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Nicholas Tse Has a New 25-Year-Old Girlfriend?

By on May 31, 2012

Nicholas Tse Has a New 25-Year-Old Girlfriend? thumbnail

Officially divorced from Cecilia Cheung (张栢芝), Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) was suspected to have a new girlfriend! Nicholas was spotted playing badminton with a mysterious 25-year-old woman at a gymnasium on May 25th. Nicholas appeared carefree and laughed heartily while accompanied by the slender, long-haired woman.

According to Hong Kong tabloids, Nicholas and the mysterious woman played badminton for 2 hours at a gymnasium in the Stanley district. Wearing a bright orange shirt and black shorts, Nicholas worked up a good sweat while swinging his racquet. At approximately 5 PM, Nicholas drove the woman home in the Wan Chai district.

Afterward, Nicholas headed to Cecilia Cheung’s house to eat dinner with his sons, Lucas and Quintus. One day earlier, Cecilia had flown to France to attend the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

Nicholas Tse Still Believed in Love

Last August, in the midst of his divorce crisis with Cecilia, Nicholas had professed that he loved her very much. However, the pair did not know how to resolve their marital differences. With their divorce filing officially approved by the court in May, Nicholas has resumed his single status. The 32-year-old divorced father recently declared, “I still believe in love. I believe that in the end, someone will be willing to accompany me!”

Patrick Tse Responds

Nicholas Tse’s father, Patrick Tse (谢贤) was asked to comment about his son playing badminton with his female companion. Patrick said, “This is very normal; playing badminton is not anything special!” Patrick did not elaborate further on who the woman was.

Patrick revealed that he had attended his grandson, Quintus’ second birthday celebration in early May. Asked if he had sent any birthday gifts to his former daughter-in-law, Cecilia Cheung, for her 32nd birthday, Patrick claimed, “I did not know where she was! I only found out that she was at the Cannes Film Festival from the newspapers!”

Cecilia Cheung Returns to Hong Kong

On May 29th, Cecilia Cheung returned to Hong Kong after promoting her new movie, Dangerous Liasons <危險關係> at the Cannes Film Festival. Falling sick, Cecilia wore a mask at the airpot. When asked what her birthday wish was, Cecilia said that she wished to recover from her sickness first. Asked if Nicholas had sent her any birthday greetings, Cecilia did not wish to comment further on her ex-husband.

Source: Chinayes.comNetease.com, QQ.com

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Jayne: It is a matter of time before Nicholas and Cecilia finds romantic partners. It will be interesting to see who they will date next.

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  • Readers' Comments (23)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Rather.. plain? Manager maybe?

      • Jayne says:

        The 25-year-old woman may be Nicholas’ badminton coach. It’s possible for him to fall in love with his coach.

        • tony says:

          It’s impossible given that woman is so thin and so boobless

        • josie says:

          How come the tabloids know nothing about this mysterious woman yet they know she’s 25?

          And do people really need a coach for badminton? Quite easy to play compared to tennis.

        • sehseh says:

          Girlfriend or coach doesn’t matter. What matter is that Nicholas looked relaxed and happy in the pics.

        • kenny says:


          Badminton is a fun game but at higher level it can be very tough. If you need to win games against your buddies and is serious about taking your game to higher level ( and if money is not the problem), then its good to have a coach.

        • hcfoo says:

          Good question josie. The tabloids in HK are craps. They can claim anything.

    2. Sky says:

      can’t get a better pix than that? lame…

    3. HeTieShou says:

      Well I think that is just how the media is. Once they see any celeb alone doing anything with someone of the opposite sex, they will immediately think that they are a couple or will be one. That is how it is in real life too. I remember one of my classmates going shopping in an Asian store and seeing another classmate of the opposite gender and just saying Hi only. She said that she should not say too much or else others will misunderstand that they are a couple… I think that is just how asians are while with more westernized people, they are more open and don’t think much of things like that.

    4. Hannahh says:

      Media really love making news. As much as i love Nic but i think he is a playboy

    5. kenny says:

      Looking at way she held the racquet and shuttles, she should be a good badminton player – probably a badminton coach. I wonder how much she will charge per hour.

    6. cloud says:

      It’s possible to fall in love with the coach given that there isn’t a huge age gap. It’s all about emotional connection.

    7. Lady Gaga says:

      rediculous! If Nic is spotted playing badminton with a man, then is the press going to imply Nic is gay/homosexual? ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY TO THE CORE!

      • tony says:

        People may also say that Nic is persuing/paying that gal for one-night sex service.

        Anything is possible until unless Nic stands up to clarify this matter.

    8. Summer says:

      My thought was she is one of his assistants or a manager or a coach or a friend but not a girlfriend. Nic can look carefree and have fun with his friend, not necessary a girlfriend.

    9. Amy says:

      It might be… a godsister. No more no less who knows.

    10. fez says:

      so fun to be back on the market again.

    11. NoEyeDeer says:

      Just like what someone said earlier, strange how the medias know abt her age yet don’t know who she is. Also, I don’t think Nic needs to clarify on something as menial as this. To clarify on some pics of him PLAYING BADMINTON? Give him a break.

    12. elin says:

      how many bf do i hve thn… lol.

    13. eileen says:

      it’s his badminton coach !! she coached me before in tsim sha tsui. she is quite nice actually.

    14. Hmmm says:

      Playing badminton isn’t anybody’s idea of a romantic date! Either they’re not a couple or they’ve been going for a while now and feel comfortable being casual.

    15. thuzar says:

      i like nic

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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