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“The Hippocratic Crush 2” May Not Be a Crossover With “Healing Hands”

By on August 23, 2012

“The Hippocratic Crush 2” May Not Be a Crossover With “Healing Hands” thumbnail

After Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) confirmed in starring in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> sequel, it was widely speculated that the actor will reprise his role as “Dr. Paul Ching” from the Healing Hands <妙手仁心> trilogy. However, during a recording for an episode of TVB variety program, Let’s Play with Our Food <皆大歡喜之溏心風暴>, Lawrence said he hoped that he will portray a different character instead. 

“I’m still not sure what character I will be playing, but I want to have a new image,” Lawrence said. “Dr. Ching was a very iconic character, but it might get boring. I actually want to be a villain, or someone like the weird one-eyed doctor, ‘Black Jack’ (manga character).”’ 

The sequel was originally planned to begin filming at the end of the year. However, to accommodate Lawrence’s schedule, TVB postponed the filming to February 2013.

Lawrence revealed that he invited Ada Choi (蔡少芬) to film the sequel, but she turned him down, reasoning that she is too busy. Currently without a female lead, Lawrence asked the press for suggestions. When the press suggested the pretty Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Lawrence’s eyes lit up and asked, “Who is she? Is she really pretty? What time does her drama air? I’ll take a look when I go home tonight, and then make a suggestion to the crew!” 

Besides Lawrence, original The Hippocratic Crush cast members, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) will also return in the sequel, but it is currently unknown if they will reprise their roles from the original. 

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (71)

    1. Daisy says:

      Lol this page is gonna be bombarded by Christine hate comments XD

    2. Hannah says:

      Oh my, the press loves Christine. -_-

      Lawrence and Ada would have been the ideal couple. I hope it’s an older fadan pairing up with him.

      Anyway, a villain? Lawrence, you’re just going to play a different doctor, not a neurosurgeon again. That’s the most creativity you’re getting from TVB.

    3. fiona says:

      hope christine won’t be in hippocratic2. she already ruined ghetto2. please don’t ruin hippocratic2

      • Funn Lim says:

        I didn’t think she ruined GJ 2. GJ 2 ruined itself.

      • Hannah says:

        Although Christine is part of it, don’t blame it completely on her. GJ2, itself, is bad.

      • AC says:

        I wish they had gotten Annie Liu like they originally wanted.

        I tend to ignore Christine when she’s on screen. Other than her, I’m still loving GJ2. :)

      • Larry 3 says:

        It is Christine fault, she should have been daubed or get killed in episode ZERO.

    4. NP says:

      I thought Lawrence had the best chemistry with Ada. I hope he’ll pair with an older fadan too. Maybe Flora? I like him with Gigi Lai too but I doubt she’ll do it. Her role in HHIII was not that great though. I don’t really think he has good chemisty with Kenix or Maggie Cheung. How about Maggie Siu? That’ll be a fresh couple.

    5. Chriselle says:

      Haha it’s funny when Lawrence says he doesn’t want to reprise the role, but wanted to play a villain instead. I believe he had numerous villain roles in his early career and it was Dr. Paul Ching who created a new image (a nicer one) for the actor.

      On another note, it would be nice to see Lawrence and Ada pair up again. They had cute chemistry in HH.

    6. based says:

      Lawrence played the most extreme villain roles too…he was a rapist, a cannibal, a serial killer, etc. He was pretty lucky to get that lead part in Healing Hands when you think about it.

    7. Ice says:

      I do like Lawrence acting, so it should be a cool series, but no way should he even consider Christine K as his female lead. He has paired with Ada on many occasion and they do look sweet together.

      Hmmm what older female fadan would suit him?

      Sheren Tang? YoYo Mung? Joyce Tang? Jessica Hsuan?

      • Funn Lim says:

        The beauty of a male actor of any age is he can always be paired up with any actresses of any age (credible age of course) and no one will ever say anything untoward about him.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Why not Lawrence is a gay doctor in love with Kenneth whilst having a relationship with another handsome actor?

        • Ice says:

          I know and when looking at him, he still looks the same as 10 years ago….

          Yes he can pair up with someone younger, but I think want to see someone who can act please!!

          Gay lover with Kenneth…hahahaha you are joker Funn =p

        • Jadio says:

          @Funn Lim
          OMG I would love to see the gay doctor love story, that would be so funny! Kenneth can be bi! Tavia will be jealous! =P Not sure how Hong Kong would take it though… =P

        • Kidd says:

          Is Ben Wong still with TVB? Lawrence Ng played a gay couple with Ben Wong in one segment of the series ‘The Threat of Love 1′.

          They can reprise this relationship. Haha.

        • Veejay says:

          Invite Margie Tsang as his lover or anyone else BUT AIMEEE PLS!

    8. RLF Lover says:

      Um, if Kenneth and Tavia don’t reprise their roles as Yat Kin Tao and Yu Zhai, then what exactly is the point of calling it a sequel?

      Oh and I have give Lawrence a thumbs up for not knowing who Christine is. Too bad!

      • Ice says:

        Yeah glad he doesn’t know who she is…. but he wants to watch her in GJ2…. damn I am really not a fan of her….

      • Veejay says:

        Christine is just getting famous and famous in TVB.. thanks to plenty of publicities and rumors!

    9. emma says:

      oh i really don’t understand the hype with Christine Kuo. She really can’t act and her lines are quite choppy in GJ2. It’s a pity that Ada can’t do it since she definitely seems compatible with Lawrence.

    10. Fungfungfan says:

      I thought tavia and Kenneth were going to be the leads! -.- why is lawrence gonna be the lead? Wtf?

      • Larry 3 says:

        TVB is running out of people and ideas, already! :)

      • Linnh says:

        Lawrence is a veteran, and Kenneth is his junior, and I wrote another place that he is back to save TVB so, that may be a reason to why he will play th 1st male lead.

        And Kenneth is in the wish list to Wong jin’s new drama series, and it will be aired in March, THC in feb and this other film in March, so I don’t think THC will be done by then, so this is maybe another reason to why Kenneth won’t play 1st lead.

    11. AC says:

      I’m hoping for Nancy to maybe pair up with Lawrence? She did have that cameo for a few seconds in the original.

    12. Linnh says:

      If Christine get the role then she will just ruin this drama like she ruin those other drama she has been in.

      When this is said, then I hope ALL of the old actress and actor that was playing in the first one will come back to the second, A serie will never be the same without their original cast (beside from FH3, but I don’t think everybody is agreen with me on this) And please don’t kill Tavia, because if that happend then I think I’m gonna stop watching, they were the best couple in the 1 st one.

      I also think that if Lawrence comes back and become the main leader, then it is unfair towards Kenneth, he was the main leader in the first one, the writer can’t just make him the second leader and put Lawrence as the first. I know he is good (he is a veteran and kenneth is his junior, so Kenneth can’t compare with him), but kenneth did play the 1st leader in the 1 THC. And another thing is that Wong jin’s new series with TVB (the one where his production company will be collaborating with TVB) is confirmed to film in March, and in his wish list then he wish Kenneth to play one of the caracter in that series too, and since THC gonna film in february then i don’t think it will end in March, so the chance that Kenneth will be the second lead is pretty high,I find it unfair.

      I am so afraid that I will become dissapointed about this sequel, I hope I won’t but it can happend. I have always wished for a sequel, but not if it ends bad like TVB’s other sequel drama series.

      • Nicole says:

        *cough* Look what they did to Myolie in TITS2. At least Lawrence is a veteran, and for him to lead over Kenneth, it’s still understandable.

        • Linnh says:

          I know that’s why i am begging them to not kill off Tavia, but to be honest I won’t be surprised if that happend, TVB has an tendence to ruin the sequel series anyways.

        • sm says:

          agree I dont want them to kill of tavia I like her alot and yeah what’s the whole point calling this hippocratic II if its note gonna be the same with part I KENNETH MA N TAVIA has to stay together in this movie lor……..

        • lol says:

          I agree. What they did to Myolie in TITS2 was a wtf. I think Kenneth and Lawrence will lead together. However I don’t know what will happen to Tavia.

    13. elin says:

      have nt watched ths show so wasnt looking forward to the sequel.. i mght watch the sequel as lawrence in it.. he was a great actor..

    14. joojaibao says:

      omygosh….please no more Christine Kuo not in this drama she’ll ruin the movie

    15. sm says:

      why would they wanna pair up
      lawrence w/ Christine Kuo and again she’s in this movie tooo OOooooh NOOOOOO

      • Linnh says:

        Lawrence is a veteran, and it looks like TVB really want to promote Christine Kuo, and makes her one of the fadans, so this is the opportunity to do that? Well that may be a reason.

    16. sm says:

      why cant this series pair up Lawrence with other female tvb artist why does it really have to be with Christine Kuo anywayzzzz she cant ACT @ ALL……….

    17. Hannahh says:

      Ada n Lawrence is a good couple but maybe Lawrence will b the third party between tavia n ma ming.


    18. witnap says:



      • chompontvb says:

        her only convincing expression is that big, doe-eyed look. her expression of anger when the druggie died in her clinic in GJ2 was just contrived at best

    19. Kidd says:

      I think fans will be disappointed if Lawrence doesn’t play Dr.Cheng. The crossover idea is a very enticing selling point for HC2.

    20. Kandie says:

      Uhhh…first thing, bringing back Lawrence doesn’t safe anything. The reason why THC was successful was because the audience enjoyed what they watched in the first series and the characters. Adding a new character in played by a ‘bigger named artist’ and shifting Kenneth and or Tavia down to supporting characters is setting up for the sequel to be a flop (as usual for tvb with most of their sequels..).

      If it were to be lawrence and Ada as the lead, it’ll be like healing hands all over again…….

      And kenneth can do just fine with being the lead. What is wrong with you tvb?

      • witnap says:

        Sometimes i wonder do TVB really think before they open their mouth. Set aside TITS2, because Francis was in the initial one. Do really all the sequels turn out to be better or as good as the first? I personally think TVB can just make a brand new script and characters to include Lawrence in instead of shoving him at THC2….

        • Addy says:

          “Do really all the sequels turn out to be better or as good as the first?”

          It has happened before. TVB’s Criminal Investigator II was WAY better than Criminal Investigator I. In part II, they bumped down Sunny Chan’s character to promote Gallen Lo. A lot of fans didn’t like that, but the sequel still did really well.

        • Addy says:

          And TVB sequel usually do as well, if not better, than the original. However, they are usually more poorly received critically.

    21. JF says:

      Christine Fadan, TVB Wandan!

    22. lol says:

      Not Christine Kuo again

    23. JavaJunkie says:

      TVB has definitely had a bad run with sequels.

      I think the some of the sequels in the 90s and early 2000s were some of the better and successful ones.

      THC was an amazing drama and I’m hoping the sequel will follow its path.
      With that said, I hope Christine would not take part in the sequel.

    24. Anonymous says:

      Love Lawrence and Ada and the fact that Lawrence is coming back for a medical drama but The Hippocratic Crush is for Kenneth and Tavia and the others. Having the lead roles replaced by someone else is stupid.

      TVB, you did a great job with On Call 1 already and gaining my faith in you again but by doing this, I will only hate you again.

    25. lilflower says:

      if The Hippocratic Crush 2 changes story line Tavia no longer “yu chai” and Kenneth Ma no longer “yat kin tao” whats the point having a sequel for… what a disappointment TVB always did~ sigh~

    26. Lucia says:

      I don’t like a sequel for HC2 because TVB usually doesn’t do well with sequel. But, if they have a sequel for HC2 then please don’t kill any of the old characters in the first one.

    27. Gap says:

      Christine Kuo is only good to look at. If they want her pretty face in the series, they should just dub her. It’s a pain listening to her. She should be dubbed until her canto improves but i doubt that would happen anytime soon.

    28. menuiq says:

      Oh Mm Gee, why Christine. Why?
      I can’t stand her Cantonese and her English.
      Her Cantonese is so bad and her English sounded so not professional.. (If you get what i meant)

      I prefer JJ Jia in G2J more than Christine.

      Ada Choi is a good one! Gigi Lai!!

    29. vivien says:

      Save your breath guys. Christine is hot stuff among producers. Producer Lee Tim Sing said he’s considering Christine Kuo and JJ for female lead of his new series in Feb starring Wayne. LOL!

    30. vivien says:

      Off topic, the hot favourite for Most Improved Awards this year are Oscar and Mandy. LOL don’t worry, not Christine or JJ yet :P


    31. Clementine says:

      Christine Christine..
      She can’t speak Cantonese fluently and her English is kinda bad too.. Damn..She should just stick to becoming a model. Sell face and body.. but no talking

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