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Uncensored Nude Photos of Angelina Zhang Emerge

By on July 31, 2013

Uncensored Nude Photos of Angelina Zhang Emerge thumbnail

Seventeen nude photos of actress, Angelina Zhang (張暖雅), circulated rapidly in online forums on July 31. The photos were unpixelated and featured Angelina sprawled in bed and taking a shower, revealing her nether regions. Angelina unabashedly admitted that she took the photos in 2009, “They were artistic photos!”

Angelina’s face and body figure appear drastically different from her current 34D shape. Although the photos were obviously taken prior to her cosmetic enhancements, her trademark tattoo on her lower waist was apparent and helped identify her as the naked woman in the pictures.

Born in Weihai, China, Angelina appeared in Hong Kong sex films Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜爱夜蒲2> and Due West: Our Sex Journey <一路向西>.  Ending her disputed management contract with AEG, Angelina suspects that her former manager, Peter, may have leaked her nude photos to the public.

When Angelina was notified by reporters that her nude photos were released online, she asked shockingly, “Can you describe them in detail? Do the photos only feature myself?” After being assured this was the case, Angelina admitted that she had posed naked for a Hong Kong photographer friend in 2009. “I’m upright and open; I took the artistic photos.”

Not a Prostitute

With the photos featuring Angelina in a bedroom setting, was she concerned that others may interpret the photos as taken under an unethical sexual encounter? Angelina crossed off speculations that she would have sex for money, “I have higher education and know English; why would I be a prostitute? My achievements today are a result of my own efforts. If I were a prostitute, why would I work so hard?”

Former Manager Betrayed Angelina?

Angelina revealed that she had handed over her nude photos to her former manager, Peter, two years ago when she signed with AEG. With Peter holding on to copies of the photos, she implied that he had leaked them to the public.

Peter responded angrily, “It’s slander; I want legal action. I want to sue her [Angelina Zhang] for double crossing us. Several months before ending her management contract, she accepted some side jobs. I have all the evidence that she had changed the corporate email to her own. The costs involved are approximately $500,000 to $600,000 HKD. We will sue her for breaching the contract.”  Peter also said he was not the person who had leaked Angelina’s nude photos online.

Angelina denied that she had released the photos to generate publicity for herself. “I have already signed onto many [promotional] appearances. I will not let this type of trash affect clients’ interests.”

The photo scandal also brought to light that Angelina has secretly married Due West: Our Sex Journey director Mark Wu (胡耀輝). Mark said that the photo leakage will be investigated by the police and followed up by their lawyer.

Video News Coverage

Sources: Apple Daily; Apple Daily; World Journal

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  • Readers' Comments (37)

    1. sky says:

      waiting for ekin’s comment lol..

    2. Ita says:

      why artistic photo always has to be nude, tortured or dark?. I always wonder. So you can’t be artistic with clothes on?. Is she viann zhang?

    3. asdfjkl; says:

      “I have higher education and know english; why would I be a prostitute?”

      like that justifies anything…

      • Puff says:

        To be honest that is the dumbest justification I’ve heard. The truth is yet to be known, but rest assure that she is no prostitute because prostitute gets cash upfront for their trade. She is like a hedge fund who took risks upfront, in the hope of getting rewards in the future with her ‘assets’. Her English is worse than Sam and Isaac Tong, and if that qualifies as I have higher education and knows English, then we’re starting from a very low base. Ok my rant is over.

    4. khj13 says:

      I have higher education and know English; why would I be a prostitute? My achievements today are a result of my own efforts. If I were a prostitute, why would I work so hard?”

      why would knowing English have anything to do with prostitution. There’re tons of people that knows English and with high education that’re prostitutes. she’s looking down on prostitutes. prostitutes work very hard for their money too. with this article i’m officially no fan of her. she just disgust me.

      • Trini says:

        “I know English and have a high education”. Well that is amongst the dumbest thing on the forums in a while, and I do see some whoppers. There are young women in Vancouver where I live, from all cultures, driving around Mercedes, Bentleys, maseraties , and living in million dollar homes. They are college educated and have degrees. However, their jobs cannot make tem so rich so fast. They do the wild thing with rich men to live like the Joneses. It is called high end prostitution.

        I am not here to judge anyone, but Angelina is not in a position to judge or belittle prostitutes either.

      • Lam Lam says:

        Same sentiment and really, with her responding like that, she is really putting herself on the chopping block.

    5. Coconut says:

      What is wrong with being prostitute? They don’t kill, rob or harm anyone. They work and get paid, don’t need to lie and pretend to be better with “higher education and know English”.

    6. breakfast says:

      her nude pics are not artistic at all, more like sex for hire, i believe peter

    7. Anon says:

      Link to photos please.

    8. laugh says:

      saw it, all naked on the bed, nipples n tattoo, in fact looks rather trashy, btw, her story is unbelievable, why would she want hand over her personal ‘artistic’ photos to her ex-manager? maybe she hoped, by exposing her own nude photos, it’ll help her get more jobs, don’t think any co would want to hire her cos she’s not sexy, pretty or smart, in fact she looks like a transvestite, fake nose and colored contact lenses

    9. Hope says:

      Who is she?

    10. Trang says:

      so the woman appeared in sex films, that makes her … a porn star? How is that different from being a prostitute? OH i know, one have sex in front of camera and the crew while another does it privately, yet the one does it in films look down on those who does it privately … what a joke ha ha ha

      Angela Zhang claimed she “have higher education and know English”, so why would anyone with higher ed and know English works in porn? Giving what she does, i wouldn’t be surprise if she leaked her “artistic” photos to promote herself. She takes clothes of in front of a camera and perform sex acts, the public has seen her naked, groped and whatever else, a few of these photo would not alter public perception of her, so what’s the big deal?

      I agree, she looks like a transvestite, nothing about her is attractive

    11. YuFeng Yang says:

      doubt even the most desperate man would do her for free

    12. Maria says:

      She and Edison Chen would make a lovely couple.

    13. RaySimpson says:

      “Can you describe them in detail? Do the photos only feature myself?”

      Perhaps there are photos that feature her with someone else waiting to be “stolen and leaked”?

    14. himhim says:

      Nice boobs

    15. stance says:

      Porn is art. I love my art collection :p

    16. msxie says:

      girls like her are a dime a dozen.

    17. sc says:

      Wow. Like something out of a Cat 3 movie. The husband looks like one of the leery sex starved fat guys from these kind of movies.

      And I’m just saying it as it is less someone calls me a pervert like the way I’ve been called a racist by Funn for my comment on Ang Lee’s win in the Oscars.

      If I should be accused of anything it might be that I’m a tad more insensitive than others. :)

    18. TVBFanatic says:

      That’s quite the “tramp stamp” on her rump… fitting.

    19. iawnaek says:

      a lot of highly educated and attractive women go into the escort profession by choice. it is a very lucrative profession to earn quick money.

    20. zu zhan says:

      where are the photos??

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