Myolie Wu Celebrates 38th Birthday with Family

By on November 11, 2017 in NEWS

Myolie Wu Celebrates 38th Birthday with Family

On November 6, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) celebrated her 38th birthday with close friends and family. Myolie’s husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), didn’t make an appearance on social media updates on the night of Myolie’s party, but her husband personally uploaded a message of celebration for Myolie the following day, sharing a photo he snapped with Myolie that day.

The photo was taken in what looks like to be their kitchen, and Myolie was surrounded by four different birthday cakes.

Philip wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday to you my excellency. Be happy, be healthy, and keep being you. I’m glad Brendan is celebrating with us today too.”

Myolie also wrote on her Instagram, “Thank you for all the cakes again, Brendan might say mommy why is [your] milk milk so sweet sweet!”

Happy Birthday, Myolie!


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    Happy birthday and congrats to Myolie! 🙂

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