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Sean Lau: “It Took Me 13 Years to Improve!”

By on November 27, 2012

Sean Lau: “It Took Me 13 Years to Improve!” thumbnail

In 1999, Sean Lau (劉青雲) did not win the Golden Horse Best Actor Award for his performance in the film, The Victim <目露凶光>. He did not receive any further nominations at the Golden Horse Film Awards until this year.  Sean said, “It has taken me 13 long years to improve my acting!” He honed his acted skills to deliver his best in every role, without worrying on winning any awards.

Sean feels that acting is his job, and he has a responsibility to have an effect on the audience even after the film is no longer airing in theaters. Despite his hard work and strong work ethics, Sean did not have any luck in winning any awards during his long career of acting. He was nominated for the Best Actor category for the Hong Kong Film award 11 times and finally won one award on his 8th nomination. The Golden Horse Film Awards finally acknowledged Sean’s acting talents by granting him the Best Actor Award for his performance in the film, Life Without Principle <奪命金>.

It took many years to complete Life Without Principle. Sean’s scenes in the movie were shot on and off throughout those years, and once with years in between. Sean said it was amazing experience filming this movie.

Grateful for Amy’s Love

Sean is very grateful to his wife, Amy Kwok (郭藹明), a former TVB actress, for her support and encouragement.  Amy has been by his side for every award ceremony, and she would console him on all his past defeats. Sean feels very fortunate to have her to share the happiness that comes from winning an award.

After the ceremony, Amy told the press that she was very touched to watch Sean receive an award. She said in tears, “There are actually so many people who appreciate Sean’s acting. As an actress myself, I know it’s not easy to get this high honor in the entertainment business. Even if we get the nomination, it does not guarantee an award. Sometimes winning an award depends on the person’s luck.”

Amy is the most important person in Sean’s life. He said, “My wife is so precious, and I will not win the Golden Horse Award without her help and support.” Sean revealed that he is able to focus on his acting career, as Amy will help arrange his personal business such as choosing his wardrobe, arranging his travel plans, and making sure he is on time for filming and promotional events.

Sean also feels very lucky to work with many great directors during his career. He knew that winning an award would happen sooner or later. He said, ” Making movies is not just for winning awards. I am joking! Of course, I want to win an award!”

Source: QQ.com

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  • Readers' Comments (11)

    1. shadowrain604 says:

      Grats to him. Liked ever since I watched him in Greed of Man. :P

      • Yuaida says:

        Congrats dude………you’ve worked long and hard to get to this……..now go home and celebrate and make some babies so that you have some kids to play with when you get tired of acting.

    2. Funn Lim says:

      Amy looks lovely albeit a tad older. No children?

      He is a great actor. Just a manner how many times he will win and not when he will win.

      • mito says:

        Nice lovely couple. Still remember the tension he get when for 8 times, he only able to get one HKFA, and the show, my name is fame, almost mirroring his life, Wayne Lai is cameo there too

    3. kk68 says:

      Congratulations!!no plans to have kids…..

    4. Rambling Mind says:

      Good actors never need awards to be recognised. Nice to have, but not need to have

    5. Anna says:

      love this couple.. esp Sean. they seem so genuine.

    6. elle says:

      I am so happy for him.

      I like his performance in Mad detective so much. Still need to watch life without principle.

      • Bizzybody says:

        I love his movies, Mad Detective is one of the many movies besides Written By, Overheard, Running Out Of Time, My Left Eye Sees Ghost and Only Fools Fall In Love.
        Very happy his hard work has finally paid off. Haven’t read about any scandal involving him & he seems to be a good husband. Wish them all the best & may this win means his luck has changed for the better :)

    7. Carole says:

      Love this couple too. I remember liking Sean in Greed Of Man and been his fan since.

    8. Woot says:

      Yes, he needs no awards to be acknowledged that he’s one of the best actors around. He’s always so natural in his role, you know. He has played in many, many other greater roles besides Life Without Principles, to be honest. Sometimes, it’s just odd that you don’t win for more challenging roles, but hey, a win is a win :) Congrats, Sean. And Amy, you look so stunning!!

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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