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Wayne Lai Asks Audiences to Stop Nitpicking “The Confidant”

By on November 29, 2012

Wayne Lai Asks Audiences to Stop Nitpicking “The Confidant” thumbnail


The Confidant <大太監> is already more than halfway over, and despite reports of bloopers popping up in the series, the heavy favorite to win the Best Series Award is steam rolling along with impressive ratings and terrific reception. Wayne Lai  (黎耀祥), who brilliantly portrays Li Lianying (李連英) in the series, is called unstoppable in winning his third Best Actor award.

Wayne recently returned from Malaysia after completing filming of the movie, Hero of the Beggars <丐世英雄>. He is currently filming new drama, The Love Firm <傳愛事務所>. Amidst his busy schedule, Wayne continues to promote The Confidant in Hong Kong and ChinaWayne said he has heard only praises for the series. He hopes the series can perform well at the Anniversary Awards in multiple categories, as the entire cast and crew did a wonderful job.

Wayne Lai: “Overlook the Bloopers”

When asked about the recent bloopers discovered by netizens, Wayne was a bit unhappy and annoyed. He asked viewers not to nitpick at every little thing, as everyone in the series has done their best. When asked if the reported endings of Empress Dowager Cixi (Michelle Yim 米雪) and Li Lianying will affect the viewers’ urge to keep watching, Wayne said this is not a suspense drama. Most can already predict the ending of the series, but they are watching how the characters are interpreted by the actors and actresses.

Li Lianying’s Transformation

More than half the episodes have been aired, and Li Lianying is still the nice eunuch in the series. So how did the kinder and gentler Lianying turn into the historic character? Wayne said An Dehei’s (Raymond Cho 曹永廉) execution will be Lianying’s first life changing event. After his best friend’s death, Lianying contemplates leaving the imperial palace. Wayne recommends audiences to watch his farewell scene with Cixi. He said “Michelle Yim did a superb job with her tears rolling down while maintaining a stern expression.”

Wayne said the second event, which is also the reason why he preferred the sad ending, that changes Lianying life is the murder of Sin Yung (Nancy Wu 胡定欣). It will depict his favorite apprentice, Ling Tim Sau (Edwin Siu 蕭正楠), murdering Sin Yung, the love of Lianying’s life. This setback will accelerate Lianying’s transformation into a ruthless character like history describes.

Although he enjoyed his portrayal of Lau Sing from No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情> the most, Wayne said Lianying is among the top of his favorite roles. Looking forward to the Anniversary Awards ceremony, Wayne believes he has a 50 percent chance of winning the Best Actor award. He hopes viewers will cast their votes to show their support.

“The voting system is like a survey. Many people think the ratings of a series is not a reflection of how good the actors and the actresses perform, so now it’s their chance to voice their opinions. In addition to whose acting they appreciate most, the audience’s votes will also tell the station what kind of dramas they want to see,” Wayne commented.

When asked whether the Anniversary Awards are fixed (as stated in multiple media reports) and whether Raymond Lam’s (林峰) large fan base guarantees him the Best Actor award, Wayne joked and said that he found the rumors to be overly dramatic and even more exciting than the plot of some TV series.

Wayne’s Picks for the Winners

Wayne, like most of the viewers, is a big TV series fan. When asked for his predictions of this year’s award winners, he selected the following:

Best Series – The Confidant

Best Actor – Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>

Best Actress – Michelle Yim (米雪) in The Confidant <大太監>

Best Supporting Actor – Power Chan in The Confidant

Best Supporting Actress – Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in Gloves Come Off <拳王>

Most Improved Male Artist – Edwin Siu (蕭正楠)

Most Improved Female Artiste – Mandy Wong (黃智雯)

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (74)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      Oh please can the actors themselves stop revealing the spoilers?!

      But am glad to know maybe An De Hai was framed and didn’t die evil. I suppose Tim Sau framed him. Sin Yung can die. So far her role is pretty unrelated to the story.

      What bloopers by the way?

      • Tegan says:

        I’m not sure which bloopers the article is referring to, but some of the complaints I’ve read about the series are about its historical inaccuracies, like:
        – Apprently Li Lianying’s name was originally Li Jinxi and “Lianying” was a name Cixi gave him later on. But instead in this series Wayne is already called Lianying in Episode 1.
        – In Episode 16 they mention the destruction of the Summer Palace but the details given are apparently wrong for the timeline of the series — it was British and French troops, not the Eight-Nation Alliance that destroyed the Summer Palace.
        – Also some general comments that this series is whitewashing Cixi and Lianying.
        (I’m actually not too familiar with this part of Chinese history, so I don’t really know if the complaints are valid.)

        There were also some netizens who said that the scene about Nancy’s opium addiction and Wayne hugging her resembled a scene from No Regrets. (Screencaps: http://www.chinapress.com.my/node/373119)

    2. miriamfanz says:

      Some complaints are ridiculous, like the bus in the background. Come on, how does anyone even notice that?

      • Funn Lim says:

        Bus? I didn’t even notice! Anything else? MAybe one of the eunuchs was wearing an Omega? Eating Snickers?

    3. TVBFanatic says:

      Wayne would have better luck asking the audience to create wine from water.

    4. SY says:

      was there a bus in the background?? which episode? i didn’t notice it at all.

    5. 939393 says:

      Love Wayne’s choices for the awards. All are well deserving!

      • Funn Lim says:

        And most are his costars.

        • Bubblez says:

          I like Wayne’s list. It’s pretty good, although it contains most of his costars.
          But I feel like these people should deserve an award!

        • Sand says:

          If he could, he would probably nominate himself for best actor, but that would be too arrogant and so he chose kenneth..

        • 939393 says:

          He might be partly biased in his opinions, but hey, all of them have done splendidly in their roles, so i dont think it matters. Aimee’s his co-star too, but he didnt include her in his list. lol

        • Fox says:

          All except Ma Ming :P, feel happy 939393?

        • Fox says:

          Ah btw 939393, do you feel sad when Wayne chose Michelle Yim?

        • 939393 says:

          @fox: looks like sulky ol’fox is upset because wayne didnt choose her beloved lamfung. :P I think you need glasses because you missed mandy’s name in wayne’s list. I support michelle to get the award from day one, why would i be unhappy over that?

        • Fox says:

          I know that Wayne won’t choose LF, my dear 939393. It will be a surprise if he chooses LF, haha. So no point to upset because out of all, Wayne isn’t the one who can choose, lolz. And mind you that I want LF to leave Txb :P.

          What’s about Mandy? I think she is well deserved, ok :D?

          I think you are very upset inside you, maybe you are not, but like you think I’m upset, I can think you are totally desperate and angry at Wayne for your beloved goddess isn’t chosen by Wayne, haha.

        • 939393 says:

          @fox: Regarding mandy, it’s because you said that kenneth’s the only one who’s not wayne’s co-star.
          Goddess? Tavia you mean? LOLOL it’s hilarious that you think that you’ve my mind read because you got it wrong. first off i’m not a huge fan of tavia and Michelle deserves the award more than tavia this year (unless tavia has better performances in the upcoming eps of ssss compared to michelle then i might change my mind) ;)

        • Fox says:

          I don’t know where you misunderstood but I don’t say MM is Wayne’s co-star but I replied to your comment: ” all of them have done splendidly in their roles, so i dont think it matters. ” – that only MM didn’t did splendidly in his role and it’s a sarcasm to you, lolz.

          You can deny if like, but I want to tell you that you can’t read my mind. If you think you can read my mind, I’ll say that I can read your mind as well LMAO~. If you think I’m upset, I’ll say you are super upset as well. Haha, like it?

        • 939393 says:

          @fox: oh! looks like you weren’t clear enough in your sarcasm. neyh, it’s okay everyone is entitled to their opinions.
          LOLS! when did i ever mention or implied that I could read your mind? On the contrary, you are the one who assumed that you’re reading mine in ur previous comments.

        • Fox says:

          Lolz, re-read your post 939393, the one at November 30, 2012 at 11:35 am :D. You said it, dear.

      • sandcherry says:

        His list made good sense. Thought he would nominate himself as Best Actor!

        • lol says:

          i think wayne knows the award isnt his this year because the supporting cast has stolen the limelight in TC

      • Eunice says:

        Most people would be satisfied if the results were Wayne’s picks, except LF’s fans of course LOL

        • bubblez says:

          Although I am a LF fan, I agree with Wayne’s list. :D

        • 939393 says:

          true. I could foresee crazy LF fans bashing wayne for this. hahah

        • Fox says:

          @939393: Feel bad that nobody bash Wayne?

          But I wonder why he dun choose himself, lolz.

        • che says:

          these are wayne’s choices, so why would LF fans bash him. I’m sure everyone has different people who they want to win in their hearts

        • Linnh says:

          i bet if Wayne chose LF instead of Kenneth then you would say the same?

          Whoever Wayne’s choose, is his choice, why should people be upset. Well i read your comment awhile ago to see if you were right, but untill now then nune of the LF fans has actually complained.

        • Fox says:

          @Linhh: 939393 won’t, I bet, lolz. S/He is protesting inside but dun dare to say out loud so s/he must find someone to be the cover for s/he. Wayne chose Michelle Yim, you know.

        • Linnh says:

          It wasen’t suppose to be a I bet in my sentence more more it was suppose to sound ironic, but whatevere

          True TY didn’t get choose by Wayne lol.

        • 939393 says:

          when i say “crazy” i actually meant overly overly obsessive fans, not lf fans in general.

        • Fox says:

          @939393: Good try. But still none, lolz. So you fail with your comment.

        • 939393 says:

          They might not express it here. Jaynestars is not the only platform to express their emotions ya’know. ;)
          Well, if you guys weren’t pissed at wayne’s list that means you all are healthy LF fans! yeay! *claps*

        • Fox says:

          Where say so, go to this place to complain :P.

          Not everyone need to be butthurt :P.

      • Victoria says:

        His choices for the awards are very accurate. Hopefully that will actually happen…

    6. Primrose says:

      What are the bloopers? Besides the bus ..,

    7. KD says:

      I watched TC and love all the Wayne interacted scene with all of his co-stars. They are all doing so well together. My favorite time to watch between Wayne and Power. They are so hilarious….Wayne deserves Best Actor because he can portray himself as humble, good, and ruthless guy. When he turns ruthless – all you can see is in his eyes.

    8. dd says:

      jaynestars.com highlights:

      -Wayne Lai Asks Audiences to Stop Nitpicking “The Confidant”
      -Funn’s Thoughts: The Eunuchs of “The Confidant”
      -Funn’s Thoughts: Raymond Cho Steals the Show in “The Confidant”
      -Funn’s Thoughts: Michelle Yim is a Bland Empress Cixi


    9. Rachel says:

      Sometimes the complaints are pretty ridiculous. They need to give the actors and actresses a break because it can never perfect in everyone’s opinion. They can’t catch everything and you should be watching how the people act not focusing on their surroundings( my opinion )

    10. Ric says:

      I think the bus one is ridiculous. It’s not even visible with magnification. If someone showed me the screen cap without pointing it out I would never see it. I couldn’t even tell it was a bus if the article didn’t say it. As for the other bloopers, I haven’t seen so I can’t comment. But if it’s anything like the bus one then people need better things to do. I’m more shocked no one is talking about the plot discrepancy with Raymond Cho at the end of episode 14. Instead they nitpick about pointless things.

      • Tegan says:

        “I’m more shocked no one is talking about the plot discrepancy with Raymond Cho at the end of episode 14. Instead they nitpick about pointless things.”

        Agree! I really wish netizens would complain about (or that the entertainment reporters would focus on) discrepancies in plot and characterisation instead of looking for tiny bloopers.

      • 939393 says:

        they’re too busy finding faults instead of focusing on the actual plot

    11. AC says:

      I wouldn’t mind if his picks for the awards really happened, but I prefer Oscar to Edwin for Most Improved.

    12. skinnymocha says:

      Do these people actually watch the drama or watch it frame by frame? To notice a bus…?

    13. Mlove says:

      The person that saw the bus, u must have a big big big big big big TV. Hahaha

    14. june says:

      I love his list. He should really be on the panel of judges. Got an eye for talent. Of course, he should have nominated himself as well, but he’s way above these awards.

    15. opium says:

      me too <3 I love his list and but except mst improve: T,T this year have so many new character pop up in my mind for this category. Most improve: Oscar Leung (Tiger Cub <3333), Him Law (Divas Distress <333 cute guy), Ben (36 hours on call If you watch the 1st series, i can’t believe it, his action was like a girl haha can’t help but laugh) Tsui Wing (i loved this guy in every single series he in even tvb not really promote him at all T,T)

    16. Kidd says:

      Wayne doesn’t need to get upset about the blooper reports. Every series get scrutinize like this nowadays.

      It looks more like a fun activity now than a complain.

      • Veejay says:

        Yep Wayne should just take it as jokes or any fun activity, nothing to be upset and angry.. he can’t stop what others’ doins.. its just part of life lol.

    17. Nicole says:

      if lord of the rings can have a car blooper in the background, why not TC with a bus?? 100mil production vs TVB low cost production.
      Having the car blooper didn’t affect LOTR’s quality did it? Likewise, it shouldn’t affect the confidant’s.

    18. Lol says:

      I’m really enjoying this series so far. All the actors work really well together, even the minor roles. People shouldn’t take the storyline too seriously, it’s an interpretation & I kind of enjoy the “every coin has two sides” approach…find it refreshing. What I love the most is seeing the day to day interactions & life between the eunuchs & the maids. I also like the fact that Wayne don’t over act over his co-stars, he give room and opportunities to shine with him…great balanced cast. I hope HK viewers will vote based on acting and make Wayne three times TV king…he deserves it.

    19. Nathan Wang says:

      Agree. I keep waiting to watch it daily. I dont watch steerling of Tavia as it is not good. Wayne did good job. All casts did good job. The drama deserve best drama over HTC this year
      I ditto Wayne’s award list but prefer him over Kenneth. Kenneth did great in HTC but Wayne are better :)

    20. ebbie says:

      I like the show so far…. especially Raymond Cho & Power Chan- excellent!!!
      Cant wait for Wayne to turn bad….lol… that should be interesting- didnt like the goodie Li Lianying much.

    21. loop says:

      wayne should be grateful that he is doing well in life and how did he get the success which he is enjoying presently? by studying the charactors well but viewers want nothing less from other actors too, maybe he want to speak out for his friends but what about some thoughts for advertisers and investors too?

    22. vann says:

      Well said Nathan Wang and Lol; agree 100%.

    23. myra-belle says:

      It doesn’t matter if you are watching a TV series or a movie. You should been prepared to be confronted with depictions which differ from history or common belief. And there will always be some people extremly busy to find the differences. It might be different but this doesn’t necessarily be failures. One can still consume and enjoy the series or movie.

      And to be able to spot a bus in the background you must have been very motivated to find the toothpick in a huge stash of hay. Others would look at the stash and merely think “It’s beautiful!” or “It’s just a stash of hay, so what?”

    24. Kumi says:

      I like Power Chan’s acting in these series – he’s so cute…his best act so far, I hope he wins the Best Supporting Actor this year.

    25. pop says:

      this drama is totally mixed up according to the real history. Good becomes bad and bad becomes good BUT it is still a great drama… Love the actors and actress.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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