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Nnadia Chan 27 Years Later

By on December 3, 2012

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It has been 27  long years since Nnadia Chan (陳松伶) first entered show business, with her successful impersonation of Sally Yeh (葉蒨文). The 18-year-old Nnadia went on to win the heart of viewers with her portrayal of Zhou Xuan in 1989’s Song Bird <天涯歌女>. Audiences have not forgotten Nnadia’s beautiful voice and they are in for a treat with the upcoming release of her new music album in Hong Kong. Nnadia is back doing what she loves best: singing.

Although close to 3 decades have passed, Nnadia has not changed that much. She still possesses the same soothing voice and truthfulness. “I am a transparent person. What you see of me, hear from me, is the real me. I do not have any secrets.” The matured Nnadia has also gained a greater confidence. She does not see the need to change her image to capture a bigger audience. “I still say the same things. This is me. I hope the audience likes me as I am, focusing on my songs and my voice.”

And indeed, Nnadia still feels most comfortable when she is singing, and would rather avoid meeting with reporters. Nnadia’s album will feature her renditions of classic popular Cantopop hits from the 1980s and 1990s, including Leslie Cheung’s (張國榮) “The Wind Continues to Blow” <風繼續吹> and Sally Yeh’s “12:10 AM” <零時十分>.

Marital Bliss

Nnadia resides in Beijing with her husband, Zhang Duo (張鐸), and rarely returns to Hong Kong. She is only in Hong Kong for the time being due to her concert performance and to promote her latest album.

Nnadia has always exuded a quietness; however, upon mention of her marriage, Nnadia broke into a smile and revealed her 2-year blissful marriage, “He made me understand the importance of tolerance and respect. I had thought these virtues were impractical in our society. But they are what makes a relationship work!”

Nnadia revealed that she has been a good influence to her introverted husband, by first getting him to open up to her, and slowly to others. “The only bad influence I have on him is to introduce him to junk food like fries and soft drinks! Ha ha!”

It is good to see Nnadia in such good spirits and ease. The Nnadia today is still a very down-to-earth and transparent person, which is rare in the entertainment industry. The only difference is that Nnadia appeared to exude an air of calmness and confidence that comes with maturity.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (36)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      She can come to TVB and play Mandy’s mom.

      • Tamagotchi says:

        Seriously. I thought I was the only one who noticed the extreme resemblance between the two!

      • Jo says:

        You hit the nail Funn. Always thought they look so alike. But I love Song Bird and Nnadia with Leon Lai. Ahh… Memories…

      • Jayne says:

        Mandy and Nnadia look very much alike. Especially since Mandy cut her hair short.

        Although I prefer Nnadia as an older sister instead of mom.

      • lidge says:

        I think they look alike too.

      • hcfoo says:

        Haha, that’s a good idea :)

      • sophia says:

        they do look a like but Nnadia is way way prettier dont you think? Mandy doesnt look too feminine to me.

        • jing says:

          she certainly looks prettier than mandy

        • Joey says:

          Nnadia has always been my all time favourite since the ’90s. She has such a sweet smile and sparkly eyes. Her bubbly nature is so infectious. She is waaaayyy prettier than mandy, although I must admit there is a resemblance. I wish she’d come to oz for a concert, I love her singing voice :-) I guess I will just have to get her album :-D

    2. airtranbay says:

      Wiki said her bday is 1971. Wouldn’t that make her 41-42? if shes 18 and 27 later that would make her 45.

      • kiki says:

        i only know she is lucky to have snagged a younger husband who is 12 years younger. major cougar haha her exact age i dont know…. n only remember her as the woman who said leon lai was inappropriate to her on set. haah…other than that, i remember nothing else about her.

      • Kidd says:

        She acted in ‘Songbird’ when she was 18, but, she entered showbiz earlier. She won the Sally Yeh Impersonation contest around 15 iirc.

    3. holly says:

      LOVE HER!!!! beautiful girl

    4. Ice says:

      I used to think that Joey Yung and Nnadia looks very similar.

      Shame she doesn’t act anymore.

    5. Lucia says:

      I love Nnadia!! :-) Nnadia is always my number one favorite actress. I love her and Leon in Song Bird too, but too bad their love story did not have a good ending.

      Nnadia has aged gracefully and youthful; and she can act as Mandy’s sister because she looks too young to be her mom in the drama serie.

    6. P. Tan says:

      I’ve always liked Nnadia with her sweet looking face and was most surprised to hear her sing which was by chance. A lovely voice with a lovely face. she was adorable in Trimming Success.

    7. Djojs says:

      Thought she changed her name yet again to Adia.

      Loved her in Songbird.

    8. Jen says:

      Nnadia is so pretty! She will always be one of my favorite actresses. I feel like actresses in those days are so much prettier than the current line of actresses. They didn’t rely on plastic surgery or heavy makeup either back then. Even Jessica who isn’t very pretty has this amazing star quality about her.

    9. Meiyi says:

      She is beautiful. Hope she comes back to do TVB dramas again. I’m sure everyone will be so please! Nadia, please!!

    10. picklehead says:

      I heard that Nnadia was ousted from tvb slowly because she refused to sleep with execs? That’s why her parts slowly diminished after songbird and there were a few others but she never really mad it big to fandan because she refused to give in to sleezy directors.

      • Kidd says:

        I don’t think. ‘Songbird’ was her first series. She was lead in many subsequent series and made a golden couple pair with Ekin Cheng. ‘Songbird’ was aired in 1989. She was still the lead in ‘Once Upon a Time in Shanghai’ in 1996. 7 years is a pretty long time to oust her even if TVB wanted to do it slowly.

        I think her parts slowly diminished after 1996 was because more fadans came up and overtook her. She also started filming in other countries such as Singapore. Could it be that she was not managed by TVB? She might have some personal issue that affected her too.

        • Veejay says:

          I always thought it was by her own willingness to leave tvb to pursue her dream man and TvB didnt really ousted her…

        • Kidd says:

          I was a big fan of hers. But, I have to say that she’s not a very versatile actress. She was good in dramatic role, such as her role in ‘Doomed to Oblivion’, but, not good in comedy. I still remember disliking her portrayal of the princess in ‘4 Legendary Aces’. She made the princess look mentally retarded instead of cute and playful.

      • christmas says:

        good for her, sleeping with those directors would have made her looked haggard and matured, she would not be able to maintain her youthful look today

        • chantilly says:

          she only looks pretty in the above pic, my mom watch her in a CHINA series, she looks plain ugly ahhaah…

        • out says:

          anyhow, its good that she didn’t give to the bad guys, shows she’s not greedy for money, she grew old like gallen, huh? so, tvb actors will have to really consider moving to china, lots of unhealthy food that make people ugly there

    11. Lucia says:

      I think Nnadia can act in any role. She is an outstanding actress.

    12. Joe Kobe says:

      Is she born in 1970? Almost 43 yr old?
      Time flying too fast.

      • Jojo says:

        jessica hsuan was born in 1970 and nnadia was born in 1971. Why do I feel that the comments seems to make nnadia a dinosaur? she’s in her early 40s not in her silver years. Mandy’s mom? please!

        I can’t see either woman as a mom to the new actresses. looks like we can’t blame TVB for casting younger n younger actress and fadans to act if the general audience seems to think that 41 years is OLD !

        • Terminator says:

          And then you look at their so called “siu sang”: Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, Wayne Lai, Damian Lau

          These are no spring chickens but they are often cast as younger ones and paired with fan dans who could be their daughters.

          A bit of a double standards.

        • myra-belle says:

          I believe that commenters above didn’t mean that they want to see Nnadia as Mandy’ mom because they think that she looks old enough for this part but that this would fit into TVB’s standard of casting.

          Sadly, an atrice over 40 is often casted as the mother of a 30 year old fadan, in a supporting role and must try to make the most of it. Even worse, if she has to play the mother of a 30 year old actor because a man usually doesn’t wear enough make up to make him look younger like 20 years old. Florence Kwok is still very beautiful and still she played Chris Lai’s mom. She was great and I’m happy that she got nominated, although I don’t think that she will receive the award.

        • Djojs says:

          That’s because Adia does look much older.

          Take Maggie Siu for e.g. She was playing Charmaine She and Sonjia’s Kwok’s mother like 10 years ago in that 帝女花 series.

          Jessica still looks youngish.

    13. wild fire says:

      if an actress chooses to sell herself for fame or money then she must brace herself for gossips, executives who slept with her will brag to their friends and peers, worse still if they tell their friends to try her out as well

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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