article she will be jealous

    11. Al says:

      SUPPORT….SUPPORT…..Glad to see Raymond success….step in to mainland China…it is a big market…look forward to see this drama….look forward to see Raymond has bigger success…Rock…Raymond…Rock!!!

    12. sandcherry says:

      Agree that Michelle and Raymond look good together as a couple. I have the feeling that Michelle had some crush on Raymond years ago. Otherwise, she would not have cast him in one of her big productions.

    13. qing dynasty says:

      once raymond lam films in mainland, kevin cheng can step aside! hahaha! his commanding fee is not as much as LF who marks his authority with a bang!

    14. Sasa says:

      I’ve supported Michelle ever since EH, and I’m gonna support her all the way! As a Michelle fan, I’m happy to see her slowly receiving her success :D She might not be the prettiest, but her hardworking and humbleness are what inspire me..and she’s good at what she does.

      Not to mention; her answers on interviews really show how intelligent and a smart woman she is :)

      And now she’s starting her own company! I was never wrong when I chose her as my fav. HK atress :)

    15. CL says:

      Support both of them…don’t worry about those rumor…support their hard work…enjoy their drama…GO..GO..GO Raymond

    16. Hannahh says:

      looking forward

    17. Mannami says:

      Their last collaboration was not EH…o.O But anyways, so glad to hear they will work together again. I used to ship them so much =)

    18. Rachel Sin says:

      I really wish Michelle Ye and Raymond Lam can make a special appearance on Triumphs in the Skies 2

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