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Wayne Lai Has The Confidence To Be TV King For The Third Time

By on August 12, 2011

Wayne Lai Has The Confidence To Be TV King For The Third Time thumbnail

Michael Tse’s (謝天華) Laughing Gor character in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> has been seen as the top contender for TVB’s Best Actor award. However,  two-time TV King award winner Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) Forensic Heroes 3  <法證先鋒3>, which will be this year’s Anniversary series, has yet to be released. Yesterday when the reporter called Wayne, he honestly expressed that he was quite confident in Forensic Heroes 3 and winning the TV King award for the third consecutive time.

When mentioned that every year his drama would be selected as a TVB Anniversary show, Wayne whose drama has always been a ratings guarantee, laughed and said, “It’s not like that lahs! We must keep an eye on the series until it breaks a new high record. However, not that I’m praising my own show as being good (賣花讚花香) but the forensic science element in Forensic Heroes 3 has always been highly sought after by audiences.” (Do you have the confidence to win TV King again?)  “Of course, I have!”

Faced with this year’s strongest opponent, Michael Tse as Laughing Gor, Wayne confessed candidly that of course Michael cannot be neglected. However, Wayne also thought highly of “Laughing Gor” Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> and Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) performance in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>. Wayne then said, “Bosco’s role this time around is really unique. He has a high chance every minute and every second!”

Facing off with such a strong opponent like Wayne Lai, Michael Tse affirmed that it hasn’t affected his confidence, “It is normal for every actor to feel confident about his own drama. I haven’t tease Wayne for his seriousness when filming. I am extremely confident about my own work but as usual, it is too soon to tell [who would win the TV King award.]“

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  • Readers' Comments (26)

    1. Vivien says:

      Wayne got more groomed now. He look more shabby when he was unpopular.

    2. K-Asian says:

      It is most likely he will get the third TV King award.

      Micheal Tse is confident to get the award, Raymond Lam also has the high chance to get it as a few articles state. However, what’s about Bosco Wong? How is his acting in Lives of Omission (I need to wait like at least 1 month in order to watch the series as I do not speak Chinese)

    3. Yee says:

      I’m so tired of see him, he’s EVERYWHERE!!! I don’t think he will get it this year, after all TVB needs to promote their own people! Unless Wayne signs a management contract, I doubt they will let him win, AGAIN! He should take a rest, let the young lead the path to future actors and actresses(sorry I was trying to sound inspirational… :P)

      Plus, I’m not a big fan of his…

    4. Lol says:

      Let the best actor wins :-). Wayne is a natural talent, where as micheal, bosco, Raymond are a bit forced and trying to hard.

      • idontthinkso says:

        Wayne has been rather over-praised to high heavens, IMHO. His Chai Gau was good but there were actually quite a few people on HK forums who think his Lau Sing last year was very forced.

        • lol says:

          I like Chai Gau more. Lau Sing is more exaggerated and not memorable enough. Chai Gau is a true breakthrough.

    5. Lana says:

      Wayne is a great actor, I don’t mind seeing him win again this year

    6. Chriselle says:

      I don’t love the Forensic Heroes series as much as others do and I didn’t understand why it was so popular. Sure, like Wayne said, the forensic element is sought after and it’s nice to be able to learn a few things (hopefully, they’re true), but the overall story isn’t too suspenseful. The first one was better, the second one was kinda blah. I like Charmaine and all, but she and Kevin was just boring as a couple in there.

      Wayne is a great actor and he deserved the award the two previous years. However, if this continues to go on, he would dominate the TVB awards in the Best Actor category. Don’t forget next year he will film RB3, which is likely to become an anniversary series and he will be rooted for Best Actor again! :o We’ll have to see how FH3 goes. Have confidence in Wayne’s acting, but hopefully the cases wouldn’t be too lame.

      So TVB is now grooming Michael Tse to become Best Actor material? He’s giving a good performance in LOO, but I’m kinda sick of the ‘chokness’ in everyone these days.

      Bosco has been nominated for Best Actor for the last few years, but he was never a strong contender and rarely, if ever, made it to the top five. I like his role in LOO, but I don’t think TVB will let him win so early. Definitely not before LF.

      Please don’t let LF get nominated or win for Sister Fa. Hopefully, his role in Men in Shadows will escalate his acting career to new heights. It has been too stable and boring for the last few years. :)

      It’s prolly too early to predict top five, but I’m guessing Wayne, Michael, Raymond, Kevin, and Moses. TVB doesn’t have that many actors. I have a feeling Steven might get top five too and one actor from that list will be sacrificed. Seriously, if Moses wasn’t one of TVB’s top actors, he doesn’t even deserve to attend this year.

      On a side note, Maggie looks great in that photo! Still looking like in her mid 30s even though she’s 42!

      • Fox says:

        Won’t be Sister Fa for sure. This series has low rating.

        FH1 is good because it’s quite different to other cop series. FH2 is getting bored especially the cases. I find FH2 is kinda messy.

        FH3, alright, let’s see.

    7. Funn Lim says:

      I have the confidence that he has the confidence. But why no one ever said Kevin will win?

      • lol says:

        @Funn – because Kevin is more likely to win Most Favourite Character. Law is like one of the best written male character since Chai Gau. GJ is also a great series and to my surprise there’s no bad acting in the series! I hope GJ can win Best Series

    8. lol says:

      because Kevin is more likely to win Most Favourite Character. Law is like one of the best written male character since Chai Gau. GJ is also a great series and to my surprise there’s no bad acting in the series! I hope GJ can win Best Series :D

    9. moonriver says:

      oh come on, he’s just playing along to create some sort of atmosphere for the anniversary awards. He can’t possibly say “no, i won’t win cos FH3 is going to suck”.

      • M1RACLE says:

        hahah that’s what i think too! i think he knows deep down he won’t win and won’t be surprised if he doesn’t win but i think he would’ve said it in a slightly joking way like “haha of course i’m confident in winning!” (i’ve seen quite a few short interview clips of wayne to sort of conjure up what he might’ve said nd how he might’ve said it if that makes any sense)

    10. Kaka says:

      Not very keen to watch FH3 as original casts r no longer acting, esp Bobby. I prefer Bobby than Wayne. Bobby is also a better actor than Wayne.
      By the way, has Bobby won best actor before?
      Chai kau is a breakthrough role for wayne but Lau Sing wasn’t that great

    11. Pineapple says:

      I like Wayne as well as Michael but I would prefer Michael to win this time as he is really good in “Omission”. Saying that I think Bosco is doing a great job also and I like his staggering walk…

    12. Vivien says:

      Mingpao approves that Wayne has no chance! Michael is seen having a casual meeting with MONA FONG!! TVB King in his hand! http://www.ihktv.com/mingpaoweekly-2232-laughing.html

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