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“Tiger Cubs” Stars to Make Cameo in “Highs and Lows”

By on October 27, 2012

“Tiger Cubs” Stars to Make Cameo in “Highs and Lows” thumbnail

Popular Tiger Cubs <飛虎> stars, Him Law (羅仲謙), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Vincent Wong (王浩信), and Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), will be reprising their roles in a cameo appearance for the final episode of Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>. The two-hour finale is slated to air on Sunday, November 4.

In the final episode, Ella Koon’s (官恩娜) character, Sandy Ko, will be promoted to inspector of the Narcotics Bureau. Him, Oscar, Vincent, and Benjamin’s characters, who all portrayed paramilitary officers in Tiger Cubs, will be transferred from the Special Duties Unit to Sandy’s department.

As both Tiger Cubs and Highs and Lows are produced by Lam Chi Wah (林志華), it is possible to see a crossover between the two cop dramas in the future. However, the cameo appearances seem to come off more as homage than a precursor for a collaboration sequel.

In related news, Tiger Cubs’ leading star, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) recently revealed that he is currently discussing starring in a possible film sequel for Tiger Cubs. It is not known if the film sequel will be followed by a television drama version.

Source: ihktv.com, Sina.com.tw

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  • Readers' Comments (54)

    1. nessa says:

      YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! been wanting a crossover all along and now tvb is giving it to me! :D

      • Jayne says:

        If the “Tiger Cubs” and “Highs and Lows” crossover happens, Raymond Lam will likely not appear in the sequel since he is now only filming 1 TVB drama per year. He will likely be interested to act in a different role, otherwise it wouldn’t be fresh.

        I think Producer Lam may just be hyping up the “Tiger Cubs” cast for related film and sequel projects.

      • momo says:

        Lols I’m not sure if I like the crossover idea… aren’t the “flying tigers/ sdu” the “best of the best”? Feel like they’re being demoted haha

    2. momo says:

      Yay~ that’s gonna be the best episode of the entire series lols :P

      • Fox says:

        So you missed many other great eps, lolz.

      • momo says:

        Still on ep 4 but so far so good. Did u watch? Or is TYs nose too distracting for u? :P

        • Fox says:

          Ikr. You think SSSS is good so you wont think HAL is good, haha. It s like a secret rule for a group of you know who, haha.

        • momo says:

          Haha, care to elaborate? I have no idea what you bare talking about :P both series are good, but SSSS has a much better cast IMO.

        • Fox says:

          I blv that you can understand so I wont have to say it directly to you.

          Of course to you SSSS cast is good, LMAO. Anything with it is not good to you haha?

        • Catie says:

          that goes the same for you too Fox-anything with TY in it is a default ‘not good’ lol.

        • Linnh says:

          Hey hey hey I love the cast of HAL! They all do a really good job in there, I shouldn’t say anything about SSSS haven’t watched it.

        • Puff says:

          @Catie, too true, not just her, I noticed there are other who can get testy.
          He/ she is entitled to like whomever, each to it’s own I guess.

        • Puff says:

          Sorry should have said him/ her in “not just her”

        • Fox says:

          That’s so correct, Catie :D. So I understand so well how momo and also you or Puff feel :D. We are walking in the same shoes but different brand names.

        • star says:

          I prefer HAL cast to SSSS cast. They all look more appealing to me. Couldn’t stand watching Damian’s intimate scenes. They’re also awkward imo.

        • momo says:


          You seriously confuse me sometimes lols I still don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, but I assume it has something to do with TY? What’s up with you hate for her anyway haha :P (just curious)

        • Puff says:

          Yeah momo, good question. I’m actually not a fan of anyone, but felt compelled to be more vocal in supporting Tavia on this site because of the unnecessarily negative comments she get.

          Too be fair momo, fox for most of the time don’t go overboard with the language and tone used.

        • Fox says:

          Lolz. Maybe you can ask Catie to explain for you. The ava looks very familiar :P and s/he talks like an old person in Jayne (but with different username)

          I like the “fan of nobody” statement. Haha, maybe next time I can adapt it :P. But maybe no…

        • momo says:

          Haha I agree with you Puff.

          And thank you Fox. I appreciate you for being more “respectful” with your words today :)

        • Fox says:

          I have good manner from the beginning :D.

        • Puff says:

          @fox, feel free to adapt, not copy righted ;)

        • Fox says:

          Yes, of course it dun have a copyright :D. But I have to re-think of the adaption because I feel it’s a bit hypocrite :D.

    3. Nicole says:

      Didn’t Vincent’s character die?
      Alternate universe. LOL

      • EEEp says:

        Laughing Gor has been in too many alternate universes then. Someone kill him off once and for all.

      • momo says:

        I just realized hella ppl in tiger cubs are in hal as well.

        Jazz played the dude with down syndrome (Mandy’s friend)

        Derek played a villain

        Law look lam was HimHims dad

        Etc. Etc.

        • Nicole says:

          It’s from the same producer, so they tend to reuse a lot of the same artistes.
          But are there as many as 3k rpg and WI? There was like a list of 50 characters or so who reincarnated from 3 kingdom period to WI.

        • momo says:

          Oh really? Didn’t watch 3 kingdoms so I wouldn’t know.
          WI = the one with bosco and Linda?
          3K and WI are 2 desperate eras haha, wouldn’t matter if they reuse the same artists :P

        • Nicole says:

          Yes, WI with Bosco and Linda.
          It actually doesn’t matter much if they reuse the same artistes, but there were so many, that there was a news article about the characters’ reincarnation :P

    4. RLF Lover says:

      Well, should a crossover ever happen and Vincent Wong is in it then we know for sure that a person can never die after being shot a bazillion times on a cross.

      On TV, that is ;)

    5. Hannahh says:

      Sound Awesome! so might be sequel for HAL hehe

    6. Xinstar says:

      Hmmm will be good to watch Him Law wear a dark suit again ;)

    7. y2k says:

      IS Vincent back from the dead in tiger cub crossover or is a prequal for tiger cub,they shall hire kenneth ma again as the bad guy in tiger cub sequel since he not offical dead in tiger cub final episode ,his body never been found,am i right?

    8. CHo says:

      kool crossover! can’t wait, it is nice to have two successful dramas come together!

    9. deeg says:

      after watching all of the very exciting and plot-wise more logical and coherent Tiger Cubs, i feel that HAL was way hyped up (drug use, rape scene, best actress – not that i dont like kate-, etc) and has become very disjointed, illogical and too many plot holes. the action isn’tas intense as Tiger Cubs and the storylines are all over the place. thought HAL might have more character development but they now seem to have two parallel storylines running – Michael Miu’s and Raymond Lam’s, with little time to realy concentrate on either group’s…

    10. Gar says:

      I might have a bias for action packed police dramas since I believe that Tiger Cubs and Highs and Lows is 2 of the best series this year to date. Hope TVB can continue to produce more of them.

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