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Pregnant Gigi Lai Holds Twin Daughters’ Birthday Party Amidst Typhoon

By on August 3, 2012

Pregnant Gigi Lai Holds Twin Daughters’ Birthday Party Amidst Typhoon thumbnail

Since former TVB actress, Gigi Lai (黎姿) retired from acting, she focused her attention on her twin daughters, husband, and her family.  Currently 6-months pregnant, Gigi’s life is full of happiness.  Despite her advanced pregnant state, Gigi continued to prioritize her twin daughter’s pregnant state.  For their second birthday, Gigi was busy running around for their birthday party!

Typhoon Hits on the Twins’ Birthdays

It was disclosed that Gigi had initially planned for the party to take place at the Peninsula, the same location as the twins’ birthday party last year. However, the day before the celebration, there was a level 10 typhoon alert. With the unpredictable weather, Gigi decided to change locations to Deep Bay Yacht Club. 

A close friend of Gigi revealed, “On the day of the party, the typhoon still had a level 3 rating.  The birthday party had to move within a short notice.  For the party, Gigi invited several of her good friends, including Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and her husband as well as fashion designer, Bonita Cheung

Initially, Gigi’s parents and younger brother were to attend.  But due to the gale-force winds, Gigi told them to stay home.  She did not want them to be caught in potentially dangerous weather conditions.  At the celebration, Gigi set up the computer for web chat so that the twins were able to communicate with their grandparents and uncle.”

Gigi’s Hectic Schedule

On the day of the twins’ birthday, Gigi and her husband, Patrick Ma (馬廷強), left their residence at approximately 1 PM to head over to Deep Bay Yacht Club.  They stayed at the club for approximately 2 hours, with Gigi leaving first.  She went to Sun Hung Kai Club in Wan Chai and later, meeting back up with her husband. Her twin daughters were not seen throughout this time.

Afterward, Gigi stopped by her skincare clinic, CosMax Laser and Medical Skin Care Centre, to take care of some business matters.  Leaving at 8 PM, she had dinner with Patrick at the Four Seasons Hotel.  Although the day was busy, Gigi was evidentlyvery  happy and smiling the entire time. 

Gigi was confronted with a slew of questions from the reporter, as to what she purchased for her twin daughters’ birthday presents, and to confirm whether she was currently carrying twin boys in her second pregnancy. Gigi was also asked whether her husband will reward her with a generous gift for her second pregnancy.  Gigi smiled and quickly responded, “Not yet, and no.”

Gigi is a Good Mother

Despite the size of her protruding belly, Gigi still makes time for her twin daughters.  Health permitting, she has been taking her twins to their playgroup on a daily basis throughout the pregnancy.

As seen by the effort made for her beloved daughters’ birthday, Gigi wished to provide the best for her children and is a  truly good mother!

Source: East Week

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  • Readers' Comments (17)

    1. Gar says:

      Gigi always looks so pretty and I’m glad to hear that she’s happy and doing well.

    2. Hannah says:

      Gigi’s happiness is radiating through her face. Also, that’s a lot of running back and forth, but it’s good exercise for her.

    3. elin says:

      she looks so good.. radiant in fact..

    4. happybi says:

      She still look so good! Such happiness in her face! May she have a safe pregnancy!

    5. AC says:

      She looks so pretty and happy.

    6. lovetvb says:

      she is always so pretty. i wish gigi lai to come back to tvb soon :)

    7. Littlegalpal says:

      This show to all the naysayer who said she married her husband for money etc…The best revenge is to live well and you can see that in her face :)

      • Dawn says:

        She did married her husband for money. That has always been the fact. :P
        Money can and do make some people happy *shrug*

        • HeTieShou says:

          Many have had this discussion but honestly, who does not marry for money to some extent? But the most important thing is, is that all you go for?? The only who would truly know if she married only for money is herself and no one else.

        • pintan says:

          HTS, not every gal is capable to marry for money. Even if you want, you must also have the fate & luck to achieve this prestigious aim!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Sorry but I believe that a girl should be more independent and not too reliant on any guy. It is true that not many girls are capable of marrying for money even if they want to. That is not my aim though.

    8. Amy says:

      She’s so graceful.

    9. skinnymocha says:

      She could probably do without the heavy eye makeup – she’s certainly hit the genetics lottery, so she could easily pull off a more natural look. But still, gorgeous and radiant nonetheless. All the best to her and her family.

    10. munkimui says:

      shes pretty. my boyfriends sister kinda looks like her. but my bf sister is an ugly b……she’s too dark and a very lousy tomboy

    11. Faith says:


    12. Faye says:

      “Gigi was also asked whether her husband will reward her with a generous gift for her second pregnancy”. What The F***, since when is starting a family because of love required rewarding? I have only ever heard of this in HK

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