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Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Fixed to Win TVB Favorite Character Awards

By on November 24, 2012

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While this year’s Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Series awards will be determined by audience votes, the other categories in the TVB Anniversary Awards are still in the hands of the executives and staff of TVB.

It was leaked that TVB executives have already decided that Raymond Lam (林峰) will win the My Favorite Male Character Award. Kate Tsui (徐子珊) will beat out Tavia Yeung (楊怡) for the My Favorite Female Character Award. Elena Kong (江美儀) will be the Best Supporting Actress and Power Chan (陳國邦), without Ben Wong’s (黃智賢) presence, will easily scoop up the Best Supporting Actor award.

Executive Decision

It is widely believed that Raymond Lam will end up as the Best Actor due to the newly implemented voting format, and others will only be fighting for the consolidation prize of the My Favorite Male Television Role award. Out of all the nominees, Wayne Lai would have been the heavy favorite to win the award. Unfortunately, rumor says that the executives will give the award to Raymond instead.

During last week’s executive meeting to discuss the upcoming Anniversary Awards, Catherina Tsang (曾勵珍) touched on the outstanding performance of Wayne Lai  (黎耀祥). Virginia Lok (樂易玲) immediately took offense and brought up the popularity of Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>. When the discussion shifted to My Favorite Male Character Award, six out of the seven executive members reportedly  hinted that they were leaning on Raymond.

Without the clout to turn their decision and knowing that Raymond is one of Virginia’s favorite artists, Catherine will most likely go with the majority’s decision.  If the report is indeed true, Wayne will end up empty handed this year.

“Bring Me My Banner!”

Raymond seems to have known all along that he has Ms. Lok on his side. With the new voting format, Raymond has more than enough fans to win the Best Actor Award. With support from Ms. Lok and the other executives, he will be unstoppable in winning the My Favorite Male Character award.

It was said that Raymond told his fans not to forget to cast their votes for him, and bring a “My Favorite Male Character” banner to the award.

Wayne Lai Cedes to Raymond Lam

When told that he may not win an award this year, Wayne Lai admitted that the pressure is increasing and the voting will be tight as Raymond has the biggest fan base.  Wayne apparently was not too happy about the rumor, but insisted that the race is not over until all votes are in.

Kate Tsui a Hot Favorite With the Boss

Kate Tsui is likely to win My Favorite Female Character Award. Once again it came down to Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang’s selections. Catherine went with Tavia Yeung, and Ms. Lok with Kate Tsui.

It was a deadlock until someone brought up the fact that their boss, Charles Chan (陳國強), liked all the positive reviews of Kate’s portrayal as the Drug Queen in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>. So naturally Kate was chosen instead of Tavia.

Elena Kong and Power Chan Favored

Another meeting was held a few days ago and the outcome of other award categories was determined. If the rumor is true, Elena Kong will win the Best Supporting Actress Award. Elena’s performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> was deemed impressive. In a group where there are no standouts, most of the executives decided to choose her.

Power Chan will pick up the Best Supporting Award. However, it was not an easy decision. Virginia Lok and one other executive called Ben Wong’s performance in Highs and Lows outstanding, while another preferred Power Chan for his portrayal of Pang Sam Shun in The Confidant <大太監>.

The deal breaker was Power Chan’s contract. It turns out that TVB is negotiating with Power Chan on his managerial contract, and an award for him may help seal the deal. The rest of the executives felt that both Ben and Power did well in their roles, but if an award may help to retain Power, so be it. It was reported that because the executives influenced the voting committees, Ben did not gather enough support to make the Top Ten nominees.

It was said that Ben already knew about this decision before the official list was announced. Ben said a producer had approached him and told him that since he already won last year, he may want give someone else a chance this year.  Ben was not happy arguing about how someone can win the Best Actor award for two years in a row, but not the Best Supporting Actor award. Ben was even more upset at not making the nominations.

Source: Sudden Weekly #904 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (287)

    1. Veejay says:

      Aside from the title of this article, why is LF always in his “chok” looks when taking pic? Look at this face above, he and his chok looks again hhaha…

      • Veejay says:

        it will be a big blow for TY if Kate wins the big award..

        • Danny yan says:

          Last chance for Tavia. If she lost her career will be going down in future as her golden era is over. Too long for her to keep giving chance espc Charmain might get back long contract with TVB

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Tavia must be devastated but it can’t be helped since SSSS has low ratings and her Ji Kwan character is boring and stagnant.

        • nemesis says:

          Really? Charmaine may sign a long contract with tvb?

        • 939393 says:

          No WAY is charmaine is going to sign a long-term contract with tvb. She only has a per-series contract. She’s smart and know how to look for greener pastures.

      • looooooooooooooooo says:

        This article consist of many loop holes and inconsistant facts

      • looooooooooooooooo says:

        tvb anniversary award had change from emmy award to people choice’s award. More entertaining and overjoyed by tv viewers based OPP vote. it will be a success in tv rating.

      • Catie says:

        Of course every actress would want to win BA, but come on now, if it was not meant to be theirs to win, then it isn’t. Whether Kate or Tavia or whoever gets the big award, to them it’d be better and much more meaningful to win the award when they feel that most of the audience are accepting their performance..not because ‘it is time or else I might never’ . Right now, I can’t really see either of them BA standard…

        Danny yan- how is it her last chance? Unless she’s planning on retiring tomorrow or (excuse me) dead by tomorrow, her chances are always going to be there. Who are you to say that her so called ‘golden era’ is over lol??
        Same goes for Kate, her career with still continue, it may rise or fall depending on her future performances. Don’t think an artist would only experience a forever exponential increase in their career.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          If based on what you said, Tavia should give up and let Kate win because obviously audience this year loved Kate’s HAL performance more. Will Tavia feel good if she wins when people think she’s stagnant?

        • 939393 says:

          Michelle Yim wins it in the end. lol

    2. advo says:

      How can it have been a tie between Power and Ben, yet Ben doesn’t even make a top 10 nomination? I call BS on that. Imo, TVB (the exes) just figured since he won last year, then they would give it to some else as that would benefit them more. Tying down Power would definitely be a reasonable motive.

      If it’s true that Elena will get it – GOOD! She deserves it, and has deserved it for a while.

      As for My Favourite, I always figured Kate would take it as her character has gotten lots of positive press. Tavia will of course take the BA award.

      I wasn’t sure if LF would get it or not – as I said in the article about Kenneth – but I figured there was definitely a good possibility. Poor Kenneth Ma will go home completely empty handed. Or maybe TVB will give him that “Most Professional” pork award they give to the poor loser.

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        If enough Kenneth fans complain to TVB after this ‘leakage’, maybe TVB can give the pork Favourite Award and Professional XX award to Kenneth to pacify him.

      • 939393 says:

        pretty sure LF would bag both since they showered so much love to him. Even if kenneth goes home empty handed i dont think it matters because i’m sure he’ll receive better roles in the future.

    3. tonyy says:

      nothing new as usual tvb awards r scams LOL I wouldnt expect anything less

    4. advo says:

      The artistes care because whoever win will raise their advertising profile which equals higher ad fees. As TVB does not pay well, most of them get a lot of their income from cutting ribbons, attending events/functions etc. As for why the public cares. TVB is still the most watch channel and there are only these awards. Perhaps it will change with the additional stations – presuming they can finally start broadcasting.

    5. John says:

      If Raymond and Kate really get the “My Favorite Character” awards then Kenneth and Tavia better get the BA awards or i would be so mad.

      • advo says:

        No no, LF is definitely a lock for BA. From this article it sounds like he will snag My Favourite too. Kate gets My Fave, Tavia BA.

        • looooooooooooooooo says:

          LF will win BA and male best character

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Ray is a lock for BA, but anything can happen for Kate and Tavia for BA because of lukewarm response for SSSS Ji Kwan.

          Ray and Kenneth still need to fight for Most Favourite Male if Kenneth’s fans stir up complains and considering how solemn and sad Kenneth sound in interviews lately, will TVB hurt their siu sang who always make 3-4 series per year and make him sad? Most Favourite Female is also undecided between Kate and Tavia.

        • advo says:

          @ RAYLEILAFAN

          Considering that TVB must definitely values LF more than Kenneth, I certainly don’t doubt it. Besides, my guess is that Kenneth still has a long @ss contract with TVB so he ain’t going anywhere. Finally, this is the first year where Kenneth is really getting “red”, but whether it can be sustained is still a question. Doubt TVB will bank on that quite yet, whereas LF is a proven money-machine.

      • 939393 says:

        LF is certainly not up to BA standard. I adore kenneth, but i think wayne and damien are the better contenders.

    6. Piggy says:

      I support Kenneth and Tavia! … For the Professional Spirit Awards!! LOL

      Seriously, I do hope they’re the ones winning the pork. They deserve it. :)

      • Catie says:

        They both aren’t up to BA standard yet imo…getting the public to vote is nothing but calling a popularity contest. TVB should rather leave My Favourite to the public.. but either way, all their awards are highly likely going to be rigged lmao

        • Linnh says:

          But the question is what is the standard? Kenneth sure has shown that he can act. And not to talk about his role in THC which he is nominated for in BA. I don’t know if it is only me, but his facial expression when he act it pretty good. in THC then he starts out as a smart cold Doctor, but with a warm heart, and you can tell this by watching his face expression. also when he is confused, sad happy etc. Then his face shows it all.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Kenneth is also helped by the inspirational and touching theme and great script of THC. I still say Ray is better than Kenneth.

        • 939393 says:

          agree with @Linnh. Not many actors are able to use their face expressions as well as kenneth.

        • Fox says:

          @9393993: Really? I think there are so many :P.

    7. simplitee says:

      “It was said that Raymond told his fans not to forget to cast their votes for him, and bring a “My Favorite Male Character” banner to the award.”

      I somehow DO NOT believe this whole banner story..

      And sigh, so annoying when some people or even LF’s colleagues constantly bring up “large chance because he has a large fanbase”. I bet he worked just as hard (if not more) and performed just as well (if not better) and deserves some recognition rather than “big fanbase thus will win the award”.

      Anyways, i hope he wins both this year.

      • Ric says:

        I don’t think anyone can deny the fanbase logic. It would be a huge upset if Wayne or Kenneth edges out Raymond in votes. I would never question how hard Raymond works because I do think he works hard, but he certainly did not perform better than many other nominees.

        • simplitee says:

          Of course it’s undeniable that his fanbase is larger than most others but like i mentioned, i get annoyed when it sounds like he’s only winning due to popularity and not because he is deserving. Although his character in HAL was a bit inconsistent but i thought he performed reasonably decent and definitely better than some.

        • 939393 says:

          “better than some” doesnt make him up to BA standard.

        • kcabc says:

          It does if that some are the nominees, and that some are.

      • Magic says:

        It’s true though, is it not? Even if he did work as hard, it doesn’t change the fact that he has a larger fan base. I don’t know why you get upset over that. lol

        • simplitee says:

          Although it’s true and yes, as a fan i am happy but it’s annoying when people make it sound like he’s only winning because he’s popular and not because he is truly deserving. Not really upset but just annoyed at times lol because i see the comments everywhere.

        • Linnh says:

          yes LF has a big fanbase, but when people using that as the big reason to why LF win and not consider that he has been working hard those years is alittlebit sad. Because like I got to hear once, you don’t get a big fanbase out of the blue. it also depends on you abilities.

        • momo says:

          Lols~ well either way if Raymond wins, people are gonna say he got the award due to having a large fan base or due to being favored by the higher ups.

          Why not make the voting for “My Favorite Actor/Actress” instead? Makes more sense doesn’t it?

      • Gar says:

        I agree with you and also get annoyed at the fact that everyone assumes that just because he has a large fanbase then he will get the BA award automatically. Sure it obviously helps to have an abundance of fans but he has gained them through 13 years of hard work.

      • Fox says:

        Lolz, normally after the award nite, don’t know why but the fans can find the banner with the right award very fast. Like last last year, Wayne fans had a Best actor banner to show rite after the award nite. Last year KC fans also have same banner. So we can assume that the awards are decided in prior and then telling the artists in order to let them tell their fans to bring the right banner.

        • Nicole says:

          Is double sided banner. One side says “Congrats to XX on Best actor”, other side says “XX is always Best actor in our hearts” :P

        • Fox says:

          Haha, maybe the other side is in the mouth of some fans of the loser, but I don’t see this side in the banner I mentioned :P.

        • simplitee says:

          I don’t think the artiste tell fans to do that thought.. i think fans bring banners every year and if the idol wins then good, they can use it but if not then maybe save for next year and dont bring it out :P

    8. Ric says:

      I would be deeply disappointed if Raymond wins favorite character. Ray is pretty much a sure thing for best actor because of the voting system. Kenneth should be the one getting the favorite character award. His role was much more popular than Raymond’s.

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        Then you guys Kenneth fans should go complain. Kenneth sounds dejected lately. Maybe the fans complain to TVB can help Kenneth get an award or two as consolation and Kenneth can cheer up again.

      • Fox says:

        Why you are so sure that the role of MM is more famous than LF’s? Have anything to prove it? As far as I see, the role Hui sir of Bosco is more famous than MM’s in THC.

        • 939393 says:

          lol. were you hibernating in a cave or something? Bosco has absolutely no noise and not much support for his role.

        • Linnh says:

          @939393 to be honest he does. People actually loves his role as hui sir. Is either you haven’t payed attention to news about his role right after the series was done, and on comments where people praise his character as hui sir, or you just don’t want to see because to you then his role wasen’t outstanding.

        • Fox says:

          Honesty, 939393, you are the one who is living in a cave. No noise is like SSSS now – even no complaint to the series.

          Bosco has MANY support to his role Hui sir, dear. Even more than MM’s watever role in THC – head or fish something? In the weibo polls of HKchannel for example, Bosco always heads over MM.

          And Bosco still has the highest rated series of 2013, it’s a fact you can’t deny, haha.

        • Fox says:

          For you to see, a fun vote from Oriental Sunday of HK:


          5704 votes vs 711 votes.

          You say that Hui sir has no noise and not much support? Lolz, just 5704 ppl voted for him and the “famous and supported” MM of you only has 711 supporters. If 7 more ppl vote for Bosco, MM will be have the 3 last digit of Bosci, haha.

        • Nicole says:

          Actually I think Bosco has a lot of young, obsessive fans, compared to Ma Ming’s fans who are older. That poll you link, everyone can vote 10000 times, once they refresh, so it’s easy to create fake votes.
          For Ma Ming, I think he does have a lot of fans in HK this year, since he was voted Male God of the year?

        • Linnh says:

          But didn’t the article also stated something like because those three siusangs Bosco, Ron and LF has been in a lot of negative rumours lately so it push Kenneth Ma up to be Man God? So the question is would he still had been the Male God IF neither of them three ended up in negative rumours?

        • Linnh says:

          Male God*

        • Linnh says:

          ohh and Yes, i believe that Bosco has a lot of young fans, but i believe he has older fans too. Like My friends sisters and brother they are like in their 30s, and they actually likes Bosco’s acting.

        • nemesis says:

          I thought he was Male God of hk golden forum, and they voted for him cos he admitted that he watches porn?

        • Fox says:

          Yes, he was voted to be Male God in HKD because he admitted he watched porn, said in the article. And they call him AV Boy.

        • Nicole says:

          Well, that’s an additional fanbase the others don’t have access to, the 宅男 congregation. I don’t really see men going gaga over an actor like the way girls do, but can you see men voting for KM because they identify with him?

          Of course Bosco does have older fans, but the percentage of young fans to older fans should be higher than that of Kenneth’s. His young chinese fans are so obsessive, it’s quite funny.

        • Fox says:

          Talking about old fans, lolz I can’t forgot that when I went to the function of Miss HK 2010, there were a bunch of old people (about 70-90 years old) sitting near me. And some of them when they saw the LF board of the fans, they said to us: “Ah we have the same purpose to go and watch this.” I was so curious so I asked them: “You go here to watch LF as well?” and they said: “Yes, we are from a nursery house and we have free tickets. Most of ppl decide to go because they heard that Ah Fung is a guest.”

        • Fox says:

          @Nicole: You will surprise at how the guys gaga the artists, lolz. In HK discuzz, there are many guys who are even more fan”girl” than the girls in very funny way.

          But what I mentioned was wat wrote in the article :P. I don’t know why they vote for MM to be Male God but the article said so.

          @Linhh: Haha, it’s true that Ron was in the bottom of the poll :P. I don’t wonder that if these 3 dun have the love/sex negative rumours/scandal but I do wonder wat happen to MM if he has rumours/scandal like this.

        • Nicole says:

          Hahaha, most of my guy friends don’t really “fan girl”, or maybe they are afraid to show their true self in order to maintain their image? And those that “fan girl” mainly only go gaga over female artistes.

        • Nicole says:

          Got to say I really liked Ma Ming’s reaction when he won the Most Improved Award. He was endearingly simple. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/23Ko6vWsxMY/
          Right now he’s just trying too hard with all that porn and bad boy nonsense.

        • Linnh says:

          lols my guy friends admitted once that Ron was hot though haha…But what about protecting, I have never seen anyone protecting their idol like my guys friends. I was joking around and just dissing Andy Lau to see their reacton, seriously I almost though I was going to be yelled down by 5 guys at once. Can we say that to be really obsession? :P

        • Linnh says:

          Maybe MA Ming find his life to be alittlebit boring, so he wants to puff it up with some negative rumours? which ends up as laughable rumours?=P

        • Fox says:

          @Nicole: My male friends dun go gaga as well, but I’ve seen some crazy male fans so :P. Lolz, some even went with gf and both went so fangirls :P.

          I also liked MM during the time he won Most improved as well. I clapped my hand when seeing he won. He was so cute that moment. Now I don’t know who taught him to be that bitter, petty and somehow fake like that (my opinion). His continuously mention of the topic like ex-gfs, AV, money, award annoyed me and reduced my like toward him to the minimum. I like the old him more.

        • Nicole says:

          Yes, I do see some guys idolising the older male artistes like Jacky cheung or Andy Lau, but I find those are usually remains of their youth, when we tend to be more impressionable, and need someone to look up to.
          Maybe the girlfriend is a super fangirl, so the boyfriend, in order to win the love of the girlfriend, must pretend to fangirl. Hahaha

          The thing about Ma Ming, I don’t think he’s a fake and calculative person(有心机). His slight (I think) bitterness and pettiness, may be because he doesn’t know how to hide his feelings behind a facade. Like we look at him in 2006, all his feelings were on his face, you know? Many “Best Actor”, probably wants to kill the other party, but they know how to hide it better, like Michael Tse last year. hahaha I don’t think that means they are fake, because everyone needs to maintain their image. I think he’s a very real artiste, but of course, with the same pettiness we all feel at times, but he also tries too hard.

        • Fox says:

          @Nicole: Not in the case I’ve seen because the bf looked even more fangirl than the girl :P, haha. So I guess when a boy being fangirl, the girl can’t compete.

          As for MM, I feel he is kinda fake because he tried to act like nothing when he has troubles and pettiness on heart, but saying out bitter words. He used not this type of person. He was more real last time, or before he dun have anything to be jealous with others. But now, he dun give me the feeling that he is an easy person. However, I still can see the educated manner in him. He is smart and he knows how to hide himself and acts like a diamond bachelor. I just don’t buy this and it’s me only.

          As for Michael Tse, I think he showed everything on his face but he dun seem like the type of person that have bad deeds and thinking about others. I met him several times and all the time I think he isn’t the person who is friendly with someone but inside, curse this person like crazy. If he wants to curse someone, he’ll do such thing directly.

        • Nicole says:

          When I said they want to kill the other artiste, of course I’m just joking. I just think that Michael Tse was jealous of Kevin last year, even though he tries his best to hide it. He (And all the other TVB artistes) will probably deny all jealousy, but Kenneth doesn’t exactly deny his jealousy. He actually thinks it out. Everyone is probably somewhat envious of another in a little extent. Can you really say that Ron is 100% not envious of Raymond?
          If he wants to hide himself and make himself have a diamond bachelor image, he could have just continued the way he was, without having to tell us all about his porn or bad habits, but he doesn’t. Hiding himself to give himself a diamond bachelor image, should be applied to Moses Chan (who allows himself to look like the hurt one in love, and when people ask him questions, he just says things like “i’m very boring, I only love coffee.”), and not kenneth, who tries his hardest to mess up his own image, when he doesn’t have to talk about his bad habits!

        • nemesis says:

          Actually, I don’t think Ron is jealous of anyone. If he is, he would have gotten rid of his fat body. LOL. I like how Ron is so easygoing.

        • Nicole says:

          I’m sure, even fat Ron might sometimes have the thought.. wahhh I wish I can have as good opportunity as him.. but I think that’s the extent of his envy. He won’t necessarily want to do anything more about it. :P

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          I agree that Kenneth used to be more simple. Now he sounds he tried too hard and maybe envy of Ray’s success? That’s based on some of his interviews. I also get the notion that Kenneth sounds dejected when the media keep saying Ray will win over him. I like the old carefree Kenneth better!

        • Linnh says:

          @Nemesis Ron is chilling;) he is like this, Tsk people can do what they want, I don’t care:P

        • simplitee says:

          The poor guy probably cares more about food than anything else lol

        • nemesis says:

          HAHA. He must be happy now that he gets to act as a chef in Eat for Slaves.

        • Nicole says:

          rofl. Why are there no ron fans coming in to support ron when we keep poking fun at his weight. :P

        • exoidus says:

          it’s not like Ron doesn’t care he just doesn’t have the strength to do anything abt it.

          Need to do some hardcore cardioex. which isn’t exactly a pleasant experience relative to drinking beer and eating lasagne, LOL

        • Fox says:

          I agree with nemesis that I think Ron dun envy anyone. Whatever he has, he accepts and feels satisfied with them, don’t ask for more. As for MM, I think he wants to put some chills to his boring image, and at first he is smart to reveal harmless habit like collecting Donald, going by metro etc. but nobody really cares so he has to test water by bigger scandals such as “Nancy and I dated” or “I dated another girl in the industry other than Nancy but I won’t tell name” or “I like to watch porn” or “I don’t want to spend money for love” and the reporters buy it more. Then he got over and repeated these thing continuously, the result is that now he is called AV Boy. Some think this habit is cute, some think he is honest, some think he is so pervert and some can’t understand why he has to repeat these things too much like that. I think MM is smart but sometimes he isn’t really smart and someone taught him wrong way to get the attention of the reporters.

      • Ric says:

        I am actually not a big Kenneth fan and I do actually agree that Bosco should win favorite actor. But since he doesn’t have much traction, it’s idealistic to believe he will win. Between Raymond and Kenneth, I would go with Kenneth. THC has higher ratings than HAL and Kenneth was the only male lead whereas HAL had Michael to co-lead. From my memory, Kenneth had more interviews and articles on Jaynestars for his role than Raymond did for his. Might be that the writers just didn’t translate Raymond interview.

        • Fox says:

          Yup, the writer didn’t translate much LF’s articles. During HAL time, LF has about 20-30 articles and mag interviews, don’t count the ones that used the content of other articles to write or the one simply about the Txb award.

        • simplitee says:

          Yes i came across many articles (as in the long interviews) but don’t recall any translated.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          I think so too. Many of Ray’s article and interviews are not translated but many of Kenneth’s are translated.

        • my2cents says:

          I totally agree with Fox regarding Kenneth and thought it was just me as well. Used to like him a lot but can’t stand his ways now especially off screen. I find it quite fake and putting up a lot of reverse psycology about it’s ugly to promote one self, not ambitious for TV King etc.

          As for LF, I see it this way – if I watch Iron Chef or some cooking competition, someone who can come up with 5 dishes and each taste great compared to a person who does only one dish as is equally great, I’ll go for the one with five dishes as the Best. If he hold concerts and does other things simultaneously and create the same impact, he has the edge, that is the extra effort and I believe fans don’t fall from the sky.

    9. christmas says:

      tvb wants to risk losing wayne lai?

      • sehseh says:

        Wayne renewed his contract with TVB.. it will be a few years until he can leave them. Plus, he said he’s not comfortable venturing into other market ie Mainland China.

      • Fox says:

        Wayne signed 2 year management contract with Txb not so long ago, last week?

    10. jooojoooo says:

      if Raymond wins best actor I hope the TVB actors get outraged enough to take and stand and leave TVB :)
      That will teach them!!

      Its ridiculous to give TVB King to some guy that does one series this year and it wasn’t even good. Whereas you get people who have to be in TVB for over 15 years and earn the award! Wayne, Gallen, Bobby, etc……..

      • Magic says:

        Kevin won BA back in 2006; I still see Bobby, Gallen (I’m not sure if he still does TVB series… Last one I saw him in was Born Rich), Wayne, etc. in TVB series. And Kevin winning Best Actor in 2006 was a huge joke. lol.

        • Gar says:

          I still disagree with the decision to give Kevin the BA award to this day for his performance in Under the Canopy of Love.

        • simplitee says:

          Moses winning BA for Heart of Greed in 2007 was also a big joke lol

        • jooojoooo says:

          Oh yes. Kevin winning it in 2006 is a big joke too, I actually didn’t know he won it back then…. I can’t believe ANYONE won awards from that Under the Canopy of Love series OMG….

          I think he deserves a best character award for Ghetto Justice and a best actor for the boxing series though.

          Mmmm maybe give Raymond the Best Actor award then he’ll go to mainland china and act series, so TVB can make some quality series :)

          — Sorry, for being so mean to Raymond. I just don’t like it how things are so unfair. $$$, popularity and fame doesn’t mean he’s a good actor. He should go and be a model if people just like the way he looks. I think acting and singing requires talent. Not something that money can buy….

        • subtleness says:

          lolz good actors cant be rich?! what money got to do with this? how did he use money to buy acting and talent?? i know many fans dun only like him cus of looks but see the talent (at least i dun think he is good looking)

        • Linnh says:

          I actually think if been a model Ron should go instead. IMO then LF can act. He has the skills, it may be because he has been concentrating on many things as once and that’s makes him tired that’s why his acting is alittlebit bland. But did you watch HAL? He acted really good there. He showed so much emontion, when he was hurt, then you could tell by only looking at his face and body language that he was hurt. I don’t only think the look is the only thing that has bought LF this far. Because then Ron should have been popular as LF, because in look then i actually think Ron look better. And I read somewhere that LF know that he is rich, and he don’t want people to use that on him, so he has always been using his ability and worked really hard to get where he is now without using the power of his family richness. and Singing, he sure has talent in singing, his technic is good, he has the voice. Have you listening to him live? and when he is singing those fast songs while dancing live? it is not easy, but LF actually know how to handle it. I don’t try bo be bias here, but it is just I find that when people think he use his look and money to get where he is, then I just had to comment.

        • jooojoooo says:

          Well I don’t think he’s good looking either but people seem to think – oh Raymond = CHOK! (whatever that means).

          Money cannot buy you talent, yes that’s 100% true. If it could then we would be getting some pretty awesome acting from Raymond. Money buys you opportunity. You get (some amount) of respect because of your wealthy parents/family.

          Rich people can be actors. Sure. But just because someone is rich and is from a wealthy family shouldn’t mean they get so far ahead in their career without any substance. I think it is generous to compare Raymond’s calibre of acting to Kenneth Ma. But even Kenneth has played way more diverse characters than Raymond (the bad guy in Tiger Clubs).

          Ok, lets not be bias and say Raymond can’t sing or act. Let’s just say he can’t sing or act as well as others who have not won as many awards as he has. With his acting, I think he falls into the bucket with Ron, Kenneth, Kate, Bosco, Fala, Myolie (I think she only won best actress because there’s not many actresses in tvb anymore… anyway). If you think Raymond’s character in Highs and Lows should win, how about Bosco and Michael Tse’s character in Lives of Omission. I think Lives of Omission was heaps better Highs and Lows, more of a plot – wouldnt say the plot is ‘better’, but its more involving and didn’t just impinge on ONE point ‘michael miu was a black cop’, oh how is going to affect Raymond…. etc….. And yes I did watch High and Lows. But I don’t think his acting is good at all. He was like a cardboard cutout :/ His facial expressions were always the same. If you muted the sound, you cannot tell what he is trying to express. I think Raymond’s default expression is being hurt.

          Anyway, let say I agree with you and his acting is great etc… Does an actor receive Best Actor award for doing a good job in one role?? If his acting was so great in that one series then give him the Best Character award. I think to be awarded with the Best Actor award means you’re the BEST ACTOR in a number of roles. If you can’t handle a great breadth of characters, then a your a good actor? not to mention the “best” actor?

          Raymond’s singing. Ok, his singing is better than Ron – no doubt. But I dont think its fair to say he’s better so he got further than Ron. Raymond used his own money to release his initial albums. Ron did not have such opportunity. Maybe if Ron had the money he might be where Raymond is now?
          Anyway, with Raymond’s singing. I think its a total joke to compare his singing to people like Leo Ku, Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng, Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Denise Ho etc…. like seriously?!?!….

          I want to compare Raymond as Paris Hilton but that’s a bit unfair. I would say he’s hardworking and he tries. But you have good performance to get awarded. And don’t tell me that if he wasn’t rich he still would have gone this far. If you truly believe that then you’re very naive.

        • chps says:

          @jooojoooo I agree with u mostly but I do think that the best actor award should be judged on one performance in a specific role only. Just look at the Oscars or even the HKFA and Golden Horse Awards and the Emmys. Its how the actors portray their characters in that specific role that actually counts because they were nominated for that role.

          Also I feel that raymond has loads of cash but he proved his talent early on with breakout roles in ATOL, ASITP and Golden Faith. I must say that I was pretty impressed with him as a newcomer. If anything, I think his acting has stagnated in the way Myolie’s has since their early success. I see him as a talented actor who has yet to realize his true potential and perhaps never will with all his other commitments.

          Atm, I do not think his acting in HAL is good enough to be Best Actor but to discredit his talent and pinpoint his success to his wealth is uncalled for. He made good use of the opportunities that he was given and its a mixture of his own hard work and talent coupled with his wealth that gained him this popularity.

        • lol says:

          i think raymond has all it takes to be these years tv king yeh hes not the best actor out of everyone and no one is.. but some of the younger actors should get an award like raymond he works hard for tvb and its just an award

        • jooojoooo says:

          woah….. you need to rewatch golden faith. Raymond was horrible in that. So was Travia. But if you compare both then and now. There’s alot more improvement from Travia than Raymond. The only thing I don’t understand is what’s up with Travia’s nose? It didn’t used to look like that before…. :/

        • jooojoooo says:

          I think since the award is best actor, it should go to the best actor for that year. not most hardworking or been there the longest etc…. Sure, being the best actor in one year doesn’t mean you’re a good actor if everyone’s crap that year. But at least give it to someone that shined that year.

        • chps says:

          “Does an actor receive Best Actor award for doing a good job in one role?? If his acting was so great in that one series then give him the Best Character award. I think to be awarded with the Best Actor award means you’re the BEST ACTOR in a number of roles.”
          I disagree. They are nominated for one role and the best actor award should go to the best performance out of the nominees that year. If you are good with a number of roles, just means you are versatile but not necessarily the best. It just takes one breakout performance to win it like Kevin’s Law Ba when he was average in Only You.

          Anyway about raymond in golden faith, I thought it was pretty good for a newcomer. Haha but lets agree to disagree.

        • Fox says:

          @jooojooo: What’s wrong if ppl think LF shined this year? You don’t think so and you don’t let others to think so?

          As for Golden Faith, no he wasn’t terrible in it in my opinion. I dislike this role but I think he provided a good acting. Hence, I disagree with you.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Anyway about raymond in golden faith, I thought it was pretty good for a newcomer. ”

          Raymond was excellent, I still remember his performance next to the great Deric Wan. Very good performance, held his own against the many greats.

          But I fell in love with Raymond in Survivor’s Law. Fell out of love recently due to many things, acting for one. He is talented. But he is going off tangent.

      • Gar says:

        Raymond’s been in the industry for 13 years now since 1999. It’s not like he just started and is robbing others of the award. He has put in his time and sweat.

        • Magic says:

          Kenneth has also been working for 13 years, putting in his time and sweat. Kenneth was robbed of the My Favourite Character award in 2010 for his role in A Fistful of Stances.

        • jooojoooo says:

          Apparently Power Chan has been in the industry since 1997? :P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Chan

          Ok, I shouldn’t say its only based on time. But come on, if you compare his acting to someone like Wayne Lai, his acting is a joke. I think he should act for like 2-3years and spend that time on making series (not singing and movies) and take on diverse roles THEN give him the award.

          This might spark arguments, but i think Kenneth Ma deserves the award more than Raymond…. :/

          Giving the best actor award to Raymond is like giving the award to Ron Ng….

        • jooojoooo says:

          @Magic. It doesn’t look like Kenneth is “playing the game” i.e. politically, so I don’t see TVB giving him any awards anytime soon :( sigh.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          True. Raymond has been getting big roles since 2000. Kenneth only start debut in small supporting roles since 2002/2003. Raymond is still Kenneth’s senior and based on seniority and performance record I support RAY :D

        • Linnh says:

          True Raymond started to get bigger roles before kenneth, but acting wise then they started acting at the same time. Both in 1999.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Kenneth was an unnoticed keh leh feh from 1999-2002/3. Why should you count that? Kenneth and Bosco and Ron all start in TITS officially because TVB is losing siu sangs at that time, except Ron got the big support role first in this.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Officially Ray make great impression first from his great newbie performances in Taste of Life, GF and ASITP. All these before Kenneth debuted in a minor role in TITS.

        • Linnh says:

          unnotice or not, they still started their acting at the same time. And if you noticed I said that Raymond got bigger roles before Kenneth. I only add that acting wise then they started at the same time.

          You can’t just not counting that they started acting the same year because Kenneth didn’t get any notification those first years. That’s unfair towards Kenneth IMO. But if you say based on roles from this year and out then yes Raymond is Kenneth’s senior.

        • jooojoooo says:

          I don’t think it matters even if Raymond is more senior than Kenneth. It feels like Raymond only does acting for TVB series on a part time basis, because of his singing commitments, filming movies and series in China. Whereas Kenneth Ma just acts in TVB series, so has more exposure and gained more experience.

        • Fox says:

          @ joojoo: I feel that giving Best actor award to MM is more like giving it to Ron, because they started in the same time and Ron even has leading role sooner than MM (but Ron’s time passed and he now is being demoted). The only thing MM is more than LF is the age :P. Other things: Acting, popularity, status, experience, etc. he is under LF.

          LF was a full time Txb actor, but since he can go further than Txb, he goes further than it to venture in new things. MM is different. His career and status now dun let him to go anywhere. If you’ve listened to his singing, lolz, you will know that Ron is actually a better singer, haha. So he can’t go singing path, not that he wants or doesn’t want. For movie, it’s the matter that he has offer or not. There is no news that any movie director wants him. For China series, he said he had an offer but what is this offer? A supporting role in a low budget one with the fee of 40k/eps. LF’s is 400k/eps in China. Do you see the difference? With 40k/eps, Txb must love him to not let him to film in China because they want his popularity to increase first (by giving him tons of Txb series and airing his series after series) in order to increase his price. So in fact, MM is helping and treating very well by Txb.

          @Magic: MM joined Txb in 2000, learned in acting 14th acting class. LF joined Txb in 1999, learned in 13th acting class. So MM didn’t work for Txb 13 years, just 12 years.

        • Linnh says:

          @Fox really? Because I read that both started in 1999? hmm…

        • Fox says:

          Nope. LF’s 13th acting class was in 1998 but he started with Txb in 1999. MM was in 14th acting class and he started with Txb in 2000. LF has time to work as TVB8 host for a show until he has the real first role in A taste of love. If you watched the honor night for artists worked with Txb for 10 years 3 years ago, you will see LF, Ron but not MM, Bosco because they didn’t have enough years of service.

        • Linnh says:

          Ohh ok, thank you for the information :)

        • jooojoooo says:

          I think one thing that Kenneth has more than Raymond is taking on different characters. Raymond always play the same thing again and again. I dont think his acting in High and Lows was any breakthrough?! (that said neither was Kenneth’s in onCall36 but at least his role in tiger clubs is).

          @Fox, I was referring to Raymond’s singing not Kenneth. I didn’t even know Kenneth sings :/ I think Raymond is just trying to excel in too many avenues and spreading himself thin. I’m not sure he’s even considered a full time tvb actor if he does 2 series a year? Not to mention how many flops Raymond has had in the past two years…. Kingdom RPG, Eternal Flower Sister zzzzzz.

        • Fox says:

          @joojoo: Did MM do evil King role? Did MM do stupid honest role? Did MM do real player and attractive role (don’t say of the role Lo Tin Hang because this role isn’t a real player and attractive to girls, he simply a guy that often go to night clubs and then sleep with girls and let the little siu di di do the job all the time – so this role is a horny guy, not a player)? Did MM do general role? Did MM do half good-half bad role? Did MM do smart arrogant role? Did MM do siu ye role? Did MM do hot-temped role? Did MM do mama boy role? These roles LF all did :P. So saying that MM has more characters than LF is totally not correct, joojoo. LF also has 13 years of experiences, acted in more than 30 series (if including his kelefe roles) and 8 movies (dun count the guest roles), he played with a lot of type of roles as well.

          It’s true that LF’s acting dun have breakthrough in HAL because it’s as good as usual :P. As for MM in Tiger Cubs, you think it’s a breakthrough, I think it’s very so-so. The character is quite interesting but MM’s acting is not that good to suit the character. He overacts sometimes and his acting in love scenes are so forced. He doesn’t seem to love JJ Jia enough. The only special of this role was the tattoo :D. I like this tattoo. There is an interesting topic below that can MM act the role Happy sir? I don’t know how is MM’s role in THC as I don’t watch it, but from the character description I read, LF did similar role to this role in The last breakthrough. Lolz, maybe you can join this topic.

          And if MM’s roles are interesting, you should vote for him in Most fave character, not in Best actor :P.

          3K has MM as well and it isn’t a flop (although I think it’s crappy). Its rating is over 30 and in top 10 of this year. LF dun do 2 series per year, from 2012 he will film 1 Txb series per year and has the right to choose the script. Yup, it’s his status in Txb now. He isn’t with Txb all the time anymore because he can go further than Txb. MM can’t do such thing at this moment and in the future, I doubt he can as well. That’s the difference between LF and MM. I doubt MM dun want the things LF are having now (for example the right to choose series and 1 series per year), but he just can’t have it. Lolz, and he said that he dun wanna sing, but in fact he can’t sing, so he wants to sing or not, not a matter because nobody will let him a singer. MM will continue with Txb and one day, he’ll have the Best actor award as Txb is promoting him at max. If you consider the rating as the factor, SSSS is a big flop now as it is highly promoted (and promoting) but the rating can’t reach to 30 after 3 weeks, even went down 1 point last week. And who is in SSSS? MM :P.

          However quantity isn’t a matter, quality is the matter.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Did MM do evil King role?
          No, but he did evil imperial uncle role?

          Did MM do stupid honest role?
          Stupid maybe not, since he is not convincing as stupid I suppose. Honest? Yes, almost every single role. But I consider his role in A Fistful of Stances rather naive and honest. So I shall say yes.

          Did MM do real player and attractive role
          Yes the one opposite your Lam Fung and yes he was a player.

          Did MM do general role?
          No but he has many years to do that role. Adviser is a role, so 3 Kingdoms RPG sort of is.

          Did MM do half good-half bad role? Did MM do smart arrogant role? vDid MM do hot-temped role?
          Yes, The Other Truth except he is more bad than good.

          Did MM do siu ye role? Did MM do mama boy role?
          Yes, SSSS

          I wonder, did LF ever play a bastard killer who orders someone to kill his one true love only to have her call him before she was run down and she confesses her love and he went to jail regretting his action and then being knifed to death?

          But both of course did not do a gay role.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Funn

          “But both of course did not do a gay role”

          Kenneth Ma kinda did one. It’s in an Eason Chan’s MV.


        • Fox says:

          @Funn Lim: I did explain about the role Lo Tin Hang and no, he isn’t a player :D. He is a horny guy, a clubbing guy but not a player. A player dun need to be horny or clubbing every night, but he is attractive to girls and girls fall for him even when they have a barrier in their mind to avoid guys like this.

          Smart but arrogant, where is MM’s role? Hot-temped, where is MM’s role, too? Half good half bad I consider to the role that is grey – do everything this character think is right and not care for the view of other ppl, not the type of role between good-bad.

          The role MM has in Fistful I don’t consider as the type of role I’m talking about (stupid and honest).

          General isn’t the role MM did in 3K, so I say no. He is even not really an adviser in 3K :P.

          The role of MM in SSSS so far I’ve seen in some cut parts of Rebecca Zhu, is not the siu ye type I’m talking about. The siu ye type is some spoiled brat or the siu ye who has never had to worry for life. And mama boy, is he really one in this one? I don’t watch much so I don’t know. Maybe can put out mama boy, but all the others, MM has never been done :P.

        • Fox says:

          I wonder, did LF ever play a bastard killer who orders someone to kill his one true love only to have her call him before she was run down and she confesses her love and he went to jail regretting his action and then being knifed to death?

          Not the lover but the brother and then he ends up with regrets in the jail, but the brother dun die so he is forgiven. It’s Golden Faith.

          As for gay role, yup I still hope for LF in one. Other than the hints of bromance, he dun have any officially and I’m waiting for one :P. I’m a fan of BL, haha.

        • momo says:

          I’ve yet to see Raymond play the role a perv or someone who goes around taking pics of women with ripped stockings like he’s got some sort of weird fetish :P

        • Linnh says:

          @momo ohh no now I want to see LF in a role like that too lol.

        • Kidd says:

          “Kingdom RPG, Eternal Flower Sister zzzzzz.”

          I personally think Raymond Lam acts very well in Eternal Flower Sister. Not many like this series, but, Raymond’s portrayal of his character was good. I actually like his acting in Sister Flower more than HAL.

        • Fox says:

          @momo: You won’t find these type of roles with Txb but maybe you can be satisfied by his movies. Movie is more daring than TV.

        • Funn Lim says:

          LF was not a bastard killer brother in Golden Faith, He was a jealous brother who misunderstood who his older brother truly cares for, Hardly the type Kenneth did in The Other Truth who was cold, cocky calculative and murderous at times.

          Yes was a mama’s boy in SSSS, true definition of Mama’s boy, not the useless type.

          I suppose LF is good at playing useless type.

          Kenneth is an advisor in 3kingdoms who solved many of the problems. As far as I remember and I should since I recapped each and every episode, LF’s role was the biggest disappointment and to me the biggest loser and insult to my favourite character but of course Ruco had the worst character change for the series.

          As for other roles, well I am sure in time Kenneth will get to play generals, a playboy and useless siu ye.

          But one role LF did do it and did it badly in real life, that is the player, for getting so exposed. Kenneth for all his porn talk has failed to convince anyone he is any type of player.

          And that is why as a girl I want to marry Kenneth.

        • Funn Lim says:

          moderation? Which word? I suspect one word.

          Anyway my post
          LF was not a bastard killer brother in Golden Faith, He was a jealous brother who misunderstood who his older brother truly cares for, Hardly the type Kenneth did in The Other Truth who was cold, coc-ky calculative and murderous at times.
          Yes was a mama’s boy in SSSS, true definition of Mama’s boy, not the useless type.
          I suppose LF is good at playing useless type.
          Kenneth is an advisor in 3kingdoms who solved many of the problems. As far as I remember and I should since I recapped each and every episode, LF’s role was the biggest disappointment and to me the biggest loser and insult to my favourite character but of course Ruco had the worst character change for the series.
          As for other roles, well I am sure in time Kenneth will get to play generals, a playboy and useless siu ye.
          But one role LF did do it and did it badly in real life, that is the player, for getting so exposed. Kenneth for all his porn talk has failed to convince anyone he is any type of player.

          And that is why as a girl I want to marry Kenneth.

        • Fox says:

          @Funn Lim: In the future – jooojoooo is talking about the past and the present, so what MM do in the future, it isn’t the issue I had with her/him. So please don’t talk about the future because maybe with Txb’s heavy promotion, MM’s next roles will be monotone and the same like most of current leading siusangs.

          And MM did some kind of roles LF hasn’t done, but at the same time LF also did some kind of role MM has never done before. But the discussion in here is that jooojoooo said: “I think one thing that Kenneth has more than Raymond is taking on different characters. Raymond always play the same thing again and again.” so I gave out some kind of roles LF did but MM has never done to argue with jooojoooo. Hence again, the comment you did about the future and role MM did but LF hasn’t was off topic.

          In 3K, I agree with you that the role Chukot Leung was a big failure of the script. Can’t blame, Txb at that moment dun noe LF can survive through the scandal or not so they decided to promote MM at max by giving him more screentime, more interesting role, more “smart” role. But too bad for MM, LF not only survived through the scandal but got more famous, so Txb had to put LF’s name in prior of MM despite they can’t edit the series. However, MM’s role is still a lucky guy with some street smart, not a real advisor although they want to make him like one :D. Chukot Leung was a big disappointment, but Vincent isn’t a wise man. And I asked for smart but arrogant role, not lucky street smart guy.

          As for player, yes, LF is one. And MM is simply a horny AV boy, agree? Like Lo Tin Hang, he isn’t a player at all, just a horny clubbing guy. Player is someone like the role LF had in New breath of love – a natural attractive guy that can make girls falls for him but he never thinks of a family. He just wants to enjoy the love feeling and don’t care for the long term with any girl. His quote: “I don’t know tomorrow I will have any feeling with you or not but at this moment I love you, that’s enough”. This guy dun go and dun need to club to find girls every night. This type is player. Lo Tin Hang? A very big no.

          And as I don’t like horny guy :P, so you can get the whole MM, I will send you congrats.

        • Fox says:

          Oh yeah, MM has never done the scholar role before as well, hasn’t him? Actually I don’t think he can handle this type of role. His face dun look scholar at all, too puppy, too “gwing”.

        • momo says:


          “You won’t find these type of roles with Txb but maybe you can be satisfied by his movies. Movie is more daring than TV.”

          I was speaking of MM’s very minor role in Survivor’s Law hehe xD

        • Fox says:

          @Momo: Maybe this role was too small or too bad acting that it dun leave me any impression at all. I blv if this role is interesting, I rmb because Survivor Law is my favourite series. But I think it isn’t so I dun rmb.

        • momo says:


          Haha, I was pointing out a role that MM has done that LF has not. I’d love to see LF take on such a role but I doubt he would be very convincing. TVB would never give their prince a role like that anyway.

        • Fox says:

          @momo: Please refer to the post I replied Funn Lim. Or if you are lazy, I can say in short that jooojoooo’s comment hinted that MM did all types of role LF did but I told her that no, LF has done many type of roles that MM has never been done. And of course, there are type of roles MM did but LF hasn’t but it isn’t related to jooojoooo’s comment.

          As for pervert role, I doubt that MM will did any similar roles like this in the future. Because he is heavily promoted now, no way he is given these roles to affect his diamond bachelor image. Lolz, but the horny guy suits him as it’s like him in real life.

      • Ric says:

        I don’t know what the amount of years working for TVB has to do with anything. It’s best actor, not most loyal actor. Just like Kevin with Under the Canopy of Love, Raymond does not deserve it for High and Lows. Just wait a couple more years and Raymond can justify a win like Kevin did with Ghetto Justice.

        • jooojoooo says:

          I agree with you that its not purely based on time. I’m going by amount of years in the industry, as most of the time its a good indication whether the person is a good actor/actress because you gain more experience over time and also u get the opportunity to act in a range of roles. Because a good actor is well rounded and can take on a range of roles.

          If people like Raymond so much in High and Lows, give him the best character. I don’t see how his acting in High and Lows is any better here than in Mysteries of Love.

        • Linnh says:

          Because he was better on showing his cool attitude and his emotion in HAL then in MOL. His role in MOL was a bland prince charming.

        • jooojoooo says:

          mmmm not sure I agree with you that he had alot of emotions in HAL…

          have to agree to disagree here :)

      • Looooooooooo says:

        – Sorry, for being so mean to Raymond. I just don’t like it how things are so unfair. $$$, popularity and fame doesn’t mean he’s a good actor. He should go and be a model if people just like the way he looks. I think acting and singing requires talent. Not something that money can buy….joojoo’s quote

        What do you mean not something money can buy?how foolish are you as you mean Lf buy his way to success and give him better role ,buy himself to become singer and become famous. What you mean by buy,? In court of law,legal authority can sue you for defamation.

        I think he act really well as a bad tempered,impromptues loose cannon as happy sir.if he overact,he will make his character really annoying and ridiculous.he handled the character really well

        • Looooooooooo says:

          What is so brilliant about Wayne acting as a cowardless eunuch in the series?does not really impress me for sure

      • Fox says:

        Lolz, even Txb let them to go, I doubt that many of them wanna go :P. Whoever wanna go, went. The rest stays with Txb and some you like (I assume) have the mouth open to say that: “I’m so loyalty to Txb, I won’t leave” blah blah.

        LF is with Txb for 13 years, going to 14 years. Haha, so 1-2 more years and he will “deserve to win because he is with Txb for over 15 years”. LMAO~, so contradict with wat you said below :P.

    11. scent says:

      bad choice tvb! this is not a singer’s award! you can’t give the award to raymond! his acting skills cannot be compared to wayne! please don’t make people angry by showing fav! it’s similar to giving a wrong verdict, makes your best actor at the moment want to leave and the toyboy stay, well then the tvb management can bid their future goodbye cos without loyal and good actors like wayne, tvb cannot survive, even raymond wouldn’t respect the management

    12. John says:

      If this is true then this is so not fair to Kenneth! To me, Kenneth’s Cheung Yat Kin was amazing and was way better than Raymond’s Happy Sir. Well this is only my opinion. And TY better get an award this year! Last year she didnt even get into the top 5’s!!!

      • VFC says:

        She did made it into the top 5 for her role in TOT last year, though her performance this year wasn’t outstanding her storyline and character in SSSS is boring imo.

        • John says:

          Wait no she didnt, she was only top 15 last year. the top 5’s were Myolie, Fala, Linda, Maggie, and Liza. And for the favorite character award it was Myolie, Fala, Linda, Maggie, and “Aimee” which was totally ridiculous!!

        • VFC says:

          Really? Oh that’s right I confused it with the Astro awards.

      • opium says:

        Dont you guy remembered, she had a role in 36 hour on call????? :-o Her role in that drama was also fantastic!!!!!!

    13. tom says:

      no LF is right to Get all the award he work very hard to get it

    14. violet says:

      I seriously don’t think Kate or any other actress nominated deserve the award but if I really have to pick I would go for Tavia. Kate’s character in High and Lows is nothing FANTASTIC nor is it good. It’s just mediocre to me and I don’t understand why ppl make such BIG HOO HA over her character. I would cast my vote on Tavia not because of her role in SSSS or HC but just base on her experience and how long she was with TVB.

    15. Yorkz says:

      Is not easy act as eunuchs, Wayne Lai and Power Chan did extremely well

      Wayne Lai : he good as grassroots hero, dispute not having Sherren Tang , he did well with Michelle. TVB annouce Sherren wont be acting Rosy Business 3 , Myolie will replace Shereen, after watching The Confidant Michelle shold be better choice.
      Wayne deserve an award.

      Power Tan:
      He is good , much better tan Ben this year.

      Kate Tsui
      One of the reason I watch High and Low is because of Kate acting. She brought some color on this normal crime drama we use to watch TVB crime drama. She should win Best Actress , she make a breakthrough in her acting as Drug Queen Pat, also in real life she is humble and likeable by many

      Best Drama:
      The Confidant

    16. Roxy says:

      I like this list! Hope it’s true and of course hoping Raymond Lam getting Best Actor too. Wayne doesn’t really need three “Best Actor” awards. Sometimes sharing is caring!

      • jooojoooo says:

        do you think Raymond deserves the award or should he be given the award with pity?…

        awards should be earned…

      • Catie says:

        What..”Wayne doesn’t really need three “Best Actor” awards” LOL!? That’s like being graded 3 A’s on your school report card at the end of the year, but since you’ve already earned so many A’s previously, you decide to give one of your A grade that you’ve worked for during the year and give it to your classmate, since you have so many anyway LOL.

        Sharing is caring, but honestly, If I was Raymond, I’d rather be rewarded when I actually deserve it instead of being given the award with pity.

        • secretlone says:

          well is not to say that raymond doesn’t deserve it for his role, but i feel that on the list of nominees, his role definitely didn’t stood out among the others. i’d rather have wayne win again.

        • nemesis says:

          Is Wayne that good? Currently he is the most boring eunuch in Confidant. I rather watch Raymond Cho, Edwin and Power.

        • Looooooooooo says:

          Totally agree with you ,really cannot stand his coward attitude as eunuch in the confidant

    17. Skyler says:

      Does anyone know, between Kate and Tavia who has more fans on Hk. Just wondering. Thanks.

      Kate potrayed drug queen in H and L is a breakthrough. If she could take both awards home then that would be awesome.

      • VFC says:

        About the same I’ll say, especially since Kate gained a lot of new fans over the last 2 years.

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        Tavia lose fans from her car scandal with Him Law and stagnant improvement in her SSSS. Kate gained lots of fans from HAL and her sympathetic character. Kate might have more fans now.

        • Linnh says:

          If TY lose fans because of the accident then audience can’t say we are any better than TVB. Shouldn’t voting be based on how they showed their acting in the role they are nominated for and not because of a scandal the media made a big hit out of. and shouldn’t people be voting for how they think TY did in THC and not SSSS?

          i support both Kate and TY so I actually don’t try to be bias towards TY here.

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          It’s People’s Choice Awards and besides Tavia in SSSS is stagnant as always and didn’t earn the city hot coverage and hype that Kate got after HAL. It’s not impossible that Kate has more fans than Tavia now.

        • Linnh says:

          there I agree with you. Kate did build up her fanbase a lot after her acting in HAL.

        • Looooooooooo says:

          Be prepare to flip your whole body because LF’s fan is behind Kate tsui this time.

        • Linnh says:

          Loooo I actually don’t mind Kate winning.

      • nemesis says:

        The question should be: Who will Raymond hk fans be voting for?

        • Fox says:

          From wat I see, many vote for Kate but also have ppl vote for others. Many vote for LF only and don’t care for the ladies.

          But the real question must be: Will Charmaine scare the others as she has large fanbase in HK? Or Txb will cast her out for a safe game?

        • nemesis says:

          I hope Charmaine gets into top 5 and scare tvb and Tavia. Kate has nothing to lose if she does not get this award, she already gained many new fans. This award is just a bonus. Can’t say the same for Tavia who needs this to secure her status.

        • Fox says:

          I think Charmaine can scare if it’s a real poll but we know Txb, there won’t be any real poll :P.

    18. Smile says:

      Funny after all this hype and someone else takes it home….just to piss off everyone and get everyone all up in a tiss! More publicity for TVB…doesn’t matter if good or bad. :P

      • Catie says:

        HAHA. That’d be real funny. It’d also lower the standard and expectations of their future award ceremonies if it isn’t as low as it already lol. All this hype for Tavia and kate, imagine if they gave it to Aimee instead LOLOL. I would really like to see the faces of all the nominees.

    19. secretlone says:

      =( but i wanted kenneth and tavia to win that for on call 36!!
      if ray and kate wins these..PLEASE dont let them win best actor/actress award!!

      • John says:


        • Catie says:

          If you ask me, I’d rather Tavia and Kenneth win for their OnCall roles if they were to win. Especially for Kenneth..his most outstanding role so far is from OnCall.

          As for Tavia, her acting is more mature and stable in SSSS, but I don’t see her winning BA with that character. Same with Kate, although she did show some improvement with her HAL character, BA performance? Nuh uh…

        • John says:

          Well last year Myolie won BA for her role in Curse of the royal harem even though the ppl loved her acting in GJ way more…

        • Linnh says:

          But Kate’s role in HAL was a breaktrough role. IMO it is not easy to play the role Kate had to play. She actually made people hate her, love her and pity her at the same time. and that is enough to show her ability to play this role, and how good she potrayed this role.

    20. Catie says:

      Really hope kenneth will win Best Actor…his performances this year were impressive, and he really showed his versatility as an actor with different roles i.e Tiger Cub, THC, BT3K (although the series plot was crap..). Wish is character in SSSS is more complex however, seems like they’re wasting his acting talent with such a neutral role and limited screentime even though the series is 40 episodes long..

    21. Teece says:

      Saying Kate is undeserving for the Best Actress award is the same thing as saying Kenneth isn’t either. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been in the industry in my opinion it’s how their performance were, they both gained a lot more recognition this year and they both work just as hard, it doesn’t matter how many series they appear in it’s always quality over quantity.

      Kenneth received too much praises for his role in THC than he deserved, it’s just another typical role if you really think about it. The theme of the series overshadowed Kenneth’s acting abilities, it’s the theme that stood out the most….if any actors would of portrayed it then the results would of been the same but since Kenneth was lead in there then no doubt he would get recognition since the series was so well received. I’m not hating, I liked him in there but it’s not BA material. I don’t think he should get it this year.

      It’s a joke if Tavia were to win for her role in THC, she played the same character she did in TOT except with different occupations…she was stubborn and conceited in the beginning until some incident happens that made her more humble, not BA material at all, just because a series is so well received it doesn’t mean her role is great, just typical in my opinion. Her role in SSSS so far is not impressive either, not interesting at all but it does have a taste of BA since it’s a grand production after all.

      If Wayne were to win then it would mean he won the same award he did 3 years ago as Chai Gau, he won both awards for the same character he portrayed, the jerk then turned righteous character…..nothing too exciting about that.

      • Teece says:

        Also if I remembered correctly it’s both Kate and Kenneth’s first time being nominated as the top 5 for BA so they’re on the same level though it’s highly unlikely they’ll get it we’ll just have to see how much the public voting system affects the results.

      • jooojoooo says:

        I think Kate deserves some sort of award for her role in Highs and Lows. Maybe not best actress, but definitely best character. That role was very different and refreshing both as a character and for her.

    22. TVBfadan says:

      As for the BSA, everybody forgot about So Kei (Divas in Distress) Ko Ming Hua. I remember everyone garnering support for him for BSA, but I guess everybody forgot about his breakthrough role. This is my first time commenting on Jaynestar after being a longtime reader, and I must say Netizens and readers alike all seem forgetful. This is just an opinion, but BSA should go to Koo Ming Hua. Power Chan’s role in the Confident was meh and just pissed the audience off.

      • nemesis says:

        Did you continue watching Confidant? Power Chan’s character will develop into someone less annoying and even funny to watch. I laugh whenever he calls himself a phoenix.

      • 939393 says:

        both are well deserving candidates i would say!

    23. subtleness says:

      when there r two ba competing and i cant choose then i usually try to picture them swapping roles and it usually gives me verdict. i cant picture ma ming as wai sai lok but i can picture raymond as cheung yat kin but just my subjective thoughts

      • Kaka says:

        I agreed with you. I can’t imagine Kenneth to portray as Wai Sai Lok. Kenneth is a good actor but Cheung Yat Kin’s role… Hmmm… It’s just the lovable character, it’s just easy to portray. If LF plays this role, I’m sure he will do better than Kenneth & gained more fans :)

        Everyone seem very sure that LF will win due to his huge fans. LF’s fans must be a lot, at least more than one million to secure his BA….hahaha

        What happens to Kenneth, Kevin, Wayne & Moses’ fans? I can see a lot of people are supporting Kenneth.. Dun underestimated Kenneth’s fans :)
        And Wayne will have support from the public audience that like the confidant

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          No, Wayne support Kenneth and said many professionals will be voting Kenneth. Maybe because Kenneth’s character represents professionals and made professionals look good and lovable.

          There are many fans voicing support for Kenneth too on this website but some people are just picky and keep on picking that Ray is going to win just because of fanbase. Well there’s a reason why Ray has a bigger fanbase than Kenneth in the first place, don’t you ever think that it was because Ray is better?

        • subtleness says:

          yes an actor that can act decently in different roles is wat i consider a great actor instead of actors that only shine in 1 out of the rest of drama they filmed ..
          but then some argue that it is the actor that give life to the character (or vice versa)

        • 939393 says:

          I cant picture LF as Cheung Yat Kin. He’ll probably ruin the whole role with his annoying Chok look, just like he did with MOL.

        • Tegan says:

          “What happens to Kenneth, Kevin, Wayne & Moses’ fans?”

          Yeah, speaking of which, the media seems to have forgotten about Kevin as a potential contender this year. I know Gloves Come Off wasn’t exactly a series that garnered high buzz or praise, but since BA is being decided by public voting this year, it’s basically a battle of the fanbases so IMO Kevin stands a chance of winning too.

        • Fox says:

          I don’t want LF to act in this THC because I don’t watch but I read a little about the role and this role, LF acted before in The last breakthrough. Not too special. Happy Sir is more of a special role than.

        • simplitee says:

          Same here. I’d prefer LF to act as Happy Sir instead.. At least it is relatively more of a challenge and something different.

        • Looooooooooo says:

          I believe LF can excel as cheung Yat kin but mm portrayal as happy sir really not convincing and unimpressed

    24. Linnh says:

      Ok it is just argument when it comes to Kenneth Ma and LF and Kate and TY. Wayne people are arguing that he has been getting this BA 2 already. Then what about giving it to Damian and Michelle?

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        The awards besides awarding popular characters is also used to push the winning TVB artistes to better market values. Damian and Michelle are already well valued veterans and don’t need these awards to prove themselves. It’s people like Kenneth, Kate and Tavia who really need these awards to secure better fees and more offers for jobs.

        • Linnh says:

          That’s true enough, but in the word “Best actor/actress” award means the award should go to that person that has best acting skills in the role that person has been giving. shouldn’t it then be given to that person that potray their role the best?
          I can understand what you mean with this award helping people to get better market value, but shouldn’t they get better value based on how they act in general, and not only for that spesific role they potrayed?

          But yeah all in all everything is about politics.

        • jooojoooo says:

          They should really change the name of these awards.

      • Fox says:

        I don’t mind if Michelle wins Best actress, totally not :D. But Damien, I watched him a bit when I watch the cut version of Rebecca Zhu in SSSS and I like him with Catch me now or Drive of life than in this SSSS. It’s so… him, nothing special.

    25. [email protected] says:


    26. skinnymocha says:

      Screw TVB. They have their own ways of doing things anyway, but…

      Best performance in a given year, people. Not the hardest worker award or “oh, it’s about time”. LF and Tavia are better actors than the other two and have shown themselves to be more consistent over the years (it’s very marginal though), but they’ve been so BLAND in 2012.

      If only these people can act as well in dramas as when they’re accepting an award, churning out that “I’m so grateful” and “being with TVB is SUCH an honour” speech.

      • advo says:

        They have both been bland for more years than just 2012 imo. But Kate was never very good, and only supposedly recently improved great lengths. Kenneth, I always thought he was quite consistent – just not consistently great or outstanding. He gave OK performances, but I can honestly say I don’t think he has ever given a memorable performance. Maybe it was due to him not ever having a memorable role, IDK, but that’s just my impression. Now, like with Kate, people rave about his THC role but I have also not watched it so not qualified to judge.

        • skinnymocha says:

          “They have both been bland for more years than just 2012 imo.”

          They most certainly have. But the criteria for best actor/actress should only be based upon this year, that’s all. (My pick would also be Kenneth and Kate for “favourite characters” even though some of the credit goes to the writer and Pat wasn’t exactly stellar either.)

          And for all the people harping on about LF’s large fanbase as if it’s some sort of confirmation of his talent: sorry, I don’t buy that. Look around the world – even outside of HK entertainment – there are many who are popular (and some undeservedly so). I thought we would have understand this by now: popularity =/= talent. You might like their looks, you might like their personality and attitude (or – sorry to be rude – you might be deluded). LF’s okay. He’s not bad, but he’s not exactly the greatest thing to walk this earth either; I just don’t get why he’s *SO* popular (popular yes, but not to the extent his fanbase is a gazillion times bigger than others) when he’s mediocre/good, but doesn’t necessarily excel at anything. I think he does better in singing though. And more light-hearted roles.

        • skinnymocha says:

          What is LF filming for TVB next year? I want to see him in a comedy (especially as I don’t follow the HK film industry nowadays).

        • advo says:

          @ Skinnymocha

          I see, and concede to your point. Frankly, I don’t have a problem with Kenneth and Kate taking My Favourite. I have no stake on BA awards, since I’ve basically not watched any of the performances – including LF, so I don’t actually know if his HAL character was bland.

          I don’t think anyone is “harping” on LF’s large fanbase as confirmation of his talent. People are more talking about it because his BA win will be a lock due to his large fanbase given the voting system this year – not whether or not he deserves such a big fanbase.

          No idea what he is filming next year. He’s in a sales presentation clip with Ron, Fala, Nancy and Sharon for an ancient comedy thing but it probably won’t be filmed. As far as I know, he’s only contracted to one series per year and he can pick and choose which script.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Thanks advo =)

          Ah, as for the LF comment, I’m not sure why I stuck that here. I might have been reading another site and gotten mixed up… Anyway, my point wasn’t really about LF’s potential for the BA award at all, but more about the fans who question the rest of us doubters and say “there’s a reason why Ray’s as popular as he is,” “do we even think about why that is?” To which I say, yes, I have given it some thought. And I’m still left with question marks all over my head…

        • Fox says:

          I asked you this question :P.

          And I can answer it for you: He has so many fans because so many ppl think he is good. Good at acting, good look, good personality or good at singing,etc. one, two or all the above reasons. Most of his fans claim that they like his talents, so what? They think he is good and they like him. That’s why they are fans. You can’t understand why they are fans because you don’t share the same opinions with them, simply so. Don’t have to think much. Everyone have the own like and hatred, nobody is 100% like others. You don’t think he is good, but you can’t force others to think he is good. Don’t need to be the greatest to have fans.

        • jooojoooo says:

          ok, sure people can like Raymond’s for his acting and singing. but to say he has a good personality?? I’m surprised he got out of that photo scandal without tarnishing his image?!

          if anyone has a clean image and a good personality you would think it would be goodie goodie Kenneth Ma.

        • skinnymocha says:

          @Fox: Yeah, I do understand your point. I don’t mean he’s undeserving of any fans or anything, but I just always wondered what makes him stand out so much from the rest, that’s all.

          @jooojoooo: Was LF’s “scandal” that bad? I mean he’s a grown man… The crying part he could have left out though.

        • Fox says:

          @joojoo: I think a hidden relationship of two adults is way better than a habit of watching AV everyday alone and do wat you knew, so I don’t get why MM as a goodie guy at all, lolz.

          Like skinnymocha, why this scandal can tarnish his image? PSS isn’t under legal age or having husband or anything criminal and so does him. What is so bad of a guy and a girl in a relationship but don’t tell the public that they were dating? Or you think sex before marriage is so bad? Lolz.

          @skinnymocha: You don’t think these things are outstanding, other ppl may think so. It’s up to each person, simply that. For example, I don’t like banana so I don’t eat banana but I don’t question why ppl like banana or eat it everyday :P.

      • Looooooooooo says:

        Winning BA has nothing to do with any artist personality.so watching Internet porns and milf addictions indulged good personality as what mm’s obsessed.

    27. RLF Lover says:

      Too bad TVB executives don’t like Kent Chong. His role as Dong Chiu in King Maker is TOP CLASS.

    28. Cher says:

      Kate deserves every awards she’s going to win. She did so well in Highs and Lows.

    29. [email protected] says:


    30. [email protected] says:


    31. [email protected] says:


    32. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      This constant battle and arguing between fans especially between Ray’s, Kenneth’s, Kate’s and Tavia’s I expect will go on until the final results announced.

      I support who I want to support. I am voting for RAY. Peace!

    33. my2cents says:

      Has anyone checked the credibility of this news leak? I can’t remember but I thought it came from sudden weekly and had the 7 executives and Raymond and Kate voted by them as BA, followed by Power and Elena as BSA and Moses and Linda as Favourite and I thought what a load of rubbish. Linda not even nominated for Favourite so I thought sudden was playing up again and this cannot be true. Even they give to Power, the analogy shud be bwtn him and Koo Ming Wah not Ben since he is also not nominated.

      This is to make us angry and vote against Raymond and Kate to play reverse psycology and lean towards Kenneth and Tavia.

      • tatswee says:

        Wondering who is creating all the TENSION, crate stories….so HOT till the public placing Bets who gonna win. It could be fun..lol

    34. Applelim says:

      Nothing against Raymond Lam but there are better actors than him!! However got a sneaky feeling that he will win the best acytor after all. Would have love Kenneth to win!! but please Kate to win the best actress….if she wins the award than its fixed.

    35. tatswee says:

      Wondering who is creating all the TENSION, creating stories….so HOT till the public placing Bets who gonna win. It could be fun..lol

    36. valchor says:

      Ermm..is Ben Wong nominated? I thought I read that he isn’t? What about Koo Ming Wah?? :)

    37. kcabc says:

      OK, let’s give the award to Uncle 6, that will be fair. Claps claps.

    38. AL says:

      Don’t hearing to those rumor…..how can be so many “leaking news” from TVB….if is still so many week away!!!

    39. sandcherry says:

      Sometimes leaking news is quite accurate. Look at the nomination lists leaked from Ming Pao a few days ago ……… 100% accuracy.

      • advo says:

        I was very surprised by that – mostly because the list was BS. So yes, I do think there is some credibility in this, although I don’t believe the Power and Ben tie story.

    40. TN1 says:

      I re-watched Kate’s drug scene but don’t find it spectacular at all rather inconsistent in her actions n appearance(dishevelled at one time n so pretty next)it’s puzzling, mann!

      If TVB wans her to have d fav award no matter wat it’s fine with me, my mind should be getting poisoned by now.

    41. Berry says:

      IMO Kate doesn’t deserve it because her acting is still subpar and there’s nothing spectacular in her role as Pat in HAL, in fact she was pretty expressionless throughout. If the award is truly for acting then Damien should be the one for Best Actor but alas… Of this ‘leaked’ list, the only one truly deserving is Elena Kong. It’s a toss btw KMW and Power.

    42. Eros says:

      TV King award belongs to Raymond Lam!

    43. Jayvee says:

      Elena Kong is deserved to win Best Supporting Actress.

    44. joyce says:

      i want kenneth to win BA, just to think the different roles he took on this year. Hippocratic crush , 3 kingdom, tiger cubs, SSSS etc. All his characters are different :) and played it well , but LF is more popular, sighs…

    45. Larry 3 says:

      TVB awards… what a effing joke!

    46. Nicole says:

      I hope Power Chan wins over Koo Ming Wah, even though So Gay was a bigger breakthrough, but before So Gay, Koo Ming Wah hasn’t been given much challenging roles (most of his roles were not main supporting roles), so is he a simply a one series hit, or would he be able to continue his success? Power Chan has been performing well in a number of roles, although he is not very versatile, like his emperor portrayal was weak, and his portrayal as the eunuch Sam Shun is equally impressive as “So Gay”. Many audience has been naming Sam Shun as their favourite character in The Confidant.
      So hope that Power Chan gets it, and that being recognised this year, would open more doors for Koo Ming Wah.

      As for best supporting actress, I would prefer Nancy to win over Elena, only because Nancy has been overlooked for very long, and it’s her only way to a lead role, just look at Sharon Chan last year, and the “goddesses” are clambering over them for lead roles. For Elena, her status is more stable than Nancy, because actresses doing her type of roles are more limited, like Krystal Tin or Maggie Siu, and among them, her status is quite high. Nancy needs more opportunities than Elena.

      I don’t have much preference for the other categories.

      • nemesis says:

        Both Nancy and Elena deserves BSA but Nancy needs it more. I don’t care if some think Nancy’s roles are bland this year compared to previous years and hence she shouldn’t get it. Her roles in 2010 and 2011 were more impressive that the winners of those years but she still lost to tvb’s politics.

        • Nicole says:

          I think KMW, Power, Nancy, Elena all deserve the best supporting award, but definitely Nancy needs it more. She’s in a very awkward phrase, to leap to main roles.
          But I don’t think her roles this year are bland. Her portrayal as the mute was very good, and so is her acting in the confidant.

      • Fox says:

        I also support Power over Koo Ming Wah. Koo Ming Wah is a phenomenon and he deserves to be given more opportunities in the future, but the winner should be Power.

    47. Lilbluebear says:

      I don’t really care who wins what since the award top tens are not i deem as “true based on performances” but more like “who do we want to promote and keep”. All I want to say is that the favorite character awards should be chosen by the people, and not by the executives. Why Else is it called favorite?! Best actors on the other hand should be chosen by non biased executives, but who in there isn’t biased and show favoritism? The voting system is rigged, and no matter who wins or doesn’t, there will be complaints. I just hope that the actors and actresses realize how loved they are and not to really care about the awards.

    48. jooojoooo says:

      To: Raymond Lam’s fans, I just want to understand, what is deemed so great about Raymond? I just don’t grasp why he is so popular. Is it
      * his acting?
      * his singing?
      * his looks?
      * his clean image?
      * other….


      • simplitee says:

        Well you listed it all out.. different people like him for different reasons. Is there really a need to explain why fans idolise him?! Just like me asking what’s so great about your Kenneth? You might like him cus he’s ‘best actor’ in your eyes but maybe i dont see it that way. Same in this case.. different people have different taste. You might not think he looks good, dont think he acts good, dont think he sings good, dont like his image ETCETC but others do.. is it a problems??! Why do people even ask these questions?! It seems TO ME as if hater are irked by the large fanbase or something.

        • jooojoooo says:

          I’m not a fan of Kenneth. I actually think TVB is dying from any good actors and actresses :(

          I’m not saying its a problem for people to like Raymond, I just want to understand. In my eyes his no different from Ron, Samuel, Kenneth etc… But why the big fan base?

        • simplitee says:

          Yes TVB is dying from everything! Not only the good actors but also good plots and their management seems to be all over the place as well.

          Haha maybe you should go read the old entries in the “why i like RL” competition on this site.

        • subtleness says:


          Erm to me, you do sound like a fan of kenneth.

          And in my eyes he is different OK? he is better than the one you listed and maybe many ppl think like me too! so simple.

      • Looooooooooo says:


        Go buy his albums, go watch his series and movies . You will be impressed with his suave ,friendly charisma which attract many fans around the world.

      • Fox says:

        His first attractive thing to me is his eyes. When I first saw him in A step into the past, I was impressed with his eyes and thought: “This guy can act by eyes”. It’s a rare thing to Txb artists so I started to notice him.

        For why he is popular, because many ppl think he is good at one or two or all of the things you’ve listed out. If you don’t understand, simply because you don’t see the things other ppl see. And it isn’t a problem.

      • my2cents says:

        There is something in him in totality like he can act, sing and carry himself in big events and interviews, multilingual and just the presence. Can’t really explain, you either feel it or don’t, no right or wrong.

        Like I cannot understand why Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok can be a heavenly king for singing and be so popular but I have to accept they do have their market.

      • Roxy says:

        It’s everything you listed. He has the whole package! Well, of course you can’t see it, if you do, you will probably become a fan too. Idk why you keep judging him if you don’t like him? Not like your opinions matter. Just like how I don’t like Kenneth, so I don’t care wth he does.

        • jooojoooo says:

          I just want to understand how he can become just a big HK popstar. Its just fascinating. Similar to how people like Andy Lau I guess. But I don’t think you can compare Raymond to Andy :/

        • Roxy says:

          Well, he may be the next Andy Lau with everything he has atm and he will be doing so much more in the future, and he’s only 32! But I guess you haters will never get it. xD

        • skinnymocha says:

          Pffft. I don’t get it either, but I’m certainly no hater. Some fans get a bit too defensive and start labelling us when we’re just being curious.

        • Fox says:

          @skinnymocha: Lolz, jooojoooo showed her/his hatred a lot above, so Roxy dun labeled her/him wrongly.

          And why you guys lose so much time to find a simple fact that it’s just a matter of opinion? Many ppl think he is good at something or likable at something, then they like him and become fans – make him popular. You don’t like him so you can’t find wat in him is good for ppl to like but ppl still like him, just that. In short: Many ppl like him more than others, so he has more fans than others.

          Wasting time and effort to repeat and repeat the same wonder, do you feel tired?

        • jooojoooo says:

          Gosh Raymond fans are seriously so defensive. I never used the word “hate” in my messages. I don’t “hate” Raymond. Its such a strong word. Can you even hate someone when you don’t know personally?? Why would I hate Raymond when he has not done anything to me hahahhaa :P Fans are so irrational. I’m simply trying to have a discussion. If you think he is so great etc. think to yourself WHY do you feel that way? Don’t get blinded from what is substantial and real. Is it his character that you like or is it truly his acting? etc…..

          With my previous messages all I’ve been saying is I don’t understand how he gain so much popularity. Even some people agreed his acting isn’t the best compared to other actors, but we should take account of his hard work and give him the award…. Like seriously? How does he win these people over?

          Oh well. I guess trying to be more understanding and seeing things in other people’s eyes is not welcomed.

          If you’re just going to label anyone that questions Raymond’s popularity has “haters” and “haters gonna hate”. Then all I can say is, Raymond’s fans can just blindly support Raymond, even when his acting is only mediocre, and he can continue filming in 1 or 2 tvb series a year :)

        • Fox says:

          Lolz, joooojoooo, don’t try too hard to cover yourself. If don’t like or hate, simply be yourself to say so other than trying to act neutral. Everybody is biased and nobody care that other is biased.

          This question is answered several times and again, do you feel tired to ask it too many times and let others to repeat the same answer? You think ppl are blind, but at the same time, ppl think you are also blind.

          Btw, he only films 1 Txb series per year in series he finds script is interesting. It’s his right in the contract until 2017. Not 2, just 1.

          You were labeled “hater” not because of the question, but because of wat you’ve said, don’t try to switch the arguement :P. Once again, I suggest you to be honest to yourself, will be better. Strong word or not, it’s just how you feel.

      • advo says:

        Acting – he showed great potential early on
        Singing – he had a good voice and technique
        Looks – he’s attractive when he’s not too skinny

    49. momo says:

      ACTING: Raymond’s acting is pretty decent IMO. I agree with Fox that his eyes can do the “acting”. However, I’ve noticed that his acting has gone downhill ever since he started his singing career. I dunno if its just the roles hes been given, but I cant stand any of the characters hes portrayed in the past few years. Raymond is taking on too many tasks for heavens sake. Just stick to one thing you’re best at!

      SINGING: Been a fan of Raymond’s voice ever since he started singing the theme songs for the serials he’s in. LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme for The Last Breakthrough BTW. That’s his best one yet :)

      LOOKS: He used to be cute. Why he gotta put on that annoying CHOK face all the time now? So unnatural…

      CLEAN IMAGE: Don’t pay much attention to his personal life.

      I dunno why raymond us so popular either lols. He was so much better back in the days…

      • Fox says:

        Why he gotta put on that annoying CHOK face all the time now? So unnatural…

        What is Chok face all the time? How many times you see him? Because in just a function, he shows many facial expressions and when he is with fans, he also shows a lot of facial expressions. Many ppl understand the word Chok = acting cool, but is he the type of acting cool all the time? Obviously no. He likes to laugh and smile. He has never been cool in real life. In series, also no. Telling me which role he acted cool guy in the recent years?

    50. Hayley to says:

      Love this couple soooooooooooooooo much.hope I can give them a kiss in real life xxxxxx

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