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Top Ten Nominees for TVB Best Actor and Actress Leaked

By on October 18, 2012

Top Ten Nominees for TVB Best Actor and Actress Leaked thumbnail

On October 18, Apple Daily “leaked” a list of the top ten nominees for Best Actor and Actress in the forthcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, which will be held on December 17, 2012. According to Apple Daily, the list is from a trustable source, and although the ultimate winners will be determined by audience vote, TVB executives still have the most authority in determining the nominations for each award category.

The following is the top ten nominees for Best Actor:

Moses Chan (陳豪) will be nominated for either The Last Steep Ascent <天梯>, Master of Play <心戰>, Let It Be Love <4 in Love>, or When Heaven Burns <天與地>

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) will be nominated for either Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>, or The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) will be nominated for either The Confidant <大太監>, King Maker <造王者>, or The Greatness of a Hero <盛世仁傑>

Raymond Lam (林峯) will be nominated for either Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> or Three Kingdoms RPG

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) will be nominated for either Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2> or Gloves Come Off <拳王>

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) will be nominated for either Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles or L’Escargot <缺宅男女>

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) will be nominated for Witness Insecurity <護花危情>

Chin Kar Lok (錢嘉樂) will be nominated for Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>

Michael Miu (苗僑偉) will be nominated for Highs and Lows

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) will be nominated for No Good Either Way <衝呀!瘦薪兵團>


The following is the top nominees for Best Actress:

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) will be nominated for either Witness Insecurity, House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安>, Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>, or L’Escargot

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) will be nominated for either Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Three Kingdoms RPG, or The Hippocratic Crush

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) will be nominated for either Ghetto Justice 2, House of Harmony and Vengeance, or Wish and Switch

Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) will be nominated for King Maker or No Good Either Way 

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) will be nominated for either Highs and Lows

Michelle Yim (米雪) will be nominated for The Confidant

Fala Chen (陳法拉) will be nominated for Queens of Hearts and Diamonds <東西宮略>

Liza Wang (汪明荃) will be nominated for Divas in Distress

Gigi Wong (黃淑儀) will be nominated for Divas in Distress

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) will be nominated for When Heaven Burns

“When Heaven Burns” is Unforgettable

Jonathan Chik’s (戚其義) When Heaven Burns aired at the beginning of the year, and gained a huge cult following. Critics praised the drama to be one of Hong Kong’s most representative works, and although the drama suffered poor ratings, it was a huge success online, and it attracted even more viewers when TVB decided to put up all 30 episodes online. Seeing Charmaine Sheh entering the final ten is not surprising, but as she has already left TVB, it is not likely that she will win Best Actress.

Myolie Wu is the Most Popular

In a pseudo online poll conducted by netizens on tvb.com’s online forum, Myolie Wu from Ghetto Justice 2 seems to have the most supporters to win TV Queen. Of the 366 conducted votes, Myolie snatched 104 voters.

In a phone interview with Apple Daily, Myolie said, “Of course I am happy to have so many people supporting me! But there are still dramas that haven’t aired yet. It’s still too early.”

Myolie admitted that she feels slightly pressured by the one-vote-per-person system, but said,“Thank goodness that I won last year. I can relax. Of course, it would be even better if I won this year as well!”

Kenneth Ma is currently the front-runner for winning TV King according to these online votes, taking in 64 of the 246 conducted votes on the Best Actor poll. Second place is Bosco Wong, and third place is Raymond Lam.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (219)

    1. y2k says:

      Why Mandy Wong not nominated ,her performance are better than some of the actress listed above?
      Why Michelle Yim not nominated as well?

      • purplepaw says:

        but michelle yim is nominated? and mandy wong isn’t a lead actress, although i do agree with you that she’s better than some of those mentioned above. she’ll probably win most improved

      • Looooooooo says:

        Not surprise with the list

      • Fox says:

        Michelle Yim is nominated:

        Michelle Yim (米雪) will be nominated for The Confidant

        Mandy Wong dun have any leading role to be nominated. She’ll be nominated and win Most improved actress. Maybe she’ll get the nomination for Best supporting as well.

      • Anna says:

        But Mandy Wong didn’t star in anything. If anything she’ll get nominated for supporting Actress

      • Annabelle Chew says:

        i’m not suprised with the list but Mandy do deserve to be in the list too

    2. Funn Lim says:

      Moses for Ascent? NO!! He was like a log of wood in there when Maggie was like tearful in confessing her love and he was talking poetry as if reciting a page from his account book.

      Chin Kar Lok for DID? I mean he was good but best actor? Please!!!!!!!

      Kevin Cheng? No no no.

      Kristal Tin for No Good Either Way is fair but she is hardly leading actress there but then since she is the female character with most screentime can’t argue with that.

      The Confidant not even shown yet and here we have Michelle Yim. What a load of rubbish.

      Fala, not for that series. Charmaine is gone. Unless they want to make her happy so she will be in the list.

      The rest no no no.

      • Anon says:

        Yawn, you must really have an opinion in everything. Don’t u get tired of hearing ur own voice?

        • loungegirl says:

          Lol, Funn’s opinion is one of the few that matters and worth reading in this forum! I don’t always agree with her but she definitely brings spark through her opinionated ways. (no offense Funn =)

        • Funn Lim says:

          Anon, don’t you get tired of having no opinion?

      • Tvbmaniac says:

        Funn, I’m with u. Very true. U point out all their good points & flaws fairly. ESP Moses , excuse me, is he acting or reciting some stage dialogue? He just appear like a wooden beside Maggie. No happy, sad expressions. Chin ka lok, this is joke. He is just a good entertainer or performer. Not quality to be in best actor. I laugh when run thru the list.

    3. AC says:

      I can’t imagine them shortening the nomination list to only 10 people per category since that means less people would be at the awards. They would definitely want more stars to show up to increase their ratings.

    4. Uni says:

      Kristal Tin’s acting is mediocre.. she has a long way to go. I must applaud FALA CHEN’S acting in THE QUEENS OF HEARTS AND DIAMONDS. . her masculine personality is a bonus! I’m sorry but performing a “rape scene” isn’t anything worthy. Kate Tsui needs to work on her expressions. . I say Tavia and Fala should be the contenders but TVB is probably going to say otherwise.

      • purplepaw says:

        contrary to what you just wrote, most people had very mediocre reactions to fala in the queens of hearts and diamonds. and there hasn’t been any “noise” around her roles, so i highly doubt she’s really a contender.

        • gold4canada says:

          Yeah, it was a really mediocre role in a mediocre drama. Actually I thought she was plain annoying. She’s just on the list because she’s considered a first line actress at TVB

          @Uni: Rape scene hasn’t even been shown.

      • Hannah says:

        Uhh…Fala is def not a contender.

      • star says:

        I find Fala just mediocre in QOHAD. I only watched the last 3 or 4 episodes and it seems as if she intentionally speaks that way, not naturally. When she switched her soul with Roger, I couldn’t tell any difference.

      • Ciara says:

        A rape scene to determine whether an actress’s acting performance is good and in the running for BA..? That is seriously disturbing.

        • Fox says:

          A rape scene can be a scene to leave memorable moment in audience’s mind, but the acting in the whole series of Kate is quite consistent and good, so the rape scene can bring the climax to her character. Not that only the rape scene is liked.

          Look, the rape scene hasn’t been released yet but Kate is still liked in HAL. Many ppl said that they changed their view toward Kate thank to HAL.

        • Xxx says:

          Kate’s acting was never good. What’s with everybody praising her in HAL. It’s getting on my nerves

        • Nicole says:

          Because she’s pretty good in HAL?
          Or many people think so?

        • Fox says:

          Because many ppl change the view on Kate after HAL, so they praise her. Why can’t accept her improvement?

        • star says:

          Maybe they didn’t see her improvement. She did indeed look dazed, as Funn said, sometimes in HAL but I became fonder of her.

        • Fox says:

          Funn Lim hasn’t watched HAL yet, so she only based on the previous acting of Kate to judge.

          I don’t question the ppl that dun think Kate improved, I question the ppl that dun even give her the chance to see her improvement.

        • den1 says:

          Kate’s acting has not improved in HAL, she is the same in every series. She has one tone and one facial expression in every series. I think TVB is creating all the good reviews for her. I dont dislike her but her acting is really average.

        • 939393 says:

          me neither. I’ve been watching HAL and didnt see any improvements in Kate. dont get what’s all the hype is about. in fact, i think she’s pretty annoying in the show

        • Funn Lim says:

          Fox, I watched 10 minutes of her and I stopped because I see the same Kate, nothing has changed except her looks.

        • Fox says:

          Oh ok, take note that you watched 10 mins, Funn Lim.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I need only 10 min to know I have had enough. Should waste 20 hours or so for something I am not interested in just so I can join in with every chorus to say “Oh Kate, that’s a good gang rape acting”? Like some can’t stand a min of Aimee Chan or Christine Kuo, I have every right to deny myself the displeasure of spoiling my day watching an actress I am not fond with whose acting I do not like.

        • Fox says:

          It’s up to you. I share the same habit to quit everyone I don’t like as well. But I blv dun watch then hard to comment or the comment will be biased. However, bias is the nature of opinion, especially for something related to entertainment like acting and look, so can’t help of this.

          Can’t deny a fact that Kate’s fanbase already increased a lot thank to HAL, even without the rape scene which hasn’t been out yet. So can’t say that she only based on the rape scene to be famous.

      • lol says:

        Talk about this rape thing Linda now wants to stick to her jade image and is avoiding bed scenes and think rape scene isn’t necessary. Jade Linda forever, supposedly.

        • Funn Lim says:

          she was almost rape in that Steven Ma series, that running series that I can never remember the title. She did a youtube bed scene for Gem Of Life. If she had wanted to avoid such scenes then she would have avoided it when she was at the height of her jade image.

          Linda doesn’t need a rape scene or a bed scene to enhance her image. All she needs to do is act, and not gain any fame through the mere mention of rape or bed scene.

        • Fox says:

          Linda has just said that she wouldn’t do any bed scene and avoid as much as possible these scenes.

        • exoidus says:

          A journey called Life. Ah I love that series the marathon theme is great and 2 of my fav. + fat boss.

          Can’t blame Linda for avoiding it since there are many wolves disguised as gentlemen in TVB. She prolly don’t mind having a bed scene with gentlemen like Ruco or Raymond W. However is not like she can say out loud “I don’t want any intimate scenes with the fat wolf”

          Moreover she is a nice gal and doesn’t want to steal Kate and Aimee’s rice bowl, LOL

        • Veejay says:


          so in the other word.. Kate needs all those rape scenes because she can’t act good? lol..

        • Fox says:

          And she made her statement look like she has never done any bed scene before or she would cover her eyes to scenes like this. Her newest statement is so much similar to Gillian’s long ago, before EDC’s scandal.

        • exoidus says:

          TVB entering the porn industry? The dream of fat wolf has come true and Kate/Aimee will gain many new fans, LOL

        • Fox says:

          @exoidus: The series she denied to avoid bed scene is the one with Ruco Chan, LMAO~.

        • Fox says:

          And Linda has just did a bra ads =)), revealing her precious body and still acts like she can’t do bed scenes (although she did some).

        • Veejay says:

          Funn is right, Linda can get famous without those rape scenes cuz she can really act unlike others.. like Aimee hehe who has to feed berries to grandpa so her name can appear on papers..

        • Veejay says:

          Bra ad doesn’t require any close contact with male co-worker but rape or bed scene require intimate and close contact.. so why not bra scene? linda didnt say she’s Naive and Innocent like gillian.

        • Kidd says:

          Doing a photoshoot for a bra ads and making out with a guy is different.

        • Kidd says:

          Veejay is absolutely right.

        • Kidd says:

          Maybe when more actresses having such boundaries, TVB won’t add in rape scenes/plot happily just for the shock value.

        • Fox says:

          Lolz, now I feel pitiful for Fala. Some criticized her so much for not dare to have kissing scenes, but now to Yuk lui Linda acts like she can’t do bed scene, the voice changes.

          Let Linda set her limits and stay in her safe circle forever. It means, she only can act in certain type of role (Yuk lui) and won’t never go far. But too bad, Linda did bed scenes before :P. If she does it again in the future, we can automatically name her bad actress.

          Anne Hathaway showed all of her nude body in Love and other drugs, and won praises for her acting. So revealing and bed scene dun mean bad acting. Same that Kate hasn’t had her rape scene showed on screen yet but she still gained a lot of fans. And nowaday, the amount of fans is very important.

        • Kidd says:

          I supported Fala in her stance last time too.

        • Veejay says:

          And if Linda does it again, i bet she will have a reason for breaking it :P

        • Fox says:

          Bra ads I want to refer to how ppl said Viann and PSS and Angelababy are cheap because they did bra ads, but even Yuk lui can did bra ads, why can’t they?

          Linda said such thing: 提到徐子珊为争取视后, 在剧集 《 雷霆扫毒》 内被人轮奸, 嘉欣说:「 攞视后唔一定要上床, 可以做好多唔同类型嘅角色, 每个人选择唔同, 自己会避忌少少。」

          To make herself like she has never did bed scene before in her career. So it reminds me of Gillian’s famous quote before EDC’s scandal: “I would cover my eyes when seeing intimate scenes”. Gillian didn’t say she is naive or innocent until the scandal revealed in the other famous quote “So naive, so silly”.

        • exoidus says:

          Do it for the academy award and not for the pathetic TVB award, LOL

        • Fox says:

          LMAO~, Linda will have a reason :P. Veejay, it’s called “bias”, dear.

          @Kidd: I dun refer to you.

        • Fox says:

          But nobody invited Linda for academy award. Ah yes, once with movie but she lost to Kate :P.

        • exoidus says:

          I guess in case Kate’s career doesn’t work out in TVB she can join the movie industry in Japan, LOL.

        • Fox says:

          Too bad it’s working well in Txb :P. How about Linda, where she can go if her career in Txb dun work out? I bet you’ll say CTI :D. Hope she won’t have to go for diet like Bernice. Oh well, dun need because she is already a diet pill user.

        • lol says:

          @exoidus – Linda just rejected bed scenes for series with Ruco as her partner. So it’s not abour her want to avoid fat wolf or whatever it might be just her want to remain jade girl.

        • Veejay says:

          Atleast Linda didnt have those plastic balloons installed in her body and she never have any sexy pics taken before like PSS and Viann.. ppl will see her bra Ad as classy :P while the other 2 as something else..

        • exoidus says:

          LOL, was a bedscene required in the series in the first place? The reporter asked her if she MIND! Better to avoid them all instead of picking bed scene partner it’s not nice, hehe.

          Funny you guys making a big deal out of it. There are already artists in TVB specializing bed/rape scenes and seems to enjoy it as well. Why take away their rice bowls?

        • Fox says:

          @lol: Exoidus said: “She prolly don’t mind having a bed scene with gentlemen like Ruco or Raymond W.” Hahaha. Linda bite exoidus this time, ouch.

          @Veejay: Still a bra ads, lolz. You haven’t seen Kate’s rape scene but still can judge that she had a rape scene = cheap, then even if Linda’s bra ads dun reveal much, it’s still a bra ads and so on.

          Btw, she said that her body isn’t sexy so she didn’t dare to do bra ads until the triple push helped her figure in this ads. Well, it means if Linda’s body is sexy, she would do the sexy pose and ads for sure. Haha, to think of this, her body isn’t absolutely sexy.

        • Veejay says:

          lol, I never say Kate’s rape scene is cheap in all my sentences :P. Putting word into my mouth again? hahaha

        • exoidus says:

          Hahaha, poor you Veejay, LOL

        • Fox says:

          I don’t say you said the word “cheap” out. Re-read :D.

          Exoidus, are you avoiding the question about Ruco? LMAO~.

        • Veejay says:


          Imagination is good for health, good for fox she has high imagination like how she imagined I’m so inlove with LF for eg. hehehe.

        • Veejay says:

          I think you need to re-read dear.. I said PSS and Viann gave ppl a different impression when they took sexy pics.. never have I said or type the word “cheap” :P.. I didnt even mention Kate in my reply to you :P

          I only mentioned Kate as refer to Funn’s comment.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Fox

          I reread your post to Veejay

          “@Veejay: Still a bra ads, lolz. You haven’t seen Kate’s rape scene but still can judge that she had a rape scene = cheap, then even if Linda’s bra ads dun reveal much, it’s still a bra ads and so on.”

          You did put words in her mouth.

        • Fox says:

          @Kidd: Re-read. I said that I didn’t say the word “cheap” come from Veejay’s mouth, not that she dun implied such thing. Oh maybe I should replace the word “cheap” = “can’t act” to be clearer.

          @Veejay: You said that ppl can’t understand your “sarcasm” and I’m pretty sure that you also dun understand ppl’s “sarcasm” to you. LMAO~.

        • exoidus says:

          Hahaha Veejay, yeah but to be honest I think his Fox would love to see him in the movie. However bc of the virtually zero probability pretends not to care and accuse you for being in love instead (the fox and the sour grapes), LOL

          Defense: “I didn’t say you said but JUDGE”

        • Fox says:

          Back to the topic: What happen if Jade Lin do a bed scene in the future?

        • exoidus says:

          Hahaha, back to the topic so fast after the fox has bitten herself in the tail? LOL

        • Fox says:

          @Exoidus: =)) you are totally wrong. I bet you would love to see Linda in rape scenes more than I want to see LF as Pi.

          For Veejay’s love, question why she suddenly drag LF from nowhere to this topic when there is nothing related to him or nobody mentioned him in this topic, LMAO~. She started the convo and acted like she was dragged in. Ok, if dun want, then why start it at first place? This question I also want to ask Veejay.

        • Fox says:

          Not too fast :D. Because I’m worrying for you Exoidus as you have just been bitten by your beloved Linda.

        • exoidus says:

          Im perfectly fine not been bitten (read my post 5:09)

          You on the other hand should treat your wounds ASAP as it can get infected, LOL

        • Michael says:

          Rape scenes are no necessary. Seriously need to stop adding that to the storyline needlessly.

        • Fox says:

          Oh you sound very sour, exoidus, lolz, even with the one at 5:09. Next time rmb to check what Linda said before saying something, har?

          Where is my wound *innocent eyes*?

        • Hannah says:

          Well, a rape scene isn’t necessary to win TV Queen. Linda prefers not to do them. She did bed scenes in the past, but she probably doesn’t want to do them again.

        • star says:

          I bet she will do it when given the chance to win an award or gain some benefits. She probably act like she’s way too high up to film such scenes because she wasn’t given the chance. Either that or she’s afraid to anger her boyfriend. It’s not like she hasn’t done that before.

        • Linnh says:

          Heey doing a bed scene with Ruco, I so wouldn’t say no lol

    5. Stace says:

      Go Kenneth!!!!!

      • Applelim says:

        Yeah go Kenneth go!! I am rooting for him. Hope he makes it this year and beat LF, MC, etc etc.

    6. gold4canada says:

      I don’t see any major surprises. Top 10 will be given to more or less all the first line fadan and siu-sangs and the veteran actors. Keeps the actor and their fans happy that at least they have a chance. At the end of the day, it’s the winner that’s important, Top 10 is like a courtesy thing.

    7. Hannah says:

      Damian will get a nomination for SSSS. I’ll say Chin Ka Lok and Ron are the weaker nominees.

      • gold4canada says:

        Then maybe Chin Ka Lok kicked out and nominated for a hosting award instead. Ron is in list to give him “face”

      • Anonymous says:

        Ron will probably be kicked out since his roles this year can hardly be considered leading.

      • 939393 says:

        yeah agreed. Ron wasn’t even leading in any dramas this year and he got nominated for Best Actor? ridiculous. TVB should also take into account of the effort and hours Damian spent on correcting the scripts to make it brilliant.

    8. Hannahh says:

      Support Myolie! But doubt she will win it again this year. I’m glad she won it last year too.

    9. Ciara says:

      Apple Daily…lmao. Very reliable source indeed.

      • Ciara says:

        Btw, getting the audience to vote for the BA category is definitely not voting for the ‘Best’- it’s ‘Most favourite’ instead.

      • advo says:

        Not like it took much imagination to make this list. Anyone who follows TVB shows could have predicted that list.

    10. ping0 says:

      Boo raymond Wong not even nominated??

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah he should be recognised for his fine performance in BP!

      • exoidus says:

        WTF, Ron is nominated and Raymond W. isn’t. Nepotism of the highest level!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hopefully this is not the actual list! Ron’s roles are not exactly leading anyway; maybe he’ll be pushed to the supporting category.

        • ping0 says:

          I hope so too! Raymond W was great in BP, one of the most memorable, they aired it in January and now its Oct, and still memorable lol

        • exoidus says:

          Guess it doesn’t matter they will give it to LF anyway. Just need to remind myself that TVB awards has nothing to do with acting capabilities.

      • 939393 says:

        because he’s raymond wong, not raymond lam. :(

      • Yeo says:

        Come on TVB, why did u forget abt Raymomd Wong? His performance in BP and Gloves come off is much better than some actors in the list…

    11. Larry 3 says:


    12. Nicole says:

      They don’t even have KENT CHENG! :(

    13. apple says:

      If between Kenneth & LF, I would like Kenneth to win also, that’s my choice..

    14. TN1 says:

      Wish I can vote x(

    15. HeTieShou says:

      I sort of doubt this is the official list because if it was, why would they allow it to leak so easily??

    16. vtechbaby88 says:

      Anybody can come up with this ‘leaked’ short list. Since there’s no concrete nominations but a bunch of rehash on which drama these actors have stared in.

    17. Sweety says:

      I thought people didn’t like to watch When Heaven Burns and that’s why the rating was low? Or is it because the housewives didn’t like this drama and that’s why the rating was low? Since it’s popular online, did it mean this drama was popular outside of Hong Kong? Can you guys tell me what were the reactions of this drama from Hong Kong people (younger and older generations) and people outside of Hong Kong (Canada, Malaysia, etc)?

      • Kidd says:

        The young people, the media and people in the artistic industry like it.

        The young people usually watch online.

      • skinnymocha says:

        I can see WHB fitting in with movie audiences, but not so much TV viewers. (Well, I’m guessing it’s largely dominated by housewives anyway.)

        (I personally thought it was wannabe artistic bullsh**. Pretentious is the word.)

      • sandcherry says:

        I enjoyed watching WHB and I am not a young person.

        On the whole, the drama series was very good in acting, music, photography/scenes, dialogues, as well as production. The only flaw was the flow was a bit slow.

    18. Selina says:

      Anyone but Myolie. She’s still yet to earn her last year’s win.

    19. Jo says:

      Raymond Wong @ Tung Pun Sin in BP deserves a nod for his fine acting.

    20. shyn yuen says:

      I really hope its tavia or linda. Im a big linda fan and hope she wins but her roles this year are nothing special.

    21. skinnymocha says:

      Well, if you’ve done leading roles, of course you’ll automatically qualify as a nominee; it’s not as if TVB has much to choose from.

      The only glaring mistakes are the omission of Raymond Wong and the inclusion of Ron. It’s as if Ron’s in a special category of his own. Supporting roles only, but let’s console our little baby by calling it leading actor.

      • exoidus says:

        You have to give him a bone otherwise he will bite you, haha

      • Nicole says:

        If they alienate Ron, TVB will get tons of rabid little fangirls screaming about WHYYYYYYYYYYY ISNT RON OMG IMPORTANT, like they did when Ruco was leading over Ron, or when Ron is supporting character in TITS2, that they need to calm all those frothing fangirls by confirming his status. Do note that he mostly share fanbase with the Goddess so not surprising about the similarities between their fans.

      • sandcherry says:

        Correct. Raymond Wong Ho Yin should be included in the nomination. He was the lead actor is “Bottled Passion”, and he acted very well in it.

    22. Primrose says:

      Oh come on! Ron is nominated but not Raymond Wong, Damien Lau, Kent Cheng? We are talking about BEST ACTOR right???!!! I know Bowie Lam is no longer with TVB – but his role in WHB deserves a nomination.

      • 939393 says:

        Totally agreed. Makes the TVB awards so rigged. grr

      • sandcherry says:

        Correct, Damien Lau, Bowie Chan and Kent Cheng should be included in the nomination, so are Steven Ma in “Daddy Good Deeds” , Bobby Au Yeung in “House of Harmony and Vengeance” , Ma Tak Chung in “Tiger Cubs”, and Roger Kwok in “Queens of Hearts and Diamonds” .

    23. kevin says:

      why is everyone cut up about ron being nominated its not like hes going to win

    24. EL says:

      Clearly, LF is gonna win. The whole strategy of online voting is basically a step to ‘make’ LF the winner. So i’ve given up hope on Kenneth and Ruco, although they both gave solid performance.

    25. EL says:

      For best actress, definitely Linda or Tavia. The both earned it. Myolie’s performance is not that great compared to GJ1. Kate still has a long way to go. Sometimes her scenes fail to convince me, cause she’s always acting sarcasticly.

      • Fox says:

        But the whole wave now is siding on Kate, lolz.

        • 939393 says:

          lol. but there is also a big wave which criticizes her performance and didnt find it special

        • Fox says:

          From the newspaper, there isn’t much criticisms :P, or can say that the media is siding her. If Kate dun have any noise, why a fandom had to hack HKchannel’s vote on weibo :P.

        • sonby4 says:

          Siding for kate doesnt mean her chance in winning also big. I dun mind myolie wins instead of her…NO..PLEASE…Tavia and Linda should get the awards before Kate.

        • Fox says:

          Oh maybe she loses the award but wins new fans, so its better to her. Btw, at least Kate is winning in the verbal fight now. She replies well and liked for her answers without insulting or trying to downgrade her rivals. A lot of ppl like her for this.

          I think whoever with high education reply better

        • Fox says:

          Accidentally c@icked,at submit. I mean most of artists with high education level such as BA or higher can reply better than the ones quit highschool in the middle. They know how to talk with manner and not bubble heads.

    26. Jen says:

      How is this even the best actor and actress list? Why are supporting actresses like Mandy and Nancy not on the list? If they outshone the rest, then I think they should be included.

      • Fox says:

        Best LEADing actor/actress list. Even if Mandy and Nancy can outshine others in their series, if they are supporting, they’ll be in supporting list.

    27. choi1991 says:

      Myolie! Myolie! Myolie! Myolie! Myolie! Myolie! She is the best support her to be again tvb queen and next year too. Support her 4ver

    28. sky says:

      “leaked”? lol….we all know whoever stared in a lead role will be nominated for best actor/actress.

    29. fiona says:

      hkd netizen found proof that tavia’s fans might have hacked hkchannel online voting for tv queen based on ridiculous number of increase of her votes compared to the time. here’s the supporting ‘proofs':


      • fiona says:

        sorry this is the image of the fast rising votes. in around 10 minutes she got 1500 votes.

      • Nicole says:

        ya, that’s what her obsessive fans do, cheating over dumb stuff.

      • star says:

        LOL is there a need to. It’s not even the real award. -.- TVB should worry about their live voting.

      • lol says:

        I’m not surprised if this vote manipulation is true. They also tried to manipulate some Jaynestars TVB votings last year. This is not the first time.

      • fiona says:

        and you people can see that in the 20 SECONDS timeframe screencap, tavia’s vote rise by 151 while charmaine and linda has the more logical amount of rising by only 1 vote each.

      • Nicole says:

        I also want to point out how many more votes tthere are casted in the “TV Queen” voting over “TV King” voting.
        TV King : 19,543
        TV Queen: 25,711
        Usually don’t we vote in both? Funny how one has so much more votes than the others.

        • lol says:

          That’s interesting. How come the “TV Queen” votes have a lot more than “TV King”? Some loyal cults might really have hacked the “TV Queen” voting :P

        • fiona says:

          yes. fishy for tv queen voting :)

        • lol says:

          That’s why some cults shouldn’t complain if observant netizens managed to find the odd details such as the flash vote counts for the actress with the giant chest young boyfriend.

        • vivien says:

          ROFL. The female BA poll be more popular by more than 6000 voters? LOL!

        • 939393 says:

          hey why not? maybe they feel that none of the actors deserved it. As for me i only voted for TV Queen but not TV King because honestly, i couldn’t find the link to vote for TV king. -.- But most likely, the ‘odd numbers’ you referred to is due to lack of promotion in the TV King polls as i didnt even see it anywhere on weibo.

        • Fox says:

          I, on the other hand, only can find the King one and only can find the Queen to see until reading this hilarious incident.

        • vivien says:

          Discrepancy in poll voting count is inevitable but 6000 is just too much :P

        • Fox says:

          My defense: There were no “statement” on weibo, facebook, etc. from the men’ fans. And none of the actor deserves to win.

      • Fox says:

        Haha, now Txb has to worry for their system. Prolly will be hacked.

        HKChannel is a site/weibo with V for the news, so the reporters often visit sites like this (KuangaiTVB or HKChannel) to check for the “fans”. I guess it’s why they tried to hack it. So desperate. Maybe they got mad as Kate did surpassed for a long while (with reasonable increase) so they had to do such thing.

        But with a topic in HKD like this, I wonder if the issue will be noted by reporters? I hope :P.

      • clamine says:

        Manipulating and hacking the polls is nothing new, TVB.com ranking is one good example. Heck, even political election polls can be manipulated, what’s more online polls.

        • lol says:

          But what’s funny here is only one fadan fanbase keep getting caught time after time ‘manipulating’ polls. Are they that desperate for their Goddess to get recognition?

      • vivien says:

        TVB better put higher security for the OVPP! LOL but if TVB wants TY to win I think they will just let ‘nature’ takes it course LOL!

      • 939393 says:

        lol. i dont see how the numbers are that ridiculous.

        • star says:

          Within that 10 minutes, Tavia’s votes suddenly shot up by 1000+ and after that it returned to less than 50 increment.

        • Fox says:

          Nearly 1500 in 10 mins, 151 in 20s :P, lolz, how reasonable these number can be? If the number increases slowly, can explain. But it suddenly soared in few minutes, we know it.

        • vivien says:

          Poor HKChannel. It was just trying to held a good poll for TVB fans in weibo but some people just have to disrupt the peace :(

        • 939393 says:

          I still dont see why not because it’s not just a poll conducted in HK but internationally, everyone who has a weibo account can vote. 151 votes per sec doesn’t seem such a big number.

        • Fox says:

          Very big. Like you really think that nearly 1500 ppl can coincidentally find a vote on weibo in within 10 mins? And per 20s coincidentally have 151 ppl click at a vote on weibo? Even dun have enough time to tell others :P. And rmb that the amount is only weird in a moment like this, after that it turned back to normal and only 1-2 vote per 5 mins.

        • star says:

          From the link given by fiona.
          quoted from there “歷史性嘅十分鐘過去之後,點解會咁嘅?啲fans全部走嗮咩?咁都幾有默契喎!!”
          The comment is funny and basically tells what really happened.

        • vivien says:

          Yah quite big for the short time. I didn’t see TY advertise on her weibo during that time LOL and it’s very unlikely that all TY fans decide to vote in that 10 minutes time alone ROFL.

        • 939393 says:

          @fox: prolly through word of mouth by tavia’s fans. Eg, they posted on her fanpage, facebook, twitter or whatsoever urging fans to vote etc. Sorry but I dont see this as actual ‘proof’. it can only be considered as an assumption unless someone reliable clarifies and have concrete proof it’s the doing of hackers.

        • Fox says:

          And this fandom has a history of talking about cheating themselves, so it won’t be a surprise when “Opps, I did it again” – quoted from Britney Spears.

        • vivien says:

          @939393 LOL that ‘urging’ message must be very famous! 1500 ‘people’ coincidentally rushed to vote TY during that 10 minutes! Wow! 151 come in 20s! Amazing! ROFL! Yah. No hacking! Believe me ROFL!

        • Fox says:

          Lolz, just think that if it makes you happy. We all understand that it can happen or not. You think it’s assumption it’s assumption. You think it’s proof it’s proof. It’s all about your opinion. Here we are in an entertainment discussion, not a court. Hence the “proofs” are believable or not, it’s up to each person. Even in a court, not all the time the proofs are correct.

        • Fox says:

          @vivien: If I rmb rite, 939393 did blv in the unbelievable famous injection, so s/he dun blv in this minor thing is nothing special.

        • Fox says:

          *did blv in the non-existence of the famous injection* – to make my sentence clearer.

        • vivien says:

          Yah Fox. TY didn’t inject her nose it’s all natural. 1500 voters also coincidentally bombarded TY’s vote in a span of 10 minutes alledgely after some super powerful urging message in social networks ROFL. Hooray!

      • Tegan says:

        I’m not familiar with HKChannel — which are the other five actresses in their poll? (I’m guessing that screencap is cut off at the side since the percentages don’t add up to 100%?) Was Tavia or someone else leading before the vote surge?

        But it doesn’t surprise me that some obsessive fanbases would attempt to hack or cheat at the poll, which is a large part of why I think TVB changing the system to Internet voting this year is a recipe for disaster.

    30. aptos says:

      Another TVB ploy to generate more publicity on the “leaked” nominations…I am sure some of the viewers think that these nominations were rigged.

    31. JJ says:

      The Last Steep Ascent was a disappointment. (1) The script seemed rushed, not a typical Tim Gor production. (2) The lead actors were not invested in it. Moses was as dead as a log of wood. Maggie seemed unenthused, perhaps there were a lot of problems with script and she has issues with TVB, that’s why she left after this? Their chemistry was lacking, unlike in War and Beauty. (3) Because of Maggie’s departure and Moses’ terrible acting, the storyline appeared to have reedited towards the end to focus more on Aimee and Kenny. Bad idea. Since she can’t act and the story shouldn’t have been about them.

      The only good thing that came out of this series are some supporting actors and the theme song.

      • Funn Lim says:

        “the storyline appeared to have reedited towards the end to focus more on Aimee and Kenny.”

        I disagree. The focus is normal length because by that time the story is exhausted in terms of Maggie and Moses. I thought Aimee and kenny’s scenes were sweet and for once I don’t find Kenny boring when he is not the 2nd male lead. He is best when apart from Moses.

        Yes moses is a log of wood. All poetry lost on him. When I saw Raymond Wong, I felt it should have been him!!

        Ending is not rushed The ending has like 3 endings in 3 different parts. The series should have ended in first ending. I don’t get the steps and the necessity for it. I find that a big stretch,

        I almost forgot they were together in War & Beauty and how I loved their pairing because of Maggie’s awesome acting. In here both seem tired and Maggie got better when not perky. The fault lies in Moses who seriously should be slept to wake up from his sleepwalking sort of acting.

        Fortunately there are other good characters in this series to like. I just can’t stand how pointless the villains are. That being said, Maggie deserves a nomination for that scene when she sorta confess her love for Moses but just don’t show Moses’ face.

        The script is not rushed. The script is lacking. It would have been good with 20 episodes and leave out the steps part of the story and leave that for a good movie adaptation.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I meant he should be SLAPPED not slept. Already he was sleeping, more sleeping means might as well CGI Moses into the scenes. I mean 3D avatars have more expressions.


        • clamine says:

          Have not watched this series but Moses “is a log of wood. All poetry lost on him.” reminds me of his performance in The Land of Wealth, which I find very boring. He had the same blank and something pained look on his face throughout the series.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Land Of Wealth was ok, he was better there and that series was excellent because … *gasp* Tavia and Steven were a dream pair!! Oh I still remember, Tavia the elegant miss and Steven the gentlemanly scholar and both of them should have ended up together! What a pair that could have been. Other than Vigilante Force, Land Of Wealth was Tavia’s best performance and she was really really really pretty in there.

        • Jen says:

          Funn, I totally agree with you on this one. Really liked Tavia in there.

    32. joyce says:

      i want kate to win tv queen
      kenneth ma to win for tv king
      mandy wong for supporting actress
      oscar leung for supporting actor

    33. Ric says:

      Doubt this list is official. I can come up with 20 names and I’m sure ill guess 90% of it. Pointless article by tabloids. Ill wait for the real thing to express any opinions.

    34. lol says:

      Raymond Wong should be on this list, his character in BP was one of the most memorable this year.

    35. Norika says:

      Why no Raymond Wong? Bottled passion is one of the best series! He was also good in Gloves come off. Hope this list is fake and he will be in!

    36. Rosemary Ong says:


    37. Linnh says:

      I don’t find Myolies acting that good this year in GJ 2. But that’s my own oppinion though. Ohh but she was good with her crying.

    38. LAM says:

      For sure this year, LF be tv king.
      For the queen, really very hard to say but surely not myolie since she won it last year. It’s either tavia yeung or kate tsui to win tv queen for sure. Not hard to analyse

    39. vivien says:

      Ruco votes for himself on HKChannel Top 10 TV King Weibo Poll. ROFL.

    40. mc says:

      now tvb not good like the old day,show
      suck,same actors,and actress,the high
      office peoples suck too.

    41. Aumi says:

      Mandy acts very well and Aimee Chan too – I think these 2 actresses deserve something.

    42. Aumi says:

      And Gigi Wong – I think she acts better than Liza Wang in Divas… The male lead I like Him Law.

    43. Rosemary Ong says:

      Can I vote, too? How? I am not from Hong Kong

    44. ALovesFung says:

      LF deserves Best Actor/TVKing for the awesome job playing Happy Sir. He has paid his dues and was overlooked previously. This award is long overdue! LF Love FUNG!!!

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