Moses Chan Watches Kids While Aimee Chan Returns to Filming

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Moses Chan Watches Kids While Aimee Chan Returns to Filming

After taking a four-year hiatus from filming, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) will make an official comeback in new Yi Yue Xing <日月星>. Playing a teacher, Aimee was seen on the film set in a classic blazer and skirt combo. Although she already misses her children, Aimee could not contain her excitement to be back on the job and said it will take her a bit of time before getting use to filming again.

Stressing the importance of having at least one parent at home, Aimee revealed that her return to acting coincidentally fit with husband Moses Chan‘s (陳豪) filming schedule. Moses, having just finished filming for TVB’s grand production, My Ages Apart <誇世代>, will be spending more time at home to take care of their three children.

Denying that she only returned to acting now that Moses has finished his work, Aimee said, “No, it just happens that he finished. It’s not like I only accepted the job only if he finished work. We just got lucky because at least one parent needs to be at home to take care of the children!” Asked if she will take a break after this film, Aimee responded, “I’m still going to be looking for jobs. I want to act – I haven’t filmed in so long!”

Moses is now enjoying spending more time with their children. Although Moses is taking a break from filming, Aimee said that being an at-home parent is a rather tough job.

Works Out Multiple Times a Week

Staying at home for four years, Aimee is trying her best to get back into shape. She has been going to the gym four to five times a week and recently modified her diet regime, putting more emphasis on maintaining good health rather than just shedding the pounds.


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    Wow, she looks very “see lai”… That hair cut is horrible on her. The short cut, high volume on top looked much better on her.

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    Aimee is luckier to get more movies to film than Moses does.

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