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Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Praise Each Other

By on November 3, 2012

Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Praise Each Other thumbnail

Raymond Lam (林峰) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊 ) are known for their good looks and wholesome images. However, their breakthrough portrayals of a tough rugged cop and a drug addict in the popular TVB drama, Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, have captivated viewers. The characters are the most talked about subjects in town since the series first aired, and Raymond and Kate are the hot favorites to win the TV King and Queen awards this year.

Raymond and Kate shared their insights and challenges about their popular characters. They also spoke candidly about their expectations in winning the TV King and Queen awards.

Challenges of Playing Happy Sir

Raymond has always portrayed a clean-cut gentleman in past TVB series, so it was quite a change for him to portray a stubborn rugged cop. He was worried that the audience may not find his performance credible.  However, Highs and Lows garnered high ratings since it first aired, therefore erasing Raymond’s concerns.

When asked why the drama has been so successful, Raymond said the producers, the directors, the actors, and the crew were extremely dedicated during filming. There were many action scenes in the police drama, requiring dedication to make the details realistic. The crew did not cut any corners to get their job done. That in turn helped the actors get into their characters.

Furthermore, police dramas are always very popular with the audiences. In addition, the characters and the collaboration of the cast members are quite refreshing. Highs and Lows is very fast-paced and has many story lines occurring simultaneously, making the various story arcs seem to happen in “real time”. No wonder since it first aired, High and Lows attracted many viewers.

Asked why his character, Happy Sir, is so popular with the audience, Raymond said the popularity of the character is secondary; instead he was more concerned whether his performance will deliver the elements of surprise.  Raymond went on to explain that no one really knows what Happy Sir is thinking at any time. He wants to keep the audience guessing what will happen next.

As for the chances of winning the TV King award this year, Raymond admitted he has confidence to win the award. He is happy that the audience accept and enjoy his character. As for his biggest competitor in the race for TV King, Raymond believes there are many who can win the award. He thinks every actor has his own unique style of performing his role, similar to how every singer has his own way of singing a  songs.

Raymond said, “No one should say ‘Who’s better than whom.’ Every artist works very hard to do the best they can.”

Raymond likes TVB’s new one person, one voting system to choose this year’s Anniversary awards winners, and believes this is a great way to attract the attention of the audience to focus on TVB shows and the awards ceremony.

Kate Tsui on Raymond’s Performance

Costar, Kate Tsui, thinks Raymond is usually clean-cut and has a “rich kid” style, but he had to look unshaven and relatively tougher for his role in Highs and Lows. She felt Raymond handled his performance really well and has a great chance to win the award. Kate said,  “It will be wonderful if we can both win because we are in the same family (sharing the same manager). Raymond seems to possess some kind of magic in winning awards. Maybe his magic will rub off on me and I will wind up winning if he wins!”

Kate Makes a Great Drug Addict

The last time Kate won an acting award was several years ago when she played a kindhearted and stubborn police officer in the movie, Eye in the Sky <跟踪>. Kate has not received any acting awards since. However with her successful portrayal of a bar girl turned Drug Queen in Highs and Lows, Kate now has potential to win the TV Queen award.

Raymond on Kate’s Performance

Raymond feels Kate’s character, Pat Chan (陳家碧), was written exclusively for her, and he cannot think of any other actress beside Kate that can play the challenging role. Raymond said, “If she wins the award, that would be good. We can both dress up nicely to attend the award show.”

Kate Shares Her Experience Playing Her Character

As for her feelings about playing a drug addict for the first time, Kate said she really enjoys the character, and she was deep into the role during filming. Kate smiled and said, “Playing this kind of role is not easy for the viewers to accept because the character is more like a villainess. I was afraid the audience will not accept me playing a kindhearted character in the future again.” She mentioned that she put in a lot of passion into her character, Pat Chan, and found it very easy to cry during filming because her emotions feel so real.

When asked whether she had given her best in her performance, Kate said that it was certainly a breakthrough role for her. She wore very little makeup and sometimes wore no make up at all. When Pat Chan became a drug addict, she had to put dark circles under her eyes to make the look more convincing.

Kate did not care about the snot and saliva coming out during filming; she knows it is not going to be too pretty, but thinks it is worth all the sacrifices to establish a cinematic feel in the drama. Kate is grateful that the reviews have been very positive, and the producers enjoyed her performance. Of course, she is very glad that she has a chance in this year’s TV Queen award.

Source: U Magazine #361 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (88)

    1. sandcherry says:

      Good luck to both of them.

      If the voting system works on audience’s votes, Raymond Lam, of course, will have a big chance of winning the Best Actor Award.

      However, I don’t like this kind of voting system. Best Actor awarded should be given to the actor with the best performing in TVB drama series in 2012. Only performance is counted, and not the popularity of the artistes.

      • star says:

        ” Best Actor awarded should be given to the actor with the best performing in TVB drama series in 2012. Only performance is counted, and not the popularity of the artistes.”

        Agree, but even the traditional way of choosing the winners were not fair as well. It was just the manipulation of the executives so I would prefer the voting system, if it’s really based on votes by the audience. It’s a pity that the voting is restricted to the Hong Kong audience only.
        Anyway, I support the two of them!

        • Gar says:

          If I could vote, I would definitely vote for the two of them. Too bad it’s only for HK residents. Good luck to LF and Kate!

        • RLF says:

          I will not vote for Kate if I can vote but will absolutely vote for Ray and Michelle!

          RAY-LEILA Forever!

      • Lol says:

        I agree with 100%. As much I like Raymond Lam as Happy Sir…sorry but there was nothing breakthrough about his acting.

        • Lol says:

          Oh, they should change the award to “people’s choice award for most popular actor”

        • Fox says:

          Before isn’t it named “Executive’s choice award for the most promoted actor?”

          Comparing to this, “People’s choice award for most popular actor” is slightly better because at least it’s the voice of audience – the ones who are raising Txb.

    2. elice says:


    3. RLF says:

      DON’T LIKE KATE’S ACTING. EXAGGERATED! Raymond’s best partner was Leila Tong.

      RAY-LEILA Forever!

      • AL says:

        i see..yea Leila Tong is pretty, i like her too but she is not one of this year’s candidate

        • RLF says:

          I rewatch THE LAST BREAKTHROUGH. RAY and LEILA make the best pairing. RAY-LEILA Fan here. That’s why I support them. I know Leila no longer with TVB.

        • star says:

          O.O I’d always thought that Vivien Yeo and Leila Tong were the same person until I looked up Vivien a few days ago and Leila now.

        • RLF says:

          YES YES LEILA IS PRETTY. RAY and LEILA is must watch in LAST BREAKTHROUGH. Their pairing was very good!

      • Lolly says:

        Yea, I like Leila Tong too. Agree re Kate’s acting is over the top, exaggerated

        • RLF says:

          Another exaggerated thing is Kate threw a HIGH RATING CELEBRATION and invite press media to write about her throwing the party when the series averaged 29 points for her raping week.

    4. tom says:

      yeah i agree LF is very talented he act very well in this drama he really deserve to win this award

    5. AL says:

      We are not sure if oversea can vote or not, right?! I am still waiting for TVB to announ. If I can vote, I will definitely vote for both of them!

      • RLF says:

        Kate is not BEST ACTRESS level yet. She exaggerated a lot and not on par with Ray yet.

        • AL says:

          Yea…I am Raymond’s fan, not Kate’s fans…So I will definitely vote for Raymond (if i can vote in US)…since i am not in any favor of this year TV Queen’s candidate…just random pick one…to me..Michelle is very outstanding…i like her when i was little..but she already got one year TV Queen…i think other younder generation deserve a chance…i am Sheh’s fans, but Sheh already got twice TV Queen and she does not care..she already goes for mainland filming to get real month…therefore i said i vote for Kate…

        • Yorkz says:

          Lol to RLF or RAYLEILAFAN please try harder

      • Catie says:

        I dont they’ll allow overseas viewers to vote, as the voting system will definitely go haywire and explode lol. I have a feeling that only HK viewers would be able to.

        • AL says:

          yea…i am not sure…why i will keep an eye on TVB.com to see their announce…I am Raymond’s fans

        • AL says:

          oh yea… i am able to vote for TVB 8 for the musical award…which i did vote for Raymond’s song…so maybe they would allow oversea fans to vote for TV King and Queen…I hope!

    6. Michael says:

      I bet hackers will successfully mess up the voting system again and then TVB will cover it up this time because they can’t afford for it to fail 2x in a row.

    7. quynh says:

      they look cute in the above picture. im enjoying raymond’s happy sir role but don’t really like kate’s role. i guess her low self-esteem was a turn off in the beginning.

    8. Berry says:

      Kate does not deserve the award as she really can’t act…

    9. Roxy says:

      LF for TV-King!!! and Kate, I don’t like her role in HAL, too annoying.

    10. Icetea_td says:

      Well, now I understand why Kate’s news can sell, she has both fans and anti-fans and both read her news wherever it comes out. And sorry all the haters but she’s getting more popular even you guys like it or not.

      • Skyler says:

        Agreed with you. She’s getting more popular now. I like reading her news. Hoping she will grab one of this year award. Go Kate

    11. EL says:

      How hard is it to play a tough rugged cop? Just a cop with sloppy hygience. Im sorry, but talking about breakthrough performances, damien lau and kenneth ma are probably the ones.

      • star says:

        How is Kenneth’s role a breakthrough? By speaking in English sounding odd? A tough rugged cop is not just about the appearance, facial and eyes expressions contribute too and I feel that he’d done a great job. It’s not as easy as you said, for one, he cannot have puppy eyes.

      • RLF says:

        Kenneth’s role hardly a breakthrough. He’s just a puppy eyed doctor and in S^4 a puppy eyed son of Damian. What kind of these are more breakthrough than a tough rugged cool cop? Don’t need to mention 3Kingdom RPG.

      • EL says:

        Sorry, but i just dont think his role is any different than other actors who play cops. I just dont think his role is good enough to let him win best actor award. We’ll see about the confidant if wayne is gonna be any better than he already is.

        • RLF says:

          Sorry, but Wayne is already tiring me with his continuous heavy characters. All his characters since he won the awards has been mostly super serious and faces tremendous hardships and challenging life.

        • Jay says:

          But purely based on the performaces this year, i will really give it up to damien lau. Not so much for LF, cause i think Kenneth has more diversity. He played both good and bad roles this year. Wayne is always a superb actor. Yes, his roles are always the same, but the roles showcast all his abilities and acting skills.

        • Fox says:

          @Jay: And you may forgot that LF only has 1 series filmed this year for Txb – HAL :P.

          Ok, I’ll post a comment like this:

          What is so good of Ma Ming? He only can pout and show puppy face. The only outstanding in him is a funky hairstyle. He is deserved to win Best actor because he hasn’t up to the level/standard yet. He acts baddie and goodie with only 2 expression: pouting and puppy, then pouting and puppy more. What is so hard to pout and show puppy eyes? Buy a lense contact and the effect is even better.

          How do you feel?


        • Fox says:

          Edit: He is never deserved to win Best actor *

        • Looooooooooo says:

          Totally agree with you fox. What mm really impress me is womanizing cougar in real life.that s all nothing more

    12. Nikki says:

      Wow, sometimes she even had NO MAKE UP on during filming? Uhhh… I don’t believe that at all… and I barely saw any snot or saliva coming out. Her face/skin is definitely too clean to be a drug addict and so are those false lashes.

      • RLF says:

        Kate is overhyped and exaggerated her own role in news and interviews. When I saw those scenes she roared and promoted ehh it wasn’t as interesting as how she mentioned it.

        • VFC says:

          Actually it was the media that exaggerated the news especially the rape scene, Kate never actually mentioned about how great it was except the fact that she filmed that scene. She even clarified later that she was embarrassed how that scene was being over hyped since it was the media that did it. I personally think she’s doing well in her new series, her role stands out the most compared to the other nominees so far.

        • RLF says:

          I don’t think Kate was that great. Sure she got more natural than before and is not stiff anymore but to be called TV QUEEN??? REALLY??? Maybe Kate will win BEST CHARACTER since the scriptwriter need to have some share too for creating one of the most controversial and tragic figure in TVB female characters history.

        • VFC says:

          I’m not saying she’s great I mean it’s TVB they barely have above standard lead actresses in that company, I would say she improved a lot. But compared to the other top 5 nominees she stands out the most. Fala’s role was mediocre, same goes fro Myolie her series was bad this year and none of her roles stood out at all and as for Tavia, since she’s nominated for SSSS….so far not impressed. TC hasn’t aired yet but Michelle is one of TVB’s most proficient actresses, Kate surpassed Fala, Myolie and Tavia this year. I personally feel none of them are really TV queen material yet but if I had to choose based on this year series then Kate def has a chance.

        • EL says:

          Wow, i think tavia did a great job in her role in SSSS. She’s a great actress and has always deliver a solid performance. I believe in her acting and i dont find them fake. I think it’s time for her to win the award for best actress. She deserves it. As for kate, she exaggerated her expressions sometimes, a bit fake.

        • Magic says:

          RFL, please stop saying Kate is overhyped and exaggerated over and over again. Twice was more than enough…

          And if anyone, Sunny Chan always cries with snot and tears everywhere (I think it was him). While realistic, kind of disgusting to look at the same time. zzz

        • loop says:

          Magic- and when u cry u look very pretty.

        • RLF says:

          Magic, it’s an optical illusion. You think I keep saying Kate exaggerated because many others also put the same comments. Get over it.

        • RLF says:

          I feel so sorry for myself. I keep coming back to this website to see if others reply my comment. I have no on in my life. ;( FOREVER ALONE

        • Puff says:

          Agree with EL. Tavia did a great job so far in SSSS. I think she deserves the best actress award too.

          By the way, which drug addict have time and effort to put on make up, false lashes and use curler to get a wavy hair or money to dye the hair? Very fake lor!

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          There is another RLF coming so I altered my nick.

          Puff, I think Tavia is ordinary in S^4. Nothing as great as what her costars implied in interviews. Yawn!

        • skinnymocha says:

          It might be Kate’s choice – she might not have the confidence to go without makeup or for an unflattering look – OR it could be the makeup artist’s fault. Everyone looks practically the same regardless of what period they’re in anyway. Even Myolie seems to have the same look in TITS2; supposedly a tomboy, but all she’s gone and done is lopped her hair off – her eyes are still as caked as ever. (Not that tomboys can’t wear makeup, but there’s absolutely no variation…)

        • Fox says:

          @Puff: “By the way, which drug addict have time and effort to put on make up, false lashes and use curler to get a wavy hair or money to dye the hair? Very fake lor!”

          What will you comment about a cop that always have a caked makeup on face and a overshining like she has just eaten tons of fat on lip and never forget super heavy fake eyelashes all the time, chasing cops, injuring, after bathing, sleeping, injuring and best of the best, after crying for 3 days? If you can call it’s normal or she has time to do all of these things, maybe you will find that a drug addict that can use these things (less caked).


        • Fox says:

          Edit: *Chasing crimes :P.

          Today I’m having a fever so I don’t see really clearly :)

          P/S: This cop is said to be a tomboy girl, LMAO~.

        • Teece says:

          It’s most likely the stylist decision on her make up and I think I understand what Kate is trying to say I mean compared to her previous series she looks less attractive in HAL, not much is done on her.

    13. Teece says:

      Just saw the finale and Kate def deserves an award she did great especially in ep 29 with MC Jin…not gonna spoil for those who don’t know but that scene was very well done from both of them and the whole series. I feel like Kate and MC Jin outshines Raymond in this

    14. Nicole says:

      The ending is great! no doubt, it’s really sad with all the deaths, but what would one expect from a series as dark as this one?
      But I love the little ray of hope shining in right at the end.

    15. ALovesFung says:

      LF is always the KING in our hearts (his Honeys)!!! Like he said, awards are bonuses. LF did an awesome job stepping out of his usually charming, clean cut character. He deserves the Best Actor award. It is long overdue! LF Love Fung!

      • AL says:

        me too.. Fung’s support…if i can vote, i will vote for him TV King for sure…he never has this title…so having this title will be a complete picture for him…as he is going more toward movie and China drama from now on…he will only do one drama in TVB…so VOTE for Fung-all Fung’s lover/supporter!!!

    16. Linnh says:

      If they can’t be together, then at least give them the awards together lol:P

    17. Cynthia says:

      Does Kate wearing faux eyelashes count as not makeup?

      • fez says:

        she wears too much makeup in HAL. as a drug addict, her hair is always miraculously so perfect. if every drug addict just looked like that in real life….. yeh right

    18. Hannahh says:

      Raymond will definitely wins with this new voting system

    19. Mightysnoopus says:

      This script has too many flaws. The lines are too corny and cliche ish. They have to spoil it such script. Has TVB ran out of ideas? And good writers?

    20. fez says:

      kate cries too much ….. why would a so-called DRUG QUEEN just cry cry cry – cried from first ep to the end… and when she’s not crying, she looks wooden. she’s not tough enough to be a drug queen and the drug addict bit.. well… she sure doesn’t act or look like one. and walking around in high heels and stockings and dresses…

      its stupid from the very beginning. why was she acting ‘undercover’ in the first place? isn’t that the job of the police force? who puts a normal person with no training and put them at risk to find evidence? i just can’t believe that would happen in real life.

    21. MARS says:

      i hope both of them can get it

    22. fez says:

      mc jin’s death is JUST HILARIOUS!!!! muahaha and that scene with kate and him… so unrealistic and unmoved. who climbs up a building drunk, decides to shoot a gun through a closed window, only to be pushed back down … yet after a fall from a high building, still has 10min of talking time and during this time there’s 4 bystanders who don’t even attempt to call the ambulance and one produces a bottle of water….. yeh didn’t feel anything… thought it was comedy. CGI was crap too

      and then flash to the next scene… a stoned kate decides to shoot herself with heroin….. she doesn’t actually do it, but her expression is just wooden like always.

      and in regards to be carrying your enemy’s baby.. well that’s just plain stupid too. there’s a thing called abortion, and if its a result from rape, then you should abort it. why would you even consider keeping it. plus she’s an addict. she shouldn’t even be having a baby. why does she feel the need to keep the baby? nothing makes sense about her character so all this ‘i feel sorry for her’.. yeh well just doesn’t do it for me.

      • Kidd says:

        “why does she feel the need to keep the baby? ‘

        Maternal instinct perhaps. It’s a small life growing in her. It’s not only her enemy’s baby, it’s also her baby. Why does it not make sense for her to want to keep it?

        • fez says:

          irresponsible parent though. fetal addiction. because if she really wanted babies, she can abort this illegitimate one and make another one with a person that she loves.

        • Linnh says:

          What happend to the baby is a human been too? This baby is a person, and even if it is with her enemy then the child is still hers, it’s no wrong with that she don’t want to kill of her baby.

        • Kidd says:

          ” if she really wanted babies, she can abort this illegitimate one and make another one with a person that she loves.”

          It’s not about wanting babies of her own. It’s about keeping this particular young life growing inside her. That’s the maternal instinct I’m talking about. It’s not like throwing a Barbie doll away and getting a better one. This is a life growing inside her. It’s her flesh and blood.

        • Fox says:

          Dont take time with fez. All she wants is Kate has bad lucks in real life. Kate as a person, not the character.

        • Nicole says:

          People can find room in their hearts for adopted children, regardless of where they are from. Most people who give up their children are unable to provide for them? Some may be criminals, rapist, or drug addicts, yet they still want the child? And the people adopting still want the child as well? Furthermore, why should the sins of the father be blamed on the child?

          In fact, the way Pat acted is very in character for her. just look at the way she treats her brother who is mentally slow.

      • skinnymocha says:

        It happens in real life; some rape victims are genuinely happy to welcome their child into this world. They don’t necessarily focus on the trauma, but more on the joys of motherhood and the future they will share with their kid. The point is, they’re not going to punish someone for another being’s wrongdoing.

        As for the drug addict part… I’m not all too clued up on the pregnancy part (I know it’s unhealthy, but would it lead to any disabilities or particular health complications for the baby?), but afterwards, if she really feels incapable of taking care of a child, then put it up for adoption. (My stance is more pro-life, but I have nothing against pro-choice either.)

    23. tom says:

      sad that LF and ella never get together in the end

    24. ALovesFung says:

      Hoping for HAL Part 2 with LF and Ella together, and Pat coming back in their memories and Pat watching over her son! Then somehow DNA reveals that Happy Sir is the father…… and they live happily ever after! :)
      The Part 2 series will have LF as guest star if he is too busy. Also please make the storyline on police heroics, and less killings. Why not show the police/NB units’ wit, smarts and brave side!
      LF = Love FUNG!!!

    25. Kidd says:

      Every time I see the accompanying picture, I smile. Kate is cute in the picture and she and Raymond look so buddy-buddy. :D

    26. opium says:

      Kate is perfect for her acting <3. Most of TVB series praised the guy not the girl. If you really into the drama then good but if you watch the storyline and compare to other drama earlier……..you will see the gap

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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