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TVB Releases Unedited Jenny Lau “Maltreatment” Video Clip

By on September 15, 2012

TVB Releases Unedited Jenny Lau “Maltreatment” Video Clip thumbnail

After the edited version of director Cheung Wing Ho’s (張永豪) rough shoving of Jenny Lau (劉蔚萱) on set of Heart Road GPS <心路GPS> was exposed online, the public scolded the incident for days. To clarify the situation, TVB finally released the complete, unedited version of the video clip and invited cast and crew members to discuss the incident on Eileen Cha’s (查小欣) televised interview program.

The edited video clip had featured Jenny collapsing into tears after the rehearsal scene, giving the impression that Jenny was pushed beyond her emotional limits by Cheung’s directing methods. Apparently, Jenny’s crying was part of the scripted reaction in the drama, after she was threatened by loan sharks.

Immediately following the incident, the public and artist community were enraged by the “maltreatment” of Jenny Lau. Heart Road GPS’  producer, Lee Yim Fong (李艷芳), and TVB executive producer, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), had held a press conference dismissing the incident as, “It’s not a big deal!” They stated that there was nothing wrong in Cheung Wing Ho’s manner of directing, while stating that the public were not aware of the entire circumstances.

Yesterday, Lee Yim Fong, Cheung Wing Ho, Jenny Lau, and cast members, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) discussed the incident neutrally on Eileen Cha’s program. As working in the entertainment industry often meant working under trying conditions, the guest stars shared their own experiences of the grueling circumstances encountered in their professional careers.

Known for his fiery reputation and even cursing others with profanities, Cheung Wing Ho was asked whether he felt that he was a bit overboard in his angry. Cheung replied, “In the pursuit of perfection, perhaps I am a bit. I agree that I can improve in my EQ.” Cheung added that if his methods made Jenny Lau unhappy, he was willing to apologize to Jenny Lau and the artists that he had scolded in the past. Cheung and Jenny shook hands in the program.

It was understood that Cheung has received a warning letter from TVB, prohibiting him from using profanities towards colleagues on the job in the future.

Watch the Entire, Unedited Video Clip

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (75)

    1. goddessofkrw says:

      I bet TVB executives must’ve forced Jenny to say all these things just to make the director look good.

    2. goddessofkrw says:

      All the things she’ve said seemed like she was forced. She looked very uncomfortable (sad/scared??) throughout the whole interview and avoided eye contact with the director. She just looked at Eileen. At 8’12, she even have tears coming out of her eyes.

      I wonder if they edited this video as well?

    3. CC says:

      Such the inhuman director should be fire by TVB, and ugly cover up the case by TVB

    4. CC says:

      I bet the video is the edited version

    5. Larry 3 says:

      we need a body language expert to analyzed this clip. something is way too fishy.

    6. Larry 3 says:

      it is a good time to rename the series to cover up the mess, cctvb!

    7. parpees says:

      I find the ‘new generation’ artists are too pampered. If this was brought up to any older, more seasoned artists, they will just say, ‘this is normal’ or ‘what’s wrong? We were treated much worse back then!’

      Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and the late Leslie Cheung once said, “During our time, we had to do our own hair and makeup. We’re not as lucky as the singers now”. Nowadays? Artists have a team of entourage for every little chore.

      Because of the pampered children these days, who needs helpers to button their shirts, tie their shoe laces, we’ve created little ‘emperors/ empresses’ who live in a bubble and cannot fend for themselves in the real world. When their bubble is burst, they find it too unbearable, and they’ll run to their mummies and cry. Sadly, some even commit suicide.

      My advice to this girl: the simple chinese saying; ‘if you want to eat salted fish, you’ll have to be able to bear the thirst’. Otherwise, this industry is not suitable for you. Go back to being the princess you live best.

      • Serious BS says:

        dude .. you are missing the point. No matter what generation you are from.. doesn’t mean you got to tolerant someone doing that to you. So its ok to shove someone against a wall?
        ALSO she isn’t the one complaining. Video got leaked, otherwise we wouldn’t have heard a thing.
        Dude you need to get you head straigthen

        • parpees says:

          First of all, I’m not a ‘dude’. I’m a mother myself.

          Secondly, in order to film the best scene, is a little shoving or pushing so serious? If so, then why has NO action series/ movie artists EVER complained?

          Thirdly, does anyone know WHO leaked the video to the media? No. Correct?

          Don’t be so naive…

        • J says:


          Seeing as though you are mother, would you accept it if it was your daughters head forcibly pushed against the wall/door by another person? I don’t hear about any the directors having to resort to violence to get their actors to do what they want.

          If any artist complained then they surely would be blacklisted by the company, and thus the end of their career.

          I don’t understand your attitude, no one should be hit in order to film the ‘best scene’. If the director cannot achieve the best scene without having to push and abuse then they shouldn’t be in the business as they have no talent.

        • dd says:

          1. Her head did not even touch the wall. She was shoved into the wall lightly.
          2. Every single actor has eaten sh*t in order to make it. And hey, some still even eat sh*t and never get the respect they deserve. It just depends on whether you can handle yourself and keep professional. You think Tony Leung threw a hissy-fit and went back to his trailer to sulk when a director said he was too short to be famous? You think Anthony Wong wanted to do low-salary B-Movies where he was typecast as a villain every single time? Think Simon Yam wanted to start his career off in Cat-III movies?

        • dd says:

          And before any of you say “oh my god how can you say that was light?! Have you ever been shoved into a wall before?”, my answer is yes, I have. She merely knocked into it as a result of a shove. If he really meant it, and you caught the wall squarely on your back, your whole body feels it.

        • parpees says:

          I know this industry and if my son were to wish to be an actor, he will have to bear the consequences, be it tough or rough. Or in any industry, for that matter. Because this is the road that he wishes and chooses to pursue. One great example: Nicholas Tse gets hurt numerous times acting in action movies. Does his mum, Deborah, or his manager go running to his rescue immediately? And sue the director? Nope.

          You do not ‘hear’ any directors… does not mean it does not happen, right? Also, you said, violence. In my opinion, that word is a bit too harsh. If you watch the clip properly, after the director showed her, he just said politely, ” ok, do you understand?” It was unintentional. Why blow up matter?

          You have a good point. Bring up matter= end of career. This is probably why this matter was brought up. Publicity for this girl. Best eg. Cammie and Edison Chen. Although many criticised Cammi, but look at her now. She’s getting a lot of jobs!

          After saying you have a good point, you disappoint me. She wasn’t HIT! Goodness! One very simple question I leave you: Then why HAS this director been in this business for so many years? You have asked and answered the question yourself!

          My point and opinion is very simple- If She Can’t Take It, Then Leave. :)

        • J says:

          Wow, did you watch the video? Look at how forceful and vicious the shove/push was? If that was not intent to hurt her I’m not sure it was. I don’t understand the points you are making dd. They were not physically abused were they? You’re telling me if you are in a job where your boss is allowed to threaten you with violence you would simply suck it up?

          Your point is irrelevent. if he were to get hurt from an action scene that is would not be the directors fault. He still has a choice in whether to choose to do films like that, he has put himself in that position. Here the director is using violence against an actress when it is unnecessary.

          Then why is it we do not see leaks of other actors and such getting abused by other directors? Unintentional? Okay so if I shove you roughly as shown in the above video and say do you understand, that makes it all better? I do not see how that push and shove was unintentional.

          Are you suggesting that Jenny got someone to leak this out? I dont see how this furthers her career, TVB has apparently scolded her and she seems very uncomfortable about the whole situation.

          No she wasn’t hit, but treated very badly in a violent manner. He is still in the business because the people at TVB are just like you, who put directors above newly starring actors and actresses. They have a director who makes films that rate for them compared to an unknown girl. Of course they will support the director, he is harder to replace. This doesn’t mean what was done is right though.

          I sincerely hope you are never treated this way in a workplace.

        • dd says:

          Perhaps when you leave the safety of this amazing bubble you live in where you don’t need to work to put food on the table, and everyone treats you like a princess, maybe you’d like to join the rest of us in the real world.

        • J says:


          Thank you for your rambling insult. I’ll pass on your real world where abuse is condoned. If this occured in America and many other countries there would be outrage against that director.

        • dd says:

          I’ve said multiple times before that I don’t condone violence against women.
          The world isn’t black and white like you think it is.

        • J says:


          I haven’t seen you say that at all in our conversation above. I guess we have different standards for what constitutes as violence. I see the director’s actions as a violent outburst against Jenny Lau.

        • Serious BS says:


          you think she leaked it? You got to be kidding. Anyone with some common sense would feel bad for the girl and release the video so ppl can see what goes on.

          Shoving was uncalled for! It wasn’t an action scene. I would really like to see how you would feel if you were in that situation shoved against a wall with a bag over your head.

          If TVB felt that it was all ok why make the direction come out and apologise?

        • parpees says:

          *THUMBS UP & LIKE @ DD! :) You see it.

        • parpees says:

          And dd, J just doesn’t get it- How the entertainment business runs. :)

        • J says:


          I notice you don’t reply to any of the points I and another poster raised. I’m not sure where you got this idea that this is how the entertainment industry runs.

      • chps says:

        Yeah I agree that the new generation of artistes are probably more pampered than the past. But I think the issue here is if the director is at fault and not if she should just suck it up.

        If the director did so with the intention to film the best scene then fine. But doesnt look like it though as the “unedited” seems pretty fake to me. This is the same director that reportedly used vulgarities continuously at Charmaine Sheh, admitted by Charmaine herself. This director obviously has a past history of attitude problems and the fact that hes a relative of Catherine Tsang does not help. Makes people think that he is abusing his position, so in my opinion people are more angry about the director.

        Also, you say that the older generations would treat this normally but I beg to differ. So many seaoned artistes have already stood up against this director such as Felix Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Chapman To and so on. I personally feel that the guy has just crossed the line and I seriously question his temperant regardless of whether it was a deliberate shove or “teaching her to act”. I don’t buy the nonsense TVB are saying to cover this up. His past history betrays him.

      • Artist says:

        I totally agree ! Watched the unedited clip and it’s not so bad as they said . Vice versa i see it as a positive learning experience for Miss Lau . There won’t be improvemnet if you don’t learn to swallow hardship . The director is only trying to make everyone understand the quality of the scene. If you can’t play the character well than , leave the industry ! We are talking about acting here and be realistic , i wouldn’t waste my time as a viewer to watch garbage and TVB has provide high quality when come to acting . If people seriously watch the clip , the director was only trying to show them how to act it his prospective ways . That’s the only way to learn and What doesn’t kill makes you stronger !

        • Lol says:

          “the director is trying to get everyone to understand the quality of the scene”
          Are you kidding me? It’s a tvb series not exactly an Oscar film. The director was obnoxious and unnecessarily rude.
          And to your other comment “if you can’t play the character well then leave”
          If that’s the case then 75% of tvb current leading actors would be out of work lol…Judy sayin’

        • Kayna says:

          I can not identify anything that would allow her to learn from experience in the video. Of course, being realistic is the most important thing for acting, but that was just an example of how it should be done. If he was actually filming the scene, then it would be important to be realistic. What’s the point of the shove if it does nothing but make her cry? He showed no respect for her in any way and even states that her crying is the right emotion for the scene. How would she improve by this matter? The next time she needs to film a crying scene, would she need to be shoved into a wall in order to cry? I just don’t see how you would say that she’s gaining experience from this incident. You also said, “the director was only trying to show them how to act it his prospective ways”. If he is the innocent one here, why can he not put himself into her character and show her how SHE should act? Why is he acting the character of the loanshark? Maybe he just wanted to give her a shove.

        • Kidd says:

          By making her know this feeling, should would remember it next time and will be able to invoke feeling.

        • dd says:

          Even though TVB is a spawning ground for new talent, I think they should strive for their best in every single scene.

        • parpees says:

          * THUMBS UP / LIKE @ ARTIST! :)

        • parpees says:

          *THUMBS UP & LIKE @ KIDD. :)

      • snoopy says:

        You have a point. I looked at the ‘pushing part’ and the way I see it is that the director was purely showing how he wants the effect. I guess maybe she wasn’t expecting it and may have injured her in the process of showing the effect. All that was needed at the time was for the director to show some concern for accidentially injurying her and it would have been fine.

        Now that this incident is make such a big deal, her career is going to be over.

      • jujubean says:

        It’s too late for me to type, but i’m writing to show my support for parpees and dd. The whole thing got blown out of porportion by the media and netizens. I saw the video. I rewinded the part where she was shoved. It’s really not vicious at all. And my comment is… Oh please, that was barely anything to scream boohoo over. Jenny Lau dear, you need to toughen up in order to stick around in showbiz.

        • parpees says:

          It’s never too late. Thank you dear. You see what the ‘SHALLOW’ people don’t. :) *THUMBS UP & LIKE!

      • parpees says:


      • parpees says:



    8. Serious BS says:

      Really how blind does tvb think we are. Still doesn’t mean he can shove her against the wall. She sitting there all alone, putting her out there by herself.
      The director trying to be so polite. LoL makes me want to puke. TVB is so crap. Bring on the new channels

    9. L says:

      Jenny looks really forced and closed to tears towards the end of the interviews.

      Even in the unedited version of the video clip, you could see Jenny in tears from the rough actions of the director. He knocked her very hard against the wall, so hard that she could have twisted or dislocated her shoulder.

    10. dd says:

      In any case, the idiot who filmed and leaked it is going to be in a world of pain.
      Hope he lubed his butthole.

    11. Sky says:

      The heck… Took forever to load the video!!

    12. Joanne says:

      Yeah I agree with parpees with ‘if you want to eat salted fish, you’ll have to be able to bear the thirst’. Especially in the entertainment industry which is extra tough. This is because you will be getting the fame and money if you succeeded.

      In this case, I don’t it’s a really big problem. In this one scene of Heart Road GPS, Jenny Lau is going to be threatened by loan sharks. And loan shark surely going act like a thug in order to scare that person. That director is just being realistic. I don’t even see any bruises on Jenny Lau. Look at Mandy Wong, when filming “A Good Heart Goes Haywire” she get slaps so hard that her face is red and needed to put some ice on it, in order to looks realistic. That is what I called professional.

      To me, it seems that Jenny Lau underestimated the job of an actress and she needs to be more pro and realize acting is not easy.

    13. aw says:

      this all comes down to a dumb girl that can’t act

    14. Eric says:

      The director said we will try it, but never explained he was shove her into the wall like that.

    15. Ric says:

      Originally when I saw the video I thought the director was definitely at fault but after seeing TVB’s video, I don’t see it the same way. From the new video it was clear to me that the director was indeed trying to teach Jenny how to do the scene. She was aware the bag would be pulled over her head and the director clearly said he will demonstrate it. I don’t know if Jenny was aware she would be pushed to the wall but from the end of the video where Lee Sze Kei was trying to help Jenny do the scene, LSK was aware of it. Of course TVB obviously purposely showed that to pacify the viewers so I still have some reservations there.

      I think the director should be nicer but I don’t think he went overboard in trying to teach Jenny. From other actors voicing their disapproval of him in the past, it’s obvious he’s not the kindest person. However, the reality is that it’s not as serious as originally thought. As other posters have said, this is a salted fish scenario.

      I originally doubted Tsang Jeh’s assertion that it may be a spy from the competition deliberately sabotaging TVB but now that assertion doesn’t seem that unrealistic.

    16. tonyy says:

      SO FAKE!!!!!

    17. Suzevil says:

      Did it take TVB so long to address the issue and show the “unedited” clip because they had to go back to film this “unedited” version? Haha.

      Let’s be real… Jenny Lau has no freedom of expressing how she really feels about the whole thing. She was obviously coached to say what she said. But through it all, she has come out looking classy compared to the snakes at TVB.

      I couldn’t help but notice a smirk on Cheung Wing Ho’s face each time he talked. His words were completely insincere and it’s obvious he still doesn’t find any fault to his behavior. He blames it on his “pursuit of perfectionism.” Puhlease! He needs to reevaluate his whole work method and personality!

      • dd says:

        You’re right. Directors need to be more fair and accept people with all looks and no talent to further the HK film industry.

        So ugly b*tches like Jessica C and Leng Mo’s like Chrissie Chau can get movie contracts and stink up the place while more deserving actors are eating stale Cha Siu Bao for dinner.


      • Larry 3 says:

        I dont find Cheung Wing Ho really that sincere. His apology was weak. I hope really learn his lesson and wont be saving his ass again by TVB for his abusive push….. yeah right.

    18. Cathelyn says:

      This video is very lame.

      Anyone noticed Ruco’s expression during the interview? :P

      • Larry 3 says:

        I would love Ruco to speak but TVB puts a gag order on all people who participates the series. Shame on you, CCTVB!

    19. Ros says:

      Not she is the talk of the town. Soon she will be promoted to be fadan soon.

      • Little fishy says:

        Please not, she isn’t even pretty -.- I know the current fad an cant act, but at least they are somewhat eye candy

    20. aptos says:

      As like many big organizations, TVB is trying to conduct damage control on this incident. If they were smart, they should have quickly apologize and censure the director with a suspension of 30 days without pay, and attendance to a anger management class. This would appease the public that the company is taking drastic steps to show that they are serious about taking care of their staff and addressing any negative issues that arises. This issue would have died quickly. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Too much nepotism and management politics…

      • Suzevil says:

        The solution you suggested would’ve been the best and smartest for sure, but TVB is obviously a backwards kind of company.

        Even if they didn’t go that route, the least they could’ve done was have Catherine Tsang and the producer come out and say, “We will not take this incident lightly and will have a thorough investigation.” Instead, they kept saying, “It wasn’t a big deal! Just the director doing his job!” NOT smart.

    21. Hellen says:

      They’re just trying to make everyone shut up about this incident. Jenny definitely looks uncomfortable and upset. Do you think a new actress would expose her true feelings about this on TV? Probably not.

      Verbal and physical abuse should NOT be tolerated in any way, shape or form. He needs to be fired and resign himself.

      This incident is horrible. Striving for perfection? Come on, look at the quality of series TVB has been coming out with lately even WITH experienced actors/actresses?

    22. flip says:

      The point is that work assault isn’t appropriate. Artists need high EQ and be able to deal with the temper of directors or other coworkers- not even just artists, but for all jobs. But if it extends to being physically assaulted, beyond the border.

    23. Hannahh says:

      Poor Jenny. It’s just not right.

    24. Clementine says:

      But it’s really ridiculous to be re-taking a scene for 2 hours. In movie production, every minute is money.. New actress should really do their homework and do research on how to act out a the scene before filming starts

    25. sally says:

      I seriously don’t see anything wrong with the director… His trying to teach her how to do the scenes and I don’t even hear him screaming at her or talking in a loud voice. why is she crying so easily? So every time a director tries to help her she’ll think they’re being horrible. So why act in the first place? If she can’t take criticism. I’ve seen worse e.g kpop artist being told off by their manager and they still learn from it and carry on being professional. This girl really needs to step up her game and realize that in the film industry nothing is easy and you’ll obviously will get a few people directing you in a manner in which you won’t like.

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