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Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, and Whitney Hui for Comic-Inspired “Master, Understood”

By on October 28, 2012

Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, and Whitney Hui for Comic-Inspired “Master, Understood” thumbnail

A costume fitting press conference was held for TVB’s new comic-inspired period drama, Master, Understood <師父·明白了> on October 25. The drama will star Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), newcomer Whitney Hui (許亦妮), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪), Cilla Kung (樂瞳), Matt Yeung (揚明), Amy Fan (樊亦敏), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), and Helena Law (羅蘭).

Raymond thanked TVB for giving him the opportunities to star in their dramas. Raymond, who had signed an artist contract with TVB, was asked if he plans to sign a management contract with the station soon. “At the moment, I want to maintain our current relationship. After filming Master, Understood and Records of the Fifth Day Commencement <初五啟市錄>, I will take a break during Lunar New Year.”

Priscilla Wong Is Not Getting Boycotted

Master, Understood will be Priscilla Wong’s second leading TVB drama since joining the company earlier this year. Priscilla’s first leading TVB drama is Heart Road GPS <心路GPS>, costarring Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Louise Lee (李司棋). Priscilla said, “I’m not a newcomer anymore. Once I finished my travelogue, I was cast in a new drama. It’s a lot of pressure!”

Priscilla has a close relationship with TVB executive, Sandy Yu (余詠珊). It was Sandy who had introduced Priscilla into TVB when her contract with Sundream Motion Pictures and i-Cable ended. Although Priscilla is not a newcomer when it comes to acting, most people recognize her through her popular hosting gigs, and she only had performed in two films prior to joining TVB.

Many of Priscilla’s TVB colleagues, especially her costars in Love Road GPS, were rumored to have started a boycotting campaign against Priscilla. “None of that happened,” Priscilla said. “Actually, just a few nights ago, I was eating big sluice crab with the Love Road GPS crew.” She then added with a laugh, “Even if I was getting boycotted, it would only be Ruco Chan!”

Whitney Hui’s First Costume Drama

The second runner-up for the 2011 Miss Hong Kong pageant, 23-year-old Whitney Hui, will be portraying a female constable in Master, Understood. She will have a relationship line with Raymond Wong and Matt Yeung’s characters.

Whitney’s first and only drama since joining TVB in 2011 was the comedy drama, Cousin, You are Good <老表,你好嘢>, which is slated to air next year. Whitney is also best known for her hosting gig with Jerry Lamb (林曉峰), Carlo Ng (吳家樂),Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), and King Kong (金剛) for TV Funny <玩轉三周1/2>.

The 23-year-old expressed her nervousness in trying to remember the script, and said, “The dialogue isn’t very hard, but I have a terrible memory. I have to copy the script several times to get it in my head!”

“Master, Understood” Background

Master, Understood will be a wuxia tragicomedy drama that draws influences from many Chinese comics.  The story will be inspired by the legend of The Butterfly Lovers, which will involve the protagonist having to repeat the same tragic love story with his various love interests due to his unfortunate fate.

Raymond Wong will portray the protagonist, Chor Yat Chin. He was born without hair, and often bullied by his peers because of it. He was kidnapped at a young age and eventually became a beggar in the streets. He was later saved by Wan Tin Bong, who brought him into his own sect and taught him kung fu. Due to Yat Chin’s well-informed and resourceful nature, everyone believed that Yat Chin would be better off as a monk. Also charismatic and charming, Yat Chin is very popular among women, which makes him the central character in the drama’s tragic romantic story line.

Priscilla Wong will portray Foon Hei, a thief who works for a “thief organization,” and one of Yat Chin’s love interests. Whitney Hui will portray Wan Yau, a female constable, and one of Yat Chin’s love interests.

Evergreen Mak will portray Wan Tin Bong, Yat Chin’s savior. Cheung Kwok Keung will portray Lok Mo Ngai, Yat Chin’s master. Amy Fan will portray Mok Sau, who has a mysterious relationship with Lok Mo Ngai.

Matt Yeung will portray Ching Ying Hung, a constable and one of Yat Chin’s friends. Cilla Kung will portray Foon Siu, the most powerful and skilled thief of the thief organization.

Helena Law will portray Foon No, the leader of the thief organization. Leung Ka Wing will portray Foon Tim, a thief. Kaki Leung will portray Foon Jing, a thief.

Source: ihktv.com, Weibo.com

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    1. gold4canada says:

      doesn’t sound very interesting to me. and why does Priscilla say its just ruco boycotting her?

      • Daisy says:

        I think she was trying to imply that she and Ruco are really good friends. So it’s meant in a friendly way?

    2. Nicole says:

      weak cast. maybe it will be warehoused?

    3. Hannahh says:

      mmm not sure if i will like it

    4. Funn Lim says:

      Sounds good to me, I look at them I sorta laughed. However I hope for witty comedy rather than slapstick comedy. TVB is capable of doing social commentary cum comedy, just they never do it.

    5. Jo says:

      Though I am a big fan of Raymond Wong, this series does not interest me at all.

    6. Daisy says:

      Tragicomedy? That sounds strange.. Not really looking forward to this drama will only watch for Evergreen and Yoyo…

    7. Puff says:

      Will watch this for Raymon and evergreen. Hopefully it’ll be funny…

    8. sorrow says:

      not interest in this drama

    9. msxie says:

      Evergreen? That’s another addition to the the list of weird English names favored by Hkers.

      Whitney? Houston, we’ve got a problem.

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