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Shocking “Highs and Lows” Ending Spoilers Revealed

By on October 20, 2012

Shocking “Highs and Lows” Ending Spoilers Revealed thumbnail

Although the final episode of The Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> will not air until November 2, the endings for the main characters are already leaked!

Raymond Lam’s (林峯) Sai Lok, or Happy Sir, did some secret investigations behind the scene, and discovered that Gordon (Michael Miu 苗僑偉), is a corrupted cops. With support from his team, Raymond sets out to arrest Gordon.

Michael Miu’s Tragic Ending

Knowing he has passed the point of no return, Michael does have the determination to get rid of his good friend Raymond who is investigating his corrupt actions. Michael is finally shot and killed by Raymond.

Kate Tsui’s Sad Ending

As for the informant turned Drug Queen Pat Chan, played by Kate Tsui (徐子珊), the ending is equally tragic. She becomes dejected and depressed at the end, and starts attacking the police. She is then shot multiple times by the police force. Another corrupt cop, Derek Kwok (郭政鴻) suffers the same fate.

Ella Koon’s Happy Ending

Highs and Lows does have a happy ending for Ella Koon (官恩娜), who takes a bullet for her secret crush, Raymond Lam. After Ella survives the injury, the drama ends with the beginning of their relationship.

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  • Readers' Comments (175)

    1. sorrow says:

      thought kate is gonna be pregnant, what happen to her baby??

      • Catie says:

        gonna get cop shot too! what a great ending.

      • Little fishy says:

        If that’s true, the miscarriage may drive her crazy, and hence she attack the police. All in all, predictable ending much -.-?

        • Natalie says:

          But who’s baby is it? Hopefully Raymond’s and also it probably is cos there was a pic of raymond and a lil boy watering the flowers at Kate’s house…

      • bonni3 says:

        kate becomes pregnant after she gets raped and also she becomes one of the biggest drug lords, the police will probably shoot her cause she tries to escape after drug trafficking which will probably cause her to have a miscarriage.

        • bonni3 says:

          (her being pregnant and drug load and stuff was said in the sales presentation but they said they werent sure if it was defiantly happening though)

    2. Tony says:

      WTF? Why would you post this? What is the point of watching now?

      • Jayne says:

        “Spoilers” are clearly denoted in the title. Only by watching will you know whether leaked spoilers are true or not.

        • Tammy says:

          ahahha..SO SILLY!!! If you don’t want to know the ending, don’t read it LOL. Obviously, Jayne did put ” Spoilers” LOL

        • TVBaddict says:

          Hey Jayne- you should create a chatbox for the site!!

          *sorry this is not related to the post.*

    3. asdfjkl; says:

      is kate still “pregnant drug queen” in this drama or was that just in the sales presentation? anyone know?

      • VFC says:

        It was just in the sales presentation, so far there are no signs of her being pregnant and since there are only 10 episodes left then I doubt it. They said in the beginning they weren’t sure if her character would be pregnant or not.

    4. VFC says:

      How accurate are the spoilers? If it’s true then I’m really disappointed

      • nemesis says:

        I thought that was Kate and Raymond’s son! Kate will go to jail and Raymond and their son will wait for them. Typical but I don’t care as long as they have a happy ending. The spoilers are really WTH.

        • nemesis says:

          I read a comment in another site and that house in the background is supposed to be Kate’s house in Lamma Island. If Raymond really ended up with Ella, wouldn’t it be totally rude for them to be living in Kate’s house?!

        • josie says:

          Hmm… I don’t think pat and wai sir will get together again. And she will sleep w/ poon sir too so anybody could be her baby daddy.

          But that house does look like the lamma island house and they are watering the little yellow flowers. Maybe it was filming for a MV.

        • subtleness says:

          nah dont think it is for mv cus the house is pat’s house in hal

        • Linnh says:

          If that’s not their son then poor guy, he had to play in the scene for nothing? :P lol

        • Teeece says:

          It can just be a random kid, it’s not.i,e it was written that the boy is their son it’s just what we assumed.

        • kcabc says:

          MC Jin implied that Happy has a son.

        • Natalie says:

          Well it would be weird if Raymond randomly lets this kid water his lover’s flowers dont u think???

        • Fox says:

          I think the kid has a relationship with Pat for sure.

        • Teece says:

          Can you tell me where did MC Jin said this? Maybe Kate didn’t die afterall but tha’s pretty much confirmed by Ben itself so it’s unlikely she’ll be alive, maybe it’s going to be a diff ending.

        • kcabc says:

          MCJin said something like: I’m actually LF’s son in HAL. So there’s assumption that Happy will named his son after Ah Tim since Ah Tim died, and this can only be logical if the kid is Pat’s.

        • VFC says:

          Are you sure his comment wasn’t a joke? Idk Im hoping it’s true but Ben already confirmed Kate’s death in the finale so I don’t see how that happens….hopefully she’ll make it

      • exoidus says:

        Haha, maybe it’s Ding Jeh’s son Gregory’s little brother.

    5. Sand says:

      Maybe she got pregnant after the rape..

    6. kcabc says:

      This ending sucks if it’s true

      • Catie says:

        there is no such thing as a good ending from tvb lol

        • josie says:

          What do u expect to happen? The dirty cop and drug queen to have happy ending? Tvb can’t show ppl breaking the law and then have a good ending for doing bad things.

        • Teeece says:

          Well Pat turned to drugs was because Poon sir lured her into doing so, I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s a bad ending. She was just under the influence and control of Poon sir.

        • josie says:

          And Gordon was helping his bros. They still did the crime, regardless of circumstances.

        • Teeece says:

          I’m just saying Poon sir should be solely responsible cause in the end he’s the main villain

        • kcabc says:

          I don’t ask for happy ending but this sucks

        • kcabc says:

          It just doesn’t really fits the flow of the character personalities. It just like they tried to put some happiness in the end (Happy+Sandy couple) to reduce the heavy atmosphere but it does not seem right. The characters suddenly change his way of thinking and principle in life although at first they seem to be extreme on what they believe.

        • kcabc says:

          @Teeece: Nah, I would not think pouring everything on Poon is good, it’s too boring. But I don’t think let them die all is good either. It’s just like they’r too lazy to write different endings for each character so they just copy paste, then go with the all time fairy tale ending: All the vilians die, the good ones live happily ever after WTH. The story of Pat tell us what message? You live a tragic life, trying to be good, but have to be bad and die in the end? It’s not memorable but annoying the way TVB put it (if this ending is true), I don’t feel sorry for Pat if she dies, I feel annoyed.

        • Nicole says:

          I agree with kcabc. I guess in the end, Kate will end up a 100% tragic character? From her life to the deaths in her family, to rape and drugs and her final death. It just seems so flat and sad. Especially since she was forced into that. The show will seem a little more human, if they found some way to let her go, even if it meant bending the rules a little, instead of the all bad people must go to hell message.

        • kcabc says:

          Yap, then Pat can be called Anti-MarySue

        • Natalie says:

          It’s really pathetic- all the main-ish characters die and raymond and ella get together…I hope this spoiler isn’t true. I’d be soo depressed…

    7. Roxy says:

      Omg this rumors are everywhere now! We’re not sure if it’s true or not but I hope it’s not. Stupidest ending ever! even worse than WI.

    8. tom says:

      i think LF should be with ella

      • josie says:

        Yes, he should. Sandy is so sweet and caring towards him. I wish Happy kisses her at the end.

        • Teeece says:

          Then it would be just out of pity not actually real love

        • josie says:

          No, pity would be if she was dying or something.
          This is called being touched by their actions and giving love a chance.

        • Teeece says:

          She was dying as she was shot, it’s the last ten episodes and Happy sir is clearly still infatuated with Pat it just doesn’t seem to realistic. Typical of TVB though

        • josie says:

          Let’s see how it plays out.

          I still don’t understand why Happy likes Pat so much to begin w/. I find it more understandable why that triad boss finds her so attractive.

        • Roxy says:

          So? What if she’s sweet? She can be a goddess and he still doesnt give a damn.

        • Teeece says:

          If you think about it Happy sir and Pat can really relate together, they both came from a complicated background, despised their fathers, and they understand each other.

        • kcabc says:

          Happy Sir is smart and weird, do not care about rules and regulations and Pat is somehow like that. He care for Sandy like a brother to a sister more than lovers.

        • bonni3 says:

          happy sir’s personality suits pat’s more though. sandy is pure and innocent but she had to actually change to suit happy sir’s style and way of doing things
          although ella and raymond are cute, kate and raymond are cutest >:)

        • Fox says:

          Happy likes Pat because Pat suits him more. Sandy is like a little sister to him more than a lover.

      • kcabc says:

        I like him tobe with both LOL

      • Linnh says:

        Well I think he should be with Kate, even that she plays a villain, remember she didn’t push him away because she don’t want him, but more because she think she don’t deserves him, when a girl love a guy she wish the best for him (what she think is the best for him) and she think that Ella is better for him. But we all know she loves him and he loves her, so that he ends up with Ella, was a big no no for me lol. But that’s my personal oppinion though.

      • Natalie says:

        No…LF should be with Kate- Ella is too annoying and plus Poon sir likes her so…

    9. EL says:

      This movie sucks on the whole.

    10. Lucia says:

      The ending of the character for Michael Miu and Raymond Lam sounded like the characters for Michael Miu and Felix Wong in the serie in the past with Jessica.

    11. David says:

      I dont think Happy sir feels so much for Pat in reality HK police :) what background? Many police gets same background and become police. Many come from poor family right? But a police with good pay, good career falls in love deep for a poor, uneducated girl is not too reality :)
      As in reality society you tend to go with people in same class :) same working environment :)

      • kcabc says:

        He seems to attracted to her coz she appeared to be smart, quick thinking and somehow special and weird.

      • Little fishy says:

        Basically, all the love stories are now unrealistic because most of them feature guys fall for girls coming from different background, different class.

    12. Josephine says:

      I dont know what is the dress code uniform for HK OCTB. In Tiger cubs they dress in suit all time but in this drama, happy sir wore casual cloth and jean all time even in a formal meeting. Do not make sense to me :)

      • nemesis says:

        I think happy sir is from CIB not OCTB, and its okay to wear casual clothes in CIB, like laughing in LOO.

      • Lol says:

        CIB are undercover police, their job is try to blend in with whatever case they’re working on. Some look just like triad members…you wouldn’t know even if they are standing next to you.

      • ALovesFung says:

        Happy Sir marches to his own drum, he can dress casual because he is always undercover! He doesn’t give a crap about rules anyways! :)

      • bonni3 says:

        happy sir isn’t apart of OCTB, he’s apart of CIB, poon sir was OCTB at the very start then he was transferred.

      • Fox says:

        OCTB was Poon Sir (Ben)’s place in the beginning. Happy is from NB.

    13. Betty Chen says:

      Also in the drama, Ben Wong & Ella won international police cadet champion competition. And sir said it is honor for HK police. Come on! How many police academic HK has? HK is just very small place. Where are the polices in the world? Very non sense to see a new grad police like Ella won championship :)

    14. Joyce says:

      Ahh I don’t like the ending.. I love happy sir with pat at last.. Thy so in love to each other,they should b 2gether at last.. Hope the ending will not b like that.. If true, it’s another lame story after WI…

    15. Glphan says:

      Lol couldn’t resist reading the damn spoilers! Now I regret it big time ><*

    16. Anna says:

      so how accurate are these spoilers normally? I really hope this isn’t true. How the the series is progressing, more is really rooting for Kate and Raymond. Ella is a sweet character–but I don’t find myself rooting for her since Kate is a far more tragic character. You can’t help but want her to at least experience a happy live. :)

      • Daisy says:

        The spoilers are usually half true… Judging by the past spoilers posted, that’s how it usually is but not sure for this one… I hope it’s not though Kate’s ending is waaaay too sad.

        She lived such a terrible life! She made a mistake an now she deserves to die? I rather have her go to jail and come out starting fresh.

    17. chompontvb says:

      i actually want gordon to end up with madam yu! it would be sweet

      • purplepaw says:

        madam yu is so expressionless, it kind of hurts to watch her LOL

        • deeg says:

          Agree! I thought she was a far more experienced actress but she’s been disappointingly expressionless in her role. In fact,she looks so bored in her Madam character instead of serious,smart and an inspiring career woman, and it’s only when she goes undercover that you see a spark of life. She’s unable to show why Gordon wld want to continue with her.

    18. aptos says:


      You definitely like to tease or antagonize the viewers with your “spoiler” headlines…rrrr…

      • Jayne says:

        Readers click into an article of their own will, including pieces clearly marked “spoilers” so I don’t see how such articles antagonize them. Teasing yes….

        Watching a drama typically requires 15+ hours of viewing commitment. In our busy lives today, don’t you wish to skip ahead a bit and find out if the drama plays out to your expectations before committing to watch every scene?

        It would be similar to reading a book and flipping to the ending before we decide if we wish to spend dedicated time to read all the pages. Not that most TVB dramas have much suspense left in them anyhow.

        Btw, I deleted your other Cecilia photos link, as they are too explicit for some of our readers.

        • clamine says:

          I bet Aptos meant “agonized” not “antagonized”. lol!

        • Linnh says:

          I’m with you on this Jayne, thank you for the spoiler.:)

        • star says:

          I’ve never like to know the ending, be it series or books, cause it will sort of spoil them but I will be tempted to. Thanks for indicating spoiler in the title so I can skip the article and just read the comments, but still give me the ideas what will the ending be. Oh well.

    19. Linnh says:

      i know people support Ella and LF, but I was hoping for a big turn so that Kate and LF could be together at the end. And MM and Elaine would have a happy ending too, yeah you guys know those happy endings, but I guess I Won’t get that buhu :'(

      • Fox says:

        I blv most of ppl watching HAL without bias hatred to Kate will support Happy Pat more than Happy Sandy.

      • Linnh says:

        Ohh btw I was going by HAL forum in Asianfanatics, and there, Ella and LF is leading on who that should be together :P But that poll came out in August, so i guess the reason behind it must be the poll was up before HAL started to air.

    20. Gar says:

      I really would prefer Kate to be with LF as she is the one that he truly loves and not Ella. We will have to see.

      • variel2 says:

        Agreed! They suit more as a couple. I never really liked Ella’s character, way too fussy. Kate for the win!

    21. LAM says:

      NO, seriously , i feel more nice when sandy together with happy SIR. duno know why. Maybe sandy really acting too pro until like real she really very nice girl and really can sacrifice anything for LF. I am happy that sandy can together with happy Sir at the end. Nice muak muak. hehe

    22. Ric says:

      There’s no such thig as a good ending because everyone has a different definition. Can’t satisfy them all. I actually don’t mind everyone dying. They are criminals afterall. What do you expect?

      • Teeece says:

        Criminals deserve punishment which means doing time, not death. IMO death is the easiest way out while serving time it gives you. Ore time to rethink your mistakes and the punishment is more severe. But too bad TVB lacks tat kind of knowledge.

        This may not be the ending, usually spoilers are released later, this is too early.

    23. Nori says:

      I thought Raymond will end up with Kate despite of her being a criminal. However, I do like Ella,too. So, I wouldn’t mind if Raymond chose her after all.

      • ALovesFung says:

        Agree totally! I just hate to see Happy Sir unhappy or heartbroken when Pat refused his love. They are from the same background, from poor families when they were young. How can Pat hurt him like that! What a foolish girl… No, stupid girl!

    24. kiki says:

      hhahaa that is so ending. TVB always have cliche happing endings perhaps this will be a little different ahha even thou it is a bit too sad. I definitely dont want Michael Miu to die… :0(

    25. kiki says:

      * some *

    26. ALovesFung says:

      Does anyone ever wonder why Heurng Sir (MMui) always rolls with ALL three guys each time?! They are in the same car, going to the same place. I thought policeman travel in teams of two!

    27. VFC says:

      I suddenly just lost so much interest after hearing these spoilers…..TVB just ruined what could possibly be one of their good series.

      • Nicole says:

        Then why did you read the spoilers?
        Jayne stated there are spoilers. If you didn’t want to read it, you can just don’t open the page? TVB didn’t ruin the series with the spoilers. You just ruined what would be a good series to yourself with your own choice.

        • VFC says:

          You must of mistaken me, I lost interest cause of what happens in the ending, I don’t regret reading the spoilers at all. TVB ruined the series by providing this ending IMO, they could of been more creative and different from this.

        • Nicole says:

          Oops, I apologise VFC for misunderstanding. But I think that it’s a good series even with a bad ending. I mean there are so many series like To Catch the Uncatchable etc. good series with crappy endings too. All those comedies that end up with the main character dead. Seriously…

        • VFC says:

          It’s ok=] I thought the series started out pretty decent but Ben already said the spoilers are not entirely accurate except for Michael and Kate’s fate so I’ll still have to watch the finale to see if it’s actually a crappy ending. I thought Lives Of Omission was one of TVB’s last decent action series with a pretty good ending.

    28. llwy12 says:

      Not sure if anyone brought this up yet, since I didn’t read through all the comments yet. But Ben Wong actually clarified that not all of the spoilers are true…he would only reveal that the deaths of Michael Miu and Kate Tsui’s characters will have something to do with him (so that means the part about Michael and Kate dying are true then?)….other than that, looks like we will have to watch the finale to find out what truly happens…

      • VFC says:

        I think the death of Kate’s character is what bothered most ppl including myself, but still have to to watch the finale to see what actually happens.

        • Fox says:

          I think the happy ending of Happy and Sandy got the nerves of ppl more :P.

        • Nicole says:

          It’s more like the unfairness of Kate’s death when she had been dealt a bad set in life, starkly contrasted with the happy ending of Happy sir and Sandy.

        • VFC says:

          Actually I don’t think Happy sir and Sandy end up together since the spoilers above are not all accurate according to Ben. I’m not surprised by Kate’s ending though since I can’t imagine her being capable of living a normal life after what has happened around her. I just thought TVB is more lighthearted on those characters but I guess not in here.

    29. Addy says:

      Am I the only one who thinks Pat is a stupid character? Sandy also isn’t very intelligent, but she’s very headstrong and tend to act without thinking, and I forgive her for that.

      Pat appears to be a bit more grounded than Sandy, but she still did many illogical things (getting trapped in that ice box for example… drove me nuts at how stupid she was and I did not find the whole ~Happy Sir saving the day~ thing very attractive, mainly because of her stupidity. And his stupidity.)

      • Addy says:

        Basically what I’m trying to say is that Pat is a very inconsistent character. It’s the fault of the scriptwriters… nothing to do with Kate’s performance.

        Then again, I really don’t like HAL that much in general. The only interesting characters are Gordon and Poon Sir, mainly because I have a thing for villains. Happy Sir was interesting until he fell in love with Pat’s character. After that, he just became a boring love interest with no contribution to the story whatsoever.

        • Addy says:

          And I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever Happy Sir gets angry, I find it the most hilarious thing ever. Raymond kinda fails at acting angry. I am now doubting his abilities for BA…

        • Fox says:

          This boring love to you is the most interesting parts to many ppl :P.

        • star says:

          I don’t find it hilarious. He doesn’t have the really fierce look, which I like (as a fan) or he just doesn’t show it on screen. Roger Kwok looked really fierce when he was angry in TLOS and it really scared me. Perhaps it’s due to my growing environment, I really don’t appreciate the fierce look even if necessary in that scene.

        • Natalie says:

          I remember a scene (just before an advert) where LF hits someone (I think its kate since the next scene showing her crying and rubbing her cheek)…that was very shocking and he looked proper angry…

        • Fox says:

          I find he did his angry scenes in proper expression for the situations such as the one in eps 19 when he is mad at Pat. If he looks too fierce, it’ll be OTT like the one I saw in BTROC, way OTT.

        • Addy says:

          My problem with Raymond’s angry face is exactly because it was OTT. Especially at the scene where he was mad at Michael Miu for chaining him up. I didn’t feel anger from his character at all. His acting wasn’t natural enough.

          Roger Kwok was very menacing in TLOS. I had my doubts of him being a villain in TLOS, but he tackled it very well. He should do more villain roles in the future.

        • Fox says:

          Oh I’m different. I think he did so well especially the eye acting in this one. From his eyes, I can feel that he was hurt of how Gordon let him out.

        • subtleness says:

          yah i really like roger’s performance in TLOS!! he freaked me out as well and funny thing is, he filmed the sales presentationf for hal and i think he would have also done a good job if he was casted!!

        • subtleness says:

          but then this is different? roger in TLOS was a villan but raymond in hal isnt a villain so he does not need to give the ‘too scary’ expression and i think he is doing good

      • Fox says:

        What is illogical when she is blocked in the ice store? She hid the gangs and the gangs dun see her, so they blocked it like usual.

        • Addy says:

          @Fox – But the main ice storage entrance was blocked through. Of course the door was locked AFTER the gang left, but Pat could have easily slipped out of the place when the gang members went into the inner room.

        • Fox says:

          Nope, the gang left rite after that and she was tried to hide from them, so it’s reasonable for her to wait for a little. She isn’t a trained cop.

        • star says:

          She was eavesdropping on their conversation when the gang members were in the inner room and then she hid under some carton boxes to inform Happy. The gang members came out before she had time to leave.

        • star says:

          However, if I were her, I will leave the room before informing Happy. Maybe she wants to see if she can gets more clues.

        • Addy says:

          @Fox – but she had time to call Happy Sir, which meant the gang didn’t leave right after. If I were her (and I’m no trained cop either), right after I’ve eavesdropped about the main exchange location, I would have ran out of the ice storage, quickly find a place to hide, and then inform Happy Sir ASAP. And seeing that Pat has already worked at that restaurant for quite some time, I’m sure she could have figured out a good hiding place where she’s out of earshot.

          @star – maybe she wants to stay in some more just in case more info leaks. but what’s more important than her own life? now more than ever, because she has a brother to take care of. if she doesn’t want to live, at least she should live for her brother?

        • Fox says:

          She was hiding from the gangs, I doubt that she can run directly out of the frozen store – where the guys heading to. And she can’t expect that they would close it. This scene is quite reasonable, to me. It’s an accident, not that Pat can predict.

        • kcabc says:

          right after I’ve eavesdropped about the main exchange location, I would have ran out of the ice storage, quickly find a place to hide,

          One of the strategies of the eavesdropper: never leave before your target leave

    30. variel2 says:

      Awwwie… I hate sad endings. I thought Raymond and Kate make a cute couple, kind of sad that he ended up with Ella instead. Not only that, Kate gets raped, turns to something she hates the most, drugs and dies. :'(

    31. bee7 says:

      I’m looking forward to knowing what will happen to Poon Sir. He is the only character that I find truly interesting in HAL.

    32. Grace says:

      As long as LF has a good ending it’s fine with me….lol…..

    33. bonni3 says:


      Why does Ella get Raymond in the end?!?!?!


      ily ella, to the end of the world and back, but the character sandy in highs and lows is just pissing the heck out of me!

      Sandy is too innocent and pure for happy sir, where as with pat she’s perfect her character is just made for happy sir holy actually shit sticks

      Pat and happy sir have been through more and understand each other better, they’re personalities suit each other and they don’t have to change around eachother ,their actually characters are actually MEANT to be together like i’m not even kidding!

      Sandy is really nice, loving and caring towards happy sir but her character is just too different for happy sir, as we can all see she is one of them rule abiding people but when she’s with happy sir, just so he can be with him or whatever she has to change herself and her personality and way that she lives by just to suit happy sir, this already says alot!


      Why can’t pat take a bullet for happy sir and not sandy >:( BLOODY HELL why are the bullets that Kate take not for happy sir but just because the police decide to shoot her omg


      If tvb don’t make an alternative ending and do a new series where everything is perfect between happy sir and pat I don’t know how I will continue on with life this is too much to take in, !

      Stop doing this tvb, how many times do you want Kate and Raymond not to have a happy ever after!


      • 9394 says:

        After watch E22( 1 sec rape scene) , the moral of this story suck big time.
        Pat rejected Happy Sir because of her self esteem,she trying to made a living for her sick brother. Parents bad past because of drugs, now she got rape unable face the truth by taking drugs herself.
        Understand from the spoiler She got killed by police because of drugs

        So what is the moral of this story?
        My answer , the society suck..when I made mistake there is no more hope of doing good?

        Lol to TVB…this is not movie, is TV drama…many kids watching it

    34. clamine says:

      Michael Miu complains on weibo about the series been preempted for 4 days. Guess, Felix’s outspokenness rubbed off on him? lol! [..]Guess we’ll have to wait until all series have finished airing before we can make our move.[..]

      • Fox says:

        Haha but the way he complains is so cute. I actually think Txb dun want to promote HAL so its success is kinda out of their expectation, also the praises and noise for Kate. They spend more money to promote SSSS (even buy an ads on weiba.weibo to post the message to all weibos with follow to weiba to introduce the series) and make HAL the cannon folder to SSSS. I blv the HAL artists won’t feel happy for this treatment. Haha, but if SSSS is a flop, it’s very laughable.

    35. Cleo says:

      Isn’t it weird that no one cares how pretty Miu Kiu Wai is and how much prettier than the far more successful contemporaries Tony Leung and Andy Lau and latecomer Leon Lai? He never had Yes! cards, did he? And his wife is really pretty too!

      • Addy says:

        Have you seen Michael Miu’s pictures 20 years ago? LOL. Michael Miu is the prettiest now, but 20 years ago, I’d definitely say the prettier ones were Andy Lau, Tony Leung, and Felix Wong. In fact, the prettiest guy of the 5 Tigers was Kent Tong, according to the public. The most popular guy was Felix.

        • Fox says:

          Tony is still handsome now, with his sad eyes.

          The most popular one among 5 tigers was Tony, not Felix :). Tony was called TVB’s prince.

    36. Linnh says:

      i remember someone mentioned that MC jin hinted that Raymond will have a son, and he is going to call his son after MC jin also Tim? I don’t know if we can trust this, but if it is true, will it say that 1. it is a chance that Kate survives? 2. Raymond will have kids with another woman(blaah!) 3. Kate gives birth but dies, so Raymond must take care of the son alone?

      • Nicole says:

        Maybe he’s gonna name his children with sandy after MC JIN AND KATE :(((((

        • Linnh says:

          maybe, but that is tragic. because in the series, then it looks like Raymond only see her as a friend/sister, it’s just one way love. If TVB want to make their relationship to be believable, then the script must be really good for that to happend, because we are already in episode 20. and Raymonds heart still belongs to Kate.

        • Nicole says:

          TVB might just do that 1 year later thing in the last episode. LOL

        • Linnh says:

          Lol maybe, omg it sounds so lame haha :P

        • Nicole says:

          Yes! It was so bad when they did it in L’Escargot with Ron and JJ. When he obviously still loved Linda. Gah!

        • Fox says:

          I still highly doubt that Happy and Sandy will end up together. Because in the pic of the last day of filming (prolly for the ending), Happy stays in Pat’s house in Lamma Island. Lol, wat is the point to be with Sandy in Pat’s house :P.

        • Linnh says:

          lol one of the reason why I decided to skip L’Escargot, plus I heard that it was really depressing series:P

        • Fox says:

          Forgot to mention: He and the little kid actor waters the little yellow flower (which he used to describe Pat) as well.

        • Linnh says:

          Fox I pray for that Kate ends up in coma, and then wakes up and then she can be with Raymond in their house haha….

        • Linnh says:

          aww Fox, now it sounds more like the third alternative I came with, Raymond ends up raising his and Kate’s child alone :P

        • Fox says:

          I guess the ending is slight different: Pat is shot by the cops and maybe falls to the sea and disappear. Happy reveals that actually she agreed with him to be his informal and it’s the reason why Poon sir is jailed. Happy stays in Pat’s house with a little boy named Tim to wait for Pat to come back.

          Do you watch The Four – another series of Lam Chi Wah. Its ending is similar to this when Chi Yan left Mou Ying for good sake. I guess this time it’ll be similar. Lam Chi Wah dun seem to like sudden HE.

        • Linnh says:

          I haven’t watched it, but actually I want too.

          Ohh, if it ends up like you says, then Raymond and Kate seriously don’t have faith in having good endings together in drama series. Well it has only been two dramas but still.

        • Fox says:

          But they have faith to have bed scene, LMAO~. Last time in The Four they had a bed scene, too :P. And also a wheelchair as LF has chance to stay in wheelchair twice in both of The Four and HAL.

          Btw, if you wanna watch The Four, I suggest you to not highly expect on a love story of LF and Kate. On the other hand, maybe you will be fan of bromance (like me :P). I like the bromance aspect in The Four than the love. Uhm uhm, I’m a big fan of Mo Ching mei ren and the 3 si di :P.

        • Linnh says:

          hehehe ok, Thanks Fox;)

        • Fox says:

          I mean fate :P, I typed wrongly to faith

        • Linnh says:

          If you didn’t mention the fate and faith words, i wouldn’t have paid attention, I keep on mixing those two words all the time, also the way to write it:P

    37. kittyluv says:

      it is a pity if the ending turned be like this,so many people get shots.i hope nobody die in the end,maybe Gordon went to jail and Pat went to mental assylum with Happy sir visiting her everyday.i think it fit the story.it gives people hope rather than disappointment. juz my opinion.

      • Linnh says:

        Well Ben already says that MM and Kate’s death has something with him to do, so it may be true that everybody just die lol. But i still have hopes up, but it is TVB, nothing surprise me anymore with their bad endings lately.

    38. E says:

      So, the only one living is Ella and Raymond -_- This got to be the most death I’ve seen this year in an Asian drama. (all main lead dying away) After seeing this, I may have to go watch Thai drama

    39. ALovesFung says:

      I hope TVB is considering Part 2 of HAL! Only if LF is available to star in it again!

      • Linnh says:

        If kate and MM dies, then I don’t see any reason to do that. off course if you don’t support Ella and Raymonds romance then, then maybe you still has something to watch.

        • ALovesFung says:

          As long as LF is happy, I have no preference between Pat and Sandy. If they film Part 2, then please limit the sadness in the characters, make it a crime solving story! I hate to see LF sad and heartbroken! His Honeys loves his dreamy or naughty smiles! :)

        • Larry 3 says:

          LF is happy…lol. I really doubt there will be sequel to this series.

        • ALovesFung says:

          I meant to say that as long as LF is not sad! He will still be Happy Sir/Wai Sir! My heart breaks when he cries! I feel his pain!

    40. ALovesFung says:

      Can’t believe the series is ending so soon! Poon Sir as the second Agent is a total surprise! Too many versions of the so called ending floating around!
      LF did an awesome job as Happy Sir! I will miss seeing him almost every night! Guess I will need to watch one of his old series on DVD until a new one is aired. Looking forward to seeing LF walk off with the Best Actor award this year! It is long overdue! Love FUNG!

    41. gold4canada says:

      only michael’s ending is true.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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