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Nicholas Tse is Madly in Love with Zhou Xun for 8 Months?

By on August 14, 2013

Nicholas Tse is Madly in Love with Zhou Xun for 8 Months? thumbnail

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and 38-year-old mainland Chinese actress, Zhou Xun (周迅), are reported to be dating for eight months. Nicholas did not deny the relationship, only stating “I have nothing to say!” But insiders reveal that Nicholas is madly in love, whispering softly in Mandarin to Zhou Xun on his phone during filming breaks.

Something to Hide?

A crew member from Nicholas’ new movie Casino <賭城風雲> spilled that Nicholas is either texting or constantly on the phone. “He will always talk gently and his face will be filled with smiles. After he gets off the phone, he will be filled with energy! How can anyone not know that he has a girlfriend!”

Although Nicholas’ close friends knew about the dating relationship, they were not formally introduced to Zhou Xun yet.

In order to see Nicholas more, Zhou Xun moved to Hong Kong and stayed in Nicholas’ former residential building, the Parkside Apartments at Pacific Place. Zhou Xun’s representative replied that Zhou Xun did not rent the apartment herself, but only lived there because of staff arrangements.

Nicholas’ manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希) admitted that Nicholas and Zhou Xun were neighbors living on different floors. Zhou Xun’s manager told a different story, “The address in the mentioned report was Nicholas’ office. On that day, he heard that Zhou Xun was here for a magazine shoot, so came downstairs to say hello.” If the story were true, how is it possible that Zhou Xun’s manager would not know that Nicholas’ office is located in Causeway Bay instead?

Nicholas Quickly Moves Out

Once news leaked that Nicholas and Zhou Xun were residing in the same building, it was revealed that Nicholas had already moved out of the Parkside Apartments.  A source close to Nicholas and Zhou Xun revealed that the pair kept their relationship under wraps for fear of agitating Nicholas’ ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung. Nicholas went so far as quickly moving out of the Parkside Apartments.

The source revealed, “Actually it’s not that Nicholas dumped Zhou Xun for Cecilia but they were just lying low. The more Nicholas loves Zhou Xun, the more he needs to keep their relationship low-profiled.”

Cecilia’s Revenge?

After Cecilia heard about Nicholas’ new love life, she decided to move to Canada with their two sons, Lucas and Quintus. This came a blow to Nicholas. Since he and Cecilia divorced two years ago, Nicholas has never shirked his responsibility as a father. Besides punctually giving them their living expenses each month, Nicholas will often try to surround the boys with family warmth. On Mother’s Day, Nicholas brought the two boys back to visit their paternal grandparents and celebrated Quintus’ 3rd birthday.

Upon hearing that Nicholas is “single” again, Cecilia came back to Hong Kong with their children, much to Nicholas’ relief.

Cecilia’s Struggling Career

While Nicholas’ career flourished, Cecilia’s acting career is at a standstill after taking part in a few box office flops. Desperate to revive her career, Cecilia picked up several odd jobs, including appearing in Chinese variety shows as well as taking on commercials. Besides thinking about releasing another music album, Cecilia is also interested in appearing in a theater play.

It was said that Cecilia hoped to use the healthy image of C Allstar to push herself forward. As such, she self-created rumors about herself and the band’s lead singer, Andy Leung (梁釗峰) and also spread the news that they are working on a big project next year.

C Allstar’s Kenny Chan (陳健安) said, “Ever since the rumor about her and Andy came out, the talk about the project has halted. There has been no more progress!” C Allstar’s manager, Lam San San (林珊珊) also confirmed that the work schedule for the next year does not include any such collaborations.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (29)

    1. windy says:

      Wow, all these HK men really do dig mainland ladie huh? Haha…wow and it seems he still likes older women after Faye Wong?

      • SY says:

        Older women is more mature in the thinking. What’s wrong with a 6 years gap.

        • bear says:

          WHAT???? hk gold digger? pshh… nicholas is very rich himself. he has his own business running. and dont judge age gap, that’s so narrow minded.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Exactly, Nic already has his own money so what gold is there to dig???

        • Kay says:

          Who said anything about ‘gold digging’? “Dig” as in “like”! LOL

      • HeTieShou says:

        Strange how Zhou Xun used to be with Li Ya Peng but now he ended up with Faye.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          and nic used to be with faye and now ended with zhou xun

        • Cherry says:

          Maybe nick and Zhou sun are jealous to se li ya penguin and Faye wang happily married. They want to take revenge so they decided to date their ex.i think this might be true because Zhou sun is so ugly.
          I used to like nick before but now I don’t like him anymore ever since he married Cecelia Chung.

    2. lost says:

      yeah, yearning for mother’s warmth and love

    3. smurf120 says:

      Didn’t article about Tony Leung just come out a couple days ago? Sheesh.

    4. ita says:

      wow, If it’s truly true, he seems to have a thing for older women.
      Anyway, doubt it is true, didn’t zhou xun was rumored with Tony Leung about a week ago?.

    5. Ronpage says:

      I don’t think Zhou Xun is attractive enough for Tony Leung and Nicholas.

    6. jasmine7 says:

      If Nic finds happiness again, we should be happy for him because all of us know of his turbulent married life with CC, who I personally think is still behaving childishly and using their sons as bargaining tools to control Nic. Zhou Xun may not be a great beauty but it’s the personality that counts (well, CC is not that pretty overall ). 6 years older than Nic? That’s ok, it’s not 16yrs.

      If Nic and ZhouXun does become a couple, I hope ZhouXun is sincere and not break his heart in anyway.

      • joy says:

        zhou xun having fun with two men.. firstly tony, now nic, don’t think she is edison’s type but she’s going to regret being with nic if her main intention is to get tony leung jealous

        • bear says:

          dont tony have a wife right now? he’s cheating? O-o or they both r. cheating each other? WHOA!

      • azndoraemon says:

        you are absolutely right! =)

    7. joy says:

      haha nic is fooling around with his hair, grey patches and goatee.. trying his very best to look a few years older

    8. sdfds says:

      to me, zhou xun is ugly… >< lol

      • bear says:

        ugly. hahaha who are u to judge? have u check yourself in the mirror? do u have a god face to call someone ugly?

      • Constance says:

        very much agree with u

      • msxie says:

        ugly? your eyes need to be checked.

      • hiccups says:

        don’t think zhou xun is beautiful, pretty or cute, carina lau looks good when she first started out in the entertainment industry, she looked her best when she acted alongside chow yuen fatt in a movie, cast as a nurse

      • hiccups says:

        i think i get what sdfds is trying to say, inner beauty does show on the face quite often

    9. bbfanny says:

      Why so many rumours about Nic Tse and ZX?

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