Myolie Wu hopes to be a Hot Wife and Mother

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Myolie Wu hopes to be a Hot Wife and Mother

Radiant after returning her honeymoon, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) returned to Hong Kong recently and is ready to tackle her work assignments.

At a promotional event today, Myolie donned a green silk dress and exhibited an enchanting aura. Although her honeymoon with husband Philip Lee (李承德) lasted 75 days, Myolie maintained her fit physique. Myolie smiled and shared that she began dieting and exercising towards the end of her trip in order to prepare herself for work.

Having previously expressed her desire to have children, Myolie’s recent public appearance displaying her slender build refuted any possible rumors of pregnancy. Even after giving birth, Myolie expressed her desire to keep fit and still be a hot wife.

When asked for a response in regards to Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law’s (羅仲謙) wedding in England, Myolie congratulated the newlyweds. On whether she is worried that Tavia will get pregnant before she does, Myolie said, “I’m not worried. It’s a happy occasion. Tell them that if they host a wedding banquet though, they have to invite me. I’m waiting for my invitation!”

Due to the recent departure of many A-list actresses at TVB, many are concerned about the company’s future outlook. However, Myolie reassured the media and expressed her confidence in TVB. “It’s a recurring cycle. We have worked there for more than ten years. Leaving does not mean it is the end [for the company]. A change in environment and change in life is a normal occurrence. TVB has many new upcoming fadans. It’s a good thing.”


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  1. Profile photo of ninasimone ninasimone says:

    To be honest, Moylie face look a bit like a toad but I didn’t say she can’t be a hottie toad although I won’t go there.

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    • Profile photo of jimmyszeto jimmyszeto replied:


      Never really considered Myolie to be attractive nor most of the group she hangs around with.

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