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“Triumph in the Skies 2″ Character Relationships Exposed!

By on July 7, 2012

“Triumph in the Skies 2″ Character Relationships Exposed! thumbnail

After frequent cast changes, TVB pilot drama, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2> will start filming in July. The confirmed cast members are Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Fala Chen (陳法拉), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Elena Kong (江美儀), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Him Law (羅仲謙), Toby Leung (梁靖琪) and Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉).

One of TVB’s most expensive filming projects this year, Triumph in the Skies 2 will film in Great Britain, France,  Taiwan, and Qingdao, China.  The 40 episode drama is produced by Joe Chan (陳維冠).

Triumph in the Skies 2 will feature several key returning characters from its first installment and chronicle the lives of pilots and staff in the airline industry. In the original Triumph in the Skies, Francis Ng and Myolie Wu’s characters had gotten married. However, Myolie’s “Zoe” dies from heart disease, making Francis’ “Sam” grief stricken.

Fala Chen will portray a pilot, involved in a love triangle with Francis Ng and Chilam Cheung’s characters. Since Fala’s character’s ex-boyfriend had died earlier, she understands the grief of losing a beloved one.  Chilam’s character will carry a reflection of Fala’s ex-boyfriend.

Myolie will portray two characters in Triumph in the Skies 2. Aside from Zoe, Myolie will also play a airplane technician who will have a romance with Ron Ng’s “Issaac.” At first, Ron will be resistant to loving a woman who bears the same resemblance of his deceased sister-in-law, Zoe.

Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng’s characters will be promoted to pilots. Kenneth will have a younger man, elder woman relationship with Elena Kong. Nancy Wu will return as “Coco”  and she will have a romantic relationship with Him Law. Toby Leung and  Stephen Huynh will be another romantic pairing.

Source: ihktv.com 

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Jayne: Perhaps “Triumph in the Skies 2″ will retain the flavor of its first installment as a romantic travelogue, where its characters fulfill their romantic destinies in exotic international locations. It was not mentioned who Rebecca Zhu will be paired with, but presumably she will be in some love triangle with one of the male leads.

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  • Readers' Comments (96)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Someone, try drawing the chart!!

      • tigerma says:


      • tigerma says:

        funn limm can you write episode rev for the awesome Tiger Cubs?? I saw you write episodic review for Ghetto justice. kenneth ma is farking greatness and JJ is cool beauty.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I did write just for episode 1 at my blog and I just sent it to Jayne and I am afraid I will have SDU descending onto me and beat me to pulp. Let’s just say I have finally watched episode 1 and my reaction is different. I am getting ready to be punched.

        • Kidd says:

          @ Funn

          After watching the whole episode 1, my reaction is quite similar to yours.

        • Funn Lim says:

          So Kidd you and I can share the punches. You get left eye I get right eye, ok?

      • tigerma says:

        others out there need to know how awesome Tiger Cubs is!

    2. lol says:

      Zoe was cute and lovely young girl. I want her back and I want Sam to be with Zoe :(

      • lol says:

        At first, Ron will be resistant to loving a woman who bears the same resemblance of his deceased sister-in-law, Zoe.

        At least they make it logical. This will be an excuse to make Ron ignore the Zoe lookalike and create painful love.

      • Hannah says:

        Zoe was annoying, although not as annoying as Belle.

        “However, Myolie’s “Zoe” dies from heart disease…”

        That logical. If there is any truth to it, at least TVB didn’t write off Zoe without any explanations.

        • lol says:

          Zoe was cute. She has a youthful bubbly energy in her although she’s sick. Belle was annoying and irritating.

        • lol says:

          Myolie will portray two characters in Triumph in the Skies 2. Aside from Zoe, Myolie will also play a airplane technician who will have a romance with Ron Ng’s “Issaac.”

          I just realized this will give Myolie a room to challenge her acting prowess

        • Hannahh says:

          Zoe was so cute

      • Rosalind says:

        Me too. I am so looking forward to Zoe and sam pairing

    3. J,njk says:

      is it just me or does the pairing seem really bad?

      i mean fala with chi lam & francis?! i would of expected myolie to do that…like she married francis but chi lam comes in…at least that’d make more sense.

      Jayne, is this pairings confirmed or will it change?

      • Jayne says:

        This is what the current info is regarding “Triumph in the Skies 2.” There will be more info at the drama’s costume fitting.

      • lol says:

        Kenneth-Elena is unexpected. The same for Nancy-Him. TITS2 might pretend that Coco-Chris relationship never happened or did they broke up in TITS? I’m surprised to see Stephen Huynh’s name.

        • Hannah says:

          Chris and Coco broke up at the end of TITS.

        • lol says:

          Chris and Coco broke up at the end of TITS.

          Their parts must be too little for me to remember

        • Hannah says:

          Yeah, Chris, Roy and Coco were only supporting.

        • vivien says:

          Nancy and Himhim not bad actually! Hot bod guy for Nancy after many old men! :D

          LOL Coco Chris Roy don’t have subplots in TITS.

          To make interesting TVB can call back Chris for guest star and make Kate play his wife ROFL! They can guest star for a french kiss scene at the airport LOL

        • Kidd says:

          I don’t even remember Chris and Coco ever dated and Chris was my fave character in the series. Sigh. My memory of the series really isn’t good.

      • mui says:

        Hope its not confirmed because as of right now I am dissatisfied with the relationship pairing.

      • Hannahh says:

        Damm Fala is taking to main lead Francis n Chilam not good not good

    4. Hannah says:

      Ummm…how credible is this?

      I have a hunch that Chilam and Fala will end up together. Francis will come to the realization that he only loves Zoe.

      Pairing Ron up with Myolie indicates that Ron is not demoted.

      I can’t picture Kenneth and Elena Kong.

      Nancy’s Coco was quite immature. I can see her character with Him Law.

      • lol says:

        ihktv get sources from medias

      • nemesis says:

        “Nancy’s Coco was quite immature. I can see her character with Him Law.”

        I hope Nancy stays that way! She is paired up with older men too often. Finally a young hot guy.

        • Hannah says:

          Coco matured towards the end of TITS. But yeah, I do see her with someone her age. So, it should stay the same for Coco.

        • Gar says:

          Yes, Nancy has been cast in love relationships with older men too often and it is about time that she is with someone closer to her age.

    5. Hannah says:

      The next fans battle will be Myolie vs. Fala, lol

    6. hello says:

      i am sensing that fala’s character will be more interesting than myolie’s this time since she got a love triangle relationship

    7. nemesis says:

      Francis is grief stricken, Fala is grief stricken, Myolie is an introvert, Ron is resistant to Myolie…

      Sounds boring!!!

    8. tigerma says:

      triumph in the skies is a grand production but I will laugh if it turns out not as brilliant as Tiger Cubs which TVB doomed and put late in the weekend but still do great. You gotta praise Tiger Cubs for looking like a grand production although it’s put at a late timeslot. Kenneth ma should win best supporting actor for his magnificent slaughter

    9. funkytownguest says:

      I think keeping the characters from the first is a very good choice. A very good choice.

      • Nemesis says:

        Kept who?! Zoe is killed off. Only Sam and issac left. Oh, and also nancy and kenneth, but they were insignificant in triumph1. I rather have a brand new plot if they can’t get s4, Zoe and Zita back.

      • vivien says:

        It said above Myolie will play 2 characters so that’s mean Zoe will still appear

    10. Funn Lim says:

      Now it is just a question who they will kill; Tavia or Kenneth in Hippocratic Oath. My feeling is Tavia since she’s the one with the illness. Will they do the same to Ghetto Justice 2? I think not. After all that series is supposed to be quirky and quirky is good.

    11. elin says:

      bored… cant thy cme up wth better storylines.. w

    12. advo says:

      Really surprised that Fala will be in a love triangle with both Francis and Chilam. Was looking forward to Fala/Chilam, but IDK about her and Francis. I liked their sibling vibe in Turning Point a lot, so I prolly won’t see romantic sparks. But it’s good for her acting-wise, to be acting opposed to vets. Will be a good learning experience.

      Has Ron and Myolie ever been paired up before? I was so sure TVB had given up on Ron so beyond shocked that he gets to be lead and paired up with the leading fa dan.

      • Hannah says:

        Ron and Myolie were paired up in “Lost in the Chamber of Love.” Also, starring Michelle Ye and MM.

      • vivien says:

        “I was so sure TVB had given up on Ron so beyond shocked that he gets to be lead and paired up with the leading fa dan.”

        TVB giving in to the complaining fans

      • Fox says:

        Ron and Myolie in at least 2 series, Lost in chamber of love and another one also have Leila Tong, I don’t rmb name.

    13. Gar says:

      I am not particularly fond of the Ma Ming and Elena pairing. Couldn’t they have paired him with somebody else? Arghhhhh…..

    14. CHo says:

      Pretty complicated storyline! Interesting to see how the past impacts those lives in the future

    15. ... says:

      pairing KM with an older lady lucky KM i remember raymond lam always getting paired with older ladies

      • josie says:

        But in “la femme desperado”, Melissa ng looked very pretty and even cute w/ LF.

        No offense to elena but she’s not that attractive either. I can accept her flirting w/ Kenneth in SSSS as his cunning step-mom but that’s the limit. If they really want older woman storyline, they should ask margie tsang cuz at least she and Kenneth have chemistry.

    16. Emily says:

      I was looking forward in seeing maybe ron and michelle or samuel and michelle.. I never liked myolie’s role… Why can’t they just kill her off … Francis and flora should be paired since i have a gut feeling that francis loved flora more than myolie. And for fala, idk i was always one of her fans sooo… Another sequel that is 180 degrees different from the original. GG tvb.

      • josie says:

        They will kill zoe off. Hopefully that creepy tri-angel doll gets burned too.

        If fala picks chilam at the end, maybe Sam (Francis) will reunite w/ belle (flora guest star for 1 episode).

        • Funn Lim says:

          Why can’t Zoe disappear somewhere else? Why must she die? And the doll too???

        • josie says:

          B/c it would make Sam seem heartless for divorcing her. To give him a new love interest, they gotta kill off wife #1. Plus, women will give him sympathy points for being widowed.

          This should apply to THC sequel too.

    17. mimi says:

      why isn’t kate in this? boooo

    18. ice6angel says:

      Eh? I’m confused. I heard that Myolie’s character died in the first Triumph In The Skies, but I watched her getting married with Francis’ character. Were there two versions for the ending of TITS 1?

      • anoninhk says:

        i don’t remember her dying. she ended up in a wheelchair i think. and francis chose to be with her over flora.

        i think it’s silly bringing in a lookalike. can’t the writers think of a better plot for a married sam and zoe? and fala’s character sounds a lot like charmaine’s in forensic heroes 2.

        • ice6angel says:

          I think so too. Besides Zoe’s part, nothing else relates to the first instalment.

      • Funn Lim says:

        If I remember correctly, she didn’t die. She went for surgery and recovered.

    19. Jan says:

      Will Mag Lam still be in the drama?

    20. HeTieShou says:

      Ok, so I guess Sammul decided not to be in this series afterall. It would be pointless since the cast list is already so crowded…

      • Hannah says:

        It was just rumor. I don’t think TVB had the intention of inviting Sammul back.

    21. Christy says:

      omg. TVB series is all about love stories and triangles these days. The characters and the plot back then when the first of triumph in the skies was fantastic, but ever since all their other ‘love’ stories. seriously. no…

    22. Vicki says:

      Argh and I was so excited to see TITS2 but if there is no Sam and Zoe then I might as well just skip it.

      I don’t understand how Myolie is the female lead when it is Fala that has a triangle with Francis and Chi Lam. Stupid TVB always have to mess things up with what was working so well before!

      • Hannahh says:

        yes i’m totally agree with u. with the plot and character relationship, it sound like Myolie is no longer the lead anymore pairing up with RON.

    23. ice6angel says:

      And I also thought that Chilam isn’t able to film triumph in the skies 2?

    24. mousey says:

      ok, well they’ve got to find a way to write off isaac and zita’s relationship so that isaac can get with a zoe lookalike.

      so, no more myolie and francis pairing?
      francis’ reaction to seeing a myolie lookalike?

      a bit strange tbh.

      • vivien says:

        they can say zita settled down with Sammul

      • a-pop says:

        I very hope to see back Michelle Yip reprise her role as Zita but too bad TVB seems unable to invite her back to film this sequal.What a pathetic.

        • Hannah says:

          I don’t know if TVB is “unable to invite her back.” I haven’t heard anything about Michelle and TVB since she left.

        • Fox says:

          Uncle Four – Txb’s current biggest shareholder, was Michelle’s love rumour :P. Then we can have hope. I want to see Michelle again in Txb, too.

    25. Kidd says:

      I dislike the Francis-Fala-Chilam plot. Sounds so dated and formulaic, especially the ‘he look like my ex’ plot. Luckily, Myolie’s other character didn’t involve in a similar love plot with Sam.

      But, I like the Kenneth/Elena pair and Toby/Stefan pairing. With Chris gone, I’m most looking forward to Roy’s story since he didn’t have much any story of his own inn TITS 1. His character will have a lot of room for expansion.

      I hope the scriptwriter will at least mention Donald, Zita, Chris and Belle in dialogue so that we know what happen to them.

      • vivien says:

        Donald open a business in mainland, he reunited with Zita who left the pilot world to become an actress LOL

        • vivien says:

          Chris went to work as a pilot in China. Over there he fell in love with a ground crew and they get together after sharing an airport kiss.

        • vivien says:

          Belle quit her job and settled down with a businessman. Then she decide to pursue her studies.

        • vivien says:

          All are made up by me ROFL

      • Fox says:

        Belle missed Vincent too much so she went to Italy where he died to live there. Unfortunately, Txb dun go to Rome to film then Belle isn’t mentioned.

    26. YanYanKong says:

      What Complicated relationships. Especially when it’s all love relationshipss. Myolie playing 2 characters and Ron in a relationship with her even though she resembles his sister in-law. And Fala in love triangle where one guy reminds her of her ex and one has been through the same state she has. The Myolie Wu character seems just like the Micheal Miu character in E.U. Both of the character died in the first series, then brought back to the new sereis as a diff character, but resembles the original character.

    27. JJ says:

      This storyline sounds incestruous.

    28. Hannahh says:

      mmm i don’t like the pairing at all :( so disappointed! i was expecting Francis, Chilam n Myolie as triangle love. not looking forward to it no more.

    29. AC says:

      I always preferred Myolie and Ron to be together in the first Triumph rather than her and Francis so I’m happy.

      I hope it’s not all focused on just love relationships, because I remember it focused on friendships and family too? It’s been so long since I’ve watched the series so my memory is cloudy.

    30. Tegan says:

      Not exactly feeling excited about this latest info. I don’t like that they’re breaking up a couple that was established in the first series (Francis/Myolie) even though I’m not a huge fan of the pairing. I dunno, it just screams to me that TVB scriptwriters don’t want to or don’t know how to write a story without romantic triangles and therefore they need Francis’ character to be single again to enable that. Francis-Fala-Chilam triangle doesn’t sound inspired either.

      At this point I’m more interested in what overseas locations they’re planning to film at.

    31. 美好好 says:

      I thought CIT sign Jerry Lamb and will Mag Lam still be in this drama? I want to see Myolie wear a wig (again) instead of cutting her hair when is play zoe

    32. YY says:

      I am so disapointed that Raymond Lam is not in there……I was expecting this serie for so long…….

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