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“The Hippocratic Crush 2″ Cast Gathers for Finale

By on December 16, 2013

“The Hippocratic Crush 2″ Cast Gathers for Finale thumbnail

The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II> aired its two-hour finale on Sunday, December 15. Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Tracy Chu (朱千雪), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) met with 600 fans at a mall to watch the finale broadcast together.

Although The Hippocratic Crush 2 was not as well-received as the first installment, the series generated multiple nominations for its popular cast members, including Best Actor nods for Kenneth Ma and Lawrence Ng, as well as a Best Actress nomination for Tavia Yeung.

Despite winning last year’s TV Queen award, Tavia will vote for herself to improve her chances in tomorrow’s Anniversary Awards ceremony. Tavia’s boyfriend, Him Law ( 羅仲謙), has already cast his vote for her as well. Tavia will also support Him in his run for Best Supporting Actor.

Lawrence Ng believed that he had little chance to win the TV King title and urged viewers to vote for Kenneth Ma instead. Lawrence said, “I feel that my character is more fitting as a supporting role and do not wish to win an award. I heard that Chilam Cheung (張智霖) is a hot favorite, so I will earnestly pull more votes for Kenneth Ma!”

In an earlier interview, Kenneth said that the outcome of the awards is difficult to predict because there is no clear front-runner this year. He admitted that he hopes to win the Best Actor award due to financial motivations. “To be honest, everyone is aware of the salary levels at TVB. Filming ads is the true way to make money.” Kenneth added, “I want to win awards because I hope that afterward, this will offer increased ad opportunities and allow me to earn more money to improve my living standards. I want to buy a bigger house so that my parents can live better.” However, Kenneth faces the Anniversary Awards tomorrow night without pressure, as he will not be disappointed even if he loses.

Sources: Ming Pao; ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (137)

    1. Alana says:

      great show – i love epi 27 & 28.

    2. Jenny mok says:

      Seriously, compared to others, it’s not bad at all…. I actually liked it…

    3. sandcherry says:

      “I want to win awards because I hope that afterward, this will offer increased ad opportunities and allow me to earn more money to improve my living standards. I want to buy a bigger house so that my parents can live better.”
      Personally I don’t like Kenneth Ma’s motivation to win “Best Actor” award ………. just to be able to make more money to buy a bigger house so that my parents can live better. Isn’t he proud of his BEST acting skills among all other actors in 2013?

      • Funn Lim says:

        I like his reason. It shows his reason is not just himself but for his parents. For best acting skills reason? Now that’s egoistical.

        • selfiwu says:

          agree with funn! ma ming’s reason to win is adorable, honest, humble and showing his love and respect for his parents! that’s some wonderful qualities in him worth admiring for!

          those who say winning for their own acting skills seems too overconfident and arrogant. no offense.

        • HeTieShou says:

          At least that shows that Kenneth is being honest about what he wants. I really hate people who really want more money but go on and on about not caring about money and blah blah… Also, he is a filial son that is thinking about his parents and not only himself. Lets be real, money is needed to live well, especially in a place like HK.

        • selfiwu says:

          agree. at least it shows ma ming’s honesty and real personality. at least he dares to be real and not repeating calculated and planned answers such as to appreciate his acting level or hardwork or etc

        • Fox says:

          Even if he says some trashie out, you will twist to praise him like god. Is it a surprise to see you agree with his frequent money statement.

        • lol says:

          Fox: don’t tell me you don’t want more money for a better life

        • Fox says:

          @lol: Do I say anything about I want more or less money?

      • lol says:

        Whats wrong with that? We all want more money isn’t that why we work so hard? I think his intention is good – to buy a bigger place for his parents.

      • selfiwu says:

        what is wrong? it’s an honest and humble answer from ma ming! he should be applauded for thinking about his parents well being as a filial son and hoping to win the award to gain more money to give them better life! ma ming don’t talk about money everytimr unlike some other actress who won the tv queen award with an undeserving bad performance last year! ma ming deserves the tv king award!

        • lol says:

          That is very subjective. Personally i think she’s great!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Why do you have to overpraise the people you like and insult the ones that you hate. I wonder what is wrong with you???

        • Crystal says:

          The problem is she still didn’t seek guidance or enlightenment OR she not a single influential person is in her life.

          I’ve been thinking..with the internet and all you can’t really know the person behind making all the comments. Imagine she’s not really a she? But a he? …That be kinda cool.

        • Magic says:

          Her name (or online name) is Selina so it’s highly likely that Selina is a female. Or a male using a female’s name.

        • Fox says:

          If there is a “he” selfiwu, it’ll be a very “she” “he”.

      • Bubblez says:

        I agree with sandcherry but for different reasons.

        I understand that it’s an action to be a filial son..
        Everyone’s parents should be able to live better. But who doesn’t experience financial issues? And if his living standards isn’t “that good”, what about his other co-stars who are paid even less?

        • Funn Lim says:

          Why bring in other co stars? Different level, different price. Maybe amongst those same level his is considered low? If he had said I wanna win because to be pronounced as the BEST actor is like best of all, that is dangerously arrogant and egoistical and not the Ma Ming I know.

        • selfiwu says:

          there’s no reason to bring in ma ming’s costars fee! besides they all are evidently happy at ma ming’s success now after many years of slaving with tvb playing suporting roles! the artistes choice tv king proven all! ma ming has what it takes to get to this tv king level and all his peers who are lower paid than him supporting him and happy for him! same like how wayne was supported by all his peers a few years ago! ma ming and wayne are the success story of those who were never promoted by tvb but climb slowly with their own hard work from the bottom until they reach the tv king level! like ma ming said in his interview a few days ago that unlike raymond lam, bosco and ron, ma ming was promoted late by tvb! but great that since he started at the age 25 he’s mature and don’t become wild party goers like those three! look who will be the first to win tv king deservingly now!

        • lol says:

          In all fairness we dont know what’s his living condition. For all we know he could be in debt. I remember Kevin Cheng and raymond Cho mention that they need to rely on their parents fir financial support? Why because they need the money to buy certain clothes in order to “look good” in front of others.

        • lol says:

          Just to clarify that was a long time ago

        • Bubblez says:

          Debatable, but I felt that in some parts of THC 2, KM did a good job but in some parts,it was a bit weak.

      • THC2 says:

        He deserves to win because of his acting skills, yes, he definitely surpasses all the siusangs in terms of acting. But he is a very humble man if you look at all his interviews, and his parents are his first priority, so his reason was perfectly good. I don’t think he’ll admit to having good acting skills, he’ll probably think he has much to improve on. Us fans can say though, that he deserves to win because of his acting.

      • kolo says:

        agree with sandcherry,when you choose a profession like an actor or singer the main reason should not be the money,but a dream as an performer and a entertainer that could reach a level of recognition by ppl that will memorize you as superstar that shine in your performances,money will aumaticaly come when you have reach that level,good example is leslie cheung.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Something which Ruco said, which I agree. However I do not fault him for just that. DO not think anyone wants to be an entertainer for some noble reasons. It is pure and simple for fame and money.

        • sandcherry says:

          I guess every one is different. Some people are more money-oriented and some people are more dedicated to their passions (acting).

          Sheren Tang is a good actress, and her passion is acting, not money making. She earns more respect from people.

        • Magic says:

          Well you don’t really need an award for that – awardless or not, people will still acknowledge you and your acting skills. But an award IS a great way for extra money to come pouring in since you’ll be the ‘new big thing’ in town. Everyone will likely want you and your value will go up since you can’t be at 10 places at once.
          So, to me, Kenneth’s reason for wanting the award is reasonable and realistic.

        • selfiwu says:

          everyone know tvb pay peanuts and money are from ads. so nothing wrong at all for ma ming to have this motive to win since it will get him a tremendous ad offers and function fee hike! he’s more deserving than mediocre chilam this year in acting too!

        • THC2 says:

          Although I agree that you should do something for passion, let’s face it. Without money, you have nothing. Without money, you can’t feed yourself, can’t have a proper shelter over your head. I doubt your passion will be fuelled for much longer if you don’t have money. Artistes who say this should be those who have their own house, are well fed, don’t have debts.

      • rain says:

        I actually like how honest he is bring! I feel that wanting to live a better life is something we are all working for. Everyone has different goals and reasons for things and thus I see nothing wrong with his comment.

    4. Bubblez says:

      I only watched the first ten episodes, and it’s a good series. But I don’t find Kenneth Ma’s acting skills in THC 2 to be “best actor” quality. And it seems that Kenneth is anxious to get this award and I frankly do not see him viewing this award with a normal eyeset or without pressure as he claims.

      • selfiwu says:

        i love chilam, but chilam vs ma ming, ma ming wins and has better acting. really annoyed at how much chilam is promoted as the one who will get tv king. his acting was mediocre in triumph2.

      • Hannah says:

        Interesting. I don’t blame Kenneth for being anxious though. He lost his chance last year with YKT and he didn’t perform well in the sequel. When will he come across another popular role? TVB might have to just pave the road for him to win. But, it seems like he might be taken for another ride this year, again.

        Like I said, Kenneth is the male version of Linda. Linda is pretty anxious to get the award as well. But, it’s understandable since there is so much hype and talk. It’ll be a slap in the face kinda thing if TVB was just messing with them.

        • Bubblez says:

          I agree, but I hope that Linda doesn’t win the award tonight.. I think this year just isn’t the right timing for Linda. As of KM, he should have won last year, not this year.

    5. Funn Lim says:

      Wait! Tonight’s the night! Ended already?! I didn’t even know.

    6. Mt says:

      These awards are not about acting, it’s about popularity. Kenneth Ma’s acting may not be great, but Chi Lam’s performance in TITS2 was pretty horrible too.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I beg to differ on Chilam. I thought it was his breakthrough role. It is the writing that failed Captain Cool. His scenes with Myolie and Francis were really really wonderfully acted. It was that love story with Fala that sorta killed his character.

        • sandcherry says:

          I also agree that Chilam acted very well as Captain Cool in the 1st half of TITS 2. He failed in the second half because of the poor developments of his character, not because of his acting skills. He could have done better if Captain Cool had a better love story with Holiday.

        • THC2 says:

          I can safely say that Kenneth’s character wasn’t developed properly as well, so they’re both on par in that sense. Kenneth has my vote.

        • sandcherry says:

          It could be true about Kenneth Ma’s character in TC2.

      • selfiwu says:

        agree. ma ming is the victim of tvb’s trying to please chilam to get him for triumph movie next year. chilam is always adorable but his acting was from mediocre to below par in triumph2. even ron did better than chilam!

      • kolo says:

        just wait till tonight then we will know if it is about popularity(chilam) or acting(ruco,francis,wayne).

    7. Dan says:

      I was totally surprised by Him Him and Heung Heung’s acting in episode 28. The scene where he broke down after Heung Heung’s death with Tavia and Kenneth crying in the background was the most touching scene of all the series this year.

      • Clementine says:

        I freaking used up an entire box of tissues for this episode. I was extremely impressed by their acting…I loved the scene with Him, TAvia and Keneth in the lift as they were going up to see the already passed away ‘Che Che’. And when Him broke down begging for Kenneth’s char to save the dead Che Che… D; it was insanely sad. Brillant job from all actors in this episode!!!!!! I really hope Him takes Best Supporting, Tavia-My Fav and Kenneth-BA this year.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I thought from death to Him begging Kenneth to save Eliza was much too long for me to feel anything sad. It should have been more immediate? And sorry to say Kenneth still disappoints. Anyway I thought it was silly that Him, who is a doctor who knows her condition could break down that way. I thought why not give him a more dignified way of breaking down rather than begging his senior when he himself is a trained doctor and he knows. Sorry, I didn;t think it was insanely sad (because kinda figured out she will die anyway) and brilliant acting (some just doesn’t make good sense nor is it any different than what is expected anyway and so therefore predictable).

          Chung King Fai for best supporting, if he is nominated.

        • sandcherry says:

          Chung King Fai surely deserves “Best Supporting Actor” award in “Will Power”, but I don’t think he cares. He is like Damian Lau who does not care about any of those minor awards. If he is awarded, he should get a “Life Achievement” award.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Lifetime achievement award? Nahhhh he should get the best supporting. Lifetime achievement is like some consolation prize.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Hannah what do you mean by “Ho”? Is it Ho as in Hi or Ho as in that demeaning word used for women?

        • sandcherry says:

          I don’t quite agree with your interpretation of “Lifetime Achievement” award. It is some kind of honour and respect to a veteran. Many artistes had got this award …… such as Lydia Shum, Lee Heung Kam, Pak Yan, Leung Shun Yin, etc.

          Chung King Fai does not excel in all his drama series, but I know he has been an instructor for TVB’s Artistes’ Training Course for many years.

    8. Laws says:

      Go KenTa go! Love this couple in Oncall36 2! I thought this series was pretty good compared to current ones, it even made some people cried hehe.
      I think kenneth and tavia make a great couple on screen and looks good together in real life:) Good luck to them on Monday night!

    9. RW says:

      I like the first few episodes of the opening and the last 4 episodes of the drama, it kinda brings back the ‘feel’ of the prequel. In between the writer kinda fails by making Eliza and Tracy appearing so much and that stupid Faceless Man story which made up 2 episodes. OC2 is having exactly the same problem with TITS2, well at least TITS2 the leads are still having enough screentime, I barely see Kenneth and Tavia in OC2. OC2 is not really that bad, but lost the feel of OC1. Despite the poor writing, Kenneth and Tavia still did a good job, I’m rooting for Tavia for TV Queen though it’s not that possible.

    10. LUCY says:

      The whole drama should’ve been based on the last few episodes the first half of the drama was pointless and meaningless

    11. Yen says:

      Best new comer = Tracy Chu!!!
      She did great!!!
      And I love Benjamin in this drama too!!!
      Actually I hope GraceWong to get an award for this year!! She performs well!! Love her in Awfully Lawful, THC2 and hahahas, she is superb in Bounty Lady!!!
      Laugh till stomach cramp the part she asked the guy to place back the “pork” back at the right place!! Her tone and also the way she looks! I thought that was her favorite part that she wanted to eat!
      Turns out she wanted to take a picture with that “pork chop rice”!!

    12. sandcherry says:

      I really think Grace Wong has improved a lot in her acting over the last 2 – 3 years. She definitely deserves the “Most Improved Actress” award, from not good to good.

      Eliza Sam has also improved, but just from no good to okay. As many people said, her few roles were more or less the same, not a big range in acting.

    13. Kent says:

      Ay ya. Althouht Kenneth skows he is liason son but it will guard off all ladies for sure. Huhm he is resching 40 and mention this? Dare ladies to date him. Plus I wonder HK is one of most open place with open people why parents depend on son and living together? Or only Kenneth? I see all top siu sang are very independent like Bosco, Lam fung and Mose chan why poor Kenenth has to stick with family and take care financial for them?
      I recalled Kenneth family moved to live in Vancouver why they go back to HK and dont work?

      • THC2 says:

        It’s called being filial. He’s being a good son, a good man, and a good example to everyone out there. Your parents brought you up. You take care of them when they’re old. Learn from him. He’s a role model, not abandoning his family when he gets famous.

    14. stephy says:

      Bored abt this guy…every article wrote aht him is money money money….everyones loves money but dont hv to repeat and repeating…

      • sandcherry says:

        Agree. Everyone cares about money, but we don’t have to put it around our lips all the time. I like Kenneth Ma, but get tired of him saying about making more money to support his parents. I think it is same with Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, and many others.

        • sandcherry says:

          I meant that Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and many other artistes would have to support either their parents or their families. I think a good artiste has to have a passion in acting, not just for money and money. I would not think highly of such an artiste.

        • sandcherry says:

          Every artiste works hard in order to make more money for a better living. Who doesn’t? Not only artistes, in fact, every human being on earth will do it.

        • THC2 says:

          All I see from his emphasis on winning because it’ll help him earn more money is a filial son. Bosco, Ron, for all you know these two don’t give as much financial support to their parents as Kenneth. Even if they do, it is obvious that they were promoted heavily before Kenneth, they had their chance to earn their money even though they can’t act that well. Kenneth only started earning bigger bucks since On Call, so it’s pretty normal for him to want to make use of this period where he is popular to earn more money so he can be more financially stable to support his family. And I’m pretty sure Kenneth has passion for acting, if not, he wouldn’t have chosen to become and actor and given up his engineering job, which would have given him more financial stability. Besides, him always saying he wants the award to earn more money shows that he is not a fake, and it’s the truth, because he has never said anything different.

        • sandcherry says:

          Personally I don’t think it is necessary for Kenneth Ma to talk about making more money every time when he is interviewed. As I said, every one has to support either their parents or families. I am sure that parents would be quite happy as long as their children take good care of them, not necessarily just money and money.

          I used to like him, but not as much now.

        • THC2 says:

          I admire him for not straying from his parents, despite all the popularity, he has not let it get to his head, he has not become an arrogant ass, and he still takes time off to go out with his mom.

        • Fox says:

          Bosco, Ron, for all you know these two don’t give as much financial support to their parents as Kenneth.

          Wrong info. Bosco bought a house for his mother. Ron paid the rental fee for the apartment his entire family live in. They really did something for their family members, not just say.

        • Fox says:

          In addition, Bosco, Ron, LF, etc. are living with their parents. Ma Ming isn’t the only one. Bosco and Ron was born in poor family, especially Ron who work quite soon to support his family. The Ma family is surely richer since they can let him to study oversea in 8 years.

        • THC2 says:

          They did manage to earn more money in their younger years, and the way they climbed up was not something to be proud of, since they were pushed up by TBB anyway. For people like Wayne and Kenneth, I don’t see anything wrong in being proud of their achievements.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “The Ma family is surely richer since they can let him to study oversea in 8 years.”

          Is that the new test of whether someone is rich or not? Maybe his parents worked hard to give him an education. ANd frankly from his English, I am not sure if he did much study in overseas.

        • THC2 says:

          For all you know, his parents could have taken loans to aid his education in university.

        • sandcherry says:

          In fact, most artistes don’t come from wealthy families, except Raymond Lam. Most of them join the entertainment industries because they want to make better money and have a better life. If every artiste talks about making more money all the time, I think all we hear in the entertainment industries will be just “how to make more and more money”.

          Personally, I think a good artiste should:

          1) have a passion in acting
          2) learn how to improve his/her acting
          3) learn to survive well in the entertainment industry
          4) try to maintain his/her popularity
          5) other related matters

          Of course, money is a very important issue. Just make private plans to make more money, but don’t talk about it all the time. People (or fans) will get tired of hearing it.

        • THC2 says:

          Besides, LF was born in a rich family. It’s pretty normal to want to live in luxury with his family.

        • sandcherry says:

          No, Kenneth Ma came from a well-off family. His father was a professional engineer or architect. I think he has already retired.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Well off could just mean upper middle class. Well off doesn’t mean “no loans, just cash” sort of well off. An engineer could just be upper middle class.

          And why are we talking about his parents’ work? Whatever his parents work may be, Kenneth does not have some trust fund waiting for him when his father dies. He needs to earn his own cash. He is being honest as to why he works hard. The question is why point the daggers at a decent man trying to earn his keep in this fast paced world where greed is good but not openly said so? Not like he is sleeping his way around and doing drugs and still earning money through reality shows or twerking for attention.

        • Fox says:

          They did manage to earn more money in their younger years, and the way they climbed up was not something to be proud of, since they were pushed up by TBB anyway.

          Seriously crazy. Ron and Bosco have the very right right to proud of their achievements. They didn’t climb up by any illegal or dark means. Ma Ming was pushed up by Txb as well if you consider Ron and Bosco tat way.

          For people like Wayne and Kenneth, I don’t see anything wrong in being proud of their achievements.

          If they doesn’t have the pushes of Txb, who gave them leading roles? Who promoted them? Who sent them to everywhere? Be graceful to Txb for their achievements please. Moreover, Wayne didn’t say repeatedly that he needs money.

          For all you know, his parents could have taken loans to aid his education in university.

          For all I know from Ma Ming’s past interview, his family is not poor. He said that his time in Canada he had never done part-time job because his mother wanted him to put full time in study. And there were an old mag of him to show his apartment, it was quite large and luxury.

        • bbfanny says:

          From what I know

          Filthy rich:
          Raymond Lam – father is wealthy businesman
          Toby Leung – father is TVB high level exec

          Middle Income Family:
          Kenneth Ma – father has a white collar job
          Linda – calm lifestyle in Canada
          Myolie – raised by father and stepmother

          Lower Income Family:
          Bosco – raised by single mother in public housing
          Ron – lived in public housing, only finish form 3 or 5 at school
          Tavia – lived in public housing

        • Fox says:

          Besides, LF was born in a rich family. It’s pretty normal to want to live in luxury with his family.

          Only one matter that he bought the apartment that he lives in with his parents by his own money. And he is able to buy one more house to invest by his own money, too. He was born rich but he earned a lot himself to support himself as well as his family member. He paid all fees for his brother to study in US as well.

          It isn’t a crime for Ma Ming to earn money, but he needs to stop talking only. Do something to tell ppl that he really support his family’s finance, not just sweet talk.

        • sandcherry says:

          I have no doubt that Kenneth Ma supports his parents and is a good and filial son. I just don’t think he should put it “around his lips” all the time. Every one knows well that he wants to make more money and give his parents a better living. Even a 5-year-old knows it because he has been talking about it for a long time. Some people do it without talking, and some people like to announce it to the public all the time. I guess everyone is different.

        • qwerty says:

          Funn Lim,

          “…frankly from his English, I am not sure if he did much study in overseas,”

          Many chinese people that were born and raised in western countires could not speak english fluently, let alone studying in western countries.

      • sandcherry says:

        Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung would be a perfect couple in terms of talking about making more and more money. Both of them talk about money all the time.

        • THC2 says:

          Well at least they have filial piety, instead of some other artistes who just give life support money to their parents instead of doing more for them. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

        • sandcherry says:

          Some good filial children will just do it quietly instead of making it public. As long as they take care of their parents to the best of their abilities, I think it is already very good to me.

        • THC2 says:

          I believe Kenneth wants to convince some companies to hire him for advertisements as well, yes, he might have acted very money minded, but maybe he thought this would help him earn more money.

        • selfiwu says:

          don’t group tavia with ma ming. and no ma ming don’t talk about money all the time like tavia! and ma ming always emphasize making money for his family when he does mention it unlike tavia who only talk money money money like an airhead! can’t stand some people who made a good deed like providing for parents like what ma ming wants the money for into something not good acvording to them! good deeds and values must be encouraged and ma ming is setting up a good values for us all!

      • Fox says:

        Oh you make me wonder where all his money goes.

        His fans claimed that he is well paid since 2011 but his living standard doesn’t seem to have any chance compared to time when he was in 2nd or 3rd line. He keeps saying about money to support family, to buy house for mama, etc. but he doesn’t have any savings or action to buy one?

        And he only has the money song in repeat once he was paid more. How was his life in the past? He didn’t need money before?

        I don’t recall that he has to pay any debt for his family. There are people like Ada or Rain Li who have to pay the debt for their parents in years but I don’t think they have ever said that much about money.

        • sandcherry says:

          Absolutely agree. I appreciate them more than those people who talk about it all the time. If you want to be good to your parents, you don’t have to announce it to the public all the time. Just do it whenever you can.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Simple. Into something called a savings account. He doesn’t look like a guy who do investments. He is saving his money to buy property which is very expensive in HK. He may be earning lots but not as much as more established stars. Of course he needed money before but with aged parents and rising cost of living, he probably wants to save more for his parents and himself. I don’t see any controversy. As for debts, you need not have parents’ debts to be poor. There could be a lot of reasons. Luckily for Kenneth he has good parents who did not create debts for him to bear. Maybe they have but he doesn’t say much.

          I do not doubt his reasons. After all someone works hard and to gain recognition for many reasons, one of which is to gain his value in the eyes of advertisers. That is not wrong nor illegal nor materialistic.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Sandcherry, I’d rather hear Kenneth says such thing than sayyyyy Miss HK who keeps saying mommy says this, mommy says that like some standard opening line. He is being honest and filial and no one doubts his filial peity so his only fault is being very honest about it. You can however argue his difference with Tavia is Tavia does not bring out her parents every time she says she wants to earn more money.

        • Fox says:

          Bosco, who is promoted less than Ma Ming now, during his last promotion with Txb, was able to buy 2 apartments by his own money. Why not Ma Ming?

          Ron, who came from a poor family, pays the rental fee for his entire family in years. He bought a car for his family as well. Why not Ma Ming?

          Ma Ming said last year (? I think so) that he wanted to buy a car for his family. However, where is such car? He said he wanted to buy house for his mother, how long his mother have to wait if even a car he didn’t fulfill his words? Lolz, if there is a saving account, it must be enough to buy a car by now since he saved for more than 1 year. In 13 years of career, I cut off 7 years he was in 3rd line (his first leading role was 2007) to 5 years. 5 years of being promoted, where are all the money? Providing that Bosco bought his first house only 2 years after having his first leading role, Ron bought his first car in 2003, 1 year after being promoted.

        • sandcherry says:

          I guess it is my personal opinion only. I really get tired of hearing Kenneth Ma’s motivation to win TV King award ……….. to make more money. In fact, he talked about the same issue whenever he is interviewed.

          Shouldn’t he be proud of his acting skills to get recognized? I would if I were in his position.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Bosco, who is promoted less than Ma Ming now, during his last promotion with Txb, was able to buy 2 apartments by his own money. ”

          And rumoured to have borrowed money from his now ex girlfriend.

          I don’t see Kenneth as a risk taker when it comes to investments, hence he won’t buy and buy and then not be able to pay for it.

        • Fox says:

          Bosco’s ex gf Myolie said herself that there was no debt. Apparently, Myolie wasn’t born rich as well. If Bosco wanna eat soft rice, he’ll go for some richie girls.

          If Ma Ming can’t buy or doesn’t dare to buy anything for his family, just stop talking like he is doing so. He can keep silent until he is able to pay, then he can tell the public that he is supporting his family’s finance, like Bosco or Ron.

    15. THC2 says:

      To all those people saying that Kenneth is being annoying, maybe you should see that he climbed from the bottom all the way up, and he deserves the recognition. If you say all he cares about is money, and that he has no passion for acting, why did he give up on his engineering job, which would give him more financial stability and more income? Stop saying things just by looking at what happens on the surface.

      • sandcherry says:

        Everyone knows that a popular artiste will make 100+ times more than a professional engineer. Does it mean that he will not be a filial son if he works as an engineer? I am sure that his parents would just love him as much even if he works as an engineer. His parents will not love him more now because he is making more money as an artiste.

        • THC2 says:

          He’s been in the industry for a very long time, and he took a risk, since he wasn’t heavily promoted at all. If not for On Call, he could still be playing supporting roles right now. Besides, the financial stability of an artiste is not that great, if not for the passion for acting, I doubt he would have chosen an acting career. Engineers earn quite a lot of money too.

        • sandcherry says:

          No, not anywhere in the world unless he runs his own well-recognized engineering firm, when compared to a popular artist.

        • selfiwu says:

          agree. before on call 2 ma ming wasn’t promoted at all since most promotion go to tvb favourite son raymond and others! had it not for ma ming’s great performance in on call 1 he still wouldn’t get promoted like now! that’s why all tvb girls admire him and all guys respect him and want him to win because ma ming climb from supporting to lead not with promotion but with his own hardwork and wonderful acting that he showcased in on call!

      • Fox says:

        Name me a Txb actor in Ma Ming’s generation that has never climbed from the bottom (by taking kelefes to supporting to main leads). It can’t be anyone but Ma Ming’s fault when he wasn’t recognized by producers to cast in bigger roles. Please don’t compare Ma Ming to Wayne because Wayne had praises for all his supporting roles before he really had a leading roles.

        He said that there were NO company accepted his CV. The only invitation he received was from Txb to attend their acting class. It was his start. It wasn’t like he withdrawn his engineering career for acting but he had no other choice.

        • sandcherry says:

          I think Kenneth Ma likes acting (he joined some Drama club in UBC), but it may not be his passion. I think “like” is different from “passion”. Passion – you will do it regardless of money-making. Like – do it with comfort and ease.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree that all current popular siu sangs (under 35) in TVB started as kelefes and attended acting course. It applies to Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong. All of them have worked for TVB for over 10 years. Kenneth Ma is not a top one, but not a bottom one.

        • Fox says:

          I quoted his old interview about the reason why he joined Txb. He might have some “like” as he sent his CV to Txb in order to take part in the acting class. However it’s still his words to say that Txb was his only choice at that moment.

          Btw, with his English after 8 years studied in Canada, I think now I can understand why his CV was that unappealing

        • selfiwu says:

          wrong! bosco and ron not from acting class! ron from dancing class and got picked by his friend’s big brother louis koo to be promoted and bosco from some kind of interview with benjamin yuen! raymond lam is from acting class but with his rich father’s connection with mona fong he was secured big roles so early including in grand productions! it’s talk of the town that raymond is mona fong’s god son!

        • Fox says:

          Acting class means climbing from bottom to top? Then you are striking at Myolie as she wasn’t from acting class.

          FYI, LF had 10++ kelefes roles and a year to do host job for TVB8 before getting noticed by Lam Chi Wah to have first meaty role in A taste of love. Lolz, it was connection to bring him to acting class, but what kind of connection that bought praises of audience to his acting in A step into the past? Ron and Bosco had kelefes to supporting until they have the leading roles as well. It wasn’t anyone’s fault to make Ma Ming unappealing even with meaty roles such as in The Driving Power (2003).

        • qwerty says:


          I wonder why KM’s CV was that unappealing. Did he apply for a job in HK or Canada? If in Canada, then I understand that considering his english ability. But if in HK, then why he didn’t get a job? As long as he got a degree, his english ability shouldn’t matter in HK, especially in HK where Canadian degree is widely recognized.

        • Fox says:

          He didn’t said, but I think in HK because TVB accepted him.

        • qwerty says:

          …and why not other companies or organizations? As far as I know, he studied in University of British Columbia, didn’t he? This university has a lot of chinese people! I believe its degree is recognized in HK.

        • qwerty says:


          So it didn’t make sense that he didn’t get a job. He must have been lying regarding how he joined the HK entertainment industry!

        • Fox says:

          Oh, so you mean he is a liar? I dun comment because I don’t think he has any guts to lie for something like that.

        • sandcherry says:

          Kenneth Ma has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UBC. Hong Kong is no longer a city for industries. It is a financial city. Not surprised if Kenneth Ma could not find a job when he returned to work in Hong Kong sometime around 1997 – 1999. It was a disaster in Hong Kong with instability. Lot of industries/business moved their businesses out of Hong Kong at that time.

      • selfiwu says:

        agree with thc2! nothing wrong at all with ma ming expressing that he wish to win to have more ads and money to support his family! he deserves them all as a tv king!

    16. crystal ching ching says:

      “everyone is aware of the salary levels at TVB. Filming ads is the true way to make money.”

      “I want to win awards because I hope that afterward, this will offer increased ad opportunities and allow me to earn more money to improve my living standards. I want to buy a bigger house so that my parents can live better.”

      he has his very own reason why he want to win the award. read at the 1st statement carefully tho …

      • selfiwu says:

        he wants to give his parents a big house to live! that’s all! the money not for himself and that’s what’s admirable about his selfless love for his family! ma ming is a super nice guy and filial piety son and that’s what makes linda chung herself confessed she voted ma ming for tv king because she love his personality although they never collaborate together! evident that ma ming is a an extremely humble and sincere guy who can never hurt anyone and is loved by all for his diamond personality!

    17. klebury says:

      Tavia sure age quickly… Or is it the photo problem?

    18. stephy says:

      Hong kong actor/actress loves to show to the audience how filial they are.

      When scandals broke out mother out to accompany them for press conference.

      When nothing happen, they will say dont take photo of my family cox they r not in d entertainment business.


      • selfiwu says:

        ma ming has no scandal because of his great personality

        only see actresses accompanied to explain scandal such as sire ma, never an actor unless you want to count raymond lam shedding tears in the press conference of mavis pan accompanied by his big mama virginia lok

        • Fox says:

          No scandal? Lolz. Nancy one is wat? Just because he purposely revealed and made Nancy a “criminal” means he didn’t have any involvement?

          Oh, I think your memory is super bad because there was no such press conference. The press conference was opened for Him Law before, unless you are too different to think of Him Law as an actress. How about Ron?

        • stephy says:

          Haha.. Fox u r damn cutie

        • Fox says:

          Tks stephy

    19. sushiroll says:

      I didn’t get the chance to watch the ending. So what happened? Who died?

    20. a-pop says:

      Kevin and Tavia just receive TVBC award for Most Favorite Leading Actor and Actress. I wish Tavia will able grab Most Favorite Character tonite as Tv Queen highly on Linda hand.

      • Fox says:

        Ah that TVBC poll. It was such a ridiculous award since they deleted most votes of all artists to let Ma Ming win with 40 votes (I only track the male chart). Lolz, 40. Such a clear boost of Txb to him.

        • a-pop says:

          Let Kenneth win? But the winner was Kevin not Kenneth. But at least the poll not transparent and audiences can track numbers of votes.

        • Fox says:

          Submit before completing.

          After they announced Ma Ming won with 40 votes, the fans got mad and bashed Txb crazily in weibo, they hid the result immediately.

          In the end, KC is a safer choice.

        • a-pop says:

          I did not tracked on male chart so I no idea happening at male chart. But for female chart , Tavia consistently leading the poll during the voting period so for me the end result nothing to dispute.

        • Fox says:

          Asked my frd (a Kate fan) and there was a delete in Kate’s votes as well.

          Btw, if KC is the safe game for TVBC, then Txb will play the safe game again tonite to present Chilam? My bet.

    21. Yen says:

      Best Supporting = BENZ HUI and ELENA KONG!!

      • Jenny says:

        Biggest surprise of the night to me was Krystal gets 2 award instead of 1 award for her and 1 award for Linda
        And Dayo was not even there to receive his award

    22. Chi chi says:

      Leave the poor guy alone. He’s just honest and truthful to what he wants in his life and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everbody have their own view and perception in their lives and to earn a comfortable living for his family is perfectly fine for Kenneth.
      I guessed he is a very responsible son and since he’s the only son, I suppose, he has to bear the responsibility to take care of his parents as his sisters will eventually gave their own family to take care of.
      From all his interviews, he is a traditional person and agood man too, and I reckon only people who knows how to appreciate him will see his value.

    23. clueless86 says:

      Episode 27 and 28 was sooooo sad …. I kove this series

    24. Kiko says:

      Way to go Ma Ming, I like your honest answer of earning more money to buy a bigger house, so your family can live better! <3

      Even though you didn't win (and even when I am happy for Chi Lam winning), I still think you did really great in On Call 36 II this year! :)

    25. Kbreezy says:

      To be honest, the first one was way better. Sequels are never successful than the first installment. I really wished that taviA and Kenneth had more screen time. They are the main character and they are the hippocratic crush.

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