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TVB’s 43rd Anniversary Show

By on November 23, 2010

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TVB’s 43rd Anniversary Show was held on November 19th. One-hundred-and-three year-old Chairman, Sir Run Run Shaw, attended the festivities while accompanied by his wife, TVB Deputy Chairman, Mona Fong, his children and grandchildren. Reinstated General Manager, Stephen Chan Chi Wan, appeared at the Anniversary holding hands with Viriginia Lok to dispel earlier rivalry rumors.

A Diamond Studded Event

Many female artists wore sexy gowns and dazzling diamond jewelry at TVB’s 43rd Anniversary. Courtesy of jewelry sponsors, Liza Wang Ming Chuen wore a total of 30.68 carats in diamond jewelry, valued at $76 million (HKD). Carol Dodo Cheng Yu Ling wore two sets of jewelry. The yellow diamond set was valued at $20 million (HKD) while the white diamond set was valued at $60 million (HKD)! Linda Chung Ka Yan wore a $9.3 million (HKD) jewelry set sponsored by Emperor Watch & Jewelry.

The Performances

Several veteran actors, such as Susan Tse Shuet Shum, Mary Hon Ma Lei, and Louise Lee Si Kei dressed sexily as “Lady Gaga” and performed a song and dance segment. The women were accompanied by Ha Yu and Shek Sau. Although the dance beat was slow, the applause was thunderous. MC Eric Tsang publicly praised Susan Tse, “Your career is on the fast track. Even your ‘career line’ is impressive! I almost did not recognize you!” Ha Yu said that the combined age of the elder performers surpassed one-thousand years, “We are able to do the things that young people are able to do too!”

In one of the Anniversary performances, the leading contenders for this year’s Best Actor Award, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Moses Chan Ho, shared the same stage. Regarding rumors that Moses would receive an award in exchange for a contract, Wayne said, “Since receiving last year’s awards, no one has spoken to me about a management contract. But I like the current work arrangement with TVB!” Wayne joked and said that perhaps the award can be shared with Moses.

On the other hand, Moses said that the award should be decided by the audience. He denied renewing a contract in exchange for an award. His contract will not be expiring until a few years. Moses indicated that this year was a fruitful year: his commercials were well-received, and many people loved and supported him. He felt that he had already won many things.

In one of the game segments, artists had to compete in quickly placing a ping pong ball (which was tied to their waist) on the floor. Dressed in her No Regrets <義海豪情> costume, Fala put in all her energy to accomplish the task, unlike other sexily clad actresses who were too mindful of overexposure. Fala ended up falling on the ground, “It felt like I had a heart attack!”

The Three Gods Poke Fun at Artists

“The Three Gods” Louis Yuen Siu Cheung, Wong Cho Lam, and Johnson Li Sze Jit organized an awards ceremony segment, in which they presented the “Most Outstanding Youth Awards.” The trio displayed large-scale photos of artists in their youth, including a bikini photo of slim Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor. “At the time, there were 595 men who had nose bleeds at TVB!” A photo of a young Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung in his swimming briefs were shown. The trio said, “It’s obvious Wayne wanted to join the sports segment but the producers did not approve!” The trio showed a large photo of Raymond Lam Fung and a youthful Evergreen Mak Bo side-by-side. Raymond and the young Evergreen appeared to share many similar features. “Evergreen Mak, you were born in the wrong generation! Raymond Lam, don’t be too caught up in your current happiness. In ten years, you will look like this!” With Cho Lam, Louis, and Johnson’s humorous remarks, this became one of the funniest moments at the Anniversary show.

Carol Cheng and Pierre Ngo Won Top Prizes

Each year, TVB drew winners for its top prizes. MC, Carol Cheng Yu Ling, became the lucky winner. Eric Tsang objected, “In this world, the people who have the most continue to gain more!” Carol retorted, “I wish TVB will continue to do more and gain more! The more you have, the more you do!”

Recently popular, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin, also won a prize. Liza Wang sarcastically said that Pierre was running on good luck this year, despite Pierre ’s eye injury from a physical attack by TVB colleague, Sin Ho Ying. Although Pierre and Mr. Sin were both present at the Anniversary, they did not talk to each other the entire night. When approached by reporters, Mr. Sin quickly excused himself.

Artists Absent from the 2010 TVB Anniversary

Raymond Lam was currently filming a movie in China with Charlene Choi. Last night, Charlene posted a group photo of Raymond having dinner with the cast. Charlene wrote, “It’s great to be able to have an enjoyable dinner after a hard day of work!” Eva Huang Sing Yi was also present among other cast members.

Other artists that did not appear at TVB’s 43rd Anniversary included Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Sheren Tang Shui Man, Myolie Wu Hang Yee, and Bosco Wong Chung Chak due to filming commitments in China.

Compiled from the Sun

Jayne: A very disappointing TVB Anniversary show. Hopefully there will be more stars at the Awards Ceremony! Who do you think will win: Moses or Wayne? Charmaine or Sheren?

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  • Readers' Comments (70)

    1. moonriver says:

      “Likewise if your series is good but being pushed aside by crap, surely there is cause to be concerned.”

      This might be a bit of a side-track, but does anyone think Off Peddar was underrated? I recall its ratings were bad, but I thought the series was pretty good. Did it not qualify for this year’s awards because it started airing last year?

    2. moonriver says:

      After watching NR final episode last night, I think Wayne and Sheren might just win again this year. With such crisp performance by the two of them, it just seems very hard for TVB not to give them the awards, as much as they want to promote CBML.

    3. Masaharu says:

      Personally I’m seeing that the public opinion are mostly siding with Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. Let’s see how TVB will play the game this time hoho.

    4. Kidd says:

      NR got really high ratings for its finale. So, NR chances at awards is very high now I think.

    5. Rach says:

      Bravo to NR!!!!!!

      CBML? Nah! Only In Their Dreams if they win. LOL

    6. kar says:

      woooooohoooooo…NR has got the highest rating!!!

    7. Funn Lim says:

      How much is the rating again?

    8. Rach says:

      Woo Hoo! NR hit 47 points!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. kar says:

      if NR does not get the awards then i will be SO extremely disappointed in TVB, because in my opinion CBML was so rubbish!!

    10. A.M. says:

      I find CBML & NR to be quite a personal disappointment this year. I hate the fact how CBML can go from 1 sec being serious & 1 sec later, throws in a joke (vise-versa). For NR, Sheren is just Sheren from Rosy Business (in terms of character) & Wayne acting is a bit over the edge (still talent m/b due to pressure). I really don’t think NR will win any awards, if they do, I would be surprised

    11. mybonny says:

      ^ i still think that NR may have a higher chance of winning. most netizens are supporting NR this year. that link you gave above, it’s just been blown out of proportion by the media, but i don’t think the netizens really meant it, because even artistes are not using that phrase to make fun of each other.

      it’s impossible to have an ending that satisfies everybody. i personally liked the ending of NR. it’s something not seen often in TVB dramas.

      i think CBML is overrated, but i’m happy with NR from beginning till end.

    12. mybonny says:

      *oops, i meant “even artistes are USING that phrase to poke fun at each other.” this phrase may well become a hit lol.

      NR deserves to get higher ratings than CBML. :)

    13. kar says:

      totally agree with mybonny!! :-)

    14. moonriver says:

      wayne and sheren just got the best actor and best actress awards! YAY!!!!!

    15. hannah says:

      NR didn’t get Best drama! i’m very pissed! of all dramas, why CBML?! why can’t it be worthier dramas like AFOS? AFOS didn’t get into top 5! WTF!

    16. Funn Lim says:

      Dividing the pork. At least 2 out of 3 is not bad. In No regrets’ case, 4 out of 5 since they scored with supporting, leading so that’s good enough. Even the audience reaction was lacklustre.

    17. Aly says:

      CBML defintely did not get the standing ovation that Rosy Business got last year, so of course it was a disappointment. But like Funn said, it’s TVB’s way of dividing the pork to try to make everyone happy. But Hannah, agree with you that AFOS should have made into top 5 series! What the heck was A chip off the Block and EMYM doing there? It should have been at least AFOS and GMG in my opinion. I personally enjoyed Sisters of Pearl more than MOL too but I knew MOL would be in the top 5 cause of all the hype it got.

    18. Lani says:

      sighh i love watching tvb anniversay but i dont know wher e to buy it. even though im not chinses but im just in love with all the TVB chinese series LOL :]

    19. jim says:

      good show and good job tvb.

    20. TVBAWESOME says:

      ha. Yeah. True. Don’t know where to buy it.

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