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Nicky Wu Complains of Gan Tingting’s Garlic Breath

By on November 1, 2012

Nicky Wu Complains of Gan Tingting’s Garlic Breath thumbnail

Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Gan Tingting (甘婷婷) play the leading roles in new World War II drama, Advance Towards the Fire <向著炮火前進>. During a press conference in Beijing, Nicky discussed his role as the leader of a local gang, and his experience in filming kissing scenes with costar, Gan Tingting.

In Advance Towards the Fire, Nicky’s character assists the Chinese army, or more specifically, an agent of the Chinese army played by Gan Ting Ting, to recover an encryption machine for decoding  a Japanese secret. Nicky then helps the Chinese army until the end of the war.

Nicky portrays a leader of a local gang, Lui Chee Fung, nicknamed “Crazy Lui” in the drama. To fit his image as an eccentric leader, Nicky grew long sideburns and a thick crop of hair on top, while wearing sunglasses and leather jacket. Many people complained that his image in the show is too modern and does not fit the era.  However, Nicky explained that his hairstyle and wardrobe reflect American fashion in that era. As a thief, it is natural for his character to get a hold of this kind of clothing, which Nicky felt fit well with the story line.

In Advance Towards the Fire, Gan Tingting plays an agent who studied abroad and specializes in data decryption. She will be involved in relationships with Nicky Wu and a guerilla group leader played by Wang Xin (王新). Nicky and Tingting will share many romantic scenes together.

Gan Tingting is a “Garlic Barbie”

Filming romantic scenes with Gan Tingting required Nicky’s patience. Nicky jokingly said, “I have to file a complaint. After filming the drama with Gan Tingting, I gave her a nickname, ’Garlic Barbie’. I have about 4 to 5 close up scenes with her, and every time she always had a strong smell of garlic. The first time I kissed her strongly on her lips, I questioned her immediately why she had a taste of garlic in her mouth. She told me she just ate some cold noodles with garlic. The second time we had to do a close up dancing scene, she just finished eating some food with added garlic chili oil. It happened a few times already; I have to wonder whether she did it on purpose.”

Nicky said he usually chews gum or makes sure to brush his teeth before filming kissing scenes. However, when dealing with someone like Tingting, he vowed to start eating garlic to make it a fair game.

“Advance Towards the Fire” Trailer

Source: Sohu.com

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  • Readers' Comments (24)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      He was joking. He was always a gentleman when it comes to his costars.

      And he sure can kiss.

      As for his hair, a bit too modern. I do believe he seriously love his hair very much. And what is the rumour I read about him and Ma Su? If true, he has a fixation for the girls with names Ma, and Su and having strong features. I notice the ones he likes may not be the prettiest but they’re all very bubbly or loud personality persons. Ada Choi included.

      Anyway this series is sorta similar to his other series like same hair, costume, etc. Not my kind of era though. But he as always looks good.

    2. anonymous says:

      why he left Ada Choi?

      • Funn Lim says:

        Feeling was mutual, relationship reached the end. Anyway that was like years ago. Since then both moved on, both married, one divorced and the other gave birth.

    3. Ice says:

      Gosh I don’t want to kiss anyone with garlic or onion breath…..and while I am listing… or cigarette or coffee or beer taste….

    4. Lee says:

      Can Ting Ting is gorgeous but she seems too young for Nicky Wu.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Every actress now is too young for her. But they do match well. Even in XMSY the actress is much too young, almost 2 decades difference? At least 18 years difference. But they match well probably because Nicky, if you ignore the HD thing, looks good for his age. In fact Wallace is about 7 years younger? They look about the same age.

    5. Roxy says:

      Even he’s joking, it’s still kind of gross.

      And NW looks handsome as usual. Still no news on BBJX2?!

    6. Amy says:

      I think its very ungentlemanly of Nicky to talk about a girl’s breath problem publicly. Imagine from now on everyone gonna label her.

      • jasmine7 says:

        It’s nothing to do with being a gentleman or not. #1 rule when doing close-up or kissing scenes, artists should have the sense to clear their breath. First time may be a mistake (and she should take note since it’s been pointed out politely), but to do it repeatedly like TT is plain stupid & irresponsible. She’s lucky NW didn’t complain to the Director. NW may smoke but at least he chews gum or brush his teeth, which shows consideration for the other actor.

        • Amy says:

          Good points made, but still I beg to differ. This is purely my opinion. I just think he should save her some humiliation. Garlic barbie,oh come on! No one wants to be labeled as that in the news. And,the Rule#1 that you pointed out,is a safe, undebatable rule that GTT fail to abide by. That I can say, is her mistake on her part.

        • star says:

          Maybe NW is unhappy with her repeated inconsiderate behavior so said that to the reporter intentionally.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Not sure if it is ungentlemanly or not, but I personally would not joke about anyone’s breath be it male or female. If GTT is sensitive then she may take it the hard way,but if she isn’t then it should not be a big deal…

      • skinnymocha says:

        He should have talked to her in private and left it at that. Commenting on one’s breath isn’t the most flattering thing.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      garlic breath?

      Have to see the interview to know how he described it.

      • Jayne says:

        Nicky called her “Garlic Barbie” which is a pretty silly name.

        On another note, my father loves WWII dramas, so this should be on his watch list.

        I am surprised to see Nicky take on such a strong nationalist project, as such war dramas may appeal to older audiences.

    8. yxm says:

      Lol hilarious!

    9. lingling says:

      I think there is more to the story than what’s being reported. It sounded like an inside joke between NW and GTT. He pointed out that she always eat prior to the close-up scenes, as if she purposedly did it as a prank to him. And so he wanted to “get back at her” for it. The joke is in bad taste once the media picked at it. He should know better. But that’s okay. I still love you, Nicky Wu. hahahaa… and still hating the hair.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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