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Myolie Wu’s New Life As a Single Lady

By on March 19, 2013

Myolie Wu’s New Life As a Single Lady thumbnail

For eight years, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) were regarded as Hong Kong’s young golden couple. Their sudden breakup in summer 2012 was sudden, unexpected, and clearly devastating for many of their fans. But time does not stop, and Myolie is prepared to move on with her new single life.

“Let the past be the past,” said Myolie. She is ready to start anew. Finding a new boyfriend is currently not the 33-year-old’s main concern, but she is definitely not stopping in looking for one. Like a fisherman casting his net, Myolie hopes that she will eventually meet the right person.


Since the summer of 2012, Myolie went on a working spree and filmed three television dramas in a row – Season of Love <戀愛季節>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II >, and Wine Beauty <红酒俏佳人>. After completing the latter in early March 2013, Myolie immediately began filming Lee Tim Sing’s (李添勝) Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>, which will likely take another four to five months of continuous filming and commitment before its completion.

One may believe that piling herself with work was Myolie’s strategy in coping with the breakup; whether or not that is true, it does not seem to matter anymore. At the end of the day, Myolie still enjoys work more than anything. She has portrayed some of her most favorite roles of all time in the past few months of filming.

“I’ve recently finished shooting Wine Beauty in Shenzhen,” said Myolie. “I collaborated with a crew that came from mainland China, Taiwan, and other countries, bringing freshness and new sparks. My perspectives has also widened.”

Her character in Triumph in the Skies 2, Summer, was one of Myolie’s favorite roles in recent years. “She had a traumatic experience when she was a child, so she grew up to be a rather quiet and cold person. She starts off as a person who only uses one expression or body movement to express her thoughts. She is an interesting character.”

Myolie was also very excited to to have been cast in Rosy Business 3, and could not wait to get started on the project. She gushed, “I am absolutely ecstatic for the chance to work with ‘three-time TV King’ Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)! The script is also very climatic and shocking. Although I portray a spy, a very strong character, I will have many crying scenes.” Teeming with both anticipation and worry, Myolie’s role in Rosy Business 3 will be the biggest challenge of her acting career. “I want to act my emotional scenes differently. I want to act them in ways that the audience would be able to feel the emotions of my character even when I’m not crying.”

All actors and other artists of talented craft are always seeking for change and improvement. For Myolie, she expressed that she hopes to be able to portray even more distinctive and deviating roles in the future. “I really want to try out a villainous role. Maybe it’s because I look too noble, so I rarely get these opportunities. I’m also quite interested in playing characters who are mentally disabled or handicapped. I want to challenge myself.”

The TV Queen winner is a self-proclaimed workaholic, but no matter how dedicated she is to her job, shooting for television dramas is laborious and difficult. Myolie decided that she will go on a vacation after filming of Rosy Business 3 in July. After 365 days of nonstop working, this vacation cannot come at a more befitting time.

Enjoying Freedom

Myolie’s relationship life after Bosco is still an interesting topic for the media to chase after. She has been linked with costars Eric Huang (黃少祺) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), but Myolie debunked every single one of them, exclaiming that she is enjoying her life as a single lady.

“There are certain things that should be left in the past. I don’t want to have a heartbroken image. There are different stages in life, and it is only when you work through them that you experience growth. I really like my life right now. I enjoy the freedom. Of course, dating has its benefits. I am not against meeting new friends, but starting a new relationship takes a lot of time.”

Myolie is not very picky when it comes to choosing Mr. Right. She insists that the most important quality in a relationship is that they should both have feelings for each other. “I don’t need my other half to be very rich. I’m also okay if he can be a bit androcentric, just as long as he has motivation, is responsible, and is mature. Actually, if the media gets too worked up on following my love life that would make me unwilling to go out with friends!”

Despite being one of TVB’s highest-paying actresses, Myolie expressed an interest in tapping into business. “An actress is a very passive job. Often we have to wait to get jobs handed to us, so in the future I want to invest on some businesses. I will concentrate on ones that I like, such as fashion or food.”

Source: Lisa Magazine #482 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (87)

    1. Veejay says:

      Glad that Myolie is taking life slowly unlike Bosco who already move on with another gal right?

      • Fox says:

        Why he can’t move on?

        • Abigail says:


        • sel_fi_wu says:

          no good boyfriends will fell so quickly with another girl only after 6-7 months after breakup.

          that’s why people hate and suggested cheating of patrick tang who immediately hook up with kayi right after breaking up with katy kung. glad that now katy found sammy shum.

        • Fox says:

          It’s damn funny. They broke up and anyone of them can move on to have new gf/bf without any trouble. 6-7 months or 1000 months or 1000 years, nothing different. Having to remind of the ex(es) all the time to make yourself better?

          As for Patrick Tang, he is criticized because he went out with Kayi when he was dating with Katy, mean he cheated, but not because of his date after Katy. Don’t try to twist the fact.

          Myolie also moved on, dun think of Bosco much. It isn’t a problem even if she dates someone now. Btw, didn’t you the one who mate her with many many guys?

        • jasmine7 says:

          He cannot move on because he still loves her truly. Bosco maybe flirty but it also depends on the girls. If they take it as compliments/jokes or just friendliness then it’s ok because I’m sure Bosco would not suggest anything inappropriate. However if any female takes this opportunity to get close and thus create ‘waves’, then it’s dangerous.

          I personally guess Myolie moves on so quickly because she turns her love for Bosco into ‘hate and despise’ blaming him for everything. That sort of attitude usually helps one to overcome pain more easily as you soldier on. Perhaps Bosco do deserve some ‘wake up calls’ treatment but certainly 8yrs of feelings is hard to sweep under the carpet if you truly love someone.

        • Fox says:

          @jasmine7: Since when Myolie blames Bosco everything?

        • rmoey says:

          truly loves someone while flirting with others? that doesn’t sit very well with anyone. then good on Myolie to bye2 him!

      • Jayne says:

        Bosco is only costars with Stephy Chi from “Young Sherlock”. Stephy has a steady boyfriend.

        • Abigail says:

          Jayne and Veejay, please stop spreading rumors.

          Qi Wei has never admitted by herself that she has a steady boyfriend.

          The notion that she has a girlfriend started from HK tabloid: 3 Weekly’s mouth.

          Qi Wei, as well as Ma Tian Yu and Sun Xiao Xiao all get along very well with Bosco. Bosco is seen to be extremely cheerful in his latest Detective Dee interviews 2 days ago, and he always provide soup to the cast and crews.

      • Abigail says:

        存心黑你的人,会捏造谣言让傻子去传播,好让那些脑残相信。 Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.[转]


      • sel_fi_wu says:

        support you veejay! shut up abigail. let veejay let her opinion out. everyone know bosco is a super flirty guy who doesn’t deserve myolie.

        myolie can do much better! glad she’s doing very well as a single and beautiful woman and never thinking of bosco ever again. unlike some other actress who can’t depend being alone and hook up with her rich ex boyfriend. shame.

        • meow says:

          Youre the one who needs to shut up.

          Like seriously? Do you feel the need to bring down others to compliment myolie? You could have simply said myolie is good looking and what not WITHOUT accusing others of doing sugery and using cosmetic supplements.

          Its a damn shame to have human beings like you around. Smh. Like how would YOU know if myolie didnt or did use botox? How would YOU know if the other actresses did or not? You wouldnt. It is still YOUR speculations.

          Fyi, plastic surgery is not that easy of a process as you think. Im not talking about botox or other injections. Im talking about going under the knife. The process is dangerous and is painful. In order to reshape whatever features on the face, bones need to be broken and reattached. Yes. Its not just lets use some anesthesia and ill wake up BEAUTIFUL.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          cosmetic supplements and makeup are different than botox and surgeries.

          don’t tell me you can’t tell who is natural such as myolie and kevin who prefer to age naturally, and those who did nose jobs such as Y and L. it’s not good example to the public when you resort to unhealthy procedures just to get ‘better looking’

        • meow says:

          Cosmetic surgery supplements*

          You cant possibly tell who ages naturally. Please look at kevins gossips and rumors. There were speculations that he did something to his nose. This is why I mean there is no way in knowing if someone did something or not because it is so common for everyone to claim people have done something to their faces. Of course the obvious would be LF and TY.

          But regardless of who did or didnt. You have yet to tell me why you feel the need to constantly drag someone else down to praise myolie? Like I said, you could have simply said she ages gracefully and that would have been the end of that.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Why must Ray gets dragged in unrelated news again? Leave him alone. He’s got enough bad comments in his own news. Sigh! Whether Ray has cosmetics job or not it’s his own life, doesn’t matter to others.

        • Vel says:

          Yo Meow, you need to take a chill pill lol.

        • meow says:

          LOL…I am chill just this same person over and over again keeps yapping nonsense. Clearly, I am not the only one tired of her yaps.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        myolie has admit herself that she has many pursuers lining at her doorstep but she’s not desperate and she’s a greatly independent woman who can stand on her own two feet without a boyfriend! respect myolie’s super strength.

        unlike bosco who still befriended and get close to other women after the breakup. shame.

        • Nicole says:

          gosh, selina, can you shut up?
          myolie has also befriended guys?

        • meow says:

          Omg nicole. Thank you.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          a good and attractive woman will always attract guys. myolie can’t help it. she outright admit too that she has many pursuers. heard one of them is young mainland actor mao zi jun.

        • Nicole says:

          Right. An attractive woman will attract men, and an attractive man won’t attract women?
          Just stop your stupid and fake support for myolie, when you are just using her to bash people you dislike.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          each for their own opinions.

        • cass says:

          I hope not all Myolie’s fans are behaving like ‘this’ certain person ..

        • Fox says:

          It’s entertaining to see Sel_fi_wu bites her tongue in just one post.

        • Nicole says:

          Because she’s just a fake fan and can’t hold her own against real fans :D

        • Fox says:

          The word “fan” should be replaced by “person”.

        • Sabrina says:

          Sel_fi_wu as a fan you should calm down. Many other Myolie’s fans also don’t like Bosco and know that Myolie can end up with a better person but bashing Bosco or other artistes such as Myolie’s colleagues like a mad fan won’t do any good. It’s good enough that Myolie has get rid of her past with Bosco.

        • Nicole says:

          Selina/sel_fi_wu/fiona/selliesellie is not a real fan but a hater in disguise, who drags myolie’s name in to bash everyone. In this article alone, she has bashed 5 other artistes while “praising” myolie.. From the amount of venom she shows everyone, she’s a person filled with hatred and spite. Definitely not a myolie fan. nor a Kevin fan, nor a Kenneth fan. They are just tools she hates less, used to bash everyone she hates.

        • Lyle says:

          Ah so the original commenter is sellieselle, well that makes sense. I see her all the time on AF saying irrational and unreasonable things.

        • Fox says:

          @Nicole: Do you list vivien/lol/some else usernames she used in Jaynestars in the past and now in?

    2. pandamao says:

      Beautiful pic of Myolie. Love the subtle look :)

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        agree! myolie looks amazing and her skin is glowing. she also looks youthful and has great skin unlike some actresses who look older beyond their years with bad botoxes and nose job.

    3. sel_fi_wu says:

      wow myolie looks amazing! she has become a great beauty since the breakup!

    4. milktea says:

      Myolie looks good but has a very young look. Though still prefer a rather mature one

    5. Myolie's Fan says:

      She must be happy :)

    6. Hannah says:

      Lmao. Expect a certain fan to show up in every Myolie’s news. The comments are much more interesting than the news. :P

    7. Nicole says:

      I love the photoshoot that was taken for the original article. She can pull off very dramatic and stylish looks.

    8. Lyle says:

      Somehow there is always a debate war in the comments section regarding about Myolie and Bosco. I get that some may love one more than the other but don’t bash them for something you don’t know. They both said they broke up mutually and peacefully and still remained friends why can’t we just all accept this fact?

      For a certain fan, what do you expect Bosco to look like? All depressed and locked up like int he dramatic series? That would be pathetic Yes the break up had a huge impact on both of them but it doesn’t mean they can’t connect with others of the opposite sex. Romance is not neither of their top priority, Bosco can be friends with girls and Myolie can be friends with guys, it doesn’t mean that they are developing a relationship with that certain person.

      • Lyle says:

        It’s been several months of their break up, in the sane and normal world it is not unusual to move on. They’re both great ppl I don’t see why we have to doubt that.

      • 939393 says:


      • TVBFanatic says:

        Agreed Lyle… it looks like Myolie and Bosco have put their old relationship behind them and are moving on.

        It’s too bad some of their fans can’t do the same.

    9. lii says:

      great picture of myolie. she looks so pretty, young and gorgeous. well actually i hope they both can get back together if miracles happen because 8 years relationship is a very long period of time. plus they both seriously know each other very well.

      • YLK says:

        Sometimes, it takes more than love, which I’m sure both Myolie and Bosco had (and still has) for one another. Timing is also very important in a relationship. If one is ready to start a family soon and the other is not, it simply won’t work. And, waiting 8+ years for a man to be ready is too long (a woman’s youth is precious and doesn’t last forever). Both people, especially Myolie, handled this difficult situation (for all to see) with a great deal of self-control, class and respect for one another. Both people need time apart in order to let the wound heal. I’m sure Myolie will be much more mindful of “timing” in her next partner choice.

    10. d says:

      always and forever a past golden couple. <3

    11. AC says:

      Can’t wait to watch both Triumph 2 and RB3 this year.

    12. Joyce says:

      Let me tell you guys this, take a look at the old pic of myolie 7-10 yrs ago, I’m pretty positive that she had her eyes done (double eyelids) and maybe her nose too, Michelle ye has double eyelids done for sure. Btw, it’s just all rumors, you guys have no evidences of boso was cheating myolie when they were together, I think Bosco is handsome enough too have many girls follow him, if he’s a playboy, he wouldn’t stay with myolie for that long time wasting his youth. Noting that when they start dating, neither of them were that famous so it’s hard to say who better than who, just think that now myolie make a name for herself and doesn’t think Bosco is good enough for her that’s why she wants a breakup. None of us in their situation, we don’t understand, what you guys have to do is to support your own idol, don’t put your idol up to cloud 9 and talk trash about other. That’s not nice.

      • joey says:

        A picture of Myolie in her first tvb drama

        Just FYI, some things you may not know/forgotten about Bosco and Myolie:

        1. Myolie thanked Bosco when she won TV Queen in 2011.
        2. Myolie’s acting career have always been a few steps ahead of Bosco’s.
        3. Bosco has investments in properties and a restaurant business.
        4. When Bosco and Myolie promoted Racecourse, Myolie said, “If Bosco is given a chance, I believe he will be more successful than me”.

        You are right when you say if you don’t understand, don’t put your idol up to cloud 9 and talk trash about others.

        • cr2boscolie says:

          These “fans” resembling Joyce and Sel_fi_wu should be damned for trashing on celebrities.

      • Nicole says:

        Funny, the only Myolie or Bosco “fans” I see “talking trash” about the other party, is you and sel_fi_wu.
        She’s a fake fan who is infamous for her rubbish comments. And you are…?

        PS: Myolie fans ARE the ones telling sel_fi_wu to shut up and calm down. Hope you do the same for yourself.

      • cr2boscolie says:

        To joyce, you should look at yourself. Stop talking trash about Myolie.

        1. Myolie’s career has always been better than Bosco since they started in 1999.
        2. Myolie has always been the good person in the relationship, it has always been Bosco who always get the negative rumours.
        3. Myolie bravely speak up and acknowledge Bosco as her boyfriend and thanked him when she won Best Actress in 2011.
        4. Bosco has always mention of Myolie as a good girl.
        5. Bosco wasn’t that romantic and lovey dovey boyfriend that his fans might think, Myolie mentioned during Racecourse promotion that Bosco is strict and harsh to her while they were working together in Racecourse, but was gentle and nice to everyone else.
        6. Myolie never said that she blames Bosco for everything. Even if she feel this in her heart, who are we to judge? We don’t know what happened between her and Bosco and which girl won’t feel unease if she keeps reading about her boyfriend flirting with girls?

        Exactly as some others had mentioned, the fans should let this ex couple go. They do appear calmer than the fans. So stop it Joyce and please behave and reflect on yourself before advising others.

      • cr2boscolie says:

        There is no evidence that Myolie did any facial cosmetic surgery. Same can be said that there is no evidence that Bosco didn’t cheat too, so best is to keep quiet and let time tell the truth. You said that Bosco wasted his youth? What if I say Myolie wasted her youth too? Bear in mind that a woman’s youth is more valuable because woman has biological clock. Myolie is 33 now, how many years she had left before she can’t conceive a child anymore? Try to think from a woman’s point of view. What if It was Bosco who messed up by not being ready for marriage and kids and upset Myolie who wants a stabled and open relationship?

        That’s why again it’s best to leave these two to themselves instead of pushing one sided blames.

      • cr2boscolie says:

        Look, I like Boscolie, but if it was fated that Bosco is not the right and best choice for Myolie, perhaps this ending is the best for both of them. I was sad when they broke up and was shocked, but as Myolie and Nancy has mentioned, Myolie has a lot more choices out there. She’s already 33, others her age already got a few kids and have a happy family. What else a woman want when she has already achieved heights in her career? I think she wants to be happy wife and mother next.

        Fans of both sides should stop being bias and
        blaming either side. Time will tell and whoever they end up with, we should pray for their well being.

        • Bridget says:

          Well said cr2boscolie. These loser trolls for example Joyce who attacks and blames Myolie alone should just g t f o. How the heck would you know Bosco is innocent, loser? Leave the poor lady alone. Stop blaming one side of the equation, loser!

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          Hmm Bridget-imposter … stealing and hiding under someone else’s identity to attack other people so that you don’t have to take responsibility for it — who’s the real loser troll here?

          Oh — looks like you’re a Myolie fan. I guess you weren’t happy with my (as in the real Bridget) review of her performance in Curse of the Royal Harem?

      • Bridget says:

        Go home and sulk your thumb loser Joyce. Your attempt at trolling and attacking Myolie failed. Many up there have pointed that Myolie has been successful and more ahead than Bosco in wealth and status since the beginning of their career. Next time prepare better before you attempt to troll on innocent artistes, you loser.

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          If you’re going to make personal, hateful comments to people, at least own up to it and don’t hide under someone else’s identity. Cowards.

    13. Joyce says:

      Kevin Cheng definitely has works done on his face, take a look at his old pics in the mid ’90, honest to GOD, he looked quite ugly to me, at that time he was a newcomer singer. Even Rucco Chan too, just compare the old-new pics, you’ll see.

      • Godon Lim says:

        Kevin Cheng and Ruco was NOT ugly. It’s just Kevin did not age as well, whereas actors such as Michael Miu age like fine wine. Not everyone ages good. Ruco seems to be ok. Joyce…there’s a high probability you won’t age good anyway, girl.

      • Bridget says:

        Screw you Joyce. Kevin, Myolie and Ruco are nowhere ugly and stop accusing artistes for plastic surgery that they didn’t do. I bet you don’t look half as good as when you reach their age, loser. Eat back your comment to other people about bashing artistes. You are an internet troll, Joyce.

        • Joyce says:

          Hey, don’t know who’s the loser here, everybody have their own point of view, why do u have to take it so personal? Do I talk trash about you? I personally like both of them and feel bad that they broke up, just see the unfairness here in the forum that’s why voice my comment. Watch your language girl, we don’t know each other, stop bashing at me, ask your parents to teach you a lesson of manner.

      • Funn Lim says:

        “Kevin Cheng definitely has works done on his face”

        I don’t consider double eyelid surgery to be work done. Other than that, ever heard of losing baby fat, growing more mature, getting older, etc etc etc? He looks the same to me except younger. Some men look better as time goes by, like fine wine. Kevin is one. He has this elfish look, very handsome, more so when he gained confidence from recent success.

        As for Ruco, depends on personal taste.

        Now if Kevin ever had surgery on his face, I shall say WELL DONE to his surgeon for showing restraint and giving him this natural look.

        • Funn Lim says:

          BUT Myolie had works done, chin, etc that I agree.

        • Bridget says:

          Ever heard of aging and losing baby fat, Funn? You sound as bias as Joyce. Myolie should be as natural as Ruco and Kevin, she lose her baby fat and has smaller face!

        • Fox says:

          A thing I agree with Bridget. Natural or PS, only the artists know the best what they’ve done to their faces.

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          Funn, you probably know this but that “Bridget” above who posted the “You sound as bias as Joyce” comment is NOT me.

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          B/c I’d like to think I write with better grammar than “You sound as bias as Joyce” when it should read “You sound as biased as Joyce”.

        • Joyce says:

          Myolie definitely has her nose done, look thinner, and to “Bridget” again, don’t know who’s the real Internet troll now, you creating a war here. You don’t know who am I, how the heck you know how I look? Let me tell you, I think I’m older than you, and I bet I look better than you, I never wear make up, all natural not like other ppl including celebs put tons of makeup on their face, when they take makeup off they look like a ghost just got pulled out of the grave. I’m proud of myself with fair skin tone and no pimples on the face. What about you? You think you better than me? Anyway, just shut up, don’t mess with me, this forum don’t welcome ppl who creating wars like you

    14. Natalie says:

      They ALL had work done on their faces. Yes, I said it. No proof needed, just use your eyes.

      • Bridget says:

        Ever heard of aging, loser troll Natalie? Your eyes isn’t enough to punish innocent artistes for something they didn’t do.

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          Wow, I stop commenting on Jayne Stars for a few months and this is the first time I’ve noticed that I (like Funn a few months ago) also have an imposter?

          Amazing. Good thing I no longer comment on this website and am just a silent lurker. Some people have too much hate and/or time on their hands. Funn, Kidd, Jayne, etc. — hope you guys know whoever has been posting as “Bridget” since late last year / early this year has not been me. I will also stop commenting after I’ve cleared this up. So whoever posts as “Bridget” in the future is not me, but a lowlife imposter with nothing better to do. I wonder if it’s the same person who posed as Funn awhile back… although that would be too optimistic. There are way more lowlives than that in the world.

          I digress. Keep up the great work on the site!

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          Oh I just noticed. The avatars are different — so the real me still has my old avatar (probably attached to my e-mail address?) which is the lime green square face with the brown background, whereas the imposter has the turquoise / aqua circular face with the purple background.

          A minor semblance of justice.

        • Bridget (the real one) says:

          Oh btw everyone, the Bridget-imposter user ID is UserId: d130b021d8.

          Easy to see once you click on the Comments tab to see all the recent comments.

        • Jayne says:

          We hope to resolve the duplication of same IDs once the user registration is in place. I think many regulars will realize that you write differently.

    15. Fox says:

      Realizing that the ppl who can’t move on are actually the fans. Some try to use all the chances to blame one side in this relationship. Bosco and Myolie seem to be be calmer than you guys.

    16. d says:

      i support myolie and bosco. they both didnt blame each other but i think both of them are in a wrong too. :( missunderstanding happens.

    17. hannahh says:

      Glad she has moved on! Support u Myolie! Add Oil!

    18. ita says:

      So now the fashion back to 90’s? She got 80’s eyebrow..

    19. fattylady says:

      I love myolie n Bosco as well but Bosco is too flirty and not good enough for Myolie

      • wonderwoman says:

        Me too. Boscolie was a cute couple but after reading all the news on the breakup Bosco is not good enough for Myolie.

    20. sel_fi_wu says:

      breakout news! what myolie said in this shenzen variety show recently proves that bosco was the wrong party in their breakup! myolie said woman most hate a third party which implies that there was really a thirs party between them. myolie was the poor victim all along!

      水房 : #深圳卫视男左女右# @胡杏儿 和 @ 黄宗泽 恋爱长达8年之久,最终因内地某女明星的介入而最终分手。杏儿在参加本期 @深圳卫视男左女右 节目中就流露出对这段感情的死心。在被问及“女人最怕什么”时,她的回答“小三”。


      can’t wait to download and watch this part!

      • Fox says:

        Tomorrow news: Myolie hates apple and breakout news: Boscolie broke up because of apple or Apple is the wrong party.

        Such a breakout news.

        I suggest you to seek for a job with Next media corporation. You really have the potential to be their “gou”.

      • joey says:

        You only want to watch this part? Shows that you’re not a real fan. And f***ing stop @-ing myolie in weibo.

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    Jackie Chan: “Jaycee Should Go to Prison Every Year” thumbnail

    Jackie Chan: “Jaycee Should Go to Prison Every Year”

    Roger Kwok Teaches His Children Money Management thumbnail

    Roger Kwok Teaches His Children Money Management

    Linda Chung Looks for Vocal Coach; Will Release Album This Year thumbnail

    Linda Chung Looks for Vocal Coach; Will Release Album This Year

    Him Law’s “Young Charioteers” to Air March 2 thumbnail

    Him Law’s “Young Charioteers” to Air March 2

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    “The Monkey King 2″ Enters Final Stages of Filming thumbnail

    “The Monkey King 2″ Enters Final Stages of Filming

    Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Attend Lunar New Year Dinner thumbnail

    Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Attend Lunar New Year Dinner

    Aimee Chan Shares Photo of Newborn Son, Nathan Lucas thumbnail

    Aimee Chan Shares Photo of Newborn Son, Nathan Lucas

    Raymond Lam to Star in New Drama “Department Six” thumbnail

    Raymond Lam to Star in New Drama “Department Six”

    Kate Tsui Portrays Pregnant Woman in “Go and Come” thumbnail

    Kate Tsui Portrays Pregnant Woman in “Go and Come”

    Lawrence Ng Gambles Away Sorrows in Macau thumbnail

    Lawrence Ng Gambles Away Sorrows in Macau


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