Raymond Lam Wants to Date Desperately

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Raymond Lam Fung and Leanne Li appeared at an opening ceremony for an electronics chain store and presented a peach blossom tree as a gift. Raymond held the peach blossom tree and walked around in a circle, hoping to boost his own “peach blossom fate” (affinity with other people).

Admitting that he longed to date, Raymond avoiding stating the exact length of his single status. “It is the same as my desire to take a vacation. I do not know how long it has been.”The upcoming Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day holidays increased Raymond’s longing to date. “Valentine’s Day is very close to Lunar New Year. If I have a girlfriend, it would be a very warm experience to pay visits to each other’s families during Lunar New Year. Since I am close with my family, they have to approve of my future girlfriend. She has to get along with my family.”

Will Raymond be purchasing peach blossoms to increase his affinity with people? “Since I am from Xiamen , it is not a tradition to buy peach blossoms, but rather to buy kumquat trees and willow blossoms instead.” Raymond added,  “I think my affinity with people has always been quite good, so it is not necessary to buy peach blossoms.”

Appearing at the same function as Raymond Lam, Leanne Li said that each day felt like Valentine’s Day in her romance with Wong Cho Lam. Since their romance went public this year, Leanne expressed relief and joy that she can openly go out on Valentine’s Day this year. Since their relationship was still underground last year, Leanne and Cho Lam had to secretly date.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Raymond Lam has stated that he has been single since forever. His last public relationship was with Rain Li. As a fan, who do you think Raymond may have actually dated afterwards?

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Raymond Lam Wants to Date Desperately
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16 comments to Raymond Lam Wants to Date Desperately

  1. sehseh says:

    I think celebs do date (you don’t really expect them to be a monk/nun), just that serious relationship doesn’t last long due to their job nature – long, unpredictable working hours, media intrusion, insecurities from partner because you are working with attractive ppl 24/7 etc.

    Raymond, if you are really serious in getting a girlfriend, you can make time for it. Sometimes, when celebs said they are too busy to date or get married, it’s not really they DON’T have the time, it’s rather they WON’T sacrifice the time in their career pursuit.

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  2. Jayne says:

    Sehseh, agree that celebrities need love just like everyone else. Male celebrities often date their female assistants simply because the assistants are the people they see the most; they become friends and confidants. Leo Ku and Andy Hui dated their assistants.

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  3. Aly says:

    I really wonder if Rain Li really was the last girl he has dated. If that is the case, then it has been a long time. We all wonder if he and Linda Chung ever dated even though they both have denied it all these years. He is extremely busy as he barely has time to get enough rest and sleep, let alone date. But, yes, he must make an effort to make time for it. If he keeps working like he does, it will be very hard for him to find and date someone. He needs to find some balance and might need to make some sacrifices in his job acceptances in the future in order to just get basic rest and to date.

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    • star replied:

      I still don’t believe Linda Chung and Raymond ever dated… Maybe a good impression but actually DATING? I don’t think so. They are both pretty busy people.. And I don’t think they denied it, they were probably just telling the truth.

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      • star replied:

        If you look at overall.. Like how there has been news that Linda’s mother is like rushing her to gett married soon, and linda is all like she has to find a “mr.right” first and can’t rush these things.. and then on the other hand, raymond is all like busy and says that he is desperate to date. I know this is all just from the media, but it’s really hard to believe that they are dating, even though I wish they were.

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  4. jayzemine says:

    Wasn’t there rumor of him and Fala at one point. They were caught going to Karaoke together or something. I think he might have occasional date but nothing serious, although as a fan, of course I wish him and Tavia were together LOL.
    Is Rain Li a nice girl? No doubt that she is attractive but to me it seems like she is a gold digger.

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    • Kidd replied:

      “Is Rain Li a nice girl? No doubt that she is attractive but to me it seems like she is a gold digger.”

      How so? I don’t follow her news much. But, I know that she came out early to work in the industry to pay off her father’s debt. So, she’s a filial daughter.

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      • Fox replied:

        Isn’t it her mother’s gamble debt?

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        What kind of debt did her father have? If she did do that then she is a filial daughter.

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      • Kidd replied:

        @ Fox

        I’m not sure it’s her father or mother. I read the news very long time ago. I googled to double check earlier and found only one site (asianfanatics) saying it’s her father’s debt. Maybe both parents also gamble. Don’t know.

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      • Fox replied:

        I rmb I read long time ago about her family and her mother is a gamble, caused to the bankruptcy of her father’s business. BTW, maybe I was wrong.

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  5. iampheng says:

    I think that perhaps celebrities do not have time to invest in emotional relationships. However, sexual encounters are relatively short term. I do not for one, believe that these grown adults are monks and nuns haha if you get my drift.

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  6. Yana says:

    I’m sure he has his shares in dating but just smarter in keeping it private instead of Edison. I think Raymond just hangs out with these female coworker as females have plenty of male friends. It’s nothing serious. Where have I been? I never knew that Rain and Raymond dated. It’s probably short term from their dramas. I remembered Raymond saying that his first on screen kiss was with Rain. I think that Raymond should marry me hahahaha…let’s see who better at video games. Jk…I already have my bf so can’t date anyone else!!! Oh well….wish his future wife luck and happiness!!!

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  7. fiona says:

    Dont think they really dated. Ray did admit that they hv mutual feelings for each other bt they didnt develop further cos of the media. He said that they didnt knw how to handle the situation bk then so it amounted to nothing eventually.

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  8. jayzemine says:

    It’s just my own personal opinion as I don’t have anything to back-up. I read awhile back that I think it was her mom who had a gambling problem and she needed to help repay her back. But everytime she appears on the news, she is always either shopping or carrying some really expensive branded purses etc…, thus I would think that if my family is in debt, I would take care of that first and who cares about branded items. Secondly, I don’t see her much in movies, series, music, or modeling, so I am wondering where her monies comes from. The last time I read about her, she was with this one guy who helped her pay-off her early contract termination with her company. I don’t have the news, but it was awhile back. All the guys that she has rumors with are filthy rich. Well, with a face like her, why settle for less right?

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  9. jim says:

    good choice.

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