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Raymond Lam: “Love Does Not Have Age Limits!”

By on February 15, 2013

Raymond Lam: “Love Does Not Have Age Limits!” thumbnail

As a responsible boyfriend, Raymond Lam (林峯) finally announced dating Karena Ng (吳千語) on February 6, in order to prevent further slanderous news over her family. Not long after their relationship was exposed, Raymond and Karena were seen at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, boarding a flight to Japan for a honeymoon. They returned to Hong Kong yesterday, and the couple has already planned their Valentine’s Day celebration.

Last night at 7:45PM, Karena and her friends were spotted in Causeway Bay hurriedly entering a building. The group took the elevator up to an elegant restaurant. About half a minute later, Raymond and his friends were seen closely behind, rushing up to the restaurant to meet with the others.

Accepting an interview with a radio station, Raymond revealed that he hopes to date like a normal man. “I never dated normally in the past. The life I’m pursuing isn’t one filled with hours of work. I’ve mentioned that I hope for a normal Valentine’s Day, such as holding hands with my girlfriend and going for a walk. Enjoying a meal together and watching a movie is very normal.” Would he hold Karena’s hand? “Yes. I can’t lose my personal life because of my job. Love is also very important.”

Age is Not a Factor

Although Raymond and Karena are 14 years apart in age, Raymond firmly believes love does not have any age limits. “The most important thing is that we are able to communicate, as well as understand and cherish one another. I don’t believe in love at first sight, because time is needed for us to get along.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (65)

    1. Bubblez says:

      Honestly, I don’t think this age gap is that big of a deal. I think the most important things in a relationship are to be honest and just to cherish one another with mutual understanding.

      I hope that Raymond Lam has found the right person and is always happy!^_^

    2. Kaytie says:

      Ever since Raymond announced he’s dating Karena Ng, it was rather disappointing. Karena Ng kinda reminds me of Mavis Pan, but I’m not too fond of either one. Maybe Karena has a sexy appearance and that’s what made her attractive. Not sure.

      I disagree with what Raymond said that age isn’t important. Karena is just 19 years old but it doesn’t mean that she’s mature. She’d probably want to explore and not ready to settled down versus Raymond. Raymond is already in his 30s and with every experience he goes through, he gradually become more and more mature. The level of maturity is different.

      But since Raymond is happy with Karena, then I’m be happy for him.

      • Bubblez says:

        Yeah I agree, which makes me a bit worried.

        • Nelly says:

          Why worry? It’s his life and she/he is old enough to make their own decisions. Honestly, I really don’t think they will last long. But if they can prove me wrong on a years time then congrats to them.

        • Bubblez says:

          @Nelly: True that it is his life. But any breakup tends to be sad and whatnot.His last relationship with Mavis ended pretty bad. As a fan, I just want him to be happy!

        • Fox says:

          Don’t worry for him, it’s his choice and he has to take the responsibilities. Also don’t worry for her, she also has a choice and commit to take the consequences. It’s so funny when many are acting the role of Karena’s parents in here :D.

    3. Crystal says:

      He is right. Love has no age limit but that is only if they are actually in love. But he seems very content. All the best for him.

    4. ita says:

      Love does not have age limit.

      I don’t know, but I’ve always thought this kind of statement only sounds right when you love someone away older than you, not away younger.

      • Lee says:

        … then what is the older partner supposed to say? Are you saying that it is more natural for men to love women who are much older?

    5. still a junior says:

      The age gap might not have matter, but being only 19 years does.

      A 19-year old has not grown up yet, what does she know about love and relationships, but on the other hand, Lam Fung has much experience in dating, love, relationship and sex.

      Yes, sex. So, all in, she’s not even of drinking age yet, dude. !!!

      • Crystal says:

        That is not always the case. As adults, we should never look at someone’s age and assume he/she is inexperience. I have met young adults who have better mental capacity than people in their 50s and beyond. Why such a strange case? Because it does not matter how much the older experiences, if he or she is incapable of learning or understanding why certain things happen…it is nothing but a waste thus the whole idea of being stuck in the past. It all comes down to the individual and age has nothing to do with the amount of wisdom one may possess.

        • Digital age does not make you smarter says:

          Okay okay. I hope you will promote my 21 year old son to be CEO of your company because he does have acquire a full load of positive life experiences,

          And at the same time, do sack your 50-year old dad and uncles since they couldn’t even get to the top job at that age of 50, they must have lack life experiences and is stuck in the past.

          Your simple analogy already shows you have not enough life experiences, dude!

          Go back to class, and gather more hard knocks, please.

        • Crystal says:

          If you approached me in a more respectable manner, perhaps you would have made a point. However, you sound like an idiot, therefore do live another 3 or 4 decades and ask yourself what is the purpose of your life. I can only assume you are one narrow minded individual who takes pleasure in looking down on others because you feel they lack experiences. Sir/mam, perhaps youre the one who needs to take a class, more specifically a philosophy class, since you have doubts on humans who are younger and more importantly it will broaden whatever lacking knowledge you have now.

        • Give me a break says:

          @Digital age does not make you smarter

          now with your argument an old persona who lived most of their lives as a janitor or maid would be a better candidate to run a business as compared to a 21 year old who came straight out of college would be a better fit? right, because with their experience as a maid/janitor, they are definitely much more experience. of course i know you said YOUR 21 year old son but heres the trick. you’ve been speaking only on behalf of the people YOU know. your son must be a drug dealer or a drop out or is tired of your old garbage mouth being opened all the time therefore he doesnt want to listen to you and ran away from home, maybe? poor you maybe it is time for you to go out and see the rest of the world and MAYBE even interact more with the young adults in this world? where else do you think OUR future lies? in the hands of the younger and according to you the less experience, NOTICE it is a different time and age? MAYBE you need to go back to class. ACTUALLY dont you will be one of those senior citizens who takes up a seat or two and that would be a disaster for this world to waste our supplies on filthy human beings like yourself.

      • purplepaw says:

        in hk the drinking age is 18 xD

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree with Crystal that age does NOT always show that we are “adults” or are inexperienced. Our experiences and obstacles in life really shape who we are not just our age. I have known many who are in their late teens or even 20s that are more mature than people in their 40s and 50s and it was mainly due to their life experiences. Age definately does not always signify our wisdom and knowledge.

        • still a junior says:

          @HeTieShou, @Crystal,

          If that being the case for you, do not make statutory rape at 16 then. Lower it to 13, right when the girl starts off to maturity. If you have your way, who are we to say she cannot have sex at 13 ???, as long as she is ‘mature’ enough from life experiences.

          From your analogy, since it depends on and up to the individual so much, no law should interfere with one’s freedom.

          Yes, freedom, that all-encompassing American war cry!

          Your comments tells me you must be one young hello kitty!

        • HeTieShou says:

          @Still a junior,
          What makes you think that we are young? Also, I don’t know why you are saying those things but that was not what Crystal and I meant… From your comments, YOU sound more like the young hello kitty…

        • Give me a break says:

          @still a junior and @Digital age does not make you smarter says

          first you misused the word analogy in this context. there was no analogy being made. secondly what american war? you meant the american revolution? my oh my where are your life experiences now? someone definitely needs a prep course. lastly both HeTieShou and Crystal were sharing their opinions and in some ways what they said arent all bogus. but i wouldnt expect you to know since you seem like you lived in a kitchen for the majority of your life and thus feel you are more “experienced” please do write a book and let the world acknowledge the types of kitchen ware that made you such an intelligent individual. to add to look down on someone else because you suspect they are younger than you shows how unsuccessful and displeased you are with your own life. IF you are OLD and IF both HeTieShou and Crystal are YOUNG you have just proven their points, VERY VIVIDLY. instead of explaining to them in a diplomatic way that you do not agree with what they said BECAUSE YOU ARE OLDER, you CHOSE to be rude. if there are any experienced and old individuals on this site right now reading these posts, please give a hand to this commentator and share a word or two with this him:her as to how to be a respectful senior.

        • Give me a break says:

          you make us, the old, look really bad right now

        • Crystal says:


          We are now young hello kitties. Let us have some tea together and earn that revenue our brand is making! :D Now I do not have to be on call 24/7 rushing back and forth from home to hospital. And you don’t need to go to work and relax. My family would be very delighted if this does happen as they can now stop complaining about seeing me only once or twice a week for about 15-20 minutes each time. Indeed that would be beautiful and I know it is only my wishful thinking.

          Life is hard when you are stripped from simple pleasures in life. Life is even harder when my patients refuse to take care of themselves. Life becomes awkward when you encounter someone like the above. It becomes even more complex when you have a patient like that, which happened in the past before. It was quite an experience.

    6. Applelim says:

      True love has no limits but dating a 19 yr old girl means she is still too young to make decisions. Her thinking and feelings now will be entirely different in a few years time. So he is in a unstable relationship with her.

      • sandcherry says:

        Raymond Lam is so good looking, famous, and wealthy, and has rich parents. There won’t be too many Raymond Lam’s in Hong Kong. Perhaps Karena Ng will not regret to make her current decision to be Raymond’s girlfriend.

        • Xoxo says:

          Of coz… Look at hannah quinlivan and jay chou..=P

        • Terminator says:

          The playbook has already been written for her by Isabella Leong and Gaile Lok.

          Girl, just give it some time, either get him to marry you or pop out a kid or two, then throw the old geezer under the bus by then and you can have any young guy. Sounds like a plan?

        • onearth says:

          haha LOL, i know def Isabella Leung, that one pops out kids one by one starting at and out of wedlock. talk about a golddigger on that one hahah…At least for Gaile – LEON is not that UGLY yet hahaha….but yes, both females can now retired for life.

      • onearth says:

        I know, how come no one says anything about that Jay dating an 18 year old right? hahaha….that guy is not a looker but def rich too..hahah

        • looooooooooo says:

          I bet famous A class singer might have similiar taste looking for young girls …..jay chau/ LF

        • HeTieShou says:

          No, people do complain about Jay and Hannah too but they don’t do it here… You should see what they say at AF and other places…

      • Fox says:

        Why don’t look at Roger Kwok and Cindy Au? Cindy revealed in a recent interview that they started when she was 20 (Same age with Karena now) and now, how are they?

    7. lilo says:

      I do believed Age is Not a Factor, but only depends on how many years gap…So to me in his case 14 years gap is a huge factor lol…..

      I can only say that i’m optimistic about their relationship.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I don’t think so since he is the one older and she is a bit young at this point. ROger kwok is 15 years older than his wife and they are fine… Steve Ma and his current wife are 20 or 21 years apart and they are fine. I think in their case it was ok because the guy is older and the girls were older than Karena. I don’t think it is the gap in this case, but the fact is that Karena is still young…If she was at least in her mid 20s or late 20s, I don’t think many would think or complain much…

    8. based says:

      he’s lucky she’s an adult then. age ain’t nothing but number…and jail ain’t nothing but a room.

    9. dd says:

      This age-gap is a huge factor.

      Imagine being twenty working a job or going to uni full-time, and you walk past a kindergarten and think to yourself “hm, one day I will date one of these girls”.

      Of course, she isn’t a kindergartener, she’s 19. Frikkin 19.

      But you know what? She knows exactly what she’s doing. Yeah, sponge off her sugar daddy for a few years and then have an affair with a hair stylist or something.

      And not projecting stereotypes here, but actors are truly dumb. Most of these people don’t go to higher education and sign up to training programs as soon as they quit school.

    10. Gar says:

      The age gap does come into play here considering he’s in his 30’s and probably ready to settle down whereas she is only 19 and ready to party still. Sure, they might get along and be compatible with each other now as they are still in the lovey-dovey stage but I still quite strongly believe that later on in 2,3 or 5 years time, their beliefs and wants will clash at some point due to their age difference. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Karena and think they’re a cute couple but it’s her age that I have doubts and reservations about. If Raymond had chosen someone say, in her mid-20’s and up, I definitely would have a more positive outlook on their relationship.

      Anyways as his fan, I still support his decision to be with her and I hope they do last.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and that’s what I think too. I think since she is still so young, she is at a different stage in life than Ray is and that makes you wonder if they will “last”. At his age, he is more likely wanting to settle down while she still wants to do other things. If she was in her mid 20s or so, then she may want to settle down more…But hey, anything is possible so time will tell…

    11. onearth says:

      He’s just speaking of mind of men and the mind of rich dudes. I am rich so i can date any women; women or otherwise, it’s fair game hahaaha..lol….i personally think she is luckier even if i am not a Raymond Lam fan b/c he is not yet bald, ugly or old man so if this ends well, you probably working as well or at all showbiz afterwards.

    12. Akemirhee says:

      Age is not a factor ? what is LF talking about ? is 14 age gap is not an issue ? Hmmmm

      See in 2 years or 3 years later LF you will know by then. Is not that I against her.

      Anyway just enjoy both of your companion for now.

      He used to be my role model and my fav one after this on going news about him with 19 years old lady hmmmm speechless

      How can her parents allow her to Japan with a guy above 30 when she is 19 only ? Yes is a modern world but I feel they need to set a good role model ESP they are both are artists

      • onearth says:

        well, she is in showbiz and whether we want to believe it or not, most likely she is not that green n innocent i mean i am NOT saying she’s promiscuous or anything we wouldn’t know but celeb parents might NOT be all innocent and concerned like normal parents do. i mean, if your daughter is barely 20 and already in showbiz and now finds this popular and 2nd generation rich dude, i am sure in their mind they are THRILLED and EXCITED that if really this ends well, her daughter can retired from showbiz just like that. He is not that ugly so imagine IF they are golddigging parents or just parents who are not exactly golddiggers but hoping that their daughter marries rich and this really is their good chance…imagine some of the women in showbiz who ended up w/rich men most of them are OLD, UGLY, BALD n probably old enough to be their dad for their daughters? Like they car about age inappropriate? Age is probably the last thing they think about….

    13. Terminator says:

      He would find this statement has many supporters from the crowd who frequent those “Asian Sex Tours” looking for underage virgins. LOL!

      Ah, the “age doesn’t matter” defense. Well, I guess HK’ers have enough of the repressive Western Judeo-Christian moral code and want to return to the good old Chinese ways when an 80-yr-old could take an 18-yr-old mistress and no one would even bat an eyelash.

      • dd says:

        And have multiple consorts. Hey, I’m all for it.

        I think the no. of females in HK is greater than the no. of males.

        i’ll take 5 wives just to help our society out.

        • Jayne says:

          You sound like a hungry man. Perhaps it’s time to get fed. :)

        • cloud9 says:

          i will go for 7 wives means each wife a day so i can change the song lyrics of ‘Seven Lonely Days’ :-

          Seven happy days make one happy week
          Seven happy nights make one happy me

        • Terminator says:

          Do you know that HK did not outlaw polygamy until the 1970s? what sell-outs giving in to the “gwailo” monogamy ways.

          However, fortunately, many connoiseurs of the art like Stanley Ho wwere “grandfathered”.

          I say let’s bring it back to legality again.

        • dd says:

          Not resting on Sunday? Burn in hell, blasphemer!

          so what you’re suggesting is that me, you, and cloud9 overthrow the HKSAR government through a bloody mutiny, abolish this nuisance of a monogamy-law, and establish our own government. I like this even more.

          We’ll have TVB run exaggerated adaptions of our lives 24/7.

          And none of this fake rape scene rubbish. No, we’ll give the people what they want – real sex scenes and no mosaic. Won’t need a stunt double either.

        • Jayne says:

          “No, we’ll give the people what they want – real sex scenes and no mosaic. Won’t need a stunt double either.”

          Wah, sounds like a raid on Lan Kwai Fong bars tonight. Will this be an uncensored version of “Lan Kwai Fong 2″?

        • Terminator says:

          We all do it in the name of “Love Knows No Limit, be it Age or Quantity”! LOL!

        • dd says:

          I’m actually in HK right now. Thinking of going down to Lan Kwai Fong and watching foreigners throw up their alcohol on the streets since I’m not working right now.

          Overpopulation might be a problem in our new regime but we’ll deal with it when it happens.

        • Jayne says:

          It’s cool to have you visit our site, where it would be equally easy for you to hang out at Hong Kong Golden Forum given your Chinese fluency.

          Have fun in Lan Kwai Fong tonight. Hong Kong was a blast when I last visited, although I didn’t get a chance to check out the nightlife. I was most impressed with the beautiful mountain and ocean views in the Stanley district.

      • Terminator says:

        @dd and Cloud9

        Would you guys go for the teen crowd now that LF has blazed the trail?

        Heard the HK age of consent is 16 so get at it.

    14. dd says:


      and may my descendants give your descendants free medical advice over the internet for generations to come.

    15. Larry 3 says:

      Age does have factor, especially a 19 year old. Still a chance for a Snake baby.

    16. wordofwisdom says:

      For those who have an issue with Karena being 19, I think you are forgetting. In this day and age with media and the internet, teenagers are no longer innocent and naive as you might think. They know way more than other teenagers back 30 years ago. It’s a different time and different world. Unfortunately the maturity often doesn’t go along with the knowledge though. It’s a sad reality.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree that teenagers these days are not as innocent as before. Sadly, maturity and knowledge do not necessarily go together.

    17. kk68 says:

      Karena first interview and but she denied that she had to see Raymond family in Xiamen, Happy New Year to them only through phone .http://news.on.cc/cnt/entertainment/20130215/bkn-20130215144524450-0215_00862_001.html

    18. smurf120 says:

      LF may or may not be ready to settle down, but Karena Ng should be looking to attend university around this age, no? She can’t latch onto “cuteness” forever. I keep on thinking of the movie “My Wife is 18″ with Ah Sa and Ekin.

    19. Vicki says:

      Age doesn’t matter; as long as they are compatible and are comfortable with each other than that’s fine. Any relationship of any age needs a lot of work and patience on both parties for it to work.

      Granted though, both parties are in completely different stages of their life right now. Raymond has been in showbiz for 10+ years, and he is successful enough to start thinking about starting a family and maybe retiring from the entertainment year in the next 3-5 years (he did say his father has always expected him to take over the family business eventually). However, Karena’s career has just began. Now if she’s the type who isn’t too ambitious and aggressive about having a successful career and is okay with marrying a rich husband and living the life of a simple housewife, than it’s fine. BUT if she’s the career type, I really don’t see their relationship lasting long. Even if Ray can wait, familial pressures and obligations will eventually push them apart.

    20. AL says:

      Raymond Lam is so good looking, famous, and wealthy, and has rich parents. I kind of want him to find someone better than Karena…Of course I kind of worry that Raymond will be hurt too…but o -well…I will support Raymond…wish him all the best…support…support…

    21. Iris says:

      My husband and I are 10 years apart. And though we love each other, I would still say age is a factor. In our relationship, I’ve had to “speed up” the growing up and he’s had to wait for me to finish college and start working.

      If Ray and Karena want their relationship to work, they have to be willing to make those adjustments. It will boil down to whether they’re willing or not.

      And I agree with those who say that the problem is more her current age than the actual gap.

    22. pino says:

      raymond lam is a pedophile

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