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Tavia Yeung Wants a Relaxing Year of the Snake

By on February 13, 2013

Tavia Yeung Wants a Relaxing Year of the Snake thumbnail

When it comes to New Year resolutions for the Year of the Snake, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) did not wish for a million-dollar home, hope for more critical acting accolades, or dream for a married life. What Tavia wanted was simple – a happy and relaxing life.

“I wish for a smooth-sailing career that is free from gossip. I wish for good health and happiness to all my loved ones!” exclaimed Tavia under the wishing tree.

The Iron Yeung

For many entertainers, success means more work, less sleep, and higher goals. For Tavia, success means just the opposite –a  lesser workload, more sleep, and more time to relax.

After all, the simple-minded Tavia already has everything she was looking to achieve as an actress. Four years after her debut, Tavia won the TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Actress. Five years after that, she won Best Supporting Actress. In 2009, Tavia won the My Favorite Female Character award. In 2012, Tavia became the TV Queen. All missions completed.

“I have not missed a single award season in the past thirteen years. My television career is complete. Now, I can relaxingly prepare for my upcoming roles and nominations. Maybe in the future I will only be nominated for a Best Supporting Actress award instead of a Best Actress award, but that will not disappoint me. I’ve already been through every step. Now, I just want to relax and have fun.”

Tavia has goals to look forward to reaching in 2013, but are they big ones? Tavia shook her head. “I am not the kind of person who will set my goals unattainably high. I shoot for smaller, everyday goals in life. Now, I will handle my issues with a relaxed mindset so I will not put too much strain on myself. If I set high goals – like purchasing a million-dollar estate, for example – I know in my heart that this would be temporarily unachievable. Why should I be that stupid? Why should I do things that would make me unhappy and stressful? Why not lower my expectations and lower my goals? Once I achieve the smaller ones, I will then be able to take one smaller step further.”

It took Tavia thirteen years to finally grasp the concept of what it means to relax. “I used to be anxious and nervous all the time. I was quite stubborn when it comes to my work, and everything had to be done perfectly and flawlessly. I was constantly on the edge. Because of my long working hours, I tend to overwork myself, and I would get physical pains because of it. Even now, I would occasionally feel muscle pains. Think of it like stretching a rubber band. The band becomes so tight, it is near impossible to put the band back to its original shape. That was how I felt.”

Tavia is a punctual actress. She may be living off with just one hour of sleep or an entire week of non-stop work, but no matter how exhausting her state of mind is, Tavia would never be late. That is a rule she must follow. “I think I’m a very responsible actress!” Tavia laughed, “I always tell myself to never be late to work. If I am late, I will impact the entire filming schedule. I make sure I am always on time. I’ll feel really guilty if I’m late, so I would rather wait for others instead of having others wait for me!”

TVB is known for being a slave house, and Tavia amusingly agreed with this term. She has once tried working nonstop for four days with back-to-back schedules. Tavia laughed. “I was young at the time, and I was physically capable. I also had my acting class classmates working together with me, so we would all encourage each other. The time would go by pretty fast, so I didn’t think it was laborious at all.

“I also like to reward myself! Whenever I finish a job, I will congratulate myself for my hard work. If I knew I would have a long day today, I would tell myself that tomorrow would be a shorter day. After I finish a drama, I will give myself one week off and plan my vacation. It is these small things that help me to go on with my life and continue my career.”

The struggles of being a struggling artist are now over. Tavia can finally afford the time to relax.

“Right now, I am trying to find as many possible ways as I can to spend the time to nurse my health. I will also maintain a healthy mind by telling myself to relax more, to enjoy life, and to cherish my family and friends! I want to happily finish a meal, happily savor the taste of delicious food. I want to spend time to hang out with kids, with dogs – just anything that will make me happy! I have become a much happier and open-minded person. I quite like my life now.”

Acting Goals

Tavia may not set very high goals for herself, but there are certain smaller goals that she would like to achieve in her acting career.

“I want to film more mainland Chinese dramas in the future. I want to meet more talented and stronger actors,” said Tavia. “When I filmed the mainland drama The Emperor’s Harem <后宫>, in 2011, I met many, many talented actors, including lead actors, supporting actors, and even extra actors. They are very informed of their own characters. Not only are they competent actors; they also inspire and enlighten me with their work. Mainland China has many hidden talents. I really want to be able to work with more of them in the future!”

Aside from filming more mainland dramas, Tavia also expressed that she wants to work in more comedies in the future, “I am tired of filming tragic dramas. I don’t want to look sad and angry all the time. It just gives me more stress!”

Source: Teen Guide Magazine kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (81)

    1. Nelly says:

      She is a really relaxed simple minded person from the way she says it. I like her more cause she is more realistic and focused and take small steps and set reasonable goals. Linda, on the other hand, is more ambitious to get the tvb best actress award and perform at the hk coliseum. I really just wished she just focus on acting, even in that field she is average…fans might disagree but does anyone else agree?

    2. yeungforlife says:

      yeah. Love ya, Nelly.

      I totally agree with you. Tavia is the best actress TVB has ever had, so they should really try to keep her b4 she changes her mind & moves over to mainland china.

      • sandcherry says:

        Disagree. There are many better actresses in TVB.

        • Clementine says:

          You disagree with everything Tavia. Every actress is different- why compare lol.

        • MT says:

          Disagree. All the TVB actresses now are CRAP. Are you happy now, sandcherry??

        • swtlav3ndar says:

          Clementine: It’s yeungforlife that started to compare Tavia with other actresses first, while sandcherry just disagree.

          MT: Sandcherry just disagree that Tavia “is the best actress TVB has EVER had” and didn’t say anything negative….

      • Despicable says:

        I do not think tvb has a best actor or actress. Those who are exceptional actors and actresses shine in certain roles better than others and vice versa. Though as of now, Tavia is a gem in tvb. One of the few gems left to be exact.

      • sandcherry says:

        If Tavia Yeung was considered the best actress in TVB, I am afraid that too many 2nd line actresses can beat her in acting, such as Elena Kong, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang, even Kate Tse acts better than Tavia Yeung. Tavia won TV Queen in 2012 just because of her huge fan base in Hong Kong. It did not mean that she was the best actress in TVB.

        • Despicable says:

          I did not say she was a best actress. I am saying she is a gem in the industry as of now. I realize you never have anything good to say about tavia perhaps you do not like her money comments?

          As mentioned before by many people, acting is subjective unless you have credentials as a veteran in the field or was trained in this area. Many people already feel tavia’s acting has reached the level of respect. You cannot make an argument of who is better than her when in reality there is always someone better than another.

          Please do not bring up the award thing. Myolie should not have won either. Charmaine should not have won for maiden’s vow back in 2006. Face it, these awards do not mean anything. I do not see the point of bringing it up when no one is even using it to defend tavia being the best actress.

        • sandcherry says:

          Then Tavia Yeung cannot be said as the Best Actress in one of the above posts. She may be the best of the new top 5 fadans only.

        • sandcherry says:

          I was making comments based on the following statement only:

          “Tavia is the best actress TVB HAS EVER HAD”.

        • Despicable says:

          You have a grudge on tavia. The poster is clearly fond of tavia, so I do not see why you could not look past it and move on from the post. At least the post was a positive thing, nothing wrong with overly proud of his or her favorite.

        • Crystal says:

          I guess Despicable has been reading all the hate comments in the past on Tavia. Chill girl. At least sandcherry didnt say anything about tavias nose and thats why she sucks at acting. Or tavia needs to run herself into a tree to fix her nose again thus allowing her to act better. LOL. Calm down (: It is very normal for a celebrity to be compared by the end of today it is nothing more than an opinion…it doesnt affect tavia…she is still going to be promoted and landing jobs.

        • sandcherry says:

          I totally disagreed that ““Tavia is the best actress TVB HAS EVER HAD”. TVB had other good veteran fadans, such as Liza Wang, Louise Lee, Chiu Nga Chi, Gigi Wong, Carol Cheng, Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Jessica Husan, Flora Chan, Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee, Kenix Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, etc. How can we say “Tavia Yeung as the BEST ACTRESS TVB HAS EVER HAD”?

        • Crystal says:

          Shocked that one line can make two person go at it……

        • sandcherry says:

          Actually Tavia was presented her best (so far) at the above interview. That was the first time that she did not talk about money but other things.

        • sandcherry says:

          “Actually Tavia was presenting her best (so far) at the above interview.”

        • CL says:

          I understand your point. I don’t think Tavia is the “Best actress” that TVB has never had…TVB has a lot best/good actress. But, yet Tavia work very hard…and her perform is not bad…even I don’t like her neither. TVB is very very good to market a actor or actress…and to crown him or her a TV King or TV Queen title. Anyway…it is good that Tavia will move to China market…I can see her less in TVB drama…I should be glad about it…

        • sandcherry says:

          Anyway…it is good that Tavia will move to China market…I can see her LESS in TVB drama…I should be glad about it…
          What a good compliment on Tavia Yeung! He he ……

      • sandcherry says:

        Louise Lee, Michelle Yim, Maggie Shiu, Rebecca Chan, Amy Fan, Mary Hon, Florence Kwok, Helen Ma, etc. and etc. ALL act much better than Tavia Yeung.

        • Jadio says:

          Disagree. I don’t think Louise Lee and Maggie Shiu are better than Tavia. I reckon Louise is a bit one dimension in her acting and Maggie can be quite wooden.

        • shu says:

          lol stephchow,ppl hate ppl love. its as common as the nature itself. good that we have different taste,otherwise the world wouldnt be so colorful.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Half the names named by Sandcherry are already veterans/legend which Tavia has yet to reach, some of the others were leading ladies with great acting talents that Tavia may not be and some underrecognised but versatile which Tavia is not.

          Tavia does not rock. She is a rock.

    3. gold says:

      she really looks matured.. as mentioned by others who has seen her in real life

    4. Despicable says:

      I love Tavia as a person. I met her on several occasions from small functions to fan meeting. She is a very straight out and blunt spoken person. Not to mention funny as well. I hope she finds more opportunities in china and gain wider recognition since she has a solid fan base in HK already.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I wonder though, many fans say she is honest, straightforward and blunt but in all the interviews she has given I have never heard a concrete opinion from her. Blunt is Jessica, honest is Maggie Cheung, outspoken is Kenix, she is none of those 3. So why so many says she is blunt and straightforward when her opinion consists of usually no opinion?

        I think the right word for her is diplomatic. I doubt she will say anything adverse or negative or even answer the question at all.

        • Despicable says:

          Blunt is maggie cheung hoi yee. Straightforward is jessica. Outspoken is probably both mentioned.

          Here comes the whole fan thing. Why must I be a fan because I said what I said? I dont hate her. I dont criticize her to no end. I simply say it as it is. You not need to agree as you never agree with anyone.

        • shu says:

          everyone have its own look and opinion on matters,there is always agree and disagree in a discussion. no need to get upset about it,just have respect for everyone’s opinion is ok.

        • SY says:

          She just came across as fake to me. Used to enjoy her acting, but not anymore. Annoying at times

        • pop says:

          Errrr,.. ok

      • Sel_fi_wu says:

        she’s not blunt. she’s just lacking intelligence and is inarticulate that’s why most of her interviews always comes off ‘funny’ with her repeating about money over and over again. actually this one could be the better interview of her which as far as we know might sound better just because it’s written by a good writer.

        • idontunderstand says:

          hahaahahaha. this is exactly what I mean. all these people are sad and living miserable lives. just read these pathetic posts. especially this one. people are so obsessed with critiquing others that they do not even recognize the simple pleasures in life. since when was it by law that critiquing others is okay but other worshipping is not? because you are all sad and disappointed with yourselves thus you feel the need to bring down others. people say crazy fans are scary with their hallucinations of their idols. in reality, you all are not much different. to some degree, you people can be regarded in a lower manner.

        • sandcherry says:

          she’s not blunt. she’s just lacking intelligence and is inarticulate that’s why most of her interviews always comes off ‘funny’ with her repeating about money over and over again. actually this one could be the better interview of her which as far as we know might sound better just because it’s written by a good writer.
          I agree with the above comments. Tavia Yeung does not know how to speak well at interviews, especially when she is with other artistes. She always interrupts other people rudely in the middle of their conversations, especially if they are less senior. I have watched many of her interviews, and the only artiste whom she did NOT interrupt rudely was Damian Lau when “SSSS” was airing.

          This is one of the reasons why I don’t think highly of her besides her rather plain acting.

        • skinnymocha says:

          ^ Hmm, I can understand how some people may find that rude, but I just interpret it as her being friendly; someone with no inhibitions and treats others equally. Isn’t it always easier to show your negative side or “rude” behaviour in front of those you’re on friendly terms with? I don’t think she does it in a condescending way. Of course, when it comes to Damian, he’s a senior both in age AND experience so Tavia should have enough sense to hold back.

        • sandcherry says:

          It is okay if Tavia does it once in a while, but not throughout the whole interview. I noticed that she did it almost every time when she had interviews with less senior artistes. She made fun of other artistes, especially if they were not as popular she she was. Many artistes felt embarrassed at her “comments” and did not know how to respond.

        • Crystal says:

          Sandcherry could you find a link to her interviews or something. I’ve only glanced at some of her interviews, never really looked into her speech and all, but they were normal, nothing offensive, nothing defensive. Normal.

          Also, Tavia is close to many in TVB so I don’t know who you’re talking about that seems offended or “embarrassed” by her comments. Lol.

        • sandcherry says:

          There was an interview that she did with Ruco Chan after the airing of “The Other Truth”, in which she made big fun of Ruco rather “bluntly” (or rudely to me). I don’t have the link any more. I was not the only one making comments about her rudeness on TVB Forum.

          I watched some other short interviews from time to time that she did with other artistes, and she behaved the same. Perhaps she wanted to show her “casual” personality, but it would embarrass other artistes, especially those shy and less popular artistes like Ruco Chan. She also did it at one of the interviews after TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony in the last two or three years. She is too outspoken and does not know how to speak wisely.

          She may be a “tomboy” to some people, but she is a too-outspoken person to me and she shouldn’t make fun of other artistes in the public.

          However, she was doing okay at the interview with Damian Lau at “The Green Room 2012″ after the airing of “SSSS”. I guess Damian is a serious and respectable veteran and she dared not make fun of him.

          On the other hand, I always admire Charmaine Sheh’s tactful comments whenever she is asked for opinions regarding other artistes.

        • sandcherry says:

          As an audience, I appreciate the good acting of an artiste, but at the same time his/her personality or his/her public image is also very important to me.

        • Crystal says:

          I would have to see the interview myself but ruco and tavia are on very good terms. Perhaps ruco might appear speechless was due to the fact he is that type of guy. I believe he admitted himself that he is a more quiet and shy type of person. I highly doubt it was anything personal.

          As for Charmaine, I am surprised you see her as well spoken. Lol. Because everytime I listen to her you can easily tell she has a script in the back of her head. Im not too fond of that but we all do that since when prompted a question we answer with what the public wants to hear and it is much easier to earn respect in that way. I guess it all comes down to preferences as I think “loud” correlates more to truth in a person.

          All in all, I think Tavia is fine. I have watched her from an extra to a cameo to a supporting role to a second lead and now a first lead. She always had good relationships with her peers. Charmaine and her are besties. And I remember when she was announced winner for the BA award, almost every colleague and friend sitting there was happy for her. I think that is enough to prove she has a fine image. I mean, they are the best proof as they are the ones who have one on one contact with her.

          The only person who I find I would not get along with amongst the top fadans right now is Kate. Lol. No bad blood, just I believe we have conflicting personalities.

        • sandcherry says:

          That is personal preference. Well, perhaps Tavia thinks she is friendly with every artiste, but I don’t think it is appropriate to behave that way all the time in public interviews.

        • Crystal says:

          And I am sure the other artists accepts her for who she is as I have yet to see any article about her being on bad terms with anyone.

        • sandcherry says:

          Also I think it is rather rude to interrupt other artistes’ conversations during official interviews. Tavia does it all the time in any interviews.

        • sandcherry says:

          What can other artistes say even if they don’t like it since Tavia Yeung is a top fadan in TVB? She only interrupts less senior artistes, but not the ones more senior than she.

        • sandcherry says:

          Because everytime I listen to her you can easily tell she has a script in the back of her head.
          Ha ha …… that is what I call “tactful”. As a public figure, it is always better to speak tactfully. Charmaine will not create any problems easily with other artistes.

        • Crystal says:

          What do you mean by she interprets what other people say? Can you give me an example? I think asians especially chinese people likes to be extremely blunt on matters. I guess tavia fits right in. To some people it is rude. Its kind of like my mother her natural speaking voice is in the form of yelling but shes really just talking to you. Some people find her rude and obnoxious. I think my mom is just plain funny. Lol.

          Also, I am talking about others like myolie, kate, linda, fala. I am sure with any of these ladies status they could have even hinted at tavia poor character if any but there has yet to be any news of those sort. To add, charmaine would have said something as well but all these ladies are good friends with her if not good at least there is no evident bad blood. It is much easier for girls to hint if they are not fond of someonel and all of these ladies have been in the industry together for so long abd there is nothing being said about tavia poor character so…..

        • Crystal says:

          Lol. I mentioned it before I like dosage of honesty even if it sometimes comes off blunt, ridiculous, crazy, not suitable but at least when it comes to it all that person is not hiding anything. Maybe after being in a field full of liars and “tactful” professionals, it really changed how I perceived this world and who I accept more as an individual.

        • sandcherry says:

          What do you mean by she interprets what other people say?
          No, I did not say “she interprets”, I said “interrupts”. When an artiste was asked for something at an interview and the artiste started talking, Tavia always interrupted that person’s conversations. She made her own comments instead. I think she should at least have waited until the person finished his/her answer.

          For example, if you are asked to make a comment or to say something about yourself in a meeting/interview, your colleague interrupts you in the middle of your comment/answer all the time. Would you be happy about it? I wouldn’t myself.

        • Crystal says:

          Oh sorry. I dont know why I read it as interpret.

          Well, if it was someone I do not know who interrupted me then I would raise a brow. However, I am not a fan of answering questions, as I am more of a listener fhan a speaker, therefore I would not make much of a fuss over it if I am interrupted by a stranger or a friend.

        • HeTieShou says:

          IF you truly think we are all sad people with miserable lives and are reading pathetic posts, then WHY are you here??? Aren’t you indirectly insulting yourself???

        • sandcherry says:

          Hey, I like your comments! In that case, every one of us is a miserable person who submits miserable posts!!

        • sandcherry says:

          In fact, we are just voicing our own personal opinions, whether they are good or not, about an artiste or the article stated above.

          People should NOT take it as an offense.

        • Crystal says:

          Ignore him-her. Silent treatment is the best way. :)

        • shu says:

          i also saw she interrups ppl in some interviews,but it is not enough for me to hate her,i think she is tomboyish and want to make fun with colleaque’s on and off screen.not only her but many other artiste in tvb are interrupting each other in interviews and making jokes,i think its not a big deal,as long as you are not insulting someone is ok.

        • skinnymocha says:

          “I noticed that she did it almost every time when she had interviews with less senior artistes. She made fun of other artistes, especially if they were not as popular she she was.”

          I don’t think Tavia deliberately treads on people (and think she can get away with it just because they’re on “lower ranks”). She does it to those of similar age group and on the same level as her too. Heck, I think she even did it to Wayne. Yes, perhaps she can have more tact and show more consideration, but that’s just the way she is; she didn’t just turn famous overnight so surely someone would have pointed out to her much earlier if they were uncomfortable the way she speaks out. Unless you’re suggesting fame got to her head so she’s acting like a b**ch now.

        • shu says:

          agree with skinny,she is still the same as she is when she enter tvb 12 years ago,in the time i never hear something bad about her attitute towards his colleque’s,but more that she has a lot of good friends in tvb.

        • pop says:

          @sandcherry Well TO ME your above comments are kinda rude too.

        • sandcherry says:

          You are then a more sensitive person that I and most people. Ha ha …….

        • Pop says:

          Do u have a problem?

        • sandcherry says:

          I don’t have a problem. We all have preferences on certain artistes. As long as I comment them in a decent manner, I don’t see anything wrong with it. All my comments were made based on what I got from her interviews over the years.

          If you are a big fan of Tavia Yeung, don’t bother to read my comments.

          I don’t care if people make nasty comments on my favourite artistes either because everyone is different in nature, personality, taste, culture and preference.

    5. Jadio says:

      Hope Tavia can really rest up and not overwork herself. There’s no use having money but not the health to enjoy it!! and it will make the dramas she chooses to be in more special to watch ^.^

    6. Kw says:

      Hope all d best for tavia.. TVB is suck, not tavia alone.. Hope another broadcast station can compete n help to improve d quality n productivity. Anyhow, tvb standard is dropping n alwiz adding in sex n rape scene..

    7. 939393 says:

      Glad that Tavia’s taking a step back and relax. But i think that she shouldn’t be contented with her BA award as many are still dissatisfied over her win. She should only be contented when she reaches a level where her win wouldn’t be dissed, ie Wayne in Rosy Business

    8. sure-lee says:

      I totally agree with the way Tavia approaches her life. I admire her as an actress, she should totally just chill for a bit :)

    9. Kiwi says:

      I admire Tavia and views on becoming successful. All the best to you in 2013!

    10. SY says:

      She looks old in this photo. Doesn’t aged well.

    11. momo says:

      Hope the snake year will be a good year for her. Still hope to see more of her dramas. Think compare to other fadens, her acting is more versatile. TY, stay happy and healthy :)

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