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Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye to Work Together Again!

By on September 27, 2012

Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye to Work Together Again! thumbnail

TVB’s “Golden Couple” of the early millennium, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Michelle Ye (葉璇), known as “RM” by their fans, will collaborate again in a new mainland Chinese period television drama, Legend of the Purple Hairpin <紫钗奇缘>. Set in the Tang dynasty, the drama is a loose adaptation of the popular traditional Cantonese opera, The Purple Hairpin <紫釵記>, which is in turn based on a Kunqu play written by Ming dynasty playwrite, Tang Xianzu (湯顯祖).

Legend of the Purple Hairpin tells the tragic love story of a Tang dynasty scholar Li Yi, who falls in love with the beautiful dancer, Huo Xiaoyan at first sight. The couple soon marry, and he gives her a purple hairpin as a token of their love. On their marriage night, Yi is forced to join the army and is forbidden to return home, leaving Xiaoyan to painfully wait for his return in the next few years. When Yi returns to Chang’an three years later, Yi believed that he and Xiaoyan would never be separate again. He was terribly mistaken.

The drama adaptation will incorporate elements of Tang dynasty high culture, including dance, music, and martial arts. Similar to the original opera, The Legend of the Purple Hairpin also includes themes of betrayal, lust, ambition, and deceit.

The Legend of the Purple Hairpin will be produced by Michelle Ye, and is slated to begin filming in Hengdian World Studios this October.

Raymond has expressed his excitement in working with Michelle again. He said, “We have not collaborated in ten years. I want to see if we still have the same sparks as before!”

“RM” Couple Was Never Forgotten

Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye first collaborated on the set of 2002 TVB drama, Eternal Happiness <再生緣>, which was an adaptation of a short story by Qing dynasty female novelist, Chen Ruisheng (陳端生). Michelle portrayed the cross-dressing heroine, Mang Lai Kwan, who falls in love with the honest and kind Wongpo Siu Wah, portrayed by Raymond. The drama was also Raymond and Michelle’s first attempt at leading a drama.

Eternal Happiness was one of the highest-rated dramas of 2002, and was credited for being Michelle Ye and Raymond Lam’s most representative work at the time. Their chemistry in Eternal Happiness was highly praised and well-received by the public. They also jointly starred in 2002’s Golden Faith <流金歲月>, which premiered a few days after the finale of Eternal Happiness, but they did not share any scenes together.

Raymond and Michelle’s last collaboration was in 2003’s Lofty Waters, Verdant Bow <雲海玉弓緣>. Although the onscreen couple only collaborated as lovers in two dramas, their chemistry is unforgettable. “RM” had wowed audiences of the last generation, and fans hope that they will continue to impress in their new drama.

Source: Sina.com.cn, Weibo.com

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  • Readers' Comments (92)

    1. Hannahh says:

      Yah so excited! But it’s mainland production not sure when i get to watch it in cantonese lolz.

      • uhhh says:

        like LWVB wasn’t bad enough. i dont think they have much chemistry. even in eternal happiness, didnt feel it there either even though the drama itself was fine.

    2. Veejay says:

      so what happen to Michelle Ye after 3 years when LF returns from his service? She has remarried?

      • Fox says:

        LF won’t act Li Yi. His role is Na Lan Dong.

        Li Yi in the story about Huo Xiao Yan is different to the novel. In Huo Xiao Yan Jie, there is no Na Lan Dong – LF’s chac.

      • Addy says:

        It’s just a very loose adaptation of the opera. LF portrays the guy Michelle meets after her husband leaves her. In the original opera, LF’s character is minor, but a major plot device.

    3. smurf120 says:

      I don’t think LF has ever been rumored or paired with another actress that can make me forget the LF/MY pairing. Hard to believe it was only really based on two dramas.

    4. Holly says:

      Definitely looking forward to this!! Have been rewatching eternal happiness and lofty and is estastic about this news.

      They are a great couple and have amazing chemistry. <3

    5. RLF Lover says:

      I knew from the start I’d never forget them. Can’t believe I’d waited for 10 years to see them work together again. So so so excited for this!

      • Josie says:

        Yes, it’ll be exciting to see if their chemistry is different now. Michelle was just a young girl back then, now she’s womanly. Maybe it will be a more mature relationship, not so innocent. :)

    6. Funn Lim says:

      Tragic love story ah???

      I always thought Michelle in her own production will either ask him or ask Wallace Huo whom she has worked well with before. She must have approached them 2 and one of them become available.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Hengdian World Studios is one busy world studio. Must be booked for the next 100 years.

      • Fox says:

        Actually the crew rooted for LF since last year, he’s the first choice. The script writer of the series mentioned that he wanted to write a story for RM couple, however when they approached him in Oct last year, he denied due to his packed schedule. That’s why they tried approaching some others but their prior choice has always been LF. They so want him that they don’t mind waiting for him to finish: his album recording, his concerts tour, his txb series, his 2 movies, etc… Michelle hinted many times in her Weibo that she wanted to have him as the male lead, and after he agreed, she posted happy: “Waited 3 lives (三生三世), only wait 4 “紫钗奇缘”” or “Happiness suddenly come”, “It’s you, only you”, etc. Her assistance even quoted “Be my love, be the one” (LF’s song lyrics) in Michelle’s weibo to celebrate. The phrase “三生三世” which indicates this is the third time they cooperate as couple comes from Michelle herself, not her fans.

        Overall, she wants him so much LOL.

        • Gar says:

          Maybe she still has feelings for him after all these years?

        • DC says:

          She said she waited for someone for 10 years. This year is their 10 years reunion. Lololol

        • HeTieShou says:

          WOW,thanks for the info Fox!! It shows that they do have good feelings towards each other. Honestly, it would be great if they had great chemistry in real life too… I am sure that fans would be very supportive of them in that aspect as well, but lets leave it to fate… Lets hope that this drama will turn out. I wonder how many eps it will have??? Hope the storyline will be good..

    7. AC says:

      I really liked Eternal Happiness. I think that was Michelle’s best role.

      Lofty Waters, Verdant Bow was horrible and boring though.

      • Addy says:

        Lofty Waters, Verdant Bow was horrible and boring though.

        Agree. That drama also made me think Rain Li to be a TERRIBLE actress, but she does well in her other work. She was just terrible in LWVB. Can’t understand why.

    8. vivien says:

      Looks like a great LF+MY series! Anticipate this I’m confident this will get popular!

    9. vivien says:

      I’m bored of the TVB fadans LOL. It’s great to see LF back with MY!

    10. MARS says:

      happy they are together again

    11. Bubblez says:

      I am really excited to see this series and LF with MY! It will be an amazing series. =)

    12. Nicole says:

      I’ve never ever finished watching Eternal Happiness, and never understood the hype for it. I think I tried watching it like 3 or 4 times. Found it extremely bad and boring.

      • DC says:

        I loved EH because of RM, but I skipped those boring scenes with Joe and Liu Kai Chi fighting =_=

      • Addy says:

        I really liked Eternal Happiness, and I have rewatched it a couple of times. I didn’t like LWVB though. It was a chore.

      • Yuyu says:

        I truly agree. Bad plot bad story bad acting. Luckily RL and MY were both good looking and looked cute together. I’m sure that boasted viewers.

      • HeTieShou says:

        My mom hated TVB’s version of EH since they completely changed the story and characters. They just used their names but that was it…I thought EH was ok,but is way overrated…

    13. Hannah says:

      RM reunite! lol, loved their chemistry back in the days.

      Michelle is a producer now? Quite an accomplishment.

    14. DC says:

      Please don’t dub their voices. T_T

      • Larry 3 says:

        Your wish is not granted, they are getting dubbed. Its obvious :)

        • Fox says:

          But there is chance that they dubbed the series themselves, by their mando. Recently LF dubbed Mando for all of his movies (White Snake, Love is… Pyjamas, Saving general Yang).

        • Funn Lim says:

          Not in China. They enjoy dubbing because they have a PDL aka Professional Dubbers League. Unless distributed out of China. I bet they will dub this series no matter what.

        • Addy says:

          It’s cheaper to get other guys to dub for them.

        • Jen says:

          why would they dub raymond’s voice? isn’t he from china?

        • Funn Lim says:

          The same reason why even a china actor is dubbed sometimes. Accent. Unless it is a modern series. If it is an ancient series, 100% he will be dubbed. Not by himself but by others. Rarely some dub themselves unless they have such wonderful voice with a neutral accent.

        • Fox says:

          why would they dub raymond’s voice? isn’t he from china?

          He moved and lives in HK from 2 years old.

          If it is an ancient series, 100% he will be dubbed. Not by himself but by others.

          But he dubbed Mando for ancient movies (White Snake + Yang). However I don’t think he will dub for a series because it took him too much time to do it, and he dun have that much of time. If he speaks Mando for the series, it’s different. However, it’s up to Txb to let him speak Mando in series or not, as he is still has management contract with them.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Nothing to do with TVB. And isn’t this a series?Series is different from movie.

        • Fox says:

          Dubbing for an ancient series and ancient movie is still the same, if you look at the aspect of accent.

          I also pointed out that because this one is a series, if he and Txb dun agree to speak Mando, 90% he’ll be dubbed.

        • starry says:

          the thing is with series, they are more picky with the accent. LF does really speak in a beijing accent, so most likely he’ll be dubbed. the beijing accent is the “national accent”

          a lot of china actors will be dubbed too because they don’t have that accent.

          another reason series are dubbed is because the sound system during filming may be lacking the quality.

        • starry says:

          sorry correction, LF doesn’t*** speak in a beijing accent

        • HeTieShou says:

          China series always dubb but the good thing is at times the actors and actresses dubb with their real voices. However, that does not happen very often.

    15. simplitee says:

      Wow okay so i am indeed one of the minorities (or maybe the only one) who isn’t a fan of RM! Never liked EH or LWVB..

      Nevertheless im still going to give this drama a go and see if my feelings towards them change.

      • Hailee says:

        I’m with you…but now that they mature as actors who knows I might end up liking them like everyone else :)

      • advo says:

        I thought they were cute enough in EH, but I don’t get the hype.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I hated the series if I remember correctly, since I haven’t re-read my own review written many many years ago. Hard to imagine Tavia was in it as well. Yes just had a look at my own review. Wow, so many years ago. Now I remember; I hated this series with a passion.

        • Bridget says:

          Me neither. I tried watching it 3-4 times and gave up like 5 episodes in.

    16. Skyler says:

      I’m excited to know RM will collaborate onscreen once again. Thanks for the good news.

    17. starry says:

      i have got to be like their biggest fan here because i’ve been waiting for something like this since LWVB.

      seriously can’t wait. omg.

    18. Lol says:

      I want to know who her plastic surgeon is…she looks good & very natural…not overdone.

    19. elin says:

      did she hve ps…dont look lke it

    20. Charbydis says:

      This story is quite deviated from the original opera. Liyi was coerced into being engaged to a powerful minister’s daughter and because Li Yi and Fok Siu Yuk (original name from opera) were not officially married, she could not do anything about it until she found about her real identity.

      I’m curious to see how deviated the details are but from what I am reading, this version doesn’t appeal to me.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I guess if you know the original story well then you will hate the changes,however, if you don’t then I guess you will enjoy the newly written story… I just hope that the story will be good…

        I think Ray and Michelle will have great chemistry since I guess they are still good friends after all these years. They also miss working together and Michelle really wanted him to be in it. Therefore,I have a good feeling that their chemistry will be great… But there is more to a series rather than just the chemistry of the main couple… Just hope the the story will be good…

    21. Cathelyn says:

      Very excited at the news at first but then the excitement died when I realised that there might not be Cantonese version. Sighz!

      • HeTieShou says:

        I don’t think you need to worry since I am sure there will definately be a Cantonese version. They ALWAYS dubb into other foreign languages, so why not Cantonese. From what I know, there definately will be a Cantonese version. You don’t have to worry at all…

    22. Anna says:

      This news is awesome news. I really anticipating this. Good for Michelle for adding “producer” to her resume as well.

    23. kiki says:

      is it just me or LF is getting uglier these days????? i mean come on he’s not that old but above pic he looks awwwww…god WTH happended? perhaps he did some well as rumored??? gosh, no no

    24. Gar says:

      Really looking forward to this. I hope they will have a Cantonese version. RM really do look good together. She looks fabulous now and in that above photo as well.

    25. Skyler says:

      They were in their early 20’s when they filmed EH & LWVB; 10 yrs later, they reunite in another series. Jaynestars doesn’t post much of her news so I was keep questionings what happen to her working in China; Thanks god, she’s still alive and will be with Raymond in the upcoming drama.

    26. munkimui says:

      eternal happiness…i watched probably until episode 5 and i stopped. i didn’t even watch lofty. but i know they look good together. yeah tavia was very young there as michelle’s servant. she’s even prettier than michelle then. i head that michelle’s classmates from wellsley college says she is a B. i want to see their collaboration. i like both of them.

      • Fox says:

        I think Michelle looks very cute in EH and I like this tomboy look of her more than her current look, although I’m not a big fan of Michelle back then. Myolie looks quite bad in EH, have to say that, but Michelle looks pretty.

    27. Grace says:

      This is a very good picture of her. She looks great.

    28. Lucia says:

      Good news

    29. Ann says:

      Michelle was ugly in EH, she looked like a man. Now she’s a little better after plastic surgery. You guys must be blind if you think she used tape to fix her eyes. Look at her nose.

      • gap says:

        YOU must be blind. Have u seen her high school pictures? She looks exactly the same as now (nose and all) but just older with more mature features. She had double eyelids to begin with but it was just less noticeable. Have YOU tried using tape on double eyelids? Well i have and the result is the same as hers. It becomes more noticeable. Surgery isn’t required for such minor stuff…

        • Anna says:

          Yup, I don’t think Michelle had plastic surgery as well. I think overall Michelle is a very pretty girl..but she’s always had a big nose..and if you were gonna get plastic surgery…wouldn’t you want to get a smaller sharper nose? Anyways, I used double eyelid tape for me as well…worked out great!

    30. LamFungFan says:

      Raymond + Michelle = match made in heaven

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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