Plastic Surgery: Mavis Pan Remakes Face and Body

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Since the circulation of Raymond Lam Fung’s bed photos last week, ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, achieved overnight fame. Raymond’s fans blasted Mavis for releasing the photos to achieve publicity. Furthermore, Mavis’ old photos were unearthed by netizens. It appears that Mavis received several plastic surgery procedures over the last few years to achieve her current figure and looks.

In 2006, Mavis resembled Kate Tsui Chi San, possessing a wide face and big cheeks, short chin, round nose. Through her subsequent plastic surgeries, Mavis’ looks morphed to resemble Zhang Ziyi and Angelababy. Currently, Mavis possessed a slim face, aquiline nose, long and pointed chin. The most remarkable change was going from a flat chest to a 36D figure! 

Mavis Pan’s Four Different Faces

Twenty-three-year-old Mavis Pan surgically modified her face and body over the last several years. Five or six years ago, she started modeling in China. In her early career, she changed her professional name several times, from: Pan Shuangshuang, Pan Danshuang, to Pan Bixuan, and finally back to Pan Shuangshuang again. 

2006 Mavis Version #1 - Mavis was known as Pan Danshuang. Possessing a flat chest and a broad face, she resembled Kate Tsui closely at the time.


2008 Mavis Version #2- Mavis’ chest started to grow. She posed sexily for salon photos.


2009 Mavis Version #3- Mavis’s chest size increased dramatically. Her facial features completely changed to resemble Zhang Ziyi.


2010 Mavis Version #4- Mavis went under the knife to slim her face shape and achieve a pointy chin. She resembled Angelababy after her recent surgeries.

As an 18-year-old in 2006, Mavis possessed a “pizza” face, broad cheeks, round nose, and short chin, resembling Kate Tsui closely. Over the years, Mavis’ features changed completely, with a high and pointy nose, slimmer face, doll-like eyes, and D-cup chest. The only feature that remained unchanged was her hick lips. Coupled with her legendary 18-inch waist, no wonder Mavis mesmerized Raymond Lam!

Mavis’ Family

Born in Linhai City, Taizhou, Mavis’ family included her parents, married elder sister, Pan Danhong, and two younger brothers.  It was interesting how Raymond Lam inherited his family’s distinctive nose, while Mavis inherited her family’s distinctive lips.

In her blog, Mavis revealed that her mother managed a sunglasses factory. Each time she returned home, she would be unable to sleep. Mavis wrote about her experience, “Mom pulled me into the workshop…a few days’ wages must be approved by me.” Mavis posted a picture of herself as a factory girl.

In November 2010, Mavis uploaded a photo of her elder sister and husband, who were each other’s first love. Mavis greatly admired the couple and described their marriage as perfect.


Excerpt from Appledaily 

Jayne: It appears that most celebrities do not stop at one plastic surgery procedure. They seem to go through multiple surgeries to continuously enhance their looks. Comparing Mavis’ before and after photos, her plastic surgeries were significant and truly changed her entire face.

Can you get addicted to plastic surgery?! Mavis’ everchanging face makes me be believe so! Heidi Montag, who is also 23 years old, got ten plastic surgery procedures in her short career so far.

65 comments to Plastic Surgery: Mavis Pan Remakes Face and Body

  1. HeTieShou says:

    I had a feeling that Mavis had a lot of plastic surgery done since her face and body just doesn’t look natural to me. I wonder if one can even call her a true beauty anymore since it is all fake. You now wonder if any of the actresses/models’ are natural born beauties or not?? I wonder if any of them will become like Micheal Jackson who was addicted to plastic surgery.

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  2. FanWen says:

    Even a blind person can tell she fixed herself.

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  3. iampheng says:

    18 inch waist? I don’t think soo….Goo Hara, nicknamed “ant waist”, has a 20 inch waist and even that’s hard to believe. However, Goo Hara is much more petite than Mavis and just exited puberty, so her measurement is more plausible. The 2006 photo of Mavis…I would not describe her as a pizza face!!!! lol Damn, the critic is too harsh. The 2006 Mavis is quite attractive actually, but not distinctively so.

    I definitely think plastic surgery is addictive. It looks like Mavis has had little tweaks in her appearance here and there, but unfortunately that amounted to being quite a few in total to change her appearance. Her chest is the most obvious while her nose still looks imperfect. Maybe that was on purpose to retain a look of natural beauty. But of course…we know better. Well, models and actors use their looks to bring home the bacon, so I can’t quite fault them for the choice to get surgery. However, I must wonder if hunger for fame and fortune is enough to go under the knife, personally.

    I’d get nips and tucks too when my youth and beauty [lol] starts to wane. While young and poor though, it’s best to enjoy what I have now. If I had money would I get plastic surgery? I’ll be frank, first I will consult a feng shui master, just in case my looks are lucky enough as they are lol!

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    • HeTieShou replied to iampheng

      It is funny that you mention feng shui master. I once went to fortune teller and he went through each feature on my face and said which were good and which were bad…. Geez.. I wonder how true it all is??

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  4. shadowrain604 says:

    After reading about the scandal and this article, I kind of feel bad for her. This is what the entertainment industry does to people. Who knows how many other actors/actresses/etc., feel the need to go under the knife. To be honest, I feel she was more attractive before her surgery. Her after pics just appear too doll-like and unnatural to me.

    The general entertainment industry is generally superficial. But it appears to me that cosmetic surgery has become too common. It’s like, you must tweak a bit/a whole lot, otherwise, you’re doomed. Looking back at the actors/actresses from 80s/90s, were they generally natural? I’m not sure. But somehow to me, they looked so effortlessly beautiful and natural. To be honest, weren’t cosmetic surgeries underground during that time? Wouldn’t you be looked down upon if you did?

    All this emphasis on bigger as better. Doesn’t this seem to echo the west. Makes me kind of sad, I don’t know why…

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    • Jayne replied to shadowrain604

      @Shadowrain604, you expressed my exact sentiments. There is a lot of pressure for many female celebrities to always look perfect. Some tabloids will even purposely publish “ugly” or bad camera angle photos to make fun of celebrities. Earlier, a tabloid published close up photos of Yoyo Mung and pointed out her wrinkles and discolored teeth.

      Some fiery fans also have little patience for artists who are not deemed attractive enough. Remember how Joyce Cheng was heavily cricitized when she kissed Ron Ng while dressed as Snow White? She was considered overweight, not pretty enough to be Snow White, etc. If a prettier model, such as Ana R. Had kissed Ron at the time, perhaps the reaction would not have been extreme.

      Fans, audience, and tabloids are quick to judge artists based on their looks. The looks come first before the talent.

      I believe that in the 1990s, more and more Korean and Japanese celebrities got plastic surgery which turned plain looks into something extraordinary. This wave caught on in HK and although fewer HK celebrities went under the knife, the sucess of Sammi Cheng and Joey Yung’s transformations and successful careers served inspiration to companies who can pay for the plastic surgery bills (considered chump change to them) and literally make anyone with regular looks into a big star. It was really a matter of convenience.

      In the early 90s, even TVB management (presumably Ms. Lok) encouraged artists to get plastic surgery if they wanted to be more popular. Former artist Vin Choi revealed this.

      As for breast enhancement, the success of Veronica Yip, Diana Pang, and Kelly Lin (who all had boob jobs) likely inspired more women to enhance their breasts for greater fame. Having a killer body gets instan attention in this field.

      There were more natural beauties inthe 80s and early 90s and indeed plastic surgery is so prevalent. I am not necessarily against it, but the cookie cutter looks can indeed become boring. Mavis does look like Angelababay and countless others who sport the same perfect nose.

      As long as the market continues to demand perfect and bombshell beauties, women will continue to go the plastic route. It is considered a cheap investment for long term profits and a higher guarantee of popularity.

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      • Jayne replied to Jayne

        I meant to say Vinci Wong Yin Chi (not Vin Choi as previously posted) who said that TVB encouraged plastic surgery.

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      • shadowrain604 replied to Jayne

        I read about that Snow White incident. It was so cruel how people criticized her for her weight. To be honest, she was by no means unattractive, she’s quite cute in her own way. I think some of the criticism could be attributed to her having such famous parents which I think is unfair or maybe people are just plainly superficial.

        Looking back, did Lydia Sum have problems with her weight during her career? I’m not really sure since I’m born in the 90s. But from what I know, most people respect her for her work, her humour; not a single person would viciously attack her for weight or looks. So why are they attacking her daughter for no reason? Just because she doesn’t fit the ideal mould of hk entertainment? Kind of unfair…

        Yes, the cookie cutter looks are tiresome. Everyone seems to want to look perfect so they can have a chance/survive the industry. But in the process, I feel like they’re losing themselves by trying to attain perfection. What is perfection really but nothing more than subjectivity? A person can still be perfect but still have imperfections…All this obsession with beauty and cosmetic surgery is turning a few of us into look-a-likes or clones of each other. Case in point, Mavis Pan/Shu Qi/Angelababy.

        Hopefully, this cosmetic surgery craze will die down eventually so we can see more diversity of looks/talent…:)

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      • HeTieShou replied to Jayne

        Totally agree with you Jayne. I am getting sick of the same old doll look that a lot of these actresses are aiming for. I guess now if we see that type of look on someone, that may imply that they have had some work done…

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      • Judy replied to Jayne

        Yes I do agree, the same old baby-doll face takes away from each person’s unique features that makes them beautiful in their own way.

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    • Kidd replied to shadowrain604

      @ Jayne

      I remember the Snow White issue. I felt very really bad for Joyce at that time and very angry with the people who made fun of her so cruelly. Not only fans of Ron and other viewer, but, seniors in the entertainment industry like Eric Tsang also did so. :(

      In ‘Catch Me Now’, I also read netizens complain and madke fun of Ma Tai Lo for having a hot kissing scene with Eric Li who played her husband. Unattractive actresses have no choice but join in the ‘fun’ by making fun of herself in the form of self-depreciating jokes. Some actresses develope a more healthy outlook. Yu Mo Lin doesn’t feel bad about her look because she at least, she has a niche. Certain role, people will always look for her.

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    • Kidd replied to shadowrain604

      @ Jayne

      But, I wonder if this all these cruel criticism that drove Joyce to slim down or it’s her own desire.

      If it’s the criticisms, I guess you can say some good come out of it. She looks good now. But, it’s still very cruel.
      I hope she doesn’t slim down further to become stick thin. Now, it’s ok already. And I hope she doesn’t go for any surgery to gain the ‘perfect’ face.

      But, I guess she doesn’t need to now. Her singing career is going well and she has a hot boyfriend. :D

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      • pandamao replied to Kidd

        @Kidd –

        Is there really that much good out of Joyce’s recent slimming? When she was Snow White, she was at a very healthy weight, like an average person.

        If she’s comfortable with her current weight and not planning to lose anymore, I’ll be very happy for her. I’m afraid she might turn into that other actress, Mary Han (Han Yuk Ting?). I can’t remember her name but she was diagnose with anorexia.

        Anyway – I hope people think carefully about entering the industry. The ones that excel are the ones with minimal enhancements.

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      • Kidd replied to Kidd

        @ pandamao

        I was thinking of the really overweight her back when she was very fat. She also got a lot of flak at that time. But, I agree that during the Snow White time, she has slim down a lot and not that bad. But, still quite chubby. I think her size in ‘7 Days’ is the best.

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    • HeTieShou replied to shadowrain604

      You bought up some good points shadowrain604. I also feel sad that the audience and general public is just so shallow. However, you can’t really help it since none of us know them personally, so what is the first thing we see? We see their outer appearance, therefore, that is what we have to judge them by. Even with people that we don’t know and meet for the first time, their looks is the first thing that we will judge them by.

      I feel that the circle did not seem as superficial back as it is now. Part of the reason may be that the competition was not as fierce as it was back then since the number of celebs was a lot less than it is now. I think the number of natural actresses back then was more than it is now, but I am sure that back then they did have some work done as well. If we want to find out, we can just search for their old photos. BUt yea, it is true that the asian entertainment industry is becoming like Hollywood which I also find really sad…Now it is just looks and no talent.

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  5. Kidd says:

    Mavis version #1 (2006) look the best.

    How come this family can have 4 children? China is still under ‘One Child Policy’, right?

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    • Fox replied to Kidd

      The golden generation (One child) only happened from 90s to 2008 (now they think they make mistake so they stop). If all 4 kids were born before this period, it would be ok.

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      • Kidd replied to Fox

        The ‘One Child Policy’ was introduced in 1978 and start being implemented in 1979.

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      • Fox replied to Fox

        Let me check again. I rmb I read a report on this Golden generation and it officially started on 90s as the first generation of this is now 20-21 years old.

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    • HeTieShou replied to Kidd

      Maybe her family is well off and is able to pay for it??

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    • Funn Lim replied to Kidd

      No one says you can’t have more than 1 child. Except your child no. 2 or 3 or 4 will not receive state benefits and life made difficult

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      • Kidd replied to Funn Lim

        I read in Readers Digest back in the 90s that women were forced to abort their babies even when they are in their 3rd trimester. I guess this practice is not nationwide but up to the individual district. Officials at the bottom are pressured by their superior to meet the target and they will find all kind of ways to meet this target.

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      • HeTieShou replied to Funn Lim

        Luckily my family was not in China or else we would have been in deep trouble. We would have had 12 to 13 kids in our family…

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      • Fox replied to Funn Lim

        Depends on which country. In China and some underdeveloped/developing countries, they have more children than they need so they have to limit the number of the children. On the other hand, in some countries they don’t have enough future labours so they have to encourage ppl to give birth to as many kids as they can.

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      • Funn Lim replied to Funn Lim

        Kidd, that practice is still on right now. I read an article some months ago where a woman was forced to abort her I think 6 month old baby! Despicable. Anyway they only do that to the lower class or middle class. Never see them do that to the upper class.

        In China there are more boys than girls it seem. Come to a time where the boys can’t have 100% chinese wives anymore.

        I read some people actually kidnap the boys to be sold or be beggars!! In China. Why is China so much of these reputation?

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      • Fox replied to Funn Lim

        More boys than girls in China because of the traditional mind to think that boys will stay with the parents while girls will change their surname after their marriage. Now they have to face the bad result: Many guys can’t find wives.

        I think kidnap happen in anywhere, not only China.

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  6. j00ky says:

    oh, would love to see Ray have a baby with Mavis now… the baby would probably have Ray’s nose and Mavis’ mouth… XD

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  7. HeTieShou says:

    I actually think that she looked better in her natural look(in version #1 2006). She looked unique and more real. I wonder why everyone thinks that having a sharp chin and small face is better?? There are a lot of people that I feel look better before their plastic surgery or with some minor plastic surgery. However, once they get way too much work done, they end up looking fake and artificial.

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    • Kaytie replied to HeTieShou

      @HeTieShou, I agree with your thoughts. Even though Mavis would resemble Kate Tsui at least she looks natural and real. I find that her true looks are pretty and her eyes that somewhat resembles Kate’s eyes are attractive. Well, at least her eyes caught my attention. :-D

      Is it necessary to have plastic surgery when you’re anticipating extremely great results or will it disappoint you after the surgery is done? All people care is how they are perceived by society and their sub-conscience is telling them that people think you’re ugly so go and get plastic surgery. It’s because of them that drives these people wanting to get these procedures done. We all don’t have a choice to choose how we look because that’s how we are born to look like and we take certain genes after our parents. It’s pretty sad how people would go extreme measures for the sake of beauty.

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  8. Funn Lim says:

    Version 1 looks the best in my opinion. She looks sultry but then she enlarged her eyes, her lips and suddenly she just seems like everybody else. I suppose she wanted the westernized look.

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  9. Aly says:

    It’ s unfortunate but plastic surgery is becoming very common in today’s entertainment industry. It was more taboo back in the 80’s, so it really seems as if the actresses during that time possessed natural beauty. In those days, the actors and singers were really talented in what they do. The singers(many of them) entered a singing contest, and many of the actors of that golden era came from the acting classes. But now, it seems that there are so many ways to enter the industry, whether it’s through pageants, modeling, or connections, so since there are so many fresh faces, new faces, the pressure of standing out from the crowd. If your talent is mediocre or lacking, then the best way to get popular and attention is through your looks and body. So these artists are becoming more obsessed on how polishing their looks rather than polishing their acting or singing skills.
    And it does become addictive, which can be dangerous. I’ve watched shows before that have shown how people’s lives have become miserable after excessive plastic surgery. The face becomes so bad that it is impossible to fix it back to how it was. And like most people here, I feel that Mavis looked the best back in 1996. A lot more natural. If all girls try to achieve that doll-like look, then it really doesn’t do them much good because they all look similar. What’s so special about that, then?

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    • HeTieShou replied to Aly

      Totally agree and I heard that if you entered the MS Hk pageants, you are not allowed to have any kind of plastic surgery. THat was true back then, but I don’t know about now. I remember in 1987 when Chingmy Yau was competing. ONe of the other contestants said that she had chin surgery so she had to withdraw from the pageant.She was a hot favorite to win as well. Maybe the outcome of the pageant could have been different if she remained in the competition.

      Due to plastic surgery, everyone has a similar type of look now and I find that boring and meaningless. Why can’t people be happy with what they were born with? One of my mom’s friends had a nose job that went bad and now has gotten sick because of it. Therefore, you wonder is it really worth sacrificing your health for beauty???

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      • Aly replied to HeTieShou

        Definitely not worth it. That’s why it’s an unhealthy trend that these so-called role models and idols are following, and setting a bad example to the younger generation that look up to them and want to look just as good.
        As I have mentioned, plastic surgery was taboo back in the 80’s, but now it has become widely common. When Chigmy Yau withdrew from MHK, it was definitely expected because it was not “allowed.” Now, it seems that the rules have changed because so many celebrities have gone under the knife, so the contestants do the same. Tracy Yip was rumored to have had plastic surgery, Aimee Chan was rumored to have gotten breast implants, and they both ended up winning the pageants. Last year, one of the contestants, I think it was number 2, was widely speculated to have gotten plastic surgery, which was pretty obvious, but she didn’t get disqualified from the pageant. That just shows that it has become widely accepted and common in the entertainment industry.

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      • HeTieShou replied to HeTieShou

        Totally agree with you Aly! That is why I thought that the looks of the 80s actresses were more natural since plastic surgery was not allowed or was as common back then. I still find it strange that because it is so common now, but when celebs are confronted with the question they still have to lie about it. Don’t tell me that they still want others to praise them for their “natural” beauty when we all clearly see that is not natural at all. I find it sad that people can lie through their teeth like that. I remember the Cecilia Cheung lookalike, Gong Mi saying that everything on her face was natural and saying that it would be disrespectful to her parents if she changed anything. We can all clearly see that her facial features are not real… I think lying like that is so fake and disrespectful to her parents…

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  10. nuts says:

    all that change was supposed to improve her impression to ppl, in reality, it just brought more ridicule. she should of stayed looking like a Kate Tsui than a Angelababy. i’ll take her old self, cause the new one is scary to me, like a mannequin. fake breasts look nasty undressed. even tara reid’s ex said he was put off by it. Mavis must of had body dysmorphia or she just wanted fame and thought the face was important(well it is) but hers wasnt bad before.

    i seen a headline before somewhere that girls have died over shaving their faces? then you get some more dying during rack operations cause the anaesthesia went wrong. vanity can come at a heavy price. will you gamble your life for it? men have a different kind of pressure, less on looks so dont need to unnecessarily subject themselves through PS (unless you as egotistic and vain as the two dudes we see in these recent headlines).

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    • Kidd replied to nuts

      This is because through out the centuries, women are expected to look good.

      The chinese saying doesn’t go ‘talented guy match talented girl’. It goes ‘talented guy match beautiful girl’. Throughout the ages, women are celebrated for their beauty.

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      • Fox replied to Kidd

        Another idioms: “Men love beauty, Women love talents”, “Men love by eyes, Women love by ears”.

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      • HeTieShou replied to Kidd

        Do you mean the term “guys like ‘se”(beauty)while girls like ‘cai’?? Well back then it was ‘cai’ for ‘cai hua’, but now you wonder if it is the cai of ‘qian'(money) cai. My parents argued about that one time and dad was dad was implying the cai of money while my mom was implying the cai of talent. However, these days I think I agree with my dad more that it is the cai of money.

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      • fox replied to Kidd

        It’s a homophony. Cai means talent and also have a homophony of “money”. The idiom itself wanna mean “talent” but agree that now it’s money more than talent, haha.

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      • HeTieShou replied to Kidd

        Yea, I know it is a homophony. It is kind of sad how it is now the cai of money instead of the cai of talent. My mom ended the argument by saying that you had to have the cai of talent in order to make money… That sort of connects I guess…

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  11. Joan says:

    LOL, no wonder I think she look so much like Angelababy. I bet they had the same surgeon.

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    • Tammy replied to Joan

      I agree LOL. Li Bing Bing (however you spell it), Angela Baby etc., all look like.

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      • HeTieShou replied to Tammy

        I never heard of Li Bing Bing ever getting plastic surgery but then you never know… I think Li Bing Bing looks better than they do though.

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      • Funn Lim replied to Tammy

        I wouldn’t be surprised. Generally the surgery would be on eyes, chin, cheekbones, nose, any combination of these, from severe to slight.

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  12. impmuse says:

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Raymond has such bad taste in women.

    I used to think that he was a promising actor with an attractive face, before he was surgically enhanced…he doesn’t seem to care whether physical beauty is fake or real.

    It’s very sad that the entertainment industry is so cruel. In fact, HK society as a whole tends to put too much emphasis on outward beauty.

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    • HeTieShou replied to impmuse

      It isn’t just HK society, I think it is how society is in general. Who doesn’t want to look at attractive people and things?? I think it is even more intense in Hollywood… Boy, the amount of plastic surgery there is unbelievable. However, the good thing is that they for the most part do not deny it.

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      • Tammy replied to HeTieShou

        I meant to say ” Fan Bing Bing” with plastic surgery. She has the same eyes/face structure like Mavis and AngelaBaby. They all look like a barbie doll. I think i’ve seen articles on Li Bing Bing with Plastic Surgery as well.
        Even Tavia Yeung (I’ve came across Tavia Yeung from Armed Reaction 2, I saw Tavia as a new reporter and her nostrils were pretty wide,not slender like now), Charmaine Sheh’s nose and a few others.

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      • HeTieShou replied to HeTieShou

        Now that you mention it, they do have similar features. With Fan Bing Bing, I don’t think she had that much because I saw her pictures as a baby and a lot of her features look the same. Fan Bing Bing claimed that she never did but I am not sure if she is telling the truth.

        With Tavia, I think she has had it done because her nose was larger before. However, she is afraid to admit it like everyone else. I am not sure with Li Bing Bing but I would not be shocked if she did have it done. With Charmaine, I wonder if she did have much done to her nose?? If she did, they did a bad job because her nose is still big…

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      • Judy replied to HeTieShou

        I don’t think Charmaine has had anything done… her nose looks the same as it always did since she entered the hk beauty pageant.

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      • HeTieShou replied to HeTieShou

        Maybe Charmaine’s nose implies good fortune so she doesn’t want to change it??

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      • P replied to HeTieShou

        I’ve seen some old photos of fan bing bing and she definitely had fixed her eyes.

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  13. tila says:

    I think she did get her nose done.

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    • Tammy replied to tila

      I saw some clips of her nose back to when she first started, her nose was really bad,but with time, it looks a little better. It doesnt look like as if she got her nose done 100% (to slender and high),but if you compare the before and after, her nose does look finer esp the nostrils.

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  14. Jenstudiokl says:

    This case is still consider ‘minor’ if compared to angelababy!

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    • HeTieShou replied to Jenstudiokl

      Angelababy had even more stuff done then this?? I wonder if there are any of her before pictures that we can all compare? With all of this plastic surgery, I wonder how these women will look when they get older?? Boy, I don’t even want to imagine that..

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      • Funn Lim replied to HeTieShou

        There was in youtube but the most she did was fix her awful teeth and some nip here and there

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      • HeTieShou replied to HeTieShou

        Really? Do you have the link? IF she just fixed her teeth and had some nips and tucks here and there, then I don’t think she had as much done as Mavis Pan right??

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      • Funn Lim replied to HeTieShou

        From what I can see her teeth was her biggest problem which she fixed. Then maybe eyes and something, but nothing like Korean stars.

        Mavis was actually rather pretty but severe looking so she toned down her eyes, cheeks, etc. Not sure who did what more. But they do look better as in softer.

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  15. jayzemine says:

    welll, at the end of the day, we will know their true beauty through their offspring, so no denying whether they had work done or not. In my opinion, kind of sad that true natural beauty does not exist anymore and society does not seem to mind plastic surgery so for deperate people who wants to look pretty, why not right?

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    • HeTieShou replied to jayzemine

      Well, with time you will see what is natural and what is fake because it will all show when you age. Just take a look at how Dodo Cheng looks now. She has had a lot of plastic surgery and now it seems like her face is melting away…Boy, I wonder how Mavis and all of the actresses that have had plastic surgery will look down the road?? I don’t even want to imagine it… THe Korean actresses… Oh brother…I really don’t want to imagine it.

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  16. zideeffectzz says:

    she look so much better in the first picture… y go plastic (in terms of her face)?

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  17. jim says:

    yes all plastic.

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  18. jim says:

    some artist had plastic surgery; jolin tsai, elva hsiao, barbie hsu, cecilia cheung, raymond lam, fan bing bing, huang xiaoming, a mei, wang lee hom, ray chen, fish leong, angelababy.

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  19. HeTieShou says:

    Speaking of plastic surgery and all, this once again reminds me of Mavis Pan and her parents. When I looked at her parent’s photos with her, she looked nothing like them… I can totally imagine when she has kids and they will look nothing like her since all of her features are fake and plastic.

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  20. Dottie says:

    I don’t have a problem with people having plastic surgeries and/or cosmetic enhancements. What bothers me is the denial, the showing-off and brainless men who fall for everything that is fake because they obviously think with the ‘other’ head. Also, no one put a gun to their head and ‘force’ them to undergo surgeries. Sure, that might have been implied or pressed but c’mon, we are responsible for our own actions. The least we can do is be accountable.

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