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Tavia Yeung Denies Marriage Rumors with Him Law

By on December 14, 2012

Tavia Yeung Denies Marriage Rumors with Him Law thumbnail

Is it finally time for Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) to tie the knot? After all, Him did thank Tavia at the My Astro on Demand Favorites Awards after winning Best Supporting Actor earlier this month, and even hinted at Tavia to be “someone very important in [his] life.”

A tabloid magazine recently reported that Tavia and Him are planning to get married in September 2013 after allegedly visiting feng shui master, Koon Jeh, last month. The report indicated that Him provided the fortune teller with three dates, and asked her which date would be the best time to hold their happy occasion. Koon Jeh suggested September, and also advised Tavia to hold onto Him because he is an individual who can bring good fortune and happiness to his partner.

Ironically, a tabloid report that was published earlier this March claimed that Him and Tavia are, in fact, not a very fortunate romantic pair. The recent report claimed that when Him privately visited Koon Jeh regarding his future with his new romantic partner, the feng shui master did not think highly of the couple. When the reporters confronted Koon Jeh about Him’s visit earlier this year, she revealed, “His romantic fate with that lady is not bad, but he is very young. He will not choose her in the end.”

At a recent promotional event that was held on December 13, Tavia denied the rumors and said, “Him Law is not a very nosy person, and he also doesn’t believe in fortune tellers. [He] only thought about marrying his mom when he was younger! At this stage, our careers come first.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (65)

    1. Yen says:

      At this AGE..>.<??!!
      I wonder what AGE to Tavia is the AGE to settle down?
      She is 30++ right??

      • Yen says:

        Ooopss, my fault, she is saying at this STAGE >.<||

      • Veejay says:

        she’s 33 in 2012 so by 2013, she will be 34. Its not really young for asian woman.

        • Yen says:

          Maybe the cost of living at HK is really too high >..<?!
          Find someone good, snatch it b4 they walk away ;)

        • Yen says:

          Mayb the cost of living is so high at HK that it seems to me all these artists just wanna work work work for $$$$ >..<
          To me, found someone good, snatch it b4 they walk away ;)

        • HeTieShou says:

          The cost of living in HK is very very high which is why anyone that does not make over a certain amount lives a pretty low quality life style…

    2. Smile says:

      The photographer didn’t do a very good job…tavia doesn’t look her best here.

      • Veejay says:

        Yep TY may not look very pretty in the pic but compare to us normal ppl, she already look very gorgeous.

      • Kristy says:

        Has she ever looked good since her nose miraculously grew twice its size?

        • advo says:

          Sometimes she can look pretty good still. It depends on the angle, but in this picture, it’s extremely unflattering. IDK why she messed with her nose at all!

        • Kristy says:

          Well Him Law still looks pretty good. So it’s not the photographer’s fault that Tavia looks the way she does now.

    3. candid says:

      it’s not the photographer’s fault

    4. cat says:

      yeah, they won’t last

    5. Janelle says:

      but in somehow i feel that they quite match.. hahahaha..

    6. cloud9 says:

      Never likes Him Low..hate Man beats Women.
      In the past reported he beats his ex-girlfriend, Theresa Fu.

      • wonder says:

        I think the translation is a bit off. The original article wrote 楊怡好旺謙謙 Tavia brings good fortune and happiness to Him Law & not the other way as written in the translated article above.

    7. KL says:

      never want they go together…Tavis will not let Him Him go away since she like handsome man…now it is depend on if Him Him will stay with her when she continues go older and older…Him Him still look young and handsome…time will tell

    8. LyNN says:

      time will tell whether they would last…

    9. momo says:

      I think they look quite compatible with each other. If the news is true (which I doubt…) I wish them the very best :3

    10. Pop says:

      She already did!

    11. Smile says:

      what the heck….maybe he’s the one not wanting….just saying to cover it up. She’s not getting any younger and she does look her age! In a couple more years it will be like mom dragging her son out! Anyways…that’s when he will get bored and leave, enough sucking and moving on to the next sucker!!! :P

    12. Veejay says:

      I remember Theresa Fu once said there is a tvb actress that snatches Him from her.. I believe she meant Tavia?

    13. rite says:

      oic, bet teresa looks better than travia now, think in the beginning, him only wanted to be with travia cos ‘stepping stone’ value

      • kiki says:

        i think teresa has always been an ATTRACTIVE girl so hearing her abusive beat up situation was a bit saddening.
        But since this Tavia girl seems to like the cute and handsome HL, they will probably last a little while? personally, i dont think they look that bad but the bad negative publicity from HL just makes u wonder if he is a nice guy. any guy who beats up women, is NOT a good man for any women.

      • anonymous says:

        correction: her name is TAVIA not TRAVIA

    14. shu says:

      why i see him low to be the next ekin case?

      • flame says:

        ekin looks better than him

        • shu says:

          and nicer,the only real one chan ho nam. him LOW is the wanna be.

        • kiki says:

          ekin looks better? i beg to differ…awww…

          @ shu below… ekin nicer??? did u forgot how he dumped 2 women after 7 years and the first one even longer than 7 years..nicer? i think NOT haha

        • shu says:

          at least he doesnt slap girls,and in my opinion you cant say who is good or wrong in a love relationship. if the feeling for someone has disapeared then it is better to break up.after the breakup ekin said that he will always be there if maggie needs him.

        • wow says:

          @ shu, what happened to chan ho nam? he is a toyboy too?

      • HeTieShou says:

        Time will tell but it is not for us to decide anyways..

    15. Kathy Chan says:

      Him is immature in speech at astro demand award. The way he talked and expressed implies he is kid :) Tavia is too old for him. He has nothing to loose as he is still young. But lean on Tavia to get popular. Sound similar with case of Ekin & Maggie Siu.

      • jojo says:

        I agree with u. Look at this pic, Tavia is a mature woman whereby Him just like a young man. And not to say their speech in AOD award, can see the level of their maturity.

    16. kun says:

      she better look for her next harbour now before its too late

    17. Funn Lim says:

      She is waiting for Him Him to grow up from boy to man before marrying him, you see. Still some years of mothering to do!

    18. dot says:

      don’t see them having kids together, btwn travia knows better than being a single mom like shirley, no freedom

    19. SY says:

      they don’t look compatible at all!! she’s aging faster than her actual age, especially compare to Myolie or Kate Tsui or Fala Chen. is pretty disgusting seeing them as a pair!!

    20. TN1 says:

      hMMm such positive n negative fortune telling n influential as well just how accurate are they? But then Tavia looked more matured anyway!

    21. Mlove says:

      Fk ya, she wants to get married. But not for Him. Guys don’t really wanna get married until they really have to. Like the girl is pregnant. A guy will not settle down cuz the girl wants too.

      So good luck to TY. U probably be heck a old by then, if Him decide to marry you. He’s also a Virgo, I know too much Virgos that are playas. Hahaha

    22. Mlove says:

      Everything on her face is 100x bigger than Him. They look like brother and sister. Hahaha

    23. NP says:

      Why are people so fixated on her being in her 30s and therefore she must get married so? I mean, I understand that that’s what most people do but celebrities are not most people. Look at Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Shere Tang, Jessica Hsuan, Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yim, etc. I can go on and on with names of actresses who are not married and so what. Not everyone NEEDS to have kids so who cares about the biological clock. The world is already over-populated. And if she wants to have kids, many actresses are having kids in their late 30s. So what?

    24. Pop says:

      I thought he said something not someone. ??

    25. school says:

      travia looks like shirley in this picturr

    26. school says:

      travia looks like shirley in this picture

    27. Mindy says:

      hahah haters will always hate. IMO she looks gorgues in this pic. What wrong with the way she looks? For gods sake, NOBODY IS PERFECT.

      ha just cause these haters cant get a good looking man like Him law they go and hate on tavia.

      Get over it, obviously theres a reason why this handsome man likes tavia….

      Jealous jealous haters!

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