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Niki Chow to Replace Charmaine Sheh’s Position at TVB?

By on March 21, 2011

Niki Chow to Replace Charmaine Sheh’s Position at TVB? thumbnail

In order to film TVB Producer Lee Tim Sing’s My Cruel Lover , Niki Chow Lai Kei terminated her former BMA music contract early at the beginning of the year. Niki’s former love rival, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, was rumored to leave TVB and film in China instead for more money. Due to TVB’s lack of fadans, Tim Gor encouraged Niki to sign a management contract with TVB. Tim Gor even promised Niki that in the coming year, Niki will be promoted to a top fadan, replacing Charmaine’s position!

TVB Chasing Niki to Sign Management Contract

In February, Niki signed a per-series contract with TVB. On several occasions, she also met with TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling, to discuss the terms of a management contract. Despite heavy promotion, TVB’s new fadans could not be elevated to a higher position, while few older fadans were left. Earlier, Tim Gor advocated for Niki in front of Ms. Lok, noting that her acting skills were okay although she never took an acting class. With an additional push in promotion, Niki could achieve Charmaine’s status within a year.

An inside source revealed that TVB was interested in signing a two-year management contract with Niki. Currently, Niki earned $3,000 (HKD) per episode under her current per-series contract. “Under the new management contract, her filming fee would be increased to $10,000 (HKD) per episode. Although this fee was still far from the $20,000 to $30,000 (HKD) fee that top TVB fadans earn, it was not a bad price for a newly signed artist. However, Niki felt that a two year contract was too binding. Since TVB would also take commission fees out of Niki’s endorsement deals, she was still considering the terms.”

Niki’s Past Series Achieved High Ratings

Niki filmed five series with TVB in the past. The Gentle Crackdown <秀才遇着兵> peaked at 42 points in ratings. Under the Canopy of Love <天幕下的戀人> peaked at 37 points in ratings. Niki’s past series had strong ratings, with the exception of The King of Snooker <桌球天王> which fell below 30 points in ratings.

Niki acknowledged excitedly, “The only way I can repay Tim Gor is to decline other jobs and focus on filming My Cruel Lover.” (Once you sign a TVB management contract, did Tim Gor promise to promote you to Charmaine Sheh’s status?) “Ha…?! How did you know that? Um…I did not say that; only Tim Gor would have the audacity to utter these words! As for the management contract, I will think about it once I complete filming My Cruel Lover.”

Since Charmaine Sheh allegedly snagged Kevin Cheng Ka Wing from her in the past, was Niki easing her vexation in the latest turn of events? After hearing the reporter’s question, Niki walked away and then responded, “I figured you might ask such questions. At this time, I will focus on filming series.”

Reporters contacted Kevin for comment regarding the possibility of Niki signing with TVB. Kevin said, “If you are saying that Tim Gor is promoting Niki, why don’t you ask him?” (Since Charmaine and Niki were both your former co-stars and rumored love interests, what do you think about Niki’s acting?) “Her acting is always good!” Kevin pointed out that he answered enough questions and quickly turned to leave.

Lee Tim Sing: “Don’t Want Charmaine Sheh to Work So Hard”

On March 12th, reporters contacted Lee Tim Sing. Although he acknowledged that Niki’s acting still needed improvement, he supported advancing her to a top-line actress. “Niki has great physical attributes. She is not too tall and looks good next to male co-stars. As for acting, we can improve that slowly. Even Sheren Tang Shui Man was not an great actress when she first started in the industry.” (Why did you have to seek out Niki in particular?) “You don’t think I want to find someone else? Outside [TVB], everyone has a contract. As for the actresses within TVB, they frequently appear in numerous series broadcast throughout the day already. Otherwise, the remaining actresses have not achieved a certain position yet.” (Did you say that Niki can replace Charmaine?) “I am uncertain as to whether Charmaine will leave TVB or not. However, it’s very strenuous for her to film series after series. Now, we have another fadan for producers to cast.”

Recent rumors claimed that Kevin Cheng may have reignited romantic flames with Charmaine. It appears that Niki and Charmaine may be destined rivals in both love and career. Although Niki’s affinity with the audience was mediocre, Tim Gor strongly supported her in front of Ms. Lok. It was still uncertain as to whether Tim Gor can turn Niki into a top fadan.

A Look at TVB’s Current Fadans

Charmaine Sheh- Once her TVB contract expires in April, the possibility of Charmaine remaining at TVB is low. Rumors were rampant that Charmaine will film in China to earn more money.

Bernice Liu- Since splitting with Moses Chan and dating new boyfriend, Alastair Lam, Bernice has been plagued by negative rumors and was “frozen” by TVB. Allegedly, prior to the scandal, Bernice had already renewed her contract with TVB.

Myolie Wu- In the past, Myolie was heavily promoted by TVB. Often revealing contorted expressions in her series, Myolie was ridiculed by netizens. Many TVB producers grew afraid of casting her in series. Although Myolie still had two years left in her TVB contract, it was difficult for her to advance further in Hong Kong. In recent months, she has started filming in China.

Fala Chen and Linda Chung- Both Fala and Linda have good relationships with TVB producers. Among actresses, they advanced quickly in recent years and accepted many endorsement jobs on the side. Even if Fala and Linda do not overexert themselves, the audience will likely grow bored seeing them too much!

Tavia Yeung- Originally, Tavia had the potential to fight for the #1 Sister title with Charmaine Sheh. Tavia still has three years left in her contract. If Charmaine leaves, Tavia will undoubtedly get the coveted spot. No wonder TVB has to develop new fadans!

Excerpt from Sudden Weekly # 816

Jayne: Lee Tim Sing does seem to have an affinity for Niki Chow. He even stated earlier that the female lead character in My Cruel Lover was especially written for Niki. However, Tim Gor’s longevity with TVB is unclear and the man has spoken about retirement many times. Even if he wanted to promote Niki to higher status if she signs a management contract with TVB, will he have enough time to do so?

When news of Charmaine not renewing her TVB contract first surfaced, we discussed thoroughly the state of fadans remaining at TVB and their status. Tabloid magazine, Sudden Weekly, seems to echo the same thoughts. Now we have Tim Gor saying the same, that they were not many fadan choices left in TVB.

After the late 90s and the glory of Jessica Hsuan, Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Flora Chan faded, TVB only managed to develop Charmaine Sheh into a big star. Gigi Lai and Sheren Tang became big at this time as well. In between, we had Sonija Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, and Bernice Liu groomed for succession planning. Tavia Yeung emerged the strongest among this generation, while the others’ actress sucess was not as strong as bargained. Not only in terms of popularity, but also in acting strength as well. Following this period, we had the emergence of Linda Chung and Fala Chen as well. I also think that Natalie Tong, whom I find to be quite beautiful but needs a better stylist, might shine if given more memorable roles.

Yes, there are many loopholes to fill. Is bringing in Niki Chow the right move? I do like Niki and she has a distinct personality that might give the TVB fadan scene an interesting mix. In the past, she played similar types of characters, so if TVB is serious about promoting her further, range of acting might be an issue.

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  • Readers' Comments (98)

    1. hello says:

      Hi Jayne,

      Not to be picky but i think you might have missed a few names that i feel uncomfortable with their credit or names left out…

      “After the late 90s and the glory of Jessica Hsuan, Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Flora Chan faded”
      (Kenix Kwok?) – but then again, i guess it can be argued since she never got the best acctress award =(

      “In between, we had Sonija Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, and Bernice Liu groomed for succession planning”
      (Melissa Ng?) – we also had her leading series for a very short few years before she made her retirement.

      And actually commenting on the article and Mr Lee’s taste in finding a top fadan, really unless he plans NOT to retire anymore and make Niki a top fadan, i think she needs a lot of work even before she reaches Fala/Linda/Myolie/Tavia’s level… 1 year of hardwork will definetly not put her in the same level or anywhere beyond our current young fadans

      • Jayne says:

        Hello, you’re right I missed Kenix and Melissa, since they have not been in the headlines recently and I was typing my comments quickly. My list is intended to open up discussion and not to be comprehensive entirely. :)

        • gggg says:

          what linda and fala are now really popular and they’re both good at acting.

          you said …..
          Even if Fala and Linda do not overexert themselves, the audience will likely grow bored seeing them too much!

    2. Yee says:

      Nikki is a very good actress but it needs time for you to become the dong ga fa dan. Even if they were to promote her so much, the audience must approve of her first in order for her to become the number one. Meanwhile there are many to choose from. One day Nikki could become number one, but not ad fast as filling Charmaine Sheh’s shoes right away. There is quite a long list of people that come before her..,

    3. Funn Lim says:

      Niki Chow as a fadan? I already can’t stand her with the few series she filmed, if I have to see her in every series, I then will vote for Tavia. Rather Tavia than Niki because at least Tavia can act with more than 1 one expression.

      • JN says:

        hurray to you fun. My thought exactly regarding Nikki’s acting. She does get the look and beauty but she doesn’t have the personality or the charisma that you will like her the minute you see her.

      • moonriver says:

        “Tavia can act with more than 1 one expression.”

        Tavia has 2 expressions – pissed and upset.

        • fox says:

          Laugh die me =))

        • Funn Lim says:

          Better than Nikki which is always the spaced out look. I always thought she was high on drugs sort of looks.

        • Yee says:

          True dat, yo(sorry to act all asian gangsta) Tavia can’t do comedy, never seen it though so can’t really say, but I can’t see it…She barely mas a pissed face, her most common one is the cry cry cry I’m so sad face. She is only know for her dramatice sad cryey face.

      • lol says:

        Tavia’s excellent at crying but her range is quite limited. I will give my vote to Myolie. She has a better range of expression and her expressions are clearer than Tavia’s.

    4. Disneyfan says:

      She does play only the cheery cute girl role well. Her range is very limited. I don’t think she’ll go as far as Charmaine.

    5. JJ says:

      I personally feelt hat Niki Chow does not have the weight to be a fadan. In the past, I would prefer to skip her dramas and not watch them. She might be physically attractive but her facial expression is very limited.

    6. HeTieShou says:

      I haven’t seen Niki act much so can’t comment. Maybe she will get better with more experience just like with any actress. Many actresses of today just have a decent looking face but not many can act that well(Charmaine included). Honestly, I feel that these days it is no longer based on talent like it used to be. It feels like luck, connections, timing and many other factors make an artist, not actual talent… If it were based on talent more, I question how many artists would actually be successful and make it big?? Not many…

    7. Kidd says:

      Wow, I never expected Nikki’s fee to be so low. Other lead actresses got HKD10,000 – HKD30,000 per episode and she only got HKD3,00?

      As for Tim Gor wanting to promote Nikki, can he do it? Yes, his series are good and many of his series became a hit. But, there are also misses. Not all the lead actors he cast in his series turned out to be successful. Secondly, does he have the power? He has always wanted Raymond Lam in his series but still unable to get him up till now. He doesn’t seem very powerful in TVB.

      • Jayne says:

        @Kidd, I think Niki’s per episode fee under the per series contract may be lower because if she has any endorsement deals, she gets to take the bulk of the money. If she signs the management contract, her filming fee will be higher, but TVB will take a large commission. Niki has moderate recognition and her endorsement appearance fee is probably $10,000 to $20,000 per appearance.

        Personally, I think Niki is just waiting out for better terms. I think she will likely sign management contract with TVB. Her music career wasn’t very hot and probably ended, as for mainland projects, there are probably roles if she wants to pursue it. However, if TVB give her some good roles, her popularity can peak higher. TVB can boost her popularity, much like what they did to Gigi Lai after War and Beauty.

        • Yee says:

          Why do female artist get mayed so little?? I mean the popular siu sangs get payed from 20,000 to 50,000 per episodes, where besides Charmaine Sheh, the others only get payed around $10,000. That’s a little unfair…they should be equal.

    8. impmuse says:

      I’d like to see more actresses over 35 yrs of age given more prominent roles so that we see them much more than Fala, Tavia, Linda, and Kate for example. I also think that Natalie Tong has potential, both looks and acting, and perhaps Selina Li. The problem is that there are so many passable actresses, none truly outstanding.

      Older actresses I’d like to see more often in TVB series in lead roles are Sheren Tang (not sure if her contract allows it though), Krystal Tin, Mimi Lo and Yoyo Mung.

      While I’m at it, I also want to say that I think Raymond Lam is overhyped in looks, acting and singing abilities; I dread the sight and even mention of him, and for this reason don’t sympathise with his recent Mavis incident. I’d really like to see other actors get more support and limelight since there are so many more well-deserving actors in TVB, too many to mention here!

      • Kidd says:

        Personally, I do think that Raymond is a good actor and singer.

        Other than MOL, he has never disappointed me in his acting. But, I think TVB pushing him to be an idol and working him non-stop affected his acting.

        As for singing. I like his singing more when he has not signed EEG and became a pop idol. His voice use to have great volume, but, now he goes the soft route.

        As for look, I don’t find him that good looking onscreen, but, he’s very handsome in real life (saw him in one of his fans meeting event with Ron, Sonija and Myolie last time)

        Not matter the hyped, you really should give him credit for holding full-house concerts 3 year in a roll in all the places he held concerts in. He really does have the ability to pull in the crowds. Hyped alone can’t do that.

        • starry says:

          I think we can all agree that MOL was Raymond’s worst performance, although I attribute it mostly to Kingsley, the character.

          I, too, think Raymond is quite good at what he does most of the time. GREAT, no, but his singing and acting abilities definitely surpass those of his peers by a large margin, which account for his current fame and popularity.

          I think people have a tendency to dismiss a popular artist as “over-hyped” when they disagree with the majority opinion of said artist, but there’s a reason why that artist is so well liked. I personally am not a fan of Charmaine’s, but I can see how she appeals to others. With time, I’ve discovered that if you watch an artist perform with a more open mind, even if you may never grow fond of them, your initial distaste will at least reduce to neutrality.

          That said, no matter how brilliant an actor/singer is, there will always be at least one person who sees the opposite.

      • starry says:

        Not too keen on Natalie, but I agree with all the others you’ve mentioned, with the addition of Nancy Wu. I’d love to see Kristal Tin and Yoyo Mung go head-to-head in a Kingdom series, but that probably won’t happen until hell freezes over (which is also unlikely due to global warming and whatnot).

        I’d like to know which actors you find more deserving of recognition than Raymond. :)

      • Yee says:

        I really like Mimi lo too, I kinda feel bad for her now that all she does is host JSG, I mean she is just a good actress and she can do any kind of role, she should at least get bigger supporting roles and a nomination for something. She has a large rage, from dramas to comedys, and of course hosting…

        As for Raymond Lam, he does deserve the fame that he has. TVB does hardsell him a bit, but it’s not totally out of line. I mean he is a good actor, can do dramatic scenes very well. When it comes to signing he can di it very well as well, or else how could he have held so many concerts around the world? I mean someone has to watch them, right. When it comes to the whole good-looking guy look that just his “look”, and image. That’s how TVB sells him. Ron Ng and Bosco WOng have the kinda bad-boy look, and Moses Chan has the whole cool-funny guy look, so SOMEONE HAS TO BE THE GOOD LOOKING GUY (even if they all are). So since he is the best looking one there, he takes on that title. I look forward to his upcomming drama “Men with No SHadows” maybe there you will see his wider acting range, since he is a devil in this series.

    9. littlegalpal says:

      Wow $3,000 HK per episode. That convert to $375 Canadian per episode, if she film 25 episode for the whole series she earned $9,375. From all the previous news, usually they film 16 to 18 hours per day for a few months…I don’t even want to know how much that translate to per hour.

      No wonder all the actors/actresses go to China to film…and a lot of them mentions making “real” money from ads work and stage appearance.

      • Yee says:

        Compared to North America actors they get payed as if they work at McDonalds…and they world like twice as long too…

    10. Aly says:

      We’ll have to see Niki’s performance in “My Cruel Lover” to validate what Tim Gor sees in her. For now, I have never been impressed with her acting, but maybe it is due to the fact that she has always played the same bubbly roles in all her series. Her acting lacked range and depth. I remember when Charmaine first came out, her acting was criticized and the audience couldn’t stand her. It wasn’t until Return of the Cuckoo that she started getting more attention and love from the audience.
      Also, I have mentioned before that I think Charmaine got promoted at a good time when there wasn’t much competition. At the peak of her career, the fadans that Jayne mentioned were already starting to leave the nest, so she was able to take a lot of prominent roles and the audience grew to love her as she does lead a series well and has good presence. I think now, there are plenty of actresses in TVB right now. Not to mention that there are new ones every year after another year of Miss HK. The problem is finding one that stands out from the crowd. In the past, Jessica, Ada, Flora, Maggie and them all had distinct styles which made them special in their own way. Now, there’s plenty of pretty actresses. But none of their acting skills are at par to be the number one fadan. It will be interesting to see who will eventually prevails.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Aly there are still viewers who would say Charmaine’s acting is terrible, she is not universally loved. But she is well liked as a tv personality.

        Oh you mentioned that Cuckoo series. I so hate that series and her performance. I think of it as one of her worst.

      • Samantha says:

        I WAS never impressed with Nikki’s acting!!! if i had a choice i would choose charmaine over her…

        I totally agree to the actresses all having pretty faces but the talent of acting is not there, like u said not at the level of being a fadan!

      • SDS says:

        “range and depth” are two terms TVB no longer knows. It may just be a emerging trend of series which are less emotionally involving. Things happen and on goes the series. Not manner events have lasting effects on the storyline or character development. And no recent series has explored a particular character deeply so we can actually gauge the actor’s ‘range and depth’.

    11. pandamao says:

      So Tim Gor had a few good series and selected the right characters to play those roles but this does not equate to “I have a keen sense of what is good stuff.”

      I call bluff on this whole Nikki fiasco. I trust my eyes. Nikki’s adding is one-dimensional and will never live up to Tim Gor’s expectations.

      • pandamao says:

        acting* not adding ..

      • lol says:

        Tim Gor might be using all his might to push Niki up but likewise with this tailored role for Niki, it sounds like an easy way for her to the top.

        If she gets successful because if this series the credits should be given to Tim Gor instead for tailor making a role for her to breakthrough.

    12. AC says:

      Yeah, it kinda seems unlikely that they’ll push Niki to the #1 spot mainly because I don’t think the audience will support it.

      Myolie hasn’t been on tvb for almost a year and I think she made a pretty good comeback in The Rippling Blossom since her popularity seems pretty high on tvb.com. Other than that, she’s pretty popular in other countries and makes tvb a lot of money still and I don’t see why tvb wouldn’t want to try and keep her.

      Same with Tavia- she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and I view her and Myolie as the top 2 that they’re probably going to have.

      I think people are used to Charmaine as being the sole #1 and are not used to having more than one on top. It’s kinda obvious who they consider the top-tier fadans based on their new pictures and the cover of the tvb magazine.

      • abc says:

        Charmaine was the last one to catch the train before TVB derailed. By that I mean that she managed to solidify her position before TVB started churning out dozens of lousy scripts and paper thin caricatures.

        Do people seriously think that you can judge whether someone’s acting is good just from TVB series? What is your definition of good? All the audience sees is whether the character is likeable ergo good acting; alternatively, I like the artiste ergo good acting.

        It doesn’t matter who has the acting chops – all you need is the right role and the right series.

    13. Chriselle says:

      I was very surprised to read this piece of news as I didn’t think TVB will consider promoting someone like Niki without a management contract to top fadan. Of course, if TVB will to promote her in the future, she will have to sign a management contract.

      I was also surprised that Lee Tim Sing had a female lead role especially tailored for Niki. It does seems like he wants to push her to #1 fadan.

      Two of Niki’s most popular works with TVB were Under the Canopy of Love and The Seventh Day and both roles were similar, yet different. Since I’m not much into the purely romance genre, I didn’t find either series interesting. But from what I’ve seen of her, it seems like she appeals to a much younger audience. All in all, she needs more variety in her roles and I hope that if TVB does promote her, they will strip her of her typecasted image as the sweet, innocent, and bubbly girl. It’s nice, but it’s also plain and lacking.

      However, that aside, Tavia has my full support with TVB were to push her to the #1 spot. I’ve also noticed, as others have mentioned, that Tavia is not well-rounded as every other character she has been given requires excessive crying. That aside, she has the looks and talent to succeed.

    14. lol says:

      Myolie has been making a great comeback in The Rippling Blossom and she is widely accepted in HK not only overseas. Besides Myolie is also gaining applauds in China for her series Beauty Schemes and Mother In Law. If anything Myolie should be on top of the current fa dans now with her achievements after Charmaine left. Not to mention she has two more trump cards left this year with one of them is her most awaited evil concubine role. If anything TVB should treasure her more.

      No offence here but Tavia has been lacklustre in her recent series. She’s being stagnant and possibly went downhill since she got applauded for her role in Moonlight Resonance. In the same series as Myolie she’s automatically the second lead, so I don’t see her able to carry a series yet.

      • Kidd says:

        She’s automatically a second lead because she’s paired with the second lead. If she paired with Chilam, she will be first lead.

        • pandamao says:

          i didn’t see myolie as first lead over tavia.

          tavia got way more character development and screen time than myolie, tavia was just not very good in the rippling blossom.

          myolie improved only, she’s not great. just comparing her to the gateau affair, she’s better…. still not good, sigh!!!!

        • Kidd says:

          I didn’t watch Rippling. Just reply base on lol’s words and general trend.

          The lead does not necessarily has more character development and screentime. It depends on the billing. I still remember that series starring Irene Wan and Deric Wan. Deric Wan was supposed to be the male lead. But, his character didn’t have much to do in the series. In fact, he’s not involved in most of the action. The villain and some other supporting characters has more storyline and development.

          Got to check the billing to see whose name came first.

        • pandamao says:

          i feel like myolie was just paired with chilam and wasn’t the first female lead in the series. :(

          It sort of proved my theory that myolie won’t be the next charmaine.

        • Masaharu says:

          Kidd: Yeah. “Billed” as the lead does not mean the star will have the most character development or screen time.

          This phenomena is apparent in many mainland China productions especially, some of the “leads” on the poster of prmotional shots are actually just supporting or cameos for the movie or drama and is just billed as “lead” to attract fans or to fit a specific smaller character.

          I’m neutral for both of them because my eyes stays only on Chilam’s cute looks and demeanor. Yummy.

    15. moonriver says:

      So I googled Niki Chow, looked through all the images, and still have no idea who she is.

      Either the roles she played were super forgettable, or I’ve missed a whole new era of TVB dramas.

    16. Bridget says:

      I don’t think Niki has the charisma to be a fadan, although she’s a lot of fun to watch in romcom roles. Acting obviously one of the lowest among the potential fadans (including Fala, Tavia, Myolie and Linda) and she can’t cry for beans. Range is also significantly limited (can’t do ancient, can’t do dramatic, etc.). My vote goes to Linda Chung for the next top one – she demonstrates acting potential, advertisement companies like her, and she’s got audience fate as well.

      • Vivien says:

        Audience fate? More like she got TVB’s fate. That is to be promoted right straight to prominent roles after she won the MCI.

        I reckon Linda still a long way from carrying a series and her acting is still weak too. She’s still far from Charmaine’s status

      • abc says:

        Linda is too “nice” a person to have acting potential beyond TVB level, but you are right, she can be a Fa Dan – where all you require is an acceptable level of acting.

        It’s simple, if you don’t have character, you can’t inject real thought or depth into your acting. I think that’s a problem with both Tavia and Linda; Myolie and Fala fare slightly better in this aspect.

        But who said acting had anything to do with being a Top Fa Dan at TVB?

      • Yee says:

        THANK YOU!!! Some who you thinks that Linda Chung could be the next fadan. Her acting is actually really good. She can do good girl roles(really good actually, since she is one…hehehe). But she can do evil roles too…I know that The Gem of Life wasn’t that successfull, but she played an evil character in that series, and after watching 82 episoes I actually kinda hated her. I agress she still has splenty of room for improvement, but she is still young, and one day she will rise to the top. At since she is young, the chance of her being at the top is possible. All the other competitors are kind old. I mean Linda CHung is practally TEN YEARS younger that Charmain Sheh. ANd she has the most AUDIENCE AND TVB FATE. Her first role was already a (big) supporting role, and that audiences already liked her too. And she is funny…(twilight investigation)

        • Yee says:

          Oh yea, either it’s Linda Chung or Fala Chen. Fala Chen has a BIG RAGE, can be evil or nice(just like the roles she got awards for), and she is also one of the younger ones, so she has a great road in front of her.

    17. Allen says:

      I’m a fan of Niki but I find it hard to see her making it to become TVB’s #1 Fadan; but it looks like her upcoming series will either make her or break her. I can’t wait for the series to come out, hope it’s this year.

    18. P. Tan says:

      I’m really surprised at this recent turn of events, the attempt to replace Nikki in the absence of Charmaine to occupy her position. I would rather place my bet on either Tavia or Myolie, in fact, I think the latter’s acting has improved tremendously lately. It was superb in the latest series, The Rippling Blossom, inwhich she paired off so well with Chi Lam. She looked gorgeous too in her so mod outfits and hairdo. Don’t think Nikki could have portrayed that role well. As for Raymond Lam, well, he’s getting a terrific lot of attention these days, good and not so good news are quite rampant and I do think he likes that. I’m not very keen on him myself, though.

    19. Veejay says:

      Sorry Nikki but I don’t think you can surpass or be the replacement Charmaine as the leading actress in TVB. No offense to her fans, I’m not a hater of Nikki but I’ve seen some of series, her acting is still pretty amateur, not up to professional yet.

      Nikki also doesn’t possess the “tai gai jie” aka leading actress looks yet, she’s more in those cheery happy go lucky girl category like how ppl views Linda Chung.

      • Fox says:

        I think Niki did ok (not very good but ok) in the role of strong girl (not happy-go-lucky) in Sword and Book China version.

      • SDS says:

        Why don’t they consider Raymond Lam for the position? I’m sure TVB, with its undying promotion tactics, could possibly get the HK audience to accept it too. Then they can boast about how his conquered a new feat in the entertainment industry, his a handsome-actor-singer-model-heartthrob-fadan! Woohoo just thinking about that title is making me excited :)

    20. Fox says:

      After all the guess and debate on next top fadans, Niki is the winner. Such a “sudden” guess comes from “Sudden” mag.

    21. Masaharu says:

      Niki’s acting techniques are not perfect and with learning curves but she has charm.

      The first time I saw her wasn’t in a TVB drama but in a movie called Love Battlefield where she costarred with Eason Chan. She wasn’t an flowery bubbly girl there and she was fine as a newbie.

    22. SDS says:

      I think many people are confused by comparing someone with not much acting experience (Niki Chow) with someone whose more or less an established actress (Charmaine Sheh). Ask the people who watched Charmaine at the beginning of her acting career and you’ll find most never thought too much of her back then either.

      So if not the talent then what? We’re looking for ‘potential’ here. Potential to groom. That is the current entertainment industry. Its more than just acting. Its obedience, timing, audience fate (or conditioning) etc.

    23. lol says:

      It’s not just because Myolie is paired with Chilam, it’s also how Myolie is more outstanding than Tavia in The Rippling Blossom.

      I’m ok with Tavia and I think she’s one of the fadans with better acting but in this series basically you’ll only see Myolie and Chilam because they’re outstanding.

      • Yee says:

        It’s cause myolie and chilam have reallly good chemistry, maybe cause they colaborated before in music, so it was easier when they were filming. BUt i found that Tavia and micheal didn’t ahve much chemistry, leaving there two characters and plot kinda boring…Were as Myolie and CHilam had the better plot lines and characters as well.

    24. She says:

      Nikki I dun think u can replace charmanie….u think u really can become top fadan???SAU PEI LA!!!

    25. BOO says:

      I honeslty do not believe Niki can replace Charmaine as the top “fadan.” She hasn’t done that much for the audience to accept her yet. I think either Myolie or Tavia should take Charmaine’s place. They are the most experienced and familiar with TVB since they have been w/ them for quite awhile. For the younger fadans, I am all for Linda,Nancy,Shirley and Selena. I personally am not a fan of Fala. Fala too me get way to much love and publicity. I don’t think she can cry that well, when she is crying it looks very fake and forced. As of right now these four Linda,Nancy,Shirley and Selena are my favourite, but they will not take Charmaine place anytime soon.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Charmaine is way overrated too so I don’t think that replacing her will be that hard.

        • Yee says:

          I totally agree, the world needs to continue to move, so if Charmaine ain’t there, there will always be someone else. No biggie. And it doesn’t matter who that person will be, even if everyone has a different opionion.

      • Chriselle says:

        I agree, right now it’s hard to see Niki replacing Charmaine. Although Niki still possess a youthful look, she’s 31 and has only been in a few TVB series. But it’s very difficult to say as Charmaine wasn’t well-liked in the early stages of her career. Viewers claimed that she had the chicken voice, but she proved everyone wrong. And see how successful and wanted by the industry now. I must admit that I didn’t like Charmaine in her earlier days, but ever since The Drive of Life, my view of her has gradually changed. She is now one of my favorite actresses and I’m quite saddened that she left TVB.

        In terms of acting and experience, I think Tavia tops Niki. I don’t quite understand why Lee Tim Sing would choose Niki over TVB’s biological daughters. What does he see in her? I want a good explanation.

        • HeTieShou says:

          It isn’t always based on talent. Many artists are really talented but are not promoted or noticed at all, while there are others that are not that great but get heavily favored and promoted. It is not only the circle that is like that, but it is like that in other industries too. It is all connections, luck, favoritism and other factors not just talent and looks, especially in a monopoly company like TVB. No wonder many artists want to leave after their contract ends or they get popular and are able to find more work and income elsewhere. I have heard many bad things about TVB for many many years and that dates back to the 80s. I am even more disgusted to TVB now after reading a recent article about Sammuel and Micheal Tao speaking out about TVB since they have left. TVB had better improve themselves and treat their artists better before they go so downhill that they cannot recover anymore.

        • Kidd says:

          @ HTS

          Can you please show me the article where Sammul speak out at TVB? I would like to read it.

        • Kidd says:

          @ HTS

          Nevermind, I found the article liao.

        • HeTieShou says:


          Here is the article link:


          I can’t believe that TVB still has not progressed at all in terms of how they treat their artists. They had better improve before everyone else leaves too.

        • Kidd says:

          I can understand Sammul’s frustration, but, I buy what he said in the past more. Maybe he was angry that TVB didn’t even agree to rise his salary by a few dollars, so, he said like this. But, in the past, he said things differently. He should look back in his past interviews and read what he himself said.

          In a past interview, he said that it’s understandable that TVB promote their managed artists more. He made the choice to not be managed artist, so, he will have to accept the disadvantages that come with it. He also said that for the a non-managed artist, TVB treated him not bad.

          But, him being upset with the award issue is not a new thing. He has expressed it before in other interviews when he’s still signed under TVB. When he saw himself getting less and less chance at the award, he was upset. Initially, he still has nomination, but, later, even nomination didn’t have. In the interview he said he has accepted the fact already and not care so much. I guess his effort in trying to convince himself to let go was not very successful and it reignited when he won his first award in Korea.

          I also feel bad for Sammul. His role in ‘A Bride for A Ride’ was quite a breakthrough for him. But, TVB didn’t even put him up for nomination. I wanted for vote for him also cannot. At least put him up for effort lah. He also successfully got into the top five for his supporting role in Maiden’s Vow when based on audience vote. But, at the ceremony, his name was not in the top 5 anymore. He’s also the only one of ‘The Four’ constable to didn’t have a nomination.

          I didn’t know TVB want to sign Sammul for 10 years. I can understand Sammul’s rejection of the contract. That is perfectly in accordance with his personality. He has said many times that he values freedom very much. He wants to be able to take long break when he needed to and experience new things. He has also said before that signing management contract does guarantee that they will promote you. If they don’t, you are stuck there.

          He was at a dilemma at one time when his long time manager has plans to retire. He has posted a poll in his forum asking his fans which way he should go. Many fans wanted him to sign management with TVB because TVB has the resources to promote him and he might be able to realise him dream of releasing an album sooner. Now, I know the reason why it didn’t work out and he ended up not signing the contract.

          (He said frankly, the way to survive in TVB is ‘obedience’, and he didn’t know how to do that.)

          Haha,, this is so him. He has tone done a lot and are more accommodating and tactful now, but, he still like to go his own way.

          Honestly, this guy achieve a lot on his own. When weibo, twitter and blog has not been popular among TVB artists (TVB has not even created blogs for their artist yet), he has already been using it to communicate with fans. He has blogs, twitter, weibo, facebook and he update them himself.

          No matter what one says about Yu Zheng, I believe that Sammul also has Yu Zheng of thank for his achievement in Mainland. Yu Zheng’s series was very popular in China and this helps his popularity. The first starring role he has in a Mainland series, the series earn top ratings in many states /district in China.

        • Fox says:

          I think differently.

          Sammul left TVB 1 time, and I can rmb at this moment, I read an article where he said about how he hated TVB and he is not a good friend of Ron so don’t link them together. It’s in 2004 or 2005, if I rmb right. Before The Academy was filmed. Right after this article, he was said to have big role in Cho Lau Hueng series. But after that, this role is no more than a supporting and I saw Sammul back to TVB, filmed Academy and said “TVB is my home”.

          After I see the fee chart of TVB artists per series, I think the contract TVB offered to Sammul is quite ok. 10k/eps is not too bad. Look at A-list biological sons of TVB: Ron has 20k/eps, Moses 20k/eps, Kevin 18k/eps, Sammul’s 10k/eps is not too bad at all. Ppl like Joel 3C only received 1k/eps in the past and now jumped to 8k/eps (second lead in Liar lover). To think of it, Sammul shouldn’t feel so unfair. If his target is money, then his decision to go to Mainland is best choice.

          I guess that Yu Zheng and leading roles in Mainland series make Sammul decide more than the treatment of TVB solely. Now he can see the smoother path in Mainland, he’ll choose it. He doesn’t need to keep the connection with TVB anymore.

          No way TVB treats him like managed artists. He chose not to sign with them, of course he can’t blame them. Who want to promote an artist that can leave in any moment. It’s not unfair at all. TVB is a company and they work for money. Money is their highest target. So that, their decision of not promoting someone who don’t sign contract with him, is normal.

          Sammul’s pass connection with TVB was better than Leila, therefore Leila has smaller role than Sammul. That can prove the way TVB do with contractual artists and non-contractual artists.

          TVB treats their own kids kinda good, that’s a fact. Money is not all the matter to the artists. The fame will help them to earn money outside of TVB (ads, function, etc.). That’s why even when TVB pays them a little, many artists still want to sign with TVB.

          Everyone leaves? In 2000, most of leading men in TVB left them (Louis, Bobby, Gordon, Gallen, Roger, etc.) and then they are still ok. They immediately promoted some new faces and replaces these names right after that. So I doubt they will change. Charmaine still saves her relationship with TVB by 30 eps/year. Bowie has never said he will end all the relationship with TVB. Bernice silently signed a contract with TVB. Who else will leave? Oh Joe Ma. He still signed similar contract like Charmaine. Sammul and Michael, sorry to say but their leaving won’t affect TVB much.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          Sammul’s role in Chor Lau Heung was turned into a small role because of schedule conflict. It’s because he has to film TA that he has to give up the role in Chor Lau Heung. He was slated to be Zhong Yuan Yi Dian Hong, but, have to settle for the Siamese king role.

          He did not leave TVB at that time. He was still contract artist. But, because he was not managed, he was free to go to mainland and accept jobs there.

          “No way TVB treats him like managed artists. He chose not to sign with them, of course he can’t blame them. Who want to promote an artist that can leave in any moment. It’s not unfair at all. “

          That’s why I said I buy his old saying more. That’s what he said in his old interviews, that it’s understandable that TVB treat their biological sons better and that TVB treatment of him his quite good for a non-managed artist. He also said it’s his own choice to not signed, so, he has to settle for it.

          The TVB’s salary chart has Sammul’s name? The one you showed us earlier didn’t have.
          I remember Sammul said the salary offered to him was less than the salary he has as a DJ last time. I guess he meant basic salary, not filming fee.

        • Kidd says:

          So, I understand Sammul’s frustration, but, I disagree with what he said in his latest interview. He made the choice.

        • Fox says:

          No it doesn’t have Sammul. I didn’t say it has Sammul. What I want to state is 10k/per eps is not bad at all.

          I think it’s not good to Sammul to bite the hands that fed him this way. Clearly that might have some inside stories other than the fee only to make him want to cut the relationship with TVB like that.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Kidd, remember I was asking you about that Hong Mou series and that trailer confused the hell out of me? I know how Sammul feels, when offered the role seems like an opportunity but in the end got edited into probably the second liner.

          Fact is of course he should be grateful and 10k per episode sounds big, for us. But if he has a following, he knows his value and why should he be allowed to be walked all over by TVB? TVB keeps pushing Kevin, Ron, Bosco and the likes to us but that’s because they’re contract artiste? Then those who aren’t, those still have value obviously for the fact that they are kept being offered roles, I feel they didn’t get promoted at all. Imagine if they push say Niki all out but when Charmaine comes back for 1 series, she get shunted aside. I doubt that will happen but it could.

          But honestly Sammul winning any award, not quite there yet in terms of talent and fame. I always got the impression he is well known but not famous.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          “No it doesn’t have Sammul. I didn’t say it has Sammul. What I want to state is 10k/per eps is not bad at all.”

          I now know where you got the 10K/episode from. You misread a certain translation. :)

        • Kidd says:

          @ Funn

          Yes, you reminded me liao. I agree that that might also be a reason for his frustration. A big chunk of his scenes was cut from the HK version of ‘The Four’. The only and one case his character headed was cut entirely from the HK version because they want to reduce the episode to 22 to make way for something else. Not only that. A lot the fun scenes he was with his onscreen love interest was also cut.

          “when offered the role seems like an opportunity but in the end got edited into probably the second liner.”

          This has happened more than once with Sammul in TVB.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Funn

          He actually won an award in Korea, voted by viewers for his role as Emperor Han Wendi in ‘Beauty Scheme’.

        • Fox says:

          I rmb this award :). Many ppl in my country voted for it. His fans went to Ruby’s forum to collaborate with her fans to vote for both.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Which is why credibility is in issue. Wouldn’t be too happy about that.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I didn’t know that Sammuel was not friends with Ron. I guess I should not assume that everyone is friends with each other at TVB. Many artists have had problems with TVB so Sammuel is not the only one. I still remember the problems that DIcky Cheung, Sek Sau, and many others have had with them too. However, the good thing is, time heals all problems and pain so they eventually come back and work with TVB if they aren’t successful elsewhere. I hope that TVB will learn how to treat their artists better and more fairly.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I didn’t know that many of Sammuel’s scenes were cut in The Four. Gosh, I can’t believe they did that. I liked how the 4 of them were together in “The Four” and wished they were all good buddies in real life. The screen and the real world are 2 different worlds. At least Ron and Ray are good friends for sure..

        • Kidd says:

          @ HTS

          That interview Fox mention where Sammul said he’s not friends with Ron was done before filming TA. Their relationship might have changed now after filming 6 series together. All 4 seem to get along well during the filming of ‘The Four’.

    26. Funn Lim says:

      “Ron has 20k/eps, Moses 20k/eps, Kevin 18k/eps, Sammul’s 10k/eps is not too bad at all. Ppl like Joel 3C only received 1k/eps in the past and now jumped to 8k/eps (second lead in Liar lover). To think of it, Sammul shouldn’t feel so unfair. If his target is money, then his decision to go to Mainland is best choice.”

      Kevin has 18k? Based on what? Is he of THAT value?

      Moses so little, same as ron?

      How much is Kenneth I wonder?

      And the big players? Like sayyyyy Bobby?

      • Fox says:

        Kevin won Best actor award. Fee for “Best actor” won’t be lower than 15k/eps.

        I don’t know how much Kenneth is because I don’t read Kenneth’s news :P.

        I only know that 3 years ago, Kate’s fee is 6k/eps.

        @Kidd: Uhm, I misread.

      • Fox says:

        P/S: Non contractual artists will have higher fee. Gallen took 80k (or 60k I dun rmb well)/eps for When a cat loves a dog. Highest fee in TVB like LF only receives about 30k/eps in TVB series. Last year he had to receive 200k for the whole TVB movie while he received the same amount for an eps in Mainland series Ad Mania and 800k for his appearance in Mainland movie White Snake. TVB paid their sons really little.

    27. amanda says:

      in my opinion, theres something wrong!!
      money is wastes on signing up celeb. with no to little acting experiance, or no talent in acting, its bogus programme to many viewers, yet the production believe we are that stupid watching there shows and series to expose us to there clients adverts, thats rubbish, those sponsers are ‘zuckerz’ in my opinion. there are those who could act and those who can’t with 100% effort, sadly there is’nt many to almost none young actors who could at the moment,those so call big names are just big only to there wallet, but big to the viewers, they think the house wifes are stupid enough to keep on watching rubbish, even to much rubbish would they so realise its rubbish, even for passing time purpose is absolute trash, no wonder tv sets are soon to eventually die out sometime in the future… computer age, cheap series would be over hopefully!!

    28. amanda says:

      Has Charmaine Sheh Si Man grown to big for TVB tobe able to afford her deserving
      wages and bonus!? Charmaine has charm as her name suggest, but has her talent kept up with demand, or Charmaine is free as a bird!?

    29. Chocoholic says:

      I was shocked about this news and i felt that niki isnt able to replace charmaine yet. Yes, she does havr some looks n charisma but i reckon there are other actresses prettier than her like fala n linda. I personally like fala n linda but sometimes more on fala’s side. But if any of them takes on charmaine’s place(which i think needs some time). Tavia would be good but she hasnt shown me that she has the ability to lead a series yet. I thought Selena Li was very good, and perhaps nancy wu, but i like selena more. :) if both of them are given more opportunities i think they’ll be equally outstanding like fala and the others. They should really be recognised more. :)

    30. bambam says:

      ilike linda and nancy and selena

      • Vivien says:

        Nancy and Selena’s acting are better than Linda but Linda is just lucky and receive a lot of promotion and hype.

    31. bambam says:

      no i think linda can actually act. she may have one of the least attractive voices,but she can act, she i good act crying and when she make me want to watch more of the drama. when a person plays a role they are supposed to make it believable, which she does. and for nancy and selena they also do that with their roles. fala isn’t that good at that besides her role in no regrets. and she doesn’t even have big boobs why does everyone keep saying she had big boobs it really gets me mad.

    32. raz says:

      stop niki she’s horrible.

    33. Dahlia says:

      Charmaine is getting so skinny, she doesn’t look healthy! I personally think Niki has what it takes to be one of TVB fadans. Her acting is not that bad, she can sing, and she’s so sweet and pretty! And she doesn’t have much controversies. If the rumour is true that she’s going to replace Charmaine then I’m excited! I’m usually into modern type of drama, I don’t really watch the 30s based drama or those during the dynasty times n all, but I watched bottled passion because of Niki. Even my Mom loves her! So yeah, I’ll support Niki all the way!! xoxo with love from Malaysia.

    34. Lynne says:

      Niki is so refreshing and spontaneous compared to TVB other fadans who looked rigidly fakey.
      All Niki needs is more time to make more dramas and Yes she has the great potential and personality.
      As for Charmaine, she took many years to hone her acting skills But still not that great as some think.
      I personally find some of the roles were overplayed and seemed “staged”.

    35. Lynne says:

      The 2012 TVB awards poll has shed some lights about Niki’s potential..
      Niki’s role as Tsui Sum is well-liked.
      Her acting skills is being appreciated, a far cry from the earlier posts here.
      If you think CS is great, look at her role as Big Sister Flower…nauseous.
      Many more other flaws which I don’t intend to elaborate because I don’t have the time for her. Always feel grouse when she speaks in that deliberately fakey tone and her forced smiles!
      To be fair, if Niki has the same explosure like CS, she is already a fadan long ago.

      • just says:

        ya i agreed! Just that Niki did not come out act for like 4 years in tvb? whereas the rest of the people they always appeared in tvb.
        No matter what happens, the fans of NIKI will always support her and encourage her yo!
        Her previous show like “Under the canopy of love” and ” the seventh day” were acted very well.
        Who said she cant cry, she cried naturally in the show lor. Hahaha!
        Anyway, still that word!
        We always support you!
        Don’t give up!:)

        • swan says:

          Niki only had about 6 dramas and very much less explosure than Chermaine.
          If she had acted so many dramas like Chermaine, I am sure her acting will be even BETTER than her.
          I could still remembered Chermaine’s acting in the begining was so lousy that I switched off her drama.

    36. Edmond says:

      Niki, I like to watch your show, but notice that you always speak in low voice and lack of tone, which makes it sound a bit sad and dull even when the scene is not so.

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