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Synopsis of “The Hippocratic Crush” Starring Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

By on January 23, 2012

Synopsis of “The Hippocratic Crush” Starring Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung thumbnail

TVB series, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, will be airing in Hong Kong on February 13, 2012. Produced by Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德), the medical drama stars Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Tavia Yeung (楊 怡), Him Law (羅仲謙), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Candy Chang (張慧雯), Ben Wong (黃智賢), and Raymond Cho (曹永廉).

Each day and night,in a race against time, a group of medical interns and residents attempt to help their patients triumph illness and death. However, what is the real mission of these future doctors and what can be mastered in the end?

Graduating neurosurgery resident, Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) was intent on sending his disabled younger brother to study overseas. Thus, Yat Kin concentrated on work to earn money and neglected his own love life until he met medical intern, Fan Zi Yu (Tavia Yang), who possessed the same passion in medical studies. Zi Yu came from a family of famous doctors. Strongly attracted by Yat Kin’s abilities and personality, Zi Yu took the initiative to pursue him.

While Yat Kin was still hesitant, the sudden death of his brother led to Yat Kin’s drastic change in temperament. The staff of the entire hospital, including a group of new interns, such as Yeung Pui Chung (Him Law) and Zi Yu’s younger sister, Kong Mei Shuet (Mandy Wong) respected Yat Kin greatly. During Yat Kin’s lowest point, Zi Yu was diagnosed with a serious illness….

Jayne: I look forward to Kenneth and Tavia’s partnership, but the plot does not sound too original. Since Kenneth is a neurosurgeon, will Tavia’s character have a brain tumor? Will Kenneth need to put aside his grief for his brother in order to operate on Tavia and save the love of his life? Will their romantic survive the cruel fate of life or will medical skill and science triumph in the end?

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  • Readers' Comments (88)

    1. Kidd says:

      The English title called ‘The Hippocratic Crush’. Does this mean it will be romance centric like MOL?

      Why can’t they just name is ’36 Hours On Call’. I don’t like this title. Kinda demean the Hippocratic Oath.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I think it is in the end a love story. I am bored with Tavia. Can’t she have a different hairstyle? And she looks too old to be an intern. Make her an expert already. I mean a senior can fall in love with a junior.

        • Nicole says:

          She looks old, but nothing say she can’t be an intern at 30. Maybe she’s an old intern?

        • FromSingapore says:

          I think its just the haircut which makes her look more mature.if she doesnt cut her hair and let it grow long.she might look muchmuch younger.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I know! Just you know come on, another hair please!

        • kixbaby says:

          lol stop being so harsh on female styles. guys basically have the same hairstyle for a long time too.

        • claimine says:

          Can’t understand why Tavia would not get different hairstyles/looks for different characters, especially when her series are aired so closely together. It gets very monotonous watching her series.

        • Vivien says:

          I’m bored with Tavia too and happy to know I’m not the only one. I used to like her when she was prettier and better in acting during the MR days.

        • FromSingapore says:

          I totally love her hairstyle in moonlight resonance.<3
          Its so much better than now.but i am still looking forward to this show.
          Grr.i keep replying to the wrong one.anyone knows how to delete a comment using iphone?

      • FromSingapore says:

        Does tavia even look OLD.O.o?
        She looks young.Shes only 32.Same as kate==

      • FromSingapore says:

        I totally love her hairstyle in moonlight resonance.<3
        Its so much better than now.but i am still looking forward to this show

    2. TVBaddict says:

      i remember watching an interview with tavia and kenneth and they were saying how they really wanted to be an on-screen couple

      even when they were casted in MOL, they thought they finally had the chance but actually they only remained a colleague relationship…

      now they finally have the chance!

    3. Khanh says:

      Yayyyy I can’t wait to see the pairing of Tavia and Kenneth. Yayyy and also him with Mandy.
      Looks like a good storyline with heaps of young cast as well :)

    4. someone says:

      Will Him Law beat some female patients in the series because they do not listen?

    5. Lucia says:

      From the picture in this news, Tavia and Kenneth look very compatible. I can’t wait to see this movie serie.

    6. HeTieShou says:

      Another modern series?? Is TVB going to be having and new ancient series???Why so many modern series lately??

    7. Mika says:

      Interesting… Tavia and Kenneth will be great i suppose. The sales presentation was original and Tavia’s problem… Aww can’t wait

      • Nicole says:

        I guess we weren’t watching the same sales presentation, as I thought it was the boring old **** that TVB drama always brings. And tavia has a problem. Again!

    8. TK says:

      No way…this sounds like a rip off of the classic Healing Hands, Neurosurgen and his focused life….blah blah blah.
      Are they running out of new story lines?

      • sehseh says:

        Well, it’s a formula that worked for TVB ratings.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Let me predict. Kenneth will pout when upset, pout when he is angry, basically will pout up a storm. Tavia will cry loudly and like the world is coming to an end in every occasion. And they will stand with their hands crossed to show a professional at work or hands in pockets, will have nicknames, go to pub, drink red wine, have big apartments.

          I know the stories are similar sounding, but at least give me something else. Maybe Tavia dying in 3rd episode and for the rest is a floating spirit watching over Kenneth.

          I just hope the english scenes are ok.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Funn

          In TVBland, only police officers have nicknames. Doctors proper English names.

        • josie says:


          Except for Dr. O f/ MWNS. Also known as OK yee sung.

        • Vivien says:

          Maybe Kenneth’s character will have a devastating moment and he will cry all out and the ratings will go up!

      • Fox says:

        Without Bowie’s role.

    9. Grace says:

      It’s her hair -do, change it & she’ll look great & young again!!

      Looking forward for this series.

    10. TVBFanatic says:

      lol Jayne! I think you’ve just given away the ending plot line!!

    11. niki says:

      Even if it’s not the hairstyle…Tavia looks really old now!!! TVB should stop giving her young role, she’s not suitable!! Give other actresses a chance.
      In addition, Tavia’s acting is the same in all her recent series. Boring!

    12. JustStoppingBy says:

      It sounds like this will the your “typical” TVB series….but hey, at least we see a fresh pairing: Kenneth and Tavia. I get so tired when Ron and Kate shows up together as a couple -_-

    13. Winnie says:

      Sounds like a rip off from the American medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy”?

      Kenneth = Derek Shepherd
      Tavia = Meredith Grey
      Mandy = Lexie Grey
      Him = Karev/O’Malley (depending on his character)

      Still, I’m pretty excited to see what TVB has to offer with this series. I do love medical dramas!

      • josie says:

        But who would be McSteamy?

        I think Kenneth is more Paul ching than McDreamy.

        Tavia is ok as Meredith b/c the character is annoying anyways.

        Him law is probably karev. I can see him wearing those wife beater tank tops when changing out of his scrubs.

    14. moses says:

      Hello Jayne, Kong Hei fatt Choy ,i have question,is this drama related to TVB other serial Return Back to Three King which Kenneth and Tavia as couple while Raymond Lam act as Zhuge Liang ,is this the prequel or sequel of Return Back to three kingdom?

    15. Lucia says:

      Tavia’s hairstyle is not exactly the same as her recent series.

    16. fox says:

      So must be the same acting to lead ppl to the thinking she is the same?

    17. FromSingapore says:

      Why is everyone so againest tavia?O.o?
      Even if she done plastic surgeory.its normal.i dun believe that ALL stars are pure.Its the 21st century.
      Plastic Surgery is NORMAL nowdays..
      No offence.:/

      • Nicole says:

        Why do you accuse people of being against Tavia for doing plastic surgery? Or that we consider plastic surgery “Abnormal”?

        It’s her denial that she has even done plastic surgery, that makes people laugh. If she did it, have the guts to admit it. It’s like Angelababy, who obviously has plastic surgery, but still says she’s “au naturale”. Viewers are not blind.

        Not to mention Tavia’s nose looks way worse nowadays from too much things she injected in it.

        PS: My best friend had PS on her nose. But her nose looks 100x better than Tavia’s.

        • Fox says:

          When I first see PS, I thought it’s Photoshop. Then it’s Plastic Surgeries. Funny through, both is “ways” to make artists look “better”.

        • b says:

          you are in denial! you are against Tavia so just admit it! A lot of artist has had work done why only pick on her? as for her style its not only up to her how she looks she may have a say but its up to the producer.

      • TVBFanatic says:

        Plastic surgery is “normal”? really? Not in my neck of the woods. Plastic surgery is not normal. it’s sad to think that as a race we are pushing people into PS.

        And as Nicole says, it’s more the denial that anything has been done.

        I like Tavia as an actress. I think she can command the stage and steal the scene.. but I’ll be honest in saying that I couldn’t not take my eyes off that nose in more than one episode of “Sorry Sir, Yes Sir.” It’s a distraction :(

    18. tempodata says:

      Didnt realise that there is that many plastic surgeon/expert frequent this site. Hm… interesting

      • Nicole says:

        Didn’t know that you need to be a plastic surgeon or expert to comment on whether people have plastic surgery. In that case, we are all professional actors, directors or producers? We are all commenting on all actresses/actors acting on this website.

    19. JN says:

      If don’t like her then don’t watch her series. End of story…

      • JustStoppingBy says:

        I would “like” this comment!

        • Nicole says:

          Maybe people want to watch it for Kenneth or Mandy Wong. Not everything is about Tavia.

        • JustStoppingBy says:

          Sure not everything is about Tavia, but if everyone is going to let one petty thing like her nose get in their way of actually realizing how great her acting is then what’s the point on watching? As for those who what to watch it for the other actors, then they don’t need to make a comment about other actors they could care less about.

        • Nicole says:

          I wonder why most actors and actresses are good looking instead of ugly. Don’t you think?
          Her nose distracts people from her “good acting”. When you watch her on screen, you only see a “nose”. And whether her acting is good is people’s opinion. Many people find her acting boring these days.

        • b says:

          many find Kate cant act and her lips distracting too

      • Fox says:

        Dun worry, many ppl are doing so, including me :P.

        • JustStoppingBy says:

          I’m pretty sure now that Nicole is not a fan of Tavia. However, I still don’t get why a nose can be distracting. Nancy Sit has a huge mole right in the middle and I don’t see a discussion about that.

          As for her “boring acting” I have to say it is not her fault but the roles she has to play. Remember Dicey Business? She was given a role that allowed her to be playful. For this series you won’t expect a doctor or medical intern to be bouncing around with breast implants (like she had in dicey business)

        • Kidd says:

          ” I still don’t get why a nose can be distracting. Nancy Sit has a huge mole right in the middle and I don’t see a discussion about that.”

          That shows how unsuitable her new nose is for her face that viewers find it even more distracting that Nansy Sit’s mole.

        • Nicole says:

          Why do you need to confirm I’m not a fan of Tavia when I never denied it?

          And Kidd has already explained why her nose is distracting. Furthermore, I do hope you know that Nancy Sit’s mole is natural and she did not implant a giant mole in the middle of her face? Unfortunately, I cannot make the same declaration for Tavia.

          Most people get plastic surgery rumours when they become prettier/more handsome, eg. Kate, Fala, Elaine Yiu, Raymond Lam etc. I don’t know if they really did it, but if they did, it’s money well spent as they look better now. Smart move.
          For Tavia who ends up looking worse than before? It’s the opposite.

        • Fox says:

          Why reply Nicole while using reply to me but dun mention of me? I’m sad ah~.

          @Kidd: +1.

        • JustStoppingBy says:

          @ Nicole
          I am not confirming anything. By saying that you are not a fan of Tavia shows that you will continue to hate her and her nose. So there is nothing that can change your mind about Tavia.

          I did some research and yes, I notice the nose getting a more defined shape. However, I think she can still deliver a stellar performance.

          Again, I just want to say, if one minor physical appearance is distracting enough to distract you from the show, then good luck walking down the streets or applying for a job. Or paying attention when you face someone with just ONE MINOR physical distraction. (ie: huge breast, nose, lips, teeth, feet.)

        • Fox says:

          I saw deveral facial changes on her. Howevet is is really a minor matter. Her acting got downhill and too many crying to annoying is another reason and I dun think it is minor anymore. I used to think she can act.

        • b says:

          i dont think Kate is prettier or ever pretty she is ugly no matter what she does to her face and her lips are very distracting, i am sick of seeing her in dramas and trying to look sexy but cant act at all

        • sure-lee says:


          I think Tavia is an awesome actress, and The Hippocratic Crush is IMO one of her best dramas ever since the broadcast of TMOL! Her acting in episode 13 was AMAZING.


          I see that you don’t like Tavia, and find her nose distracting, but everyone has their own opinions. As for her nose, I agree it looks different from before, but I don’t find it to be a disruption towards her looks onscreen.

        • Fox says:

          @b: Kate looks younger :P.

    20. b says:

      i think Tavia is an awesome actress too!!.. i know she was really great in episode 13, i went back on line to re watch it =) !

    21. ky100 says:

      hi anybody knows what handbag tavia is using in this drama? thanks :)

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