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Twelve Finalists for 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Revealed!

By on June 8, 2011

Twelve Finalists for 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Revealed! thumbnail

The twelve finalists of the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong competition was revealed yesterday. Aleyson, a 27-year-old dancer from Beijing, performed a ballet-style rotation. Hugo, a lifeguard resembling Stephen Huynh (黃長興), posed for the camera enthusiastically.  Kit, a 20-year-old resembling Korean superstar, Rain, flirted with female reporters.

The  Mr. Hong Kong candidate that stood out the most was Crayton, who had a prominent scar on his lip. When asked whether someone had hit him, Crayton grew angry and did not respond to reporters.

At the press conference, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) indicated that she was not well acquainted with “D Cup Gigi” 2011 Miss Hong Kong contestant, Whitney Hui (許亦妮) and gym owner boyfriend, Elson.  With a warning in her voice, Virginia said, “Mothers frequently warn their children to be careful when taking photos. Otherwise, people will use them for their own purposes!”


Article Source: The Sun

Image Credit: weibo.com/kuangaitvbcom

Jayne: Miss China, your favorite contestant Kit made it as a finalist in the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong competition. Laughing-Gor-Lookalike, the man I was rooting for, did not make it! I was very surprised as he was good looking!

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  • Readers' Comments (96)

    1. Funn says:

      What? Michael Tse’s twin did not make the cut? WHY? He stutters? Can’t speak? And look at the list. My god, if they dare call girls as pork chops, what about these chicken chops then? Is this the quality of HK men? OMG! OMG!!!

    2. Kidd says:

      “Hugo, a lifeguard resembling Stephen Huynh (黃長興), posed for the camera enthusiastically. “

      No one resembles Stephen Huynh in those pictures.

      Stephen Huynh beats all of them in terms of looks.

    3. FanWen says:

      None of these people look like future actors or even models. What in the world?!

    4. Fox says:

      A scar is a big deal? Why he is angry?

      The one with dimple looks cutest.

    5. EkinFan says:

      If this is all they got, I should sign up next year.

      • Jayne says:

        You have one year to pump up those muscles and develop a talent! You should compete in Mr. HK as your confidence will give you a big advantage.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I think Ekinfan has a chance, looking at how low the entry standard is, and I believe he can win if and only if he keeps his mouth shut or just say “world peace”.

        • LaughingGor says:

          Based on my personal experiences at the interview, I don’t think muscles are what the judges are looking for!

        • Jayne says:

          What did the judges ask you at the interview? I thought Mr. Hong Kong was primarily a muscle man contest…if not muscles, what would be more important criteria?

        • Kidd says:

          @ Jayne

          Muscle men seldom win the competition. Just look at past winners. Other than Michael Tsu, none of them are especially muscular. Yes, they have muscles, but, not bulky.

          Winners usually are those that done well in the talent show.

        • LaughingGor says:

          Jayne, I’ve thought hard about what really happened and I think I have it all figured out!! As you may know, TVB is lacking actors and actresses. What they’re looking to do is to find and promote someone who will sign that 10 year contract after they win! And you and I know that the pay is close to minimum wage. I should have downplayed my qualifications during the interview…because they know that I won’t sign that contract even if I won! And that, would be a slap on the face…

        • Jayne says:

          Sometimes things are indeed blessings in disguise. No need to have any regrets if you have already put in your best efforts. So you are not really serious about an acting career?

        • LaughingGor says:

          Nope. Unlike most of the contestants, I’ve never dreamed of being an actor. I even told the judges that the reason why I’m in this competition was that I was on vacation and wanted to earn some new life experiences. I’m an entrepreneur who recently sold my car dealership and am in the process of looking into new ventures. But I really wanted to get my hands on that “Mr. HK” trophy. It would be an accomplishment by anyone’s standards. You will see me competing for ATV’s Mr. Asia. This time around, my strategies will be different.

        • Jayne says:

          In any job interview you’re going for, you have to pretend that you think it’s your dream job.

          Why is the Mr. Asia trophy important if you believe in your own qualifications and are not interested in an entertainment industry? Why change yourself to adapt to an organization you are not interested in? Titles and awards mean you have to play by others’ rules.

          The nice thing about being an entrepreuner is that you play more by your own rules, although you still have to accommodate your clients.

        • HeTieShou says:

          @Adrian Yik,
          Totally agree with Jayne that regardless of any interview that you are going for, you have to pretend that it is your dream job and something that you really want to do. It is true that not all of the MS. HK or MR. Hk contestants have to become an actor/actress or enter the circle, they have to act like that is what you are interested in. Many contestants may or may not enter the industry and it is up to them. I find it wierd that many(like one of my close friends) really want to join the circle but can’t, while there are others that are given opportunities to but just don’t want to.

          I also don’t think that these pageants are just based on looks only and they shouldn’t be.

      • Vivien says:

        Get some muscles and abs and some nice haircut. Learning some fashion sense might help too rofl

        • EkinFan says:

          from the sound of things ladies all i need to do is keep my mouth shut to win

        • Vivien says:


          Adrian just give a good tip there and Exoidus concluded it. Take note ahah ROFL.Just kidding

    6. sehseh says:

      One wonders why TVB set their goal so low… coz they never targeted and groom potential Ms/Mr HK for international pageant.

    7. Kidd says:

      I check up my previous prediction. I got 7 right, although my fave didn’t make it.

      I’m surprised that Laughing Gor and the guy below didn’t make it.


      • jayzemine says:

        I’m with you there Kidd. Applicant 13 is actually very good-looking and well build with the exception of a bad hair cut. Surprise he didn’t make in. I do think the two on the bottom pic are quite handsome, despite the scar on one of his face. Must’ve been a hell fight he got into LOL. JK

    8. Kidd says:

      My theory on why some hot guys didn’t make it.

      Mr.HK is divided into 2 age groups, the youth group and the adult group. The youth group cut off age is around 22 I think. If that’s the case, most in applicant will be in the adult age group. I think it’s a case of full house in adult group and not enough people in youth group. So, you see some that doesn’t look so good can get in while some good-looking once didn’t make it.

      • Funn says:

        Maybe they all have great personality probably? Because come on, this is a beauty contest so to speak. All the above is lacking, in the looks dept. So for them to trump the good looking ones, there must be something special. Anybody up there with connections to any rich or famous?

        • Funn says:

          Especially the bug eyed square faced one. How on earth he got in? Nice body perhaps? or the Anthony Wong lookalike (At least that’s how I thought I saw him at first glance). is this like uncle competition? Are there no good looking guys in HK? Because when I was in HK, I thought I did see a few tall good looking young ones. Where are all of them? Oh handsome boys from HK, for the sake of our sanity, please all come forward!

        • Masaharu says:

          A lot of handsome and charismatic boys in HK who have interest in entertainment career probably have been offered modelling jobs already. No need to go through some competition like this haha.

        • Funn says:

          But modelling not well paid. Be actors! Come handsome ones. Come!! Auntie Funn wanna see handsome young men! Ok not Auntie Funn, Funn unni ok!

      • Chriselle says:

        @Kidd, Maybe you’re right. I’m still very surprised that the Michael Tse look alike didn’t get in. While I don’t like his overall look (mainly because I don’t find Michael Tse handsome either), he still has a fierce look and a nice body compared to those who got in.

        @Funn, I’m not too convinced that they have a good personality. From what I’ve seen in the previous years, their personalities don’t stand out much. The only segment that really brings out their personality is probably the interview segment, but even that isn’t enough. They usually say what pleases the audience and some of their senses of humor really makes you laugh in a bad way. The rest is on talent.

        I still think for a competition like this the look and body is the most important. Also, with a physical attraction and a nice body, they are naturally more confident.

    9. Melody says:

      Urgh.. MR HK? Seriously??

      How did the guy on pic 10 get in???

      OMG! *shocked.

    10. cinsin says:

      I don’t find any of these have any potential (based on looks). Obviously Mr. HK has very low standards lol

      Miss HK contestants were a disappointment and so is Mr. HK :( Are Hong Kong people not good-looking?

      I feel embarrassed that these guys could potentially be contracted to TVB to do acting/singing/modelling.

      • Miss China says:

        LOL~ For all you know any of them could be really talented in singing or acting…You dont see anyone becoming singer/actor just based on looks…Seriously people dont be that superficial….

        • cinsin says:

          You can be talented but we all know looks go a long way. I am sure someone that has looks will still sell an album even if they couldn’t sing.

          It’s the world we live in…

        • Masaharu says:

          cinsin, in this Jaynestars portal alone many of the commenters are looking at “looks” first.

          Can’t escape this. It’s human nature to be attracted to something that looks “pretty” to them, just that some may have different tastes. I myself can’t help judging an artiste’s “looks”.

        • Masaharu says:

          Are you forgetting “Twins”, Miss China? hehehe ;)

        • HeTieShou says:

          While it is true that looks do go a long way, but it can also go a short way if you have no talent,charm,personality and many other things. I have seen attractive people not make it big so it really depends…

    11. Kidd says:

      Here’s the video showing someone of the contestants that appear in the audition stage.


      Some actually look better in the video than in these photos. The square face chubby looking guy in black T does not look bad at all in the video. But, I still don’t get why Laughing Gor and #13 are not chosen. They look good on video and in pictures. Did they pull out from the competition?

      No13 reminds me of 2008 winner Michael Tsu.

    12. anhimals says:

      did anyone notice #4 resembles Dicky?

    13. Vivien says:

      90% of them are UGLY!! The Michael Tse twin is better looking than them why he cant get in?

      • stmlw20 says:

        oh my goodness!!! i am totally shocked..ew yes I agree with u Vivien..the guys in the pics are ugly..wah i liked Michael Tse look alike too..the judges must be blind to have selected those men above!

        • Vivien says:

          Especially guys in pic #8, #10 and #11. I can’t imagine them as TVB’s future generations! OMG!!

        • Kidd says:

          @ Vivien

          Check out the video in tvb.com. The look better than in the pictures.

      • LaughingGor says:

        I was so nervous in the video!

    14. Kidd says:

      Guy #8 looks like Zhou Jie (Er Kang in Princess Pearl).

    15. rick says:

      The contestant with scar on his face looks very attractive, good body shape, good temperment. He can avoid facing the media with his wound on his face but he choose to turn up. Very Brave and open-minded.

    16. Miss China says:

      Yay!!! My favorite (#5) made it!!!!!!! :D

    17. Simon says:

      how is everyone numbering the pictures? i dont know who people are talking about lol

    18. HeTieShou says:

      The quality for these pageants have really gone down the drain….

    19. stmlw20 says:

      I reckon, maybe because the Michael tse look like was so popular he might be secretly approach by tvb to sign a contract to act or something..over the past years some really pretty Miss Hong Kongs have been selected to act and never won the crown..like Kenix Kwok for example…or 2007 Mandy Wong…she was a hot fav..look at her now she’s acting in various tvb series.

      • Vivien says:

        Rofl the confusing thing is he dont even make it to the top 12! The other promoted unsuccesssful MHKs at least got into finalist

      • LaughingGor says:

        Thanks for the support! :) Who knows? Maybe I’ll get a call from them one day? That would be awesome!

    20. HeTieShou says:

      I think TVB should stop having these pageants have some talent or star search type of competition. ATV stopped holding the MS. ATV pageant years ago and did a talent type of competition too. I think TVB should do that as well.

      • Kidd says:

        ATV still have Miss Asia pageant, but, change the format. It’s more like MCI now, with representatives from many countries.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Oh really? I heard that they had some star search type of competition but I guess they changed it or something…

      • Fox says:

        LMAO~, the star search from the pageants isn’t done by TVB only. Many media companies used this method to find star. Moreover, pageants isn’t the only method to join TVB. They also take artists from their new The Voice.

    21. LaughingGor says:

      Hi All, this is the “laughing gor lookalike” lol! I just wanna clarify that I don’t stutter! In fact, I was performing one of MC Jin’s bilingual rap during the talent part of the interview. Anyhow, although I didn’t make the cut…I still wish the best of luck to the remaining contestants! And thanks for all the kind words!! :)

      • Jayne says:

        Can you tell us the inside story as to why you didn’t make it as a finalist? You have many fans on this site!

        • LaughingGor says:

          Umm…I don’t know if you’ve been reading the newspaper…but they’ve been talking about a competitor with a tattoo. That’s me. I have small one on my back representing my zodiac. It’s actually very common in the states. I mean it’s not a dragon or a gang sign or anything..and it’s small!

          So maybe that’s the reason? I really don’t know. Or, maybe they just don’t like the way I look!? Only the judges know. And I’ll never find out. :(

          I would prefer to call you guys friends than fans lol! But you all are welcome to add me on FB as I update my page pretty often! And Jayne, I have some free time on my hands now…you have any suggestions as to where I should take things from here?

        • Jayne says:

          I see…it’s too bad that you did not make the contest. Sometimes it could be a blessing in disguise. Everyone was just talking about how TVB does not promote the Mr. Hong Kong winners enough after the contest.

          I am based in New York City, but I can certainly ask around for you….

        • Kidd says:

          @ Adrian

          I don’t think it’s your tattoo. Stephen Huynh (黃長興) has a tattoo on his left arm and he still got in.

        • LaughingGor says:

          I’ve thought hard about what really happened and I think I have it all figured out!!

          You guys are right. It’s actually not my tattoo. As you may know, TVB is lacking actors and actresses. What they’re looking to do is to find and promote someone who will sign that 10 year contract after they win! And you and I know that the pay is close to minimum wage.

          Whether or not I’m better looking than the remaining finalists…I can’t say. But I do know a few facts: I’m fitter than all of them. I’m more educated than all of them. I’m the only fluent trilingual speaker in the group and I aced the interview.

          What I really should have done was to downplay my qualifications during the interview. I shouldn’t even have shown them all my tax returns and everything..because they know that I won’t sign the 10 year contract with them even if I won! And that, would be a slap on the face…

          I have it all figured out. It’s a dirty game.

        • Jayne says:

          Why did you bring your tax returns? I thought these were simple half hour interviews where you talk about your bacground and try to charm the selection panel.

          What was your impression of Virginia Lok and Stephen Chan?

        • exoidus says:

          so the strategy to win is to pretend that you are a complete moron and will be willing to sign a 20 year contract at minimum wage. After winning then your personality will change LOL.

          Well if you are lucky i.e. become popular you could still make good money doing ads.

        • LaughingGor says:

          Jayne, the event coordinator told me to bring all of my docs relating to my education and career. And being so accustomed to the business world, I didn’t think twice about it! That was the mistake that I made.

          Exoidus, you’re right. I should’ve played dumb. Get pass the last interview and get into the final. Then the rest would be history since the winner is voted out by the audiences.

        • HeTieShou says:

          It is ok that you did not make the cut. I personally don’t think that you need to win any pageant to show that you are talented or anything. A lot of the pageants don’t seem to mean anything anymore. Also, even if you did join the circle, it will not guarantee that you will live a high life of fame or fortune. You never really know and I think that you still have many paths and options in life to take. Don’t give up and good luck to you!

        • Masaharu says:

          “so the strategy to win is to pretend that you are a complete moron and will be willing to sign a 20 year contract at minimum wage. After winning then your personality will change LOL.”

          Haha I can’t help but think that you actually make sense :P Yeah you can’t be real moron because you need some “brain” to survive later..but by pretending that you’re naive and easily manipulated can work out the initial stages. Then after gaining supporters from the competition, don’t sign but use the experience to fish in another companies hahaha.

        • Masaharu says:

          Adrian, perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that you didn’t make it..heheh ;)

        • Kidd says:

          Haha. Maybe TVB didn’t want a Michael Tsu repeat. Michael Tsu won the title but turned down TVB’s contract to continue his studies.


          I notice that most of the finalists have ‘student’ as their occupation.

        • Funn says:

          So why in the first place join?

        • Vivien says:


          I heard Michael Tsu want to join ent circle later after finish his studies. Actually a good move since he still has a degree if his ent career dont work right

        • Kidd says:

          @ Vivien

          “I heard Michael Tsu want to join ent circle later after finish his studies. Actually a good move since he still has a degree if his ent career dont work right”

          Michael Tsu said that 3 years ago. Maybe he has changed his mind already. He’s already married.

        • Vivien says:


          That’s a bit wasting of his hot body and cute face. He look better than Matthew Ko

      • Vivien says:

        “You guys are right. It’s actually not my tattoo. As you may know, TVB is lacking actors and actresses. What they’re looking to do is to find and promote someone who will sign that 10 year contract after they win! And you and I know that the pay is close to minimum wage.”

        So that must be why! They must really pick those who look so eager to be part of TVB with the contract and low pay! Too bad we can’t see how fit you are now lol

    22. iampheng says:

      Still waiting for the shirts to come off..though the faces are not so impressive yet the bodies still may be.

      • Jayne says:

        Haha so the face is negligible if the body compensates for it? :)

        The tank tops that the contestants wore in the above photos show their biceps. They look pretty fit….

        • Funn says:

          I think nowadays it is given that young men have nice bodies which is a good change from those stick thin ones of yesteryears. Have you seen those Australian actors? Handsome, tall, bodies like OMG.

        • Vivien says:

          ALL of K-POP idols have 6 pax abs and muscled arms. HK boys in truth is still lagging behind. I think those K-POP companies make it a requirement for every K-POP entertainers to have 6 pax and strong arms.

          WHile for girls those Koreans always have long skinny legs.

    23. Bebe says:

      Are they joking? These are the ugliest looking group of men I have ever seen.

    24. wow says:

      Wow, these guys are ugly as hell. Can you not find a random on the streets of HK better looking than these guys?

      • wow says:

        After reading some of these comments, I feel bad for my previous comment. But seriously… cmon guys…

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