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Tavia Yeung Suffers from Pimples and Kate Tsui Falls Sick

By on December 6, 2012

Tavia Yeung Suffers from Pimples and Kate Tsui Falls Sick thumbnail

Two hot favorites to win this year’s TV Queen award, Tavia Yueng (楊怡) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) both appeared as models at the Titoni watch shop in Tsim Sa Tsui. Many of their loyal fans packed outside the venue trying to get a glimpse of their favorite idols.  However the two popular stars were not in their best form.

After wining the Best Actress Award at the Malaysian Astro on Demand ceremony, Tavia looked tired and had noticeable pimples on her face. She admitted that the amount of stress has affected her internal system, and it caused her to have pimples pop up across her face. Tavia said she is currently recovering and feeling better now.

Appearing under the weather, Kate told the media, “With my lack of sleep due to filming a crying scene overnight, and a bad cold, my voice sounds terrible right now. I have been sick for a while so I was absent at the TVB Awards promotional event the other day. TVB was very understanding and asked me take time off to go see the doctor.”  Kate is now finally recovering from her cold.

With rumors of the heated feud between the two for the TVB Best Actress award, Tavia and Kate appeared friendly towards each other at the event. They both denied the rumors and jokingly said they did not mind appearing as the newest hot couple in order to increase their fees at promotional events.

When asked about winning the TV Queen award, Tavia and Kate both said they have a relaxed frame of mind to face this year’s fierce competition. Kate revealed she has offered some coupons for skincare and clothing in order to get people to vote for her.

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (50)

    1. Mindy says:

      haha they are always appearing at events together nowadays! they are officially the hottest new couple to promote ;)

    2. TN1 says:

      MG! Getting the BA is an agony I supposed, just relax n meditate fellas.

    3. Catie says:

      ….like every human, everyone gets pimples and gets sick -.-“

    4. ebbie says:

      Both look tired. Kate should let her hair down.

    5. apple says:

      Poor Kate & Tavia really stress out ; this one vote system, TVB put stress on them..

    6. advo says:

      That’s a scary picture of Tavia! Kate looks tired too.

      • pop says:

        LOL! Ur funny! she is a human. How can she look scary? LOL!

        • pop says:

          *U r funny

        • LyNN says:

          Yup. Tavia looks just gorgeous to me. Haters will always be haters.

        • swtlav3ndar says:

          and fans will always be fans… Just because a person comment negatively on an artist’s look doesn’t make him/her a hater.. I guess with only blind fans that think their idols are perfect. Artists, just like everyone else, do have bad angles. That’s just a bad photo of Tavia, makes her face looks longer with really high cheekbones and looks older.

          Also, who said human can’t look scary?

        • Ki says:

          @ swtlav3ndar : I agree with u.

        • Catie says:

          I agree with swtlav3ndar that fans will always be fans,and commenting negatively doesn’t necessaril mean that they are haters. But you can’t comment that some fans are blinded by their thoughts and only think of their idols as perfect. Just like haters, they would also be blinded by their thoughts of hatred and only see the artist as ugly or a pain to the eye. Everyone has their own opinions, you think that the photo is a bad angle of Tavia hence causing her to look certain ways, but others may think otherwise. It goes both ways.

        • pop says:

          Scary is not a word to describe human. There are many other words like ugly, horrendous, raunchy, atrocious, unslightly etc.. It is not necessary to describe a human as scary. Ugly is the word and the others that I just mentioned above.

        • Purplepaw says:

          Why can’t we use scary to describe a person? You can use it to describe murderers, psychopaths, politicians, etc…

        • LyNN says:

          purplepaw – good examples u have given. and those examples have simply taught u when to use scary to describe a human. u call a psycho scary because the person has mentality illness. u call a politician scary because he can plants ill-tactics behind u for fame or money. so in this case, by looking at a person’s photo who is not well accepted by u, u make yourself very low in the society. pathetic dude!

        • Purplepaw says:

          I never said Tavia looked scary, I was just trying to counter pop’s statement of ‘scary is not a word to describe human’. But while we’re at it, how about this example. People use scary to describe Frankenstein’s looks. It is possible to use scary to describe a person’s exterior lol

        • pop says:

          Frankenstein is a human?

        • Kidd says:

          Haha, actually Frankenstein is a human. Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the Frankenstein monster. :D

        • purplepaw says:

          fine. another example then, LOL. when michael jackson decided to go white, people thought he looked scary as well. there, an example with a human, not a monster.

        • pop says:

          LOL! I didn’t know Frankenstein was a human.

    7. Pyro says:

      I find it ironic how they never attended events nor reallyinteracted with one another much until recently….you can really tell that one of them will win the award.

      I’m supporting Kate, her role stands out so much more and well done imo, while Tavia in SSSS is boring compared to Kate’s character the only character that stands out in SSSS is Elena the rest really got nothing going on for them.

      • Mark Y says:

        Tavia nominated for Best Actress on SSSS which she does not shine, she did better on The Hippocatic Crush which she got BA

        Tavia have two nominate for ‘My Favorite Female Character , SSSS and The Hippocatic Crush.

        Seems she did well on THC , she will win My Favorite Female where Kate on HAL stand a good chance winning Best Actress

        • Pyro says:

          Actually even though I liked her in THC but her role is rather very typical, it’s very similar to her role as Mavis in The Other Truth. The same stubborn and confident person who turned around after she realized her mistake like in TOT she believed in Aimee’s story without looking at it at a more professional view while in THC she misunderstood Kenneth without actually asking him herself. I don’t think that role deserves BA at all though I’m not saying she didn’t do well but it’s just a very normal character to portray.

          While for Kate I don’t think we’ve seen a lead actress portraying a drug addict since the early TVB days in the 90’s. It’s very refreshing and I can’t imagine anyone else but Kate that can portray that character.

          Tavia will def take home an award and so will Kate but it just a matter of who takes home the big award.

        • pop says:

          Tavia portraying a daomadan singer is a very challenging role too. I also can’t imagine anyone else that can portray that character too. I am not saying that Tavia portrayed this character perfectly as she is not a pro but I don’t think Kate’s character convinced me as she was too dramatic in portraying this role especially when she shouts as she uses the cute and little voice to shout which is too annoying to me. But different people have different opinions. I am frustrated on how people kept on saying that Kate did an excellent job portraying a drug addict and just because of ONE role she gets to the level of BA? I think Linda Chung should be at her level and Kate should be together with Fala Chen.

        • Funn Lim says:

          The doomadan part is at best 15 min combined. THe rest is a jealous woman scorned. I think any competent actress can portray that.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Kate did an excellent job portraying a drug addict and just because of ONE role she gets to the level of BA?”

          Don’t forget the best actress is for that one role. If Kate was indeed that great, then why not? It could have been her debut role and if she was wonderful she deserves the award. The award is not Best Actress For Consistency in Performance up todate, but Best Actress for that role. Same concept as Oscars except we all know TVB is giving out year end bonuses for employees and not truly on acting merit alone.

        • Pyro says:

          Sure Tavias role is somewhat challenging but it’s not as challenging nor as interesting as Kate’s character in my opinion. Everyone have diff opinions I’m just staing mine.

          Yes she can win that award just for that ONE role cause quality is always more important than quantity. It’s about who performed well in 2012 not the best actress of all time. I just think that Tavia is outshines by others in that series, her character doesn’t really stand out at all.

          Fala, Linda and Kate all debuted around the same time with Fala just a year later. Linda is a decent actress but she hasn’t been given any roles that can be much of a breakthrough, I don’t know what you mean by on her level. Linda the youngest out of all the leading actresses, she has a lot more time to improve.

        • pop says:

          Yea, Linda is the youngest but she acts better than kate. Age doesn’t matter at all.

        • Pyro says:

          Linda has been typecast while Kate got the opportunity to portray the most wide variety range of roles compared to the others, that’s how I see it. Tvb is not going to give it to Linda anytime soon, I don’t see her as Best Actress yet they o started to improve around the ame time so they’re equal it’s just that Kate had better roles than her. Linda’s upcoming series with Jason doesn’t look too promising, seems like TVb is just using her to promote others which is why Kate is on the upper level. This is Kate’s first year being made into top 5 for BA while Linda has been nominated a couple times I believe.

          Heard good things about Big Wheel though so maybe we”ll see a breakthrough from Linda.

        • Gar says:

          I don’t think Kate and Fala are on the same level in terms of their acting. Kate is more versatile while I find Fala to be pretty bland.

    8. 5 fadans says:

      No, Tavia acts better in SSSS than on Call. SSSS is ending soon and her scenes with Damian Lau get a lot of attentions.
      Best actress for Tavia and Favorite Character for Kate

      They both look ugly and terrible in the pic. Both look like aunties these days

    9. cloud9 says:

      A question ??

      Does main actor and main actress on the same drama helps each other chance of wining?


      2011 Kevin Cheng/ Myolie ( she won from Curse of the Royal Harem but she and Kevin very popular @ Ghetto Justice

      2010 Wayne Lai/Sheren Tang – No Regrets

      2009 Wayne Lai/Sheren Tang – Rosy Business

      2008 Ha Yu/Michelle -Moonlight Resonance

      2007 Moses Chan/Louise Lee- Heart of Greed

      So this year 2012 two hot actress nominated for Best Actress Tavia and Kate:-

      Tavia/Damian(SSSS) Vs Kate/Raymond (HAL)

      Maybe no one can answer my questions , I will know after December 17, 2012…lol

      • Tegan says:

        Hmmm, maybe this year’s Kenneth/Tavia might parallel last year’s Kevin/Myolie? Tavia is nominated for SSSS plus she and Kenneth were a well-received pairing in THC.

      • AC says:

        This was actually my thought process as well, except people might vote for Kenneth and Tavia together instead. I think Raymond and Kate have both said that they want to win together so a lot of Raymond’s fans might vote for Kate and I think that gives her the advantage.

    10. TVBFanatic says:

      Tavia has pimples? ZOMG! Everyone panic!


    11. apple says:

      I think it would be so funny if it is a TIE!!! :)

    12. yelp says:

      if i were managing titoni, i wouldn’t employ these 2 plastic women, what is the advertising value? money better spent on designers with real creativity

    13. Lucia says:

      Tavia and Kate look exhausted in the picture. The right side of Kate’s face looks bad.

    14. gary says:

      Kate always has these two weird lumps on the side of her face by her mouth. I wonder what that’s from?

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