Moses Chan and Wayne Lai to Star in New Drama Together

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To prepare for the sales presentation at end of the year, TVB will entice advertisers with proposals for blockbuster dramas. Each year, the drama production team headed by Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and Tommy Leung (梁家樹) will compete with each other to present their blockbuster dramas at the sales presentation. This year, Catherine Tsang and Tommy Leung will also find themselves contesting with external parties to produce the most thrilling dramas.

TVB majority shareholder, Charles Chan (陳國強) has invited Wong Jing (王晶) and Eric Tsang (曾志偉) to produce top quality dramas for TVB. Wong Jing announced that he would cast internationally acclaimed actress, Deanie Ip (葉德嫻) in his drama. Eric Tsang also declared that he had invited Andy Lau (劉德華) to star in his drama.

TVB Invites Lawrence Ng and Charmaine Sheh to Return

Tommy Leung has already begun the race to produce the next blockbuster TVB drama by inviting two heavy-weight actors, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖), to star in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 2>. The sequel also features many fadans and siu sangs, including Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Him Law (羅仲謙) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明).

In addition, Tommy Leung had also invited Healing Hands <妙手仁心> star, Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) to film the sequel of The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>.

Still left with one series contract with TVB, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) reportedly has been approached by Catherine Tsang to film early next year. Catherine Tsang also plans to cast the two TV Kings, Moses Chan and Wayne Lai in a blockbuster drama.

Moses Chan and Wayne Lai to Pit Their Acting Skills

Known for groundbreaking sitcom, War of the Genders <男親女愛>, Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康) will produce a new 30-episode drama, in which Moses Chan and Wayne Lai will pit their acting skills with each other. It is common to have two siu sangs and two fadans in previous blockbuster dramas. However, it will often be differentiated into first or second lead roles.

Admitting that there is such a plan to cast the two TV Kings together, Producer Tsui said, “Indeed, I have the idea to use Moses and Wayne. It will be a refreshing collaboration. As both of them are excellent actors, we will not waste their talents. They will have many chances to appear opposite each other.”

Confessing that it was a challenge to plan the roles, Producer Tsui said, “There is difficulty, but it’s important to allow everyone an opportunity to perform. We will try our best to balance the roles.”

Wayne Looks Forward to Work with Moses

In 2005, Moses and Wayne had collaborated together in The Gentle Crackdown <秀才遇著兵>, in which Wayne was only a supporting actor in the drama. Despite their earlier collaboration, Wayne shared that they did not have much screen time together back then.

When asked if he will put in extra effort now that he was pitting against another TV King, Wayne replied, “I deliver my best for every drama. When I receive my script, I never ask how much screen time I have. It doesn’t matter; it’s important to act well. Some scenes will be eye-catching. It’s easier for actors, unlike the actresses who may need to compete with their images. The actors simply have a healthy competition in their acting. Moses has improved so much in recent years. It was a comedy the previous time, and now this is a serious drama. After so many years, I also hope that we can have an exchange of acting skills.”

Asked if there is a possibility that two actors from the same drama will be nominated for TV King, Wayne replied, “It’s not surprising. It will be good as well; everyone has a chance.”

Moses Not Pressured in Working with Wayne

Although Wayne is a veteran actor, Moses is not pressured at all. “I am already looking forward to our collaboration. I think there will be onscreen chemistry when we work together. It is a positive relationship and not a competitive one where we vie for our own screen time. I really want to work with a good opponent. The more formidable he is, the more I am looking forward to it!”

Moses further said, “I did not have many opportunities to work with Wayne in The Gentle Crackdown. After seven years, we have greatly matured. It’s truly rare that we can work together again. I never bothered how much screen time I have. It’s important that we deliver a good drama.”

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72 comments to Moses Chan and Wayne Lai to Star in New Drama Together

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Ahhhh…Wayne was once the sidekick, now he is no more a sidekick.

    “Moses Chan and Wayne Lai to Pit Their Acting Skills”

    Don’t know why I laughed very very hard at this sentence. Do we need an internet vote to show the choice of who is the better actor with better acting skills?

    • Nicole replied to Funn Lim

      Server will crash.

      • Funn Lim replied to Nicole

        Or maybe it won’t since answer is so obvious no one will bother to vote.

      • sammnie replied to Nicole

        LOL! but it’s gonna be an interesting survey.

        Wayne + Moses = Interesting + refreshing partnership + really look forward!

        But my vote is always to Wayne! :-)

    • a-pop replied to Funn Lim

      I dun think the result of TV King or TV Queen will be fair if letting audience and executive to vote for winner. They suppose to let those professional in acting area such as acting teacher tat truly understand the essence of acting to evaluate and determine who deserve to become winner. Maybe it more reasonable for audiences to vote Favourite Characters

      • sandcherry replied to a-pop

        Absolutely agree since acting can be very superficial or very shallow. Not every person knows how to judge good acting.

      • sandcherry replied to a-pop

        Simple ……… Funn and I have different opinions towards acting and artistes.

      • Fox replied to a-pop

        Don’t be worried, even with the audience voting, Txb still can rig the results easily. Such as the system crash?

      • exoidus replied to a-pop

        Nothing is going to work. Those professionals can be bought and if the voting is among peers then they will automatically vote out those they view as a threat.

        Can’t trust TVB even with a voting system since votes will disappear and server crash, LOL. Thought ppl should learn by now that TVB can give it to whoever they want.

    • Kidd replied to Funn Lim

      Moses has improved a lot in the drama department. He was good in WHB and MOP.

      • sandcherry replied to Kidd

        Agree, too. That is why I said Moses could act well in characters with serious personalities. His best performance was in “When Heaven Burns” though that drama series did not have high viewership ratings.

      • salamander replied to Kidd

        Give Moses Chan characters in MOP and WHB to Ruco Chan or Kenneth Ma and they can do better.

      • Fox replied to Kidd

        I can imagine Ruco in MOP but MM? Puppy eyes? LOLz, no, thanks. MM should come back to his puppy eyes role and don’t try villain. Different to many ppl, I don’t buy MM in Tiger Cubs because of his pout. He is better with the type of roles puppy eyes.

  2. lol says:

    Wayne at his worst acting is still better than Moses at his best.

    • Funn Lim replied to lol

      Wayne at his worst; King Maker, thus far.

      Moses – which is his best?

      • Funn Lim replied to Funn Lim

        But Wayne is rather good at being a romantic. Why not give Wayne a 100% romantic role? I am sure he can seduce, flirt, romance, etc

      • fiona replied to Funn Lim

        moses won tv king for heart of greed.

      • Nicole replied to Funn Lim

        “Moses at his best.”
        What an oxymoron :P

      • sandcherry replied to Funn Lim

        I haven’t watched “King Maker”. Was Wayne not acting well in it?

      • Funn Lim replied to Funn Lim

        TV King doe snot always equal the best. He was ok in Heart of Greed which was overpopulated with loads of other actors.

        Sandcherry, Wayne is good, but for me he was also inadequate in king maker where so far he has 2 expressions; serious and angry serious. Kent Cheng is the one to look out for. Scary. AND I VOTE KENT CHENG FOR TV KING!!

      • sandcherry replied to Funn Lim

        I haven’t watched “King Maker”, but I never liked Kent Cheng’s acting. He had only one expression in all his drama series ……. i.e. no facial expressions at all.

        See, acting is very subjective again. Funn and I don’t have the same opinions.

      • salamander replied to Funn Lim

        Moses at his best? It’s hard to find.

      • salamander replied to Funn Lim

        If King Maker is Wayne’s worst, it’s not bad at all!

      • Fox replied to Funn Lim

        Moses’s best in my opinion is Healing Hands series.

      • anoninhk replied to Funn Lim

        i personally think moses was at his best in “family man” or “moonlight resonance”. he works much better in an ensemble cast. give him a series to lead and it usually crashes and burns. if this new series does well, it’s only cos wayne is there propping him up.

        wayne is a great actor but i do not want to see him in a romantic role. almost puked at his lovey dovey scenes in “forensic heroes” (which weren’t that romantic actually). prefer his characters asexual or already having a wife at the start of the series. loved him best in “safe guards” and “the greatness of a hero” (lusty but non romantic for sure).

      • vivien replied to Funn Lim

        Moses best is…………………………………………………………can’t find one.

        Moses worst is YSSS, FWM, CBML, TGOL. Others are mediocre.

        Moses most despicable is his treatment to Bernice. Most annoying is AimeeMo couple. Puke!

        Wayne is great.

    • fiona replied to lol

      agree. moses again in another grand important production? he’s overrated by tvb!

    • Grace replied to lol

      I think we are just not used to seeing Wayne in romantic roles yet. They should start him off with something comical which is eaier to digest. Then proceed from there.

      • sammnie replied to Grace

        Wayne can be very romantic…remember him in Off Pedder & Someday. I especially like how he treated Yan Siong. In Someday, he was very good too although both were sitcom…i really think he is good. I was enjoying the sitcoms so much!

        Oh…another sitcom was Best Selling Secrets where he was courting Doris and how he proposed to her, that was so sweet and romantic.

        But in King Maker, the chemistry between him and Kristal Tin was still lacking.

        Wayne + Teressa Mo (Off Pedder + Someday) = Amazing

        Wayne + Sheren ( Rosy Business + No Regrets = Superb!)

  3. fiona says:

    ma ming can act much better than moses.

    • Funn Lim replied to fiona

      Errr not sure if I agree with that.

      • fiona replied to Funn Lim

        Netizens support ma ming for TV king this year. moses however paled next to adam cheng in master of play.

        linda and bosco also support ma ming.

        As for the ‘one person, one vote’ to chose the
        TV king and TV queen, Bosco also expressed
        approval…thinks that everyone is not only able
        to take part, but can also know audiences’ real
        choice. He also said that, last time (the Miss
        Hong Kong Pageant) was only an accident…no
        one wanted it to happen. This year, the ratings
        of Bosco’s starring series “Witness Security”
        were ideal..has a chance in running for TV
        king; however, he said, “I actually feel that
        Kenneth Ma is the favourite because he did well
        in ‘The Hippocratic Crush’, and it also had good
        ratings”. Bosco said that he knows that, as of
        now, Kenneth is the highest in public opinion;
        he also supports him, but also has confidence in

        She thinks that Kenneth Ma will
        take TV king because he has played a variety of
        roles, has breakthrough [performances], and
        acting is stable enough.
        Linda thinks that Kenneth will take TV king:
        “His acting is stable. This year, many of his
        roles are breakthroughs. His character in ‘The
        Hippocratic Crush’ made me return to the
        feeling of first love during youth. This name
        [Yat Kin Tau] gave me the feeling of returning
        to first love because many young girls like
        guys with this type of name!” Was she was not
        afraid of her boyfriend getting mad? Linda
        said, “I only like his character…do not like him
        in real life”

      • sandcherry replied to Funn Lim

        If TV King and TV Queen awards are generated from the votes submitted by Hong Kong audience, then every siu sang and fadan need to increase his and her fan base. The results will be determined by “who has a bigger fan base”. It is ridiculous to me. They are not best acting awards because “best acting” is rather an abstract issue and very subjective.

        Older and mature audience may not want to cast their votes while younger ones will do their best to support their own idols.

      • sandcherry replied to Funn Lim

        Agree that Kenneth Ma had many breakthroughs in his drama series. However, I am not 100% sure if he is the best actor in 2012.

      • salamander replied to Funn Lim

        THC is a great and meaningful series. Kenneth is leading public votes now? Great results. I thought Raymond Lam will lead the votes with his fanbase.

      • Funn Lim replied to Funn Lim

        That’s why I said; Kent Cheng for TV KING!

      • Fox replied to Funn Lim

        Like I predicted, Txb is putting hand to promote their real biological son. Lolz, or I have to say Catherine Tsang is playing favourism card :P?

    • Hannah replied to fiona

      Lmao. Anyone would pale when acting with a veteran. MM is good, but you’re over praising him.

    • sammnie replied to fiona

      agree ma ming is quite good and have improve quite a bit. he is also well accepted but winning a TV king so soon…emmm maybe another few more dramas…he should prove his versatility.

  4. sandcherry says:

    Both Wayne Lai and Moses Chan are good actors, as long as they don’t act those funny characters in comedic drama series. Both act well in serious characters, especially Moses Chan. I can’t stand Moses acting those silly and stupid characters. Wayne Lai was okay in acting silly characters such as “Chu Pak Guy” and “Sa Tsang” in “Tong Sam Chong” series.

    • Funn Lim replied to sandcherry

      Wayne Lai was never Sa Tsang. He is excellent in comedy, his older series are good examples.

      • sandcherry replied to Funn Lim

        I did not like Wayne much in his older series. I liked him best as Lau Sing in “No Regrets”.

      • Grace replied to Funn Lim

        Agree Wayne is GREAT in comical roles!!!!

    • Funn Lim replied to sandcherry

      For me I can’t stand Moses as serious character. He is worst at drama, much better in comedy, even better in those “muk hau muk min” comedy.

      • sandcherry replied to Funn Lim

        I don’t agree with you on this. I couldn’t stand Moses when he was acting his role in “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

      • skinnymocha replied to Funn Lim

        In terms of comedy, I only liked him as Dak Dak Dei as that brand of comedy suited the character. Plus, the thing I loved most about the him was his good sense of balance; humour, altruism, responsibility – just everything all wrapped up in one. Like sandcherry, I cannot stand his other “comedies.”

        I think he’s okay in dramas (sometimes), but it just depends on how well the character is written. He was dull in Gem of Life…

      • Gar replied to Funn Lim

        I agree with Sandcherry on this one. Moses made me cringe with his acting in Can’t Buy Me Love. I prefer him in…..actually I don’t prefer him in anything to be honest.

    • Fox replied to sandcherry

      Until now, the Pig is still my most favourite role of Wayne. I really can’t find anything can replace its position in my mind, even the famous Chai Gau.

      • skinnymocha replied to Fox

        Chu Bak Gai’s the standout for me too, although it does help that JTTW is one of my all time favourites. There’s also the nostalgic factor I suppose. I remember the second role I ever watched him in was probably Justice Pao and from them on, I though this guy was definitely a good and versatile actor.

      • Funn Lim replied to Fox

        I was watching Seasons the other day and was shocked to see so many now famous guys but back then just kelefe and he was one of them. He hasn’t changed much.

        For me his 1st of many standout roles was in that Guangzhou series with Lawrence Ng and Ada Choi if I remember correctly. Was it Ada Choi? Zhu Bajie was of course very memorable because I thought he was so handsome as Tianpeng. First time I ever saw him as really handsome. He has a face for ancient drama. But It was seriously Safe Guards that just made me feel he has arrived. He totally dominated that series and was simply exquisite. But he was at his most romantic in Rosy Business II. Like I said, give him a romantic role. I bet he can do that role, flirt and all.

        Moses to me depends on which role. I notice some section finds him intolerable in drama but loves him in comedy (such as myself-since he is such a blank sort of actor, comedy is a good thing for him) and some loves him in drama but hates him in comedy (I understand why-slapstick isn’t his forte either). But between Wayne and Moses, joke is, Wayne can lead a series, Moses depends on a whole group of other actors to co-lead. That is the difference between the 2, apart from the fact that Wayne is an all rounder, except maybe as Emperor. Very few can be emperor and that is why I really really really really really miss Kong Wah.

      • bryantchang replied to Fox

        Funn, is the Guangzhou series you referred to “A Road and a Will”, starring Lawrence Cheng, Maggie Cheung, and Cutie Mui? I just rewatched this series, and agreed that Wayne did an excellent job here.

      • Funn Lim replied to Fox

        Yes, that one. From my memory, it was a good series. So many years ago.

      • Funn Lim replied to Fox

        It wasn’t Ada! Yes it was Maggie!! Memory very blur.

      • Funn Lim replied to Fox

        Errr anyone knows what happened to Cutie Mui?

      • Cm replied to Fox

        I also agree that his Piggy in Journey to the West is good… his role as Chow Bak Tong in the 95 ROCH is another which shows his comedic skills.

        Saying that Wayne and Moses are now equals because they have won awards is a joke. Lots of tvb support actors (Wayne especially) have always been better than the actual leads

      • sammnie replied to Fox

        Wayne is best with his comedy roles. very entertaining and not fake. really u cannot find another annoying but adorable piggy like him…hehe.

        to be fair, both Wayne + Moses must be given the same type of roles to act (compare apple with apple, not otherwise)

        Anyway, Wayne is really versatile, he can act, perform + sing (so so la but not too bad). :-)

    • exoidus replied to sandcherry

      His acting as “Tak Tak Tei” in HOG was ok. Not sure if it’s bc I like the character since he could be funny and silly yet dependable at the same time.

      After that I could stand watching him anymore. Very exaggerated acting!

  5. Hannahh says:

    When asked if he will put in extra effort now that he was pitting against another TV King, Wayne replied, “I deliver my best for every drama. When I receive my script, I never ask how much screen time I have. It doesn’t matter; it’s important to act well.
    that’s why i really like wayne hehe

    • sandcherry replied to Hannahh

      I don’t think it was 100% correct. I remembered that Wayne Lai was fighting with Kent Cheng for screen time in “King Maker” during filming. He was talking to the producer to make his role heavier and to get more screen time than Kent’s. It was widely reported by news media when “King Maker” was filmed.

    • Fox replied to Hannahh

      The answer is quite typical. Everyone say the same thing. Why can’t someone say out loud a truth: Hey I deadly wanna win because my fee is still too low?

    • exoidus replied to Hannahh

      Haven’t heard any artists say: “im going to sleepwalk through since im only a klf” LOL

      Or maybe it’s bc of TVB’s motto: “always give your best” Yes we can certainly see that, hehe.

      • Funn Lim replied to exoidus

        Sigh.. must be diplomatic. Lie also must lie well. That is why they’re actors.

  6. LK says:

    They’re both overrated to me but I do enjoy WAyne’s earlier work, I didn’t quite enjoyed his character in Rosy Business. As for Moses I only feel he does well in dramatic roles not comedy, he’s just annoying and over acts it in those series. I liked in Perish in the name of love, When Heavens Burns was alright though that wasn’t a favorable series.

    As for Heart of Greed, his role in there was just too much, he’s not suitable for the comedy type at all.

    I do hope this year either Kenneth or Bosco will take home the award, they both deserve it. As for Raymond, his role in RPG didn’t do much for me, maybe when High & Lows comes out he’ll have a better chance.

  7. Bee says:

    Moses is best in Healing Hands and worst in any comedies. As for this year awards, Kenneth might get it from popular opinion and I’m ok with it. I like Bosco’s performance in WI more though :)

    • Sherrie replied to Bee

      i agree! but i felt like that drama was too short :( it didn’t focus on him and linda that much. it wouldn’t been much better if he and linda had some love sparks as a memory before he died.

  8. Yian says:

    I swear that I read some article a few days ago that they were going to get Wayne and Moses to film some ancient series together? Maybe this is the one they are on about! I can’t find that article again though…

    • Yian replied to Yian

      Oh yay I found it:

      I remembered wrong though, it’s a modern court drama. Whoops :D

      Also the tag says “A gentle crackdOOwn” :)

      • sammnie replied to Yian

        Hope the collaboration between Moses + Wayne would be a modern drama. Enough costume drama for Wayne at least this year.

  9. Linnh says:

    Pitting against another TV King? HAHAHA…In my oppinion then Wayne is already one step higher in acting then Moses.

  10. elin says:

    i dont think moses is tht bad.. i do enjoy his acting though nt a fan of hs love life… wayne wll away be chu pak kai to me…

  11. GiaKiem says:

    I like both Moses and Wayne, so this is good news.

  12. sammnie says:

    Well, Wayne + Moses must work together again, hopefully in a modern & serious drama. Want to watch their acting skills. And after so many years, both have gained much experiences and have matured. It’s time both TV King to deliver some quality work to the audiences. Winning again is secondary (to me) but delivering a quality & superb performance is more important. Just like RB and No Regrets, these are legend and memorable. Look forward to seeing them soon.:-)